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To Punish a Thief

Thief gets her punishment and pays back in full
Danielle's moans grew louder with her inability to maintain. The man held Danielle's head hard and forced his cock down her throat as he exploded inside. Danielle gagged with the massive amount of cum he had released. The man then pulled away and finished by wiping his remaining cum all over Danielle's face.

Danielle sat there quietly, taking in all the sounds around her. She could now hear her vibrating egg loudly in her sopping wet pussy. She could hear people walking around her, but no one was talking.

All of a sudden, Danielle felt a hand on her right breast, softly caressing, then teasing her hard nipple between their thumb and forefinger. She felt the gentle touch on her lips, kissing her softly. Danielle kissed back hesitantly. She knew that this was the pretty married woman that she had chatted with earlier in the evening. Danielle had never been with another woman before, but was excited at the thought. The woman whispered softly in Danielle's ear., "I want you to suck my husband while I watch." Danielle felt the heat of her husbands' cock at her lips. She licked the head and explored the shaft with her tongue. Danielle could hear the moans of the man and could feel the woman also licking him.

The woman guided Danielle's head forcing her to take her husband deep in her mouth.

Danielle was startled to feel the warm mouth of the woman on her right breast. Danielle continued to pleasure this woman's husband as the woman began to explore Danielle. She felt her aching pussy being touched and her wet lips slowly being parted.

Danielle sucked harder as the woman slid two fingers deep inside her. Danielle felt the bullet being pushed into the Ben Wa balls causing an intense vibration. She felt herself starting to cum. Her butt plug seemed to generate a feeling deep inside that she had never experienced before. Danielle's toes curled, her fists clenched hard as she took this woman's husband deep in her throat. Danielle's muffled screams went unnoticed by the man who's knees went weak with his intense eruption. Danielle shook uncontrollably as the woman pulled her fingers from her sopping wet pussy. The woman kissed Danielle long and hard tasting her husbands' cum that was dripping from her face.

Danielle hadn't even had a chance to catch her breath when she heard Ron's voice. "Pick her up and lay her on the table."

She felt the vibrating egg sliding out of her as she was lifted from the cold floor. The bullet bounced and vibrated on the floor as they sat her on the edge of the pool table. "Lay her down", Ron ordered.

Danielle felt even more exposed as she was laid on her back with her legs spread wide. Ron looked at the woman., ,"your turn.' Danielle couldn't see but heard the sounds of someone undressing. What now, Danielle thought. Danielle heard the wolf whistles of the men around her. She heard a chair slide across the floor and the sound of someone getting on to the table.

Danielle heard the whisper of the woman's voice. "I want you to eat my wet pussy". The woman kissed Danielle softly on the lips, then licked her way slowly down her body. She felt her breasts being teased and licked, then her nipples sucked hard. The woman stopped and positioned herself above Danielle to be pleasured. She could feel the immense heat from between her legs and the moistness that ached to be touched. Danielle had never acted on her secret fantasy to be with another woman. It was just that, a fantasy.

Danielle slowly stuck out her tongue and began to explore the woman. She loved the taste of her and loved the softness of her large labia. Danielle forgot everything around her and was lost in the moment. She could hear the moans of the woman as she parted her lips and tongue fucked her. The woman worked her body back and forth positioning herself so that Danielle could lap up every drop.

Reality soon set in as Danielle felt her own pussy being lapped and teased. She squeezed her muscles as tight as she could as Ron slowly pulled the plug out of her ass. "Now, by God., ,, It's my turn." Ron exclaimed as he lightly tapped Danielle pussy. Danielle gasped. She felt her pussy lips being parted slowly. Ron continued pushing his throbbing cock in until it was all the way. He pulled it out as slowly as he pushed it in. Danielle shook and wanted the fullness again deep inside, but Ron had other ideas. Ron began to finger Danielle's forbidden hole. She knew his intentions and begged Ron to stop. "Stop"? "I'll stop when I think that you have learned your lesson". "I don't believe your learning yet". Danielle felt her virgin asshole being forced open by Ron's massive cock. "OW", Danielle cried., , "pleeeeeeeeease., ,, , STOP". "it hurts".

Ron slowly worked his cock into her tight ass hole. Danielle thought she would black out from the pain. Deeper and deeper Ron forced his swollen cock into her hole. Danielle's face was being smothered by the woman needing attention. Danielle worked through the pain to lick her swollen clit. Danielle felt hands on the inside of her thighs and on her breasts. She felt her nipples being squeezed hard and her clit being tapped rhythmically. The pain somehow began to turn to pleasure. Ron's huge cock sliding in and out of her while all these strangers touched her and looked on released a submissive side of her she hadn't known. Danielle licked the woman faster and faster as Ron thrust his manhood all the way inside. She screamed out loud as Ron fucked her harder. "Stop, stop , stop" she cried out gushing all over Ron's cock and balls. Ron continued pounding Danielle as she had spasms from her intense orgasm. "Please" Danielle begged. "Pleeeeeeeeeeease". Ron only pounded her harder slapping her tender ass with every thrust. The woman above Danielle moaned loudly then collapsed above her soaking Danielle's face with her cum. Danielle couldn't believe that she was about to cum again. She had known only shallow orgasms at best and they were always self induced. The woman rubbed Danielle's clit hard back and forth as Ron continued to take her ass. "OH MY GOD" Danielle screamed as she squirted all over Ron. "STOP!" Ron pulled out quickly and shot his load over Danielle's pussy and stomach. She lay there, exhausted, still shaking from her experience. Ron cleared his throat., "Next" Within seconds, Danielle felt her pussy being parted by one of the three remaining men. Danielle lost count just how many more orgasms that she had. Her pussy, ass and mouth were used and abused many more times that evening. When they were finally through., Danielle still lay on the pool table on her back with her wrists still; attached to her ankles and her legs spread wide. Ron removed her blindfold for the first time in hours. In fact it was daylight now. Danielle tried to get her eyes to focus, looking around to find no one left in the bar but herself and Ron. Ron took his time unhooking the wrist restraints. Danielle was finally ably to hang her legs over the end of the pool table. Ron released the hardware holding her restraints to the spreader bar. Danielle could only lay there as Ron attended to her leather bindings. Ron assisted her to her feet. Her legs were weak as she tried to take a step. The remaining Ben Wa ball fell from her wet pussy and rolled across the floor. She held her head down not wanting to make eye contact with Ron. Danielle reached for her clothing, but Ron kicked it aside. He picked up her blue jean shorts and emptied the money out that she had stolen. Ron grabbed her car keys and walked Danielle to the door. He opened the door and threw the keys as far as he could down the driveway. "Consider this payment in full", Ron said as he grabbed Danielle by the wrist and forced her outside. He left her there, standing, naked in broad daylight. "Your Fired"!
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