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TrickChick Part Two

Well, we hoped you enjoyed part one, Cassie provided us much enjoyment when we knew her, I know some of you think we are bastards, but she was arrogant. She knew she was sexy, she looked down at everyone claiming she will be better than us and we were all losers. She was also thick, how many times can a girl be conned and still not learn? We did try and tell her a few times, when it was really bad but she would just get tricked again, so why bother? Besides, we started to enjoy hearing about it that we just didn't care for her anymore, we just stayed with her to hear her stories. If you still think we are bastards, then so be it, but for you guys who know you would've done the same, well, we hope you enjoy.

Cassie didn't really have many friends, just loads of men who used her for entertainment, which was mainly during college or on the weekends, as for girls, well they didn't take too kindly to her as she had no morals and stole their men. So when she wasn't needed she would socialise in chatrooms and adding men to MSN awaiting for them to compliment her beauty. She met a few men off-line for dates, most of whom were married and just wanted pussy.

It was a week before the Easter weekend, Cassie was on a chatroom and got talking to Brad, a 25yr old from the UK (where she was from), he seemed very charming, a stock broker, very well off and single. Cassie liked rich men, although she preferred footballers, money was money and that meant shopping. They took the conversation to MSN, Brad was very impressed with her picture on display

Brad: Wow, you look.... amazing!

Cassie: Thank you, so do I get to see what you look like?

Brad: Is that really you? (Brad puts his picture up)

Cassie: Yes, you are very good looking

Brad: Thanks, Cassie? Hope you don't mind but can you show a few more pictures, I've had a bad experience online

Cassie: Sure (changes pictures), what happened?

Brad: Some guy, pretended to be a girl to blackmail me, I guess that's what happens when you are a millionaire!

Cassie: A... a... millionaire?

Brad: Yes, why?

Cassie: No reason, just I have never met one before!

Brad: Well, maybe I shouldn't have said anything, it is hard to meet a girl who isn't after your money

Cassie: Well, I am not after your money, after all I added you before I knew

Brad: Good point, your pictures look amazing, I can't believe it

Cassie: Thank you

Brad: Cassie, you know you can get pictures from anywhere, so forgive me if I don't believe you straight away yea?

Cassie: OK, well hopefully one day we could meet and that's real proof

Brad: I would like that, I find MSN so impersonal. Whereabouts in the UK are you from?

Cassie: I am from Essex, you?

Brad: Oh, I am from Liverpool, I have a penthouse on the Mersey

Cassie: That is far

Brad: I know, shame hey, thought you and I would get to know each other more

Cassie: It is not that far, besides if anything does happen then we can talk about it then

Brad: True, I mean I can move to the London Office

Cassie: You would do that for me?

Brad: You are very sweet and beautiful, if that is you, I would be a fool not to

Cassie: Thank you

Brad: Sorry, I just doubted you again

Cassie: Its OK, I understand

Brad: You look like a model and your, your breasts look like implants

Cassie: No way, they are 100% real

Brad: That is unbelievable, they are perfect, sorry I hope you don't mind, I feel so comfortable with you and besides you are the first girl who has turned me on just from a picture

Cassie: Hee hee, you are very sweet, of course I don't mind

Brad: Shame you don't have a cam

Cassie: Yea, sorry!

Brad: Anyway, babe I better go, I still feel unsure about whether your real

Cassie: No, please... how about I get a cam tomorrow and we chat again?

Brad: You don't have to

Cassie: I want to

Brad: OK, shall we say 12pm?

Cassie: Well, I have college, actually yes I will see you then

Brad: Brilliant

Cassie woke up very early the next morning, she went to the salon to get a wax and a spray tan, so she looked perfect. She went to the computer shop and purchased a webcam, the shop assistant obviously saw her coming, selling her a top of the range model and a microphone, but Cassie thought that she would be rich when she married Brad so it was no big deal. She ran home, did her make up and dressed in a boob tube with short skirt, even wearing heels despite just being inside.

She logged on to MSN, he was not online, she was nervous and kept checking the time, it was past 12pm, where was he. Finally 20mins later he came on

Brad: Cassie, I am sorry, business meeting

Cassie: It's OK, I was logged on anyway

Brad: Did you not get a cam?

