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TrickChick Part One

How Dumb Can a Slut Be?

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, we would like to introduce you to Cassie. Cassie is a 19yr old busty slim young woman, it would be fair to say she was not the brightest spark in the world, and any man looking for an intellectual conversation was looking in the wrong place. However, for those guys who liked a good body and a good time, Cassie was your girl!

Men who had an evil streak saw Cassie coming from a mile and she was far too dumb to know she was being tricked. She shared her experiences with us, her 3 “best mates” [all of us male] and we got an immense amount of pleasure being, well supportive to Cassie in her hours of need. We wanted to share about 7 of her experiences in the hope that men could retain that hope that dumb women still exist for our pleasure, of course some women could read this and learn how to avoid such situations, but if you can read then your not dumb enough! We hope you enjoy.


Cassie had just turned 18, she attended college doing a beauty course, but rarely attended any lessons and probably understood the course to entail the need to be beautiful for all the boys. Everyone else was preparing for what they would do after College, most making it to University or getting a job, it dawned on Cassie that she was never getting to University and her only option was getting a job, but without qualifications that was going to be hard. We all assumed she would end up being a bar maid or something and never really discussed ambition with her.

Cassie was secretly concerned and often went for job interviews in secret, never successful as she just was never smart enough. This scam all began one day in the library, we all were searching for jobs through the newspapers and Cassie was doing her nails, she opened up one of the papers to rest upon ensuring she didn't get any nail varnish on the table, whilst doing her nails her eye caught an advert for models, she ripped out the advert discreetly and that evening she called the number.

The guy who answered arranged for Cassie to meet him in is Central London office the following day and asked her to email him that evening with a picture. Cassie stayed up late organising what she will wear, ensuring she showed a lot of leg and cleavage. She awoke early spending the morning in the salon getting her hair and nails done, she wanted to look perfect. She took the train to Central London, finally she entered the huge skyscraper building 'wow, this agency must be huge to afford an office like this' she thought. The building was about 30 floors, each floor had different multi national companies who shared a building reception, she walked towards the reception, past two men, one who was leaving and the other shaking his hand thanking him for his time.

The man turned to Cassie as she walked past him towards the reception.

“Cassie?” the man asked a bit unsure.

“Erm, yes!” said Cassie a bit surprised.

“Sorry, I recognised you from your pic,” he said as he put his hand out.

“Oh, you're Mr Rogers?” she asked realising he was the agent.

“Yes, but please call me Ben,” he said, walking her towards the lift.

“Ben, sorry I wasn't expecting to see you down here!” she said.

“Don't worry, if you want we can pretend you haven't seen me and you can report to reception as you were, then you can have that 2 mins you wanted to check your make up.” He smiled and winked. “However, there is no need as you look amazing, perfect actually.”

“Oh, why thank you!” said Cassie, blushing and also pretty impressed he knew that she was going to check her make up before she went upstairs.

They entered the lift and Cassie checked herself in the mirror, the building was full of men in grey suits and there she was in a white mini dress with her boobs nearly falling out.

“Actually, lets get out here,” said Mr Rogers spontaneously.

“Oh OK!” said Cassie as she looked at being at the 7 th floor.

“I have been in meetings all morning and we don't have to sit in a meeting room for our meeting, do you fancy a coffee?” he asked smiling.

“Yes, why not?” said Cassie who started to like Mr Rogers who wasn't as scary as she thought he would be.

They walked towards a small coffee shop on a side street, it was pretty basic compared to the coffee shops on the main road, but also very empty explained Mr Rogers so they could actually hear each other. Mr Rogers explained how he made it to run one of the successful modelling agencies in the world, and he listed some of the models he has on his books, Cassie was impressed that she was in the company of the “big man” himself and started to day dream all of the parties she would be at.

“You have a natural beauty Cassie,” he said.

“Really?” said Cassie surprised he would think so.

“Yes, it is rare to find even some of the best models are not as beautiful and rely on digital retouching, but you are stunning,” he continued.

“Thank you!” said Cassie feeling shy but glowing inside.

“So let's get down to business!” he said. “Is this a hobby or a career for you?”

“A career, I have always wanted to be a model!” said Cassie.

“Good, you get a few that just do it to get money to go university!” he said.

