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A walk in the woods turns into an evening of sexual fulfilment.
Like most fine summer evenings, Ann, a married, 50 year old brunette, loved to take a leisurely walk through her local wood. Not only did it allow her to relax after a gruelling day at the office, but the peace and isolation gave her an opportunity to clear her head and instead concentrate on her favourite topic - sex! As she straddled the gate that marked the entrance to the wood, she savoured the sensation of her clit pressed against the cold metal of the top rung, and began to contemplate what filthy thoughts would accompany her during this evening's walk.

Ann had been flirting much of the day with one of her male colleagues, so, as she set off along the tree-lined footpath, she decided she would fantasise about fucking him on her work desk. As thoughts of his young stiff cock slipping inside her pussy began to dampen her white, lace knickers, she noticed a partially hidden trail leading from the footpath into part of the wood she had never visited.

Despite having walked through the wood on many occasions, Ann couldn't recall noticing the trail before. With intrigue she began following it through the trees until a small, grass-covered clearing appeared. The middle of the clearing was dominated by a tree stump - about waist height and around two meters in diameter. On closer inspection Ann noticed the stump had been precisely cut, and the surface had been sanded smooth. Strangely there were two holes near the centre, each about 2ft in depth, shoulder width apart, and with a circumference the size of Ann's clenched fist.

Part of the stump that perplexed Ann the most was a protrusion close to one edge. This strange addition was about 8" in length, had a wrist-sized girth, a slightly fatter, rounded end, and it extended outwards and upwards at a 45 degree angle from the surface of the stump. It too had been expertly finished to give it a smooth, silky touch that reminded Ann of a dildo she had pleasured herself with long ago.

Ann was still turned on from thoughts of fucking her co-worker, and the sight of this wooden "cock" was the catalyst to satisfy her sexual needs. Without hesitation, she pulled down her sodden knickers then turned round to present her shaven cunt to the object of her desire. The angle and height of the stump's fuck stick made Ann's job of targeting it with her entrance simple. After lifting her skirt, bending over slightly, parting her legs and taking a step backwards, she felt the tip of the bulging head touch her sex lips before parting them and sliding effortlessly into her sticky hole.

The feeling of the smooth and slightly cold wood stretching her open made Ann moan with pleasure and her legs tremble with excitement. She held the tip in her entrance for a moment, cherishing its thickness and watching her juice trickle down the remaining 6" of the shaft before pushing down until her ass cheeks were touching the surface of the stump. Immediately she lifted herself up until the domed head almost left her pussy then she took the entire length again until she was sat on the stump once more. She repeated these actions time and again, and several minutes later she felt the first signs of an orgasm welling up inside her.

Instinctively Ann increased her pace, pummelling the hard cock deep inside until fuck juice poured from her slit and drenched the surface of the stump. She also began to gyrate her hips causing the shaft to stretch her hole to its limit and stimulate her swollen clit. Faster and faster she moved, until her ass was slamming hard on the stump with every downward thrust and she felt her cunt walls uncontrollably tighten around the wooden prick.

As an orgasm consumed Ann, she pushed down as hard as she could on the fuck tool and ground her clit in a circular action on the surface of the stump. Never before had she bought herself to such an intense orgasm, and as its final remnants shuddered through her body, she slumped forward on to her knees, moaning with satisfaction as the cock was yanked from her.

It was now, on all fours, that Ann began to realise she'd fucked the stump rather too vigorously. She was sore, swollen and stretched, and the cool evening breeze blowing over her fuck lips and up inside her slightly parted love hole provided little relief.

After using her knickers to tentatively mop up the remains of her fuck juice from her used cunt, Ann pulled herself to her feet before sitting down on the stump to catch her breath. Out of curiostiy she peered into the stump's left hole and noticed something shiny at the bottom. On closer inspection she suspected it was an item of jewellery so she slipped her hand inside in the hope of reaching it. As her hand delved downwards, she noted how tight the middle section of the hole was and how difficult it was to reach its more spacious lower depths.

After forcing her hand past the restrictive middle, Ann managed to locate and grab the object. Immediately she started to pull her hand back out but when it reached the narrow centre she was shocked to discover she was unable to remove it any further. No matter the angle or shape of her hand, it refused to budge!

Turning over so her stomach was lying on the surface of the stump, and with her legs firmly on the floor, Ann attempted to lever her hand out with a little more force. As she tried, her right hand accidently slipped into the other hole and instantly became stuck. She thought to herself how ridiculous she must look, bent over a tree stump with her hands stuck in two holes. More embarrassingly, she noticed her skirt had ridden up to her waste and her firm ass and raw cunt were on full display!

Thirty minutes later Ann was still stuck, and thoughts of the pleasure she had received from the stump were replaced by the fear of never being released from its grasp. It was now she wondered how strange it was for a tree stump to contain a cock-shaped protrusion and two holes, one of which contained what appeared to be an enticing item of jewellery. It was almost as if someone had purposefully made the stump into a bizarre trap that also just happened to be an extremely satisfying fuck toy!