Cassie: Yes

Brad: OK, so am I going to see you?

Cassie: Sure, (puts cam on)

Brad: Wow, you are real!

Cassie: Told you (Smiles and sits up straight pushing her boobs out)

Brad: I am sorry, I doubted you

Cassie: It's OK, I understand

Brad: Those breasts still look fake though

Cassie: They are real!

Brad: I love your top, very small

Cassie: Thank you, my skirt is smaller!

Brad: Can I see?

Cassie: Sure! (she stood up)

Brad: Wow, and heels! But your boobs didn't bounce

Cassie: Hee hee, they did!

Brad: Yes, so will I get the bounce test

Cassie: Oh my gosh!! (Held her boobs and bounced them)

Brad: Wow, OK I do believe you, pity the top was on!

Cassie: Is that better? (she pulled her top down, cupping them and rubbing her nipples)

Brad: Oh my..., I think I have just cum in my pants!

Cassie: Hee Hee, already?

Brad: So no bra?

Cassie: No (still playing and bouncing her boobs)

Brad: What about knickers? I love a girl who doesn't were knickers

Cassie: Oh, well maybe I should take them off?

Brad: Yes, maybe

Cassie: Close your eyes (she stood up, in full view of the camera and took her knickers off)

Brad: Wow, you are amazing, so sexy, I think I am in love!

Cassie: Thank You. (So what are you doing today)

Brad: (Wanking) I am, in meetings

Cassie: Oh, OK, boobs still out

Brad: (Close to climax) I have another in about 10mins

Cassie: Oh, will we speak later

Brad: (Cumming) yes, I better go as my driver is here

Cassie: OK bye

Brad: Bye

Cassie was really impressed he had a driver, she had no idea Brad just spent the whole conversation wanking over her on cam. She put her top back on and came to college telling everyone she is dating a millionaire, not many of us believed her but she was really over the moon. That evening Brad and Cassie chatted again, in fact they chatted daily for about 8 days, Cassie becoming more and more eager to please, talking on the microphone, doing her best to turn him on, rubbing her naked tits, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Every night she became his free cam girl, but every night she thought she was becoming his new wife.

Brad finally asked her on the following Wednesday what she was doing for Easter weekend, Cassie said nothing and Brad asked her to come to Liverpool to stay the weekend. Cassie was overjoyed, all of her hard work paid off and by Summer she would be married and have a walk in wardrobe!

Cassie purchased a return ticket to Liverpool by train, she packed her suitcase, Brad got her train time for Thursday evening, he said he was out of town, but will get his driver to pick her up, he will have the key to his apartment and he would be there within an hour of her getting there.

The following day was the day, she spent the whole day getting ready, with a wax, spray tan, hairdressing, full make up and a nice skimpy black dress. She boarded the 6.39pm train from London and made her way on the 4hr journey to Liverpool. On the train, she logged onto MSN and he came on, asking how far she was. He asked her to put her cam on and she spoke via microphone, him typing as usual. The carriage was semi empty, no one directly near her, but in sight of others if they moved to stare correctly.

Brad asked her to show him her boobs, she was shy and refused, but he got a bit annoyed so she laughed and looked around to ensure no one could see, and pulled her dress down fast. Brad wanted her to keep it down until he said, her boobs bouncing by the speed of the train, she was scared that someone could see and kept looking around, her stomach turning. He then asked her to finger herself and when she came she could put her top back up, it wasn't hard to cum, even though she was scared, her clit was pounding and the excitement of getting caught was turning her on.

Then a guy got up, she froze, covering her boobs, Brad wanting to know what she was doing and she explaining, but Brad asked her to carry on and uncover her boobs, she said no and he got a bit annoyed and called her boring, she didn't want to be seen as boring and then slowly lowered her hands, the man was walking towards her, the toilets were behind. He looked straight and didn't notice her, she took a deep sigh of relief as he walked past. Brad asked her to swap seats and sit facing the toilets, Cassie obliged discreetly, holding her boobs as she stood and re-positioned the laptop.