“No, I am not going University!” she said.

“Well to be honest you don't need it you have natural talent,” he said.

“Thank you!” she repiled.

“Can I asked if you have had any surgery!” he asked.

“No, never!” she said.

“So, your breasts are natural?” he asked a bit shocked.

“Yes... is that okay?” she said confused.

“It is more than okay, many clients hate implants. You are blessed!” he said.

“Thank you,” said Cassie, enjoying the admiration.

“Do you have your portfolio?” he asked.

“My what?” asked Cassie.

“You know, a folder of professional shots!” said Mr Rogers a bit annoyed she didn't know.

“Erm, no I'm sorry I didn't realise that I needed one!” she said nervous.

“Oh, well it is standard for models to have one that's how agents like me promote you to get you work,” he explained.

“Well, how do I get one?” she asked fearing he was losing interest.

“Your manager should have sorted one,” he said looking at his watch.

“I'm sorry, I don't have a manager,” said Cassie now getting upset.

“Cassie, I am an agent, a very busy one who doesn't like timewasters,” he said abruptly.

“I am sorry, I'm new to this field, I don't know where to start!” she said almost crying.

“Well, I can't invest time in a model who is not ready, which is a pity as you are beautiful!” he said as he stood up.

“Well I can get a portfolio!” she said trying to regain his attention.

“You do that, you have my number call me when you have got it sorted!” he said leaving a few pounds for the coffee on the table as he walked out leaving Cassie in the coffee shop.

Cassie stayed inside the cafe with her cold coffee holding back the tears, how was she going to get a manager and a portfolio? She finally got home in the early evening and started to research on the internet, Mr Rogers was right she did need a portfolio but there was little information on how and if there was she was not that clever to figure it out. That night her phone rang, she answered it was Mr Rogers.

“Hi, Cassie!” he said.

“Hi....?” she said not knowing who it was.

“It's Ben, we met today!” he explained.

“Oh, hello!” she said sitting up.

“I wanted to apologise about today, I was rude and although I stick by what I said I have been thinking all day I have made a mistake!” he said.

“A mistake?” she asked.

“Yes, I think you could be the next big thing and I have let you slip through my fingers, I would die of regret if another agent signed you up!” he said.

“Well, it is my fault I should have researched before I called you!” she said.

“It's OK, anyway I was hoping we can meet again so I can arrange a portfolio and introduce you to a manager, of course if you don't feel he is good you don't have to have him, but he is the manager to some of my USA clients and is in town,” he said.

“Of course I will, thank you so much!” she screamed.

“Oh brilliant, shall we say same time at the coffee shop?” he said.

“Yes I will be there,” she said.

“ Good, well you get some sleep and sort out what you will wear and I see you tomorrow,” he said.

Cassie ran to find some clothes, a black mini dress that showed more of her boobs was what she chose. She woke the next day and rushed to Central London getting to the coffee shop slightly late. Mr Rogers was waiting with a man, he was a bit older, fatter and balder than Mr Rogers.

“Sorry I am late!” she said.

“It's OK, take a seat!” said Mr Rogers “Let me introduce you to Les!”

“Hello!” said Cassie.

“Hi,” said Les.

“I have told Les about your predicament and he has agreed as a favour to me to meet you,” said Mr Rogers.

“Thank you,” said Cassie.

“Well, I will be honest, Cassie, You are pretty average, Ben is convinced but I see girls like you everyday, I am not prepared to fully invest in you until I see results,” said Les.

“OK, what sort of results?” she asked confused.

“He means some contracts, Cassie,” said Mr Rogers.

“Oh OK!” said Cassie confused.

“Well, I don't mind putting forward 80% of the investment with 115% return in the first year!” said Mr Rogers confusing Cassie.

“That is very generous!” said Les, “But I won't put in the other 20%.”

“Well, Cassie really wants this, she will find the other 20%, after all she will make that back 10fold in the first few weeks!” said Mr Rogers looking at Cassie to respond.

“What do you mean?” said Cassie now completed baffled.

“Sorry, what we are saying is that a Manager normally pays for the model to get a portfolio and all of the legal fees in the beginning, then after he gets his money back then the manager will take a cut of all your future jobs. However, Les is not agreeing to pay for you, but will manage you when you get work coming in,” explained Mr Rogers.

