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Tori - Part 1: Getting into debt

Tori is a train wreck waiting for a place to happen

My ex-wife is a total train wreck waiting for a place to happen. Tori was a week away from turning seventeen when I met her and I was nearly six years older. She was a perfect natural beauty. We dated for a nearly a year before I asked her to marry me. Sadly, our marriage lasted only four years but rewarded us with two great children. It turned out that she was not as ready to settle down and I was. The funniest thing about our relationship was that even after the divorce, we would still have sex on and off. Not because we thought about getting back together, though. She knew what I wanted and I always had something she wanted or needed, so it become a bartering relationship.

It seemed that every time Tori and the boyfriend-of-the-month would get into a fight, she would always call me or come by my place. I assumed that she saw me as a safety net or comforting person. Who knows really. I was always there to listen. Well, she talked. I didn’t really listen but I pretended to most of the time.

I was home alone, in my bedroom putting away my clothes when I heard someone come in my front door.


It was Tori. I could tell that she was rather upset by the tone in her voice.

The first thought that came to me was, 'Is she ok?'

“In here!” I yelled back.

Tori walked into my bedroom wearing those tight distressed denim shorts that she loved to wear and a white tube top that accented her 34C breasts very well. Tori was very tan, long straight brown hair with a few blonde highlights and deep dark brown eyes. She rarely ever wore make-up, she didn’t need any as her skin tone was flawless. She was only five foot tall and never weighed over 100 pounds.

Though she had a beautiful young face, extraordinary hair, her ass and legs were, and still are, her most desirable assets! I could stare at her perfect ass bouncing and walking away from me all day long. In fact, I recall times that I intentionally would send her back out of the room to get something else just so I could stare at it some more! Seriously, if she walked down the side of a busy road in her favorite tight shorts, there would be reports on every television station in town discussing the pileup that it would cause.

Tori came in the room, fell down face first crying on the bed I had just made and started her usual, yet more overwhelming, sobbing.

“David is such a jerk!” she pouted.

“What happen this time?” I asked.

“He and I have been living together for eight months now and he still giving me excuses WHY he hasn’t filed for his divorce papers to get rid of his wife or ex-wife or whatever. It makes me mad!!” she continued.

“Have you told him this?” I asked.

“Ahhh yea, about a hundred times. But he just gives me excuses” Tori responded matter a factly.

“Well what are you going to do? Stay with him and deal with this or dump him?” I retorted.

“I don’t know. I’m thinking about just leaving. The problem is Mom’s in Baton Rouge. My sister Patty’s place is too small with her small army of kids and I cannot afford my own place with what I make working retail.” she said.

“That does sound like some issues.” I knew better than to offer a solution. I felt I knew where this was going and wasn’t certain I wanted to be any part of her drama.

“Do you think...”

I cut her off. “No!”

“No? You don’t even know what I was going to say!” Tori said as she gave me that damn sad puppy dog look. She knew how that affected me. She was going to play dirty I could tell.

“I have a fairly good idea. You were either going to ask for money, a place to stay or something in that ballpark. I can’t help you out of this. I’m with Kate and I would like to keep it that way!” I replied.

Tori sighed and rolled over on the bed to face away from me. I was standing at the end of the bed then turned and left the room. I was expecting my girlfriend Kate to drop by after work today so I really just wanted Tori to take her problems elsewhere.

I went into my study to get some work done. Ten minutes later Tori comes walking in and sat across from me.

“Please think about it Rick! I need a place to crash and I’ll help out around here. Does Kate stay here or does she still have her own place?” Tori asked.

“She has her own place but stays over here a couple of nights a week usually.” I replied.

“I really need some help and my family isn’t going to give me any! Let’s talk about this and maybe we can come up with a way that we both benefit from this,” Tori said with a mischievous grin.

“Ok, I’ll play along. What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well if you would lend me some money, I would pay you back.... with interest!” Tori stated.

“And why would I loan you any money? What do you intend on doing with this money?” I asked.

“I need a car and enough to get my own place. Five thousand dollars should be enough,” Tori requested.

“Five thousand? You want me to give you five thousand dollars?? Oh I mean loan you... I don’t think so!” I replied.

“Well...” she said standing up and walking around my desk, “What if I promise not only to pay you back but I’ll also give you a blowjob right now just to sweeten the pot? I know how much you like it when I’m on my knees looking up at you.” she said whispering in my ear. “I know how much you enjoy my lips wrapped around your hard cock, sliding up and down your big hard cock! I’ll even let you cum in my mouth or on my face. I know how much you love to do that!” she continued.

“Damnit!” I thought. She does know my weakness and I was getting hard just thinking about her wonderful lips would feel sliding around my cock. I couldn’t do this though. I’m with Kate now and that would be cheating on her. I pulled myself together and said “No. I don’t think so but I appreciate the offer. It’s very tempting.”

Tori was obviously not going to take no for an answer. So without any warning Tori dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants and pulled my erection out. I was hard as a rock thinking about her skills. She wasted no time in taking my erection to the back of her throat, and it felt soooo wonderful! I swear Tori could suck like a porn star! After taking the whole length she backed off swirling her tongue around my shaft. She wrapped her hand around the length of my manhood and stroked it up and down following the motion of her lips.

Every once in awhile she would release my cock from her mouth with a popping sound as she giggled. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and started to face fuck her, jamming my length to the back of her throat over and over listening to her make choking sounds. I would pull her off for a few seconds just to hear her gasp for breath before continuing. I thought about emptying my balls in her throat but pulled her off instead.

“Take off your fuck shorts!” I demanded.

She gladly unsnapped the turned around displaying her ass to me. She leaned over to touch the wall as her shorts dropped to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties and I could tell she was wet.

Still seated, I grabbed her hip and pulled her to my lap. “If you’ll let me cum anywhere.... I pick here!” I said in her eye as I buried my cock into her fiery hot pussy.

Tori let out a load moan. I took control of her hips and forced her body to start bouncing up and down on my cock ramming it into her womb.

That was one area we never really had any trouble - sex! Hate Sex, Makeup Sex, Animal Lust Sex, Bathroom Sex, Office Sex, we would fuck anywhere and everywhere, anytime! That’s why I put up with her as long as I did!

We were getting hot and heavy. I pulled her off me, laid her facedown on the desk and continued fucking her with purpose from behind. Even after giving birth naturally twice, she was still quite an incredible fuck!

I reached up under her top grabbing both breast tightly and pulling myself into her more with each thrust. I could hear Tori moaning louder, but I didn’t care about her orgasm this time. It was all about me getting what I wanted this time. My thrusts became more vigilant, more violent. My face was sweating profusely and was dripping down Tori’s back. I was just about shoot my warm load when I yelled, “Ahhh fuck! Take this cum you dirty little whore! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

With that I released every bit of seed I had in me into her fertile womb. I didn’t care if she was on the pill, the shot or anything. I got mine. I sent at least five solid streams into her before I was spent. I slid out of her and slapped her ass as I pulled out. Our juices were running down her legs and a gob of jizz escaped her and hit the floor as I withdrew.

I made Tori agree that this was a loan, not a gift. I expected her to leave David, get a better or second job and an apartment. I would help her pick out a reliable car. She was happy and I was exhausted. I grabbed her hair again and guided her to my semi-erect cock instructed her to clean me.

The next day I helped her buy the car. She stayed with a friend for a few days until she got her apartment and the next week she managed to get a second job.

I didn’t really hear from her much for the next two months. I called a few time to see how she was and all seemed normal, at least for Tori.

But she missed her first payment.

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