She was getting so turned on, the fear of him coming out, finally she heard the door go and looked up, Brad wrote to smile at him, he turned to walk back down the aisle and looked up at Cassie, he looked around to see if anyone else could see and then stared back at her. She smiled and looked away hoping he would go, but instead he decided to sit where he could see her and stared over at her. Brad asked her to carry on fingering herself and she did, the man staring at her, touching his cock through his trousers as she lost herself in pleasure. She closed her eyes as electric shocks inflamed her pussy and she fucked herself hard, finally she came and she opened her eyes. The man was gone and so was Brad. She put her top up and stared at the PC awaiting for him to return. She turned to see if the man was back at his seat but he was no where to be seen.

It was nearly 11pm, the announcement came that they will be arriving shortly, Cassie packed her laptop, she applied her make up and go ready to leave the train. She came out to the front of the station, looking for a man with her name on the card, there he was, an old man, roughly 45-50, he was wearing an ill fitted shirt and walked towards her, grabbing her case and walking towards a car. She was expecting a limo or something, but it was a basic ford, she climbed into the back seat and looked out of the window at Liverpool, she had never been before. She was very tired and closed her eyes, the driver didn't speak once and about 25mins later she felt the boot of the car slam and awoke.

She got out of the car, she looked around, it didn't feel like a posh area, there were tower blocks and loads of graffiti, she followed the guy inside one of the tower blocks, into the lifts, which stunk of urine, she asked the driver where they were going and he said to the 24 th floor. She felt uneasy, but awaited the lift doors to open, they were at the door of a flat and he opened the door, leading her in first. She heard the door close behind her, the flat was grimey with 1970's wallpaper and very flowery carpet. There was a mouldy smell, she walked further in, pressured by the presence of the driver behind her. He took her bag and case into a room and she went to the mis-matched furniture living room, looking out of the small window which over looked more tower blocks and no sign of the Mersey

The driver came out, she thought as soon as he left she would call a cab and leave, but he took his coat off and sat on the sofa staring at her. She looked at him, he asked her to fetch him a beer from the kitchen as he turned the TV on, she walked towards the kitchen, dishes piled high and an overflowing bin of take away containers, the fridge all dirty and housed over 30 cans of beer with not much food. She came back and saw the driver in his vest and boxers on the sofa, looking at the TV, Cassie walked over with the can

“ Brad, will be here soon!” she said to scare him

“ He is already here!” he said still looking at the TV

“ Oh, where?” she said looking around

“ I'm Brad!” he said looking at her

“ What!, no Brad is 25 and good looking!” she screamed

“ Shut up bitch, I am Brad, you never once saw me on cam or heard me on the microphone” he said, Cassie realising that was true

“ But... this isn't a penthouse!” she said

“ No, obviously not!” he said as he burped

“ I am going!” she shouted

“ Bye, have fun out there, dressed like that at midnight!” he said

She looked at him, she was sort of trapped, maybe staying was safer.

“ Why you still here bitch?” he asked aggressively

“ I, I will go in the morning!” she said

“ Good girl!” he said smiling, “now show me those tits”

Cassie looked at him, he now sat up in his sofa awaiting for her to undress, she took the straps of her dress off and revealed her bouncy boobs, he stood up squeezing them, his fat fingers and dirty fingernails. She closed her eyes and felt his hand up her dress, she wasn't wearing knickers and he stuck a fat finger in her pussy, she clenched and froze as he stuck in 2, her pussy dripping as his thumb rubbed her clit. He stopped and grabbed her hair, pushing towards the sofa, her face falling into the seat cushion, he positioned her with her ass in the air, slapping her cheeks and pulling them apart. He then inserted his cock deep into her ass, she screamed and clenched onto the cushions as he pounded her tight arse with his fat hairy cock. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks, she felt his cumming as his cock pulsated and shot a hot load into her ass, running down her legs as he push her away.

She froze, her ass was in pain. He told her to get up as spunk was dribbling onto his sofa. He wiped his cock with an old tissue and threw it back onto the floor. She ran to the toilets to get tissue to clean herself, she sat there for a few minutes awaiting her brain to come up with something to get her out of here, but there was nothing. She came back out, her suitcase opened on the living room floor, he had taken her keys from her handbag. He held up her skimpy outfits, impressed by her choices.