“So who will pay for me?” asked Cassie.

“Well, it is normally about £10,000 but I will pay £8,000 of it and if you put forward £2,000 then we can get your portfolio and your legal contracts started, plus a website and basically all you need to get work!” he explained.

“But I don't have £2,000!” said Cassie.

“Well, can't you find it, maybe a loan? You will make it back in a few weeks and then you will be making £2,000 a week after that, its a small price to pay and I am putting in £8,000 but would want you to show you're serious!” he said.

“I am serious!” said Cassie.

“Good, well its bank holiday weekend this weekend and I want to use those three days for you to be in the studio taking shots, you have none so 3 days will give us plenty of time to get a range of photo's, can you do this weekend? Will you have the money by then?” asked Mr Rogers.

“Yes, I will do it, where?” she asked.

“Well, I was thinking the barn studio will be free this weekend?” he asked Les.

“Yes I believe it will be!” he replied.

“OK, how about I pick you up from your house at 6am on Saturday, we will have to stay the whole weekend so pack your clothes,” he said.

“OK!” she replied.

The meeting ended promptly, Cassie giving Mr Rogers details of where she lived. Cassie came back home wondering how she would raise £2,000 and started to call loan companies, the follow day she went to a loan company who agreed to loan her the money, it was high interest but she would pay it back in a few weeks so was not worried.

Saturday came and Mr Rogers came to pick her up, she put her suitcase in the back of his Jeep and climbed into the car. He asked her if she had the money and she pulled out an envelope from her bag and he put it in his glove compartment. They drove for a while and Cassie fell asleep during the journey. They arrived at a country side cottage, which looked like an old farm with huge barns. Cassie looked around, it was fairly beautiful although she had no idea where she was. Mr Rogers took her case and showed her to her room, it was a nice room with a lock on the door. They agreed she could freshen up and be down for 8am to meet the photographer. Cassie had to do her own make up and wear nothing except a robe.

She came downstairs and met Greg the photographer, he was pretty rough looking, but Mr Rogers said he was one of the best. Mr Rogers pulled out a dress and asked her to change, she was still shy and changed in the next room, the dress was very short but nothing she wouldn't wear herself. They took loads of shots around and outside the cottage and Mr Rogers got her next outfit ready, explaining she needed to show a range for something like a clothing catalogue. Her next outfit was a range of bikini's they moved to one of the barns and she stepped onto the stage where there was sand and a fake sea background, Mr Rogers said it's just to show and when she made it she would be in the Caribbean doing it for real which excited Cassie.

Cassie was getting tired, but was loving it as she felt like a real model. The underwear section was a bit scary but Mr Rogers should her a famous clothing catalogue which made it all seem normal. The underwear was pretty normal lace and satin, although the thong shots were a bit risky.

It was already 1pm when Mr Rogers came with sandwiches, he explained the schedule explaining he wanted a range of portfolio's for different clients, he felt he had enough for catalogues but they paid really badly so needed to do some catwalk shots, then some nudes. Cassie looked a bit shocked, but Mr Rogers reassured her all the models, including the famous ones did nudes and showed her some on the internet which made her feel he knew what he was doing.

After lunch Cassie reapplied her make up and done some cat walk shots in another barn, she had butterflies about the nudes but trusted Mr Rogers and he was not perving on her which made it all seem normal. He gave her a maids outfit and they took some shots in the kitchen, of her cleaning and scrubbing the floor, Mr Rogers kept stopping the shoots saying to Cassie she needed to show the right emotions, getting annoyed with her as she was getting it wrong.

He called for a break and went into the next room, he was speaking loud on the phone to Les saying he thinks he has made a mistake as she couldn't pose properly and he just wanted to quit and give up on her, it sounded like Les had convinced him to try one more time and Mr Rogers came back looking annoyed but was trying. Cassie was worried that her dream was ending and approached Mr Rogers.

“I'm sorry, I am just scared!” she explained.

“Well, I have invested £8,000 of my personal money in this Cassie!” he shouted.

“I know and I am grateful!” she said.

“Well show it then, why are you wasting our time!” he shouted.

“I am not,” she pleaded.

“Greg, can you take over I am going for a drive, you know the schedule and if I get back and we have no progress then we can all go home!” he said leaving the cottage.