Quickly day turned into night and Ann was engulfed in the blackness of the wood - unable to even see the edge of the clearing she was trapped in. All of a sudden she heard a noise behind her. It was the sound of footsteps treading on dried leaves and even though she knew her cunt and ass were on display, Ann nervously shouted for help. There was no reply, but the footsteps continued to get louder and closer. In a panic, Ann turned her head but it was so dark it was impossible for her to see who or what was approaching.

Again Ann shouted for help but again there was no reply and the footsteps continued to advance before suddenly coming to an abrupt halt nearby. A few seconds later she felt warm breath close to her rear and she was unnerved to think that whoever was there was just inches from her exposed sex and she could do nothing about it!

Without warning Ann felt something soft and moist lightly touch her ass hole, making her frantically squeeze her legs together in an attempt to avoid whatever it was. Seconds later she felt warm breath near her rear again, then, like before, something soft and moist touch the entrance to her anus. Surprisingly the sensation was extremely sensual, and despite not knowing who was behind her, Ann parted her legs in the hope her ass would attract more attention.

Once more Ann felt something touch her entrance and it was now she realised it was a tongue. Slowly it began to lick the entire length of her crack sending tingles of pleasure darting up her spine and causing her cunt to throb with excitement. It wasn't long before she felt the tip of the tongue pierce her tight anus and slowly work its way in. She guessed only half an inch had penetrated her but it felt divine, especially so when it began to squirm and explore her soft insides.

As the tongue buried deeper she felt what must have been the person's chin push between her ass cheeks before settling against her sex lips. From experience, a man's chin always felt rough from stubble but this one was smooth and felt wonderful pressed against her moist labia. Could the person tongue-fucking her ass be a woman? In the darkness, Ann had no way of knowing for sure.

Transfixed by the tongue in her ass, Ann barely noticed the man approach her from the front or see the object thrust towards her face until it touched her lips. Immediately she recognised the texture and smell of cock, and without hesitation parted her lips so whoever was wielding it could gain access to her salivating mouth.

Ann had been lucky to experience several large cocks in the past but never one this huge! To get the bulbous dome inside, she had to open her mouth as wide as it would go, but once past the restrictive entrance it felt and tasted great, and she wasted no time pleasuring every inch of it.

Sucking a stranger's cock and being tongued in the ass by what was likely to be a woman was setting Ann's cunt on fire and starting to make her juices flow again. She needed something to fill her pussy now, and thankfully it wasn't long before her craving was satisfied.

Ann was completely oblivious to the man approaching her from behind and the sound of his trouser zip being undone. It was only when she felt her sex lips parted and her cunt rammed full of cock that she realised three people were now using her like a slut in the wood.

The prick filling her fuck hole was smaller than the one she was furiously licking and sucking, but it felt amazing all the same as it was expertly driven in and out of her at a relentless pace. Each time the man thrust forward Ann could feel his balls bang against her aroused clit, and as he pulled back she could hear the squelch of her wet cunt and feel it tighten in an attempt to prevent the cock from retreating.

Two hands were now being used to pull Ann's ass cheeks wide apart, causing her anus to widen so the tongue could delve deeper. At the same time, the owner of the cock in her mouth had also started to move his hips in a fucking motion, almost causing Ann to gag each time his manhood reached the back of her throat. As if these two sensations weren't driving Ann to sexual heaven, the dick in her cunt had also started to screw her even harder and faster, triggering the beginnings of her second orgasm.

It was when she felt someone's fingers start to expertly rub her clit that Ann exploded in ecstacy. Being simultaneously fucked in the cunt and mouth, licked in the ass, and having her clit stimulated was one of the most pleasurable experiences of her life, and any apprehension about being trapped and at the mercy of three strangers was forgotten.

As Ann's orgasm subsided, she disappointingly felt the cocks pulled from her mouth and cunt, and the tongue and fingers removed from her ass and clit. She didn't want this experience to end yet and hoped the three people responsible for her pleasure were not going to let that happen!

Ann had been right about a woman tongue fucking her ass because now this woman was straddling the tree stump in front of her and positioning her exposed cunt below Ann's head. Despite the darkness, Ann noticed the woman was in her early 20s, slim, attractive, and like her, had a freshly shaved pussy. She could also smell the woman's scent well enough to know that what she was about to eat was wet and delicious.

Just as Ann slipped her tongue between the woman's slit, she felt the smaller of the two cocks being forced into her ass hole. After the bulging head had slowly edged itself inside, the remainder of the fuck rod plunged into her depths causing her to scream with a mixture of pleasure and pain. It was extremely rare for Ann to take a man in this way and the infrequency of such an act was evident by the tightness of her hole around the man's meat and the friction she felt with each thrust. Despite the discomfort, she matched the licks she was giving the cunt with the slow strokes of the cock in her ass, while now and again pushing her tongue deep inside the woman to access the source of her tasty fuck juice.