An alarm clock then rang, she looked up at the clock, it was 1.30am, he got up from the floor and rushed to the laptop in the corner of the room, logging on. Cassie noticed the webcam despite him saying that he did not have one. Whilst the laptop logged on, he threw her an outfit and her make up bag telling her to get ready, she was confused but obeyed. He chose a white halter neck top, which was so low cut, it went down to her belly button and a white skirt. She came back to the living room, her case packed away into the corner and the laptop on a pile of yellow pages on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

He clicked he fingers and ordered to stand in the middle of the room, he faced the webcam at her. He was on an adult video chatsite, all users who clicked on his profile could now see her, there was over 320 men online, and he was advertising it on main screen. “Click on my profile to view my cam, sexy slave live on cam now, will follow instructions”. Cassie was unaware of what he was doing, as she stood there, nervous awaiting to know what to do. The men were talking about her on-line, saying she was hot and asking for her to smile.

“ Bitch, they are saying smile, so smile” he ordered

“ Who are?” she asked

“ SMILE WHORE!” he shouted and she smiled

“ Who is asking?” she asked again

“ The whole of this chatroom, only 328 men, but word will spread!” he said

“ What do you mean 328 men!” she screamed

“ Have you stopped smiling?” he asked and she smiled again

“ Can they see my face?” she asked

“ Yep!” he said as he turned the laptop to show her “rub your tits”

“ No, please!” she pleaded

“ OK, there's the door, bye!” he said calmly, as she looked at the door and then rubbed her tits “Good Girl”

As the minutes ticked away more men joined the room, demanding to see her tits and pussy, he passed on the messages as orders and she obeyed. He got up and left the room, ordering her to sit in front of the laptop and to do as she was told on the screen, she sat, he turning the cam onto her and she read the now 487 men getting very excited and giving bizarre orders like licking her own tits and slapping her ass.

He arrived back, with a bag full of items, he took out a dildo and waved it in front of the cam the room went wild, he handed it to her and told her to fuck herself, she grabbed the dildo and rubbed her clit before inserting it to her now wet dripping pussy. He climbed behind her, rubbing her tits, she was dripping wet and was in need of a good fucking, she became less aware of the now 600 plus men watching her and shoved the dildo in harder and harder.

She lost herself in the sensation when he grabbed her hand and pulled the dripping wet dildo out of her pussy and told her to get on her knees, she obeyed and started to lick his wet cock live on cam, he grabbing her hair and pushing it in deeper. She found it hard to breathe, but he was carried away with the jeers online to care. He stood her up, opening her pussy for the cam whilst she sucked on him. The now 800 plus crowd in the room were wanking away, he then bent her over, she facing the camera as he took her from behind, her tits dangling and the pain on her face showing for the world to see.

It had now been over an hour, over 1,500 men from across the world tuned in to see her get fucked live on cam. He was pounding her pussy hard from behind, then he came, turning her around and squirting all over her face and hair. He then pick up the laptop and told her to follow him as he walked towards the bathroom, he ordered her to get in the tub, her face splattered with cum, she looked at the cam and realised that everything she just done was watched. Then she felt a sprinkle of hot liquid on her face and looked at him, he had his cock in his hand pissing on her, she screamed but he continued and wherever she moved in the tub, he followed. He finally finished and put the shower on, she washed herself in the gaze of the webcam, when she finished, he took the laptop and told all the men to sign on tomorrow, then logged off.

He gave her a towel and showed her to the bedroom, it was a spare room and he did not sleep with her. She laid thinking she should leave in the morning, but had no money to get an earlier ticket or find a hotel, so she had to reluctantly stay and participate in a few more live cam shows.

It was finally Monday and she was on her way to the station, she boarded the train and was finally home. She felt so violated, but when she told her friends what happened, she couldn't explain why she didn't leave, they all thought she wanted to do it. That night he was on MSN, he asked her if she had a good time, she swore at him calling him a pervert. He laughed and sent her a link, she clicked on it and it was a 2min clip of one of her cam shows. He told her the whole 3 days was recorded and she looked consensual and enjoyed it, he then told her to fuck off as he was chatting to another slut and will call her if he needed.

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