“He is pissed at you!” said Greg stating the obvious.

“I know....” said Cassie wanting to cry.

“I have never seen him like this, you are lucky to have him working with you!” said Greg.

“I know, come let's start when he gets back I want to show him I am serious!” she said.

The next shoot was in the barn, she had to wear a country girl outfit and pose in the hay, Greg asked her to strip slowly out of the outfit, Cassie really didn't want to but pushed herself to do it so Mr Rogers would be proud. It wasn't as bad as she thought as Greg didn't react and she just felt like it was no big deal. She laid on a haystack naked with strands of hay covering her tits and pussy as Greg clicked away asking her to shake the hay off so her nipples could show through.

The next shot was a red riding hood theme, she wore a red bikini, red heels and a red cape, they went outside to the wooded area and Greg asked her just to walk around as he took some natural shots, then she had to sit and lay on a log, pull her bikini aside and reveal her boobs. It was freezing, her nipples were hard and erect, Greg just clicked away.

It was now getting dark and Mr Rogers still hadn't arrived back, Cassie was a bit hungry but Greg was snacking on crisps and chocolates throughout the day and was not interested in food. He wanted some bedroom shots and she had to dress in stockings and suspenders, stripping on the bed, she was completely naked when Greg through her a dildo and asked her to suck on it, she was about to refuse when she heard Mr Rogers shout out where they were and Greg said upstairs. Cassie felt the urge to want to impress him so stuffed the dildo in her mouth making it an arousing view for when he entered the room, he smiled as Greg clicked away and sat down on the chair watching her as she inserted it in her pussy.

Greg then left the room to go to the en-suite bathroom, he appeared back with a toothbrush in his mouth and went back in, Cassie and Mr Rogers were slightly confused and Greg came back spitting the toothpaste and spit on her naked boobs and started to click away, Cassie was stunned and almost horrified but that gave the emotion that they wanted. Greg through her some tissue and then turned to Mr Rogers saying Cassie done very well, Mr Rogers was happy.

They sat to eat, Mr Rogers and Greg were around the laptop looking at the and Mr Rogers was impressed that the toothpaste looked like cum on her body, Cassie looked over and it did look like someone had spunked their load over her. Cassie was ready for bed, but Greg and Mr Rogers had other plans according to the schedule, Mr Rogers gave Cassie another outfit, it looked like an old wedding dress, it was dirty and ripped, showing her ass and boobs, they placed a ball and chain to her right ankle, it looked heavy but was made of plastic. Mr Rogers did her make up, she had to wear bright red lipstick and he smeared some old charcoal from the unlit fire on her legs, face and body.

He then said to clean up the dining table as she would, including do the dishes and act normal and Greg will take the pictures. She then had to sweep the floor on her knees and look up, her boobs now dangling out of the dress. Cassie was then given a white bikini and asked to go to the garden, it was absolutely freezing and Mr Rogers came out with a wooden bucket and jug. The floodlight lit up the garden and she poured the water on her to clean herself, the water was icy and shocking her each time, the bikini soon became see through and was shaking, but Greg was clicking away.

Finally it was midnight and it was called a wrap. Cassie went straight to bed, she was exhausted. It was 6am when Mr Rogers woke her up and asked her what was for breakfast. Cassie awoke and ran to the kitchen to obediently make make Greg and Mr Rogers a fry up breakfast, Mr Rogers came in stating she better just eat an apple as she needed to preserve her figure, Cassie served Greg and Mr Rogers their breakfast and then ran upstairs to get ready.

Greg and Mr Rogers were talking about how tired they were, Cassie was yawning but they had no compassion, she ate her apple and followed everyone to the wine cellar. There was no wine in there, just cobwebs and some cages. The room was badly lit and dark, only getting light from a dirty window with bars on it. Mr Rogers cuffed Cassie to the wall and soaked her body in cheap cooking oil, Greg started to take pictures with Mr Rogers rubbing her nipples with ice to keep them erect every 20mins. She was tied up in several positions, totally naked her legs spread and ass whipped a few times. She was then put in a cage and had a variety of pictures taken.