As Ann's rear continued to be pummelled she felt something oval being rubbed around the entrance of her sopping cunt. All of a sudden it was pushed inside then quickly followed by another similar shaped object. She could only imagine the man fucking her ass had also managed to cram his balls inside her too, and as his cock slowly screwed her depths she could feel them rolling around her sex hole like a pair of love eggs.

Moments later the speed and ferocity of Ann's ass fucking intensified, and as the balls unsurprisingly slipped from her cunt she felt a thick stream of cum being emptied inside her. She could feel the hot sticky mess lubricating her shit hole, allowing the cock that delivered it to move up and down with unrestricted ease. When the cock finally went limp it slowly slid from Ann's raw anus, and a wad of man juice dribbled down her crack before settling at the entrance to her pussy.

The woman now grabbed the back of Ann's head and pushed it even closer to her cunt before moving her hips in a circular motion to stimulate herself on Ann's face. The man that had just fucked her ass now appeared next to the woman who wasted no time in taking his cum and shit-covered cock in her mouth and sucking it clean. At the same time Ann felt something touch her parted sex lips and realised the huge cock she had earlier pleasured in her mouth was about to enter her wanting cunt.

As the swollen dome began to penetrate Ann, she was glad of the extra fuck lube that had travelled from her ass to her cunt. Although not as painful as the anal she had just received, the huge cock was making her gasp for air and was stretching her love hole like no other cock had done before. Her sex lips were splayed wide apart like an open flower and as the head became fully embedded she wondered if she could accommodate the entire thing. Inch by inch the prick slid inside, its veiny, ribbed texture and bulbous end massaging every part of Ann's inner flesh.

Never before had a cock come this close to reaching the very end of Ann's fuck hole, and as the final inches edged inside, its tip was just millimetres from reaching her capacity. Slowly it was pulled from her, leaving her entrance wide open and begging for more. Seconds later it was plunged back in, causing Ann to scream in ecstasy and drive her tongue as far as it would go into the woman's delicious vagina. The long, slow strokes of the cock continued for many minutes, making Ann so wet and horny she would have been happy to perform any sexual act at that moment no matter how depraved it was!

When Ann felt the man start to roll his hips and cause his huge cock to stir her insides, her third orgasm began to take hold. Quickly she pulled herself slightly forward on the surface of the tree stump so her swollen clit was squeezed against its hard surface and her face was pushed even closer to the woman's cunt. Now every time the man rammed his fuck tool into Ann, her tongue was pushed deep in the woman's fuck hole and her clit would rub against the stump helping to ensure her orgasmic fate.

A huge pleasure wave ripped through Ann's body causing her to gyrate her hips and push her ass high in the air to force the cock even deeper. She didn't care that it was now smashing into the very end of her hole, she just wanted to be fucked hard - even if it meant her cunt becoming so used it could never take a cock again.

At the height of her orgasm, Ann felt the man's prick twitch uncontrollably inside her, and as he pushed forward again his seed exploded in her depths. The cock pulsated with each wad that was released and Ann could feel her insides turning into a well of hot, sticky cum. As the delivery of spunk subsided, Ann barely felt the cock being pulled back up through her almost numb pussy, the thick dome momentarily pausing near her entrance before slipping out, leaving her hole gaping in the cool evening air.

Ann's own orgasm had been so intense she hadn't noticed the woman she was eating out had also been writhing in ecstasy. As the woman's own orgasm subsided she removed the cock from her mouth then pulled herself off the stump and moved to Ann's rear. Like earlier, Ann felt the woman's warm breath before feeling a familiar tongue alternate between her open cunt and raw ass, devouring the spunk that had painted her insides. Thankfully the tongue helped to sooth Ann's soreness, and moments later both holes had been licked clean.

The spunk and cunt juice the woman had tongued from Ann was now spat into each of the holes that trapped her hands, and as she heard the three strangers unexpectedly retreat back into the wood, Ann wondered why the woman had done this. It was only when she tried to release her hands again that she realised the cocktail of fuck juice and saliva was the perfect lubricant to ensure her release.

Finally free, Ann glanced down at the jewellery that remained clasped in her hand. It was a gold bracelet that had either been left in the hole purposefully or had slipped off the wrist of another of the stump's "victims". If any other female happened to discover the woodland clearing, Ann wanted to be sure they would receive the same sexual pleasures she had, so without hesitation she dropped the tempting bracelet back into the hole.

As Ann started the walk back to the entrance of the wood, she smiled with satisfaction at the thought of what she had just experienced, and grimaced at the soreness of her well used cunt and ass. It would be a long time before she was able to fuck again, but already she had decided that when she was ready, the woodland clearing would be the first place she'd visit!

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