Three hours later she was taken to the garden and asked to crawl into an old dog kennel and given a bowl of water, whilst Mr Rogers tied a leash on her. He then took her for a walk with a bone in her mouth all captured by Greg on camera. She was walked towards a stream and Mr Rogers removed her leash and asked her to get in the water. It was freezing and Cassie was nervous, she slid into the stream and struggled to stay still with the current, her grip on the rocks was loosening and she was geniunely scared she would float away, but Mr Rogers just commented on how Cassie was getting the emotion right.

It was finally over, Mr Rogers held out a stick to get her back to shore, but Cassie was not strong enough, Mr Rogers was getting frustrated and started to swear at her, but Greg laughed and started to take pictures. Cassie was screaming as the current was pushing her down stream. Mr Rogers let the stick go and they watched as she grabbed the edges of the stream bed, the mud coming loose in her hands and Greg just taking pictures. Finally she came to some rocks and held herself secure, Mr Rogers and Greg came running watching her naked body resting on the rocks covered in leaves and moss, Greg took loads of pictures, Mr Rogers waiting for Greg to finish until he walked along the rocks to help her get to the edge. Cassie was crying, but Mr Rogers showed no compassion and started to moan how they just lost 20mins of shooting time.

They all came back to the cottage, Cassie went to shower and the two men ate lunch. She came downstairs hoping to get some food, but Mr Rogers was already ready with her next outfit. He passed her a bikini top and short skirt with heels, she hadn't worn clothes all day and this was pretty normal clothing. She dressed and they all climbed into the car, Mr Rogers said they restructured the schedule as she must be in need of a rest after what happened in the stream, Cassie was happy that Mr Rogers showed some care.

They pulled up at an old village pub, it was very empty with about 9 men, all farmers inside and an old male landlord. They all seemed to know Greg and Mr Rogers, shaking hands and Mr Rogers buying everyone a drink. Greg and Cassie sat by the window, the old farmers looking over at Cassie's sexy body. Mr Rogers came back with two pint and a tap water, the water being for Cassie who must look after her figure. Mr Rogers explained that they had used this pub for many shoots, Greg name dropping a few major models and pop stars, Cassie was impressed.

Mr Rogers got up and asked everyone if they were ready, Cassie was confused but stood up in her 4inch heels. Mr Rogers called her over, and took her behind the bar. Greg took shots of her acting like a barmaid and the farmers all crowded around like customers but with ultra perverted looks at her firm body. They began to touch her, Greg clicking away and then she laid on the bar with all hand over her, beer poured on her body and licked off by the old men who had teeth missing. Her boobs covered with beer coasters and her pussy with pub peanuts. She then was taken to the toilets, and more shots of her taken there as the men pulled out their dirty cocks pissing in the urinals and Cassie on her knees in front of them.

Mr Rogers, Greg and Cassie returned back to their cottage, Greg and Mr Rogers discussing how well the shoot went and how Cassie was brilliant, even though Cassie hated what she was doing, she was happy that Mr Rogers was impressed and how he was going to make her famous. She returned to make dinner and then did 5more hours of photo shoots before bed.

The next morning, Cassie was now drained, she got up to make breakfast, sneaking some food in her mouth as she cooked. She served breakfast and showered, she came downstairs and Mr Rogers showed her upstairs to another bedroom, it was very tastefully decorated and Cassie sat on the bed, Mr Rogers explained that they were awaiting a male model to join her and they would be taking some action shots, Cassie was horrified as she did not want to have sex with strange men and found herself telling Mr Rogers. Mr Rogers was very understanding, explaining that Hollywood always expected leading ladies to do Sex scenes and gave a few examples of major stars, he thought she could be more than a model and be a famous film star. Cassie was taken a back by the prospect of being a star but still felt nervous. Mr Rogers asked if she would be more comfortable if it was him she took pictures with and Cassie said yes.

Mr Rogers called up Greg, explaining that he would be the model, but his face can't be shown as he was obviously known in the industry, the doorbell rang and two men came in, one very good looking and the other no so, but he was a camera man. Cassie asked why they were filming and Mr Rogers said it was a demo tape for Hollywood to show she can act. They got into position and Greg said this was a “passion” theme so Cassie had to show enjoyment and passion in her face, they couldn't have cuts as it was being filmed. Mr Rogers wanked his cock hard and Cassie climbed ontop, inserting his cock deep inside, she was surprised how big he was and sat up on him to start riding, her boobs bouncing and her body sweating. She felt him cumming and rode faster, becoming unaware of the camera as she was losing herself into the passion.

Everyone clapped, Cassie hadn't come but Mr Rogers had and that was the scene over, Cassie felt a bit disappointed but sat on the bed as everyone shook Mr Rogers hand and pat him on the back, no one acknowledged the effort Cassie had made and told her to clean up as she had to prepare for the next scene. Mr Rogers said he couldn't muster the energy for the next scene and the model stepped in, Cassie felt compelled to go along with it as she followed everyone outside.

Greg gave her an outfit, it was a really skimpy fishnet top and tiny skirt, she dressed in the field and followed the crowd towards an old caravan. Greg explained that this was dialogued, she had to play a trailer trash woman and the model was a bailiff who wanted to evict her and she had to convince him to let her stay. She had 10mins to get him into her bed and 20mins to seduce him. Cassie sat in the caravan and awaited the model to knock as she thought about what to do. He came and she found herself begging him not to evict her, she took him inside and sat him on the sofa, rubbing his inner thigh and pushing her tits in his face. She took his cock out and sucked it and then climbed on him begging him not to evict her as she bounced on his cock, this time determined to cum. She screamed in passion as she climaxed and then the shoot was over. Again the males clapped and congratulated the model.

Cassie done three more shoots including two men at the same time, one of them being Greg. It was now 9pm and she went upstairs and packed, her body exhausted and very hungry. Mr Rogers came upstairs to help her, he talked to her about what will happen next, including editing and production of the pictures. He said she done very well and by next week he thinks she would be in America doing some more work. Cassie was overjoyed, even though she did loads of things she didn't want to, it was going to be worth it. Mr Rogers dropped Cassie home, again she fell asleep and arrived back to her door.

Mr Rogers said he was going to be in Paris for a few days and will call her on Thursday so she can come and collect her Portfolio and maybe have dinner with him, Cassie said goodbye and ran to her room. She slept and went to her friends house the next day. Cassie had no female friends and her three friends were guys who she told everything to, they didn't see her as a friend, just as a dumb doll who gave good blow jobs and was good to manipulate for their amusement.

Cassie told them all how she secured a modelling contract and will be flying to New York a week or two later to do some auditions, the guys wondered if it was true, she was working over the weekend and was model material, but there must be a catch. Cassie however, was arrogant with her success and made a few comments about when she was famous she would still come and see them a few times a year.

Thursday came and Cassie was awaiting Mr Rogers to call her, but he didn't, when it hit 6pm she thought she should call him, but his mobile was off. She didn't hear from him and by Wednesday she decided to go up to his office. She went to Central London to the offices and asked at reception.

“Hi, I'm here to see Mr Ben Rogers,” she told the receptionist.

“Do you know what company?” asked the teceptionist.

“Pout Modelling,” she replied.

“We don't have any company of that name in this building, ma'am,” replied the receptionist.

“Well it must be another name!” said Cassie annoyingly

“We also don't have a Mr Ben Rogers in this building, I've checked!” said the receptionist.

“It is definitely this building, I met him here!” she explained frustrated.

“Do you remember what floor?” asked the receptionist.

“Erm, yes hold on I wrote it down, 13,” she said.

“We don't have a 13 th Floor, it skips from 12 to 14!” said the receptionist.

“But I went in that lift!” she said pointing.

“What floor did you get off at?” asked the receptionist.

“We.... oh, we went to the 4 th but we came back down,” she said realising she had never been to his office. “I'll call him,” she concluded as she walked off.

She walked to the coffee shop and he was not there, she sat in there waiting and calling his mobile, but it was off. She went home and searched the agencies for the models he said he was agents for, none of them had heard of him.

Cassie never heard from Mr Rogers again, well not in the last three weeks. She now owes a loan company money which is growing £100 interest a week and she is just about paying off the interest payments. She told her three friends about what happened, and they laughed so she went to the police who asked her where the cottage was. She didn't know, in fact she didn't know anything so the police said they couldn't help her, especially as they read a copy of the contract she signed which said she gave all rights to the pictures and videos to a company in Thailand and she had no legal leg to stand on.

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