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Trying to please her

This Spanish 45 yo. lady put me on trial.

I don’t yet know why I should be writing this story or I'm not certain,  but to tell you the truth,   I’m comfortable with this.  These facts happened when I was 19 yo. as  I still was attending high school and, ocassionally, used to go to a classmate place and finish my homework there. 

It was here  where  I met Mrs. Lozano, my classmate's  step mother and  I instantaneously got gripped by her beauty,  impressed, indeed,   despite her 45 yo.  She was the owner of a well built , robust and vigorous body,   adorned  with gaudy showy curves.

Despite she was tall, she often wore high-heels, a flowered dress, which consisted of a mini skirt.  A typical bystander would gaze at her bare,  solid, firm and massive legs.  Apart from this,  it was mandatory to stare at her massive thighs, along with her wide hips, through the dress fabric.

She was a light brunette Spanish, with black curled straight  hair that dropped  on her shoulders, a little below.  Ever since I   saw that mature, I realized she was of a dominant kind, both proud and arrogant. I immediately felt a hunger for this woman, wonderful chick, and would get ahead to peer through a hole, glance at her legs and hips, with the corner of my eyes. Needless to say, her extensive experience  assisted her lot, enough  to find out who stared at her, and guess  who would be the next guy to get turned on  by her inspiring gorgeous body. 

This moment on I began to take advantage of my classmate, and would get to his home to do the “homework”, whenever I had  a new opportunity to visit for any reason. 

On one occasion, this lady ordered her step son to go shopping for some groceries so it was only her and I left alone in the house. This lady asked me to hold a step ladder for her, while she climbed on it to wipe out some dust on the lamp. She was now progressing towards the top of the ladder as I suddenly looked up and I could watch under the short dress she was wearing now. I was stunned, amazed, fascinated by the massive thighs.

I had learned this woman used to bicycle –exercise- when young and also she would run up a steep slope while dragging heavy objects –sand sacks- attached to her ankles, hence reinforcing her legs.   Finally, I looked intently up her legs to focus on her transparent panty which obviously stick into her ass cheeks -buttocks.  First time I see panties smuggled into  ass cheeks like this!!
I felt as if my hot blood was boiling inside my veins, for so much lust, pleased by the sight of this trophy I wished I had felt with the tip of my fingers.

This mature had caught me staring at her pussy -she probably  looked down and wondered what kept me occupied, or what I would be gazing at. She  didn’t comment though and   invited me  to stay overnight afterward.  I had been looking for a room to rent around this neighborhood.  “Oh, Marcos, you can leave early in the morning.” She said.

I replied: “Sorry ma’am, I can’t. Let’s put it up for another occasion.” 

On the chosen date, to rent a room here,  I got to Mrs. Lozano’s place after I was done with my homework. She showed me into my bedroom where I’d sleep.  I went to bed at night, and while laying down  completely dressed, my thoughts were but focused in that splendorous lady, with her balloons, save for my homework.  Suddenly, she showed at the room entrance,  then stepped in. Actually, I was wishing her to come here  in  my magic mind.

This had gotten me by surprise, though, and I noticed she wore a blouse,   a mini skirt, which also showed a little  of  her thighs.  She wore black high heels.   I was frozen, laying on the bed, for she seemed so imposing, an daunting, standing there by my bed side, stupendorous and marvelous.  A strange feeling seized me; this ostentatious and flamboyant woman had locked the door and approached me saying:

"Now, this is your chance, young boy. you don't fuck around,  please.  You’re about to learn what’s a real woman look like, for the first time."

This lady climbed on the bed and locked one of her knees on my neck, keeping me motionless. I didn’t know what to do to cope with this, survive or get loose. She said: “Now, fuck me!! Wanna feel pleasure.”

She gave me commands and at the same time slid her hand between her thighs to stroke her pussy.  Not a chance for anything, as her knee maintained a continuous control on my neck, to render me useless. She finally took her knee off me and changed position on the bed turning her back to me, still wearing high heels. I even was able to see those high heels  close to my head. Still amazed and astonished by the woman’s nerve and audacity, I managed to get off the bed, but the other leg came to assist and gripped my head again. I only could sense how my head was clutched between the lady’s thighs; I would attempt to get away or got loose, but was immediately impeded by her strong thighs.

Her hairy mound  was now in front of me, perhaps intended for my eyes and mouth to taste the pussy through a transparent panty. I could guess her next move: to brush the cunt against my face. She said aloud:

“What did you think, buddy? Nobody has ever escaped this monkey wrench. You’re my prisoner now, can’t break out!! Did you think you could get your own way here, looser?”

Then continued: “While in this prison, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a woman, her flavor. Open your mouth  and throw your tongue out, now!!”

I was too hesitant and cautions; wished to have this woman and fuck her, but actually I didn’t count on my many choices, as she was in command.   I managed to get loose, set myself free  and began an attack on her massive thighs, by pulling them open,  seize them and break loose, but I got scared as  learned my  strength didn’t match hers while she mock at me.

I stuttered:  “Oh, I can’t… can’t… uuuhh, bre… breath!!”

She wouldn’t pay any attention to my beg, showing a wicked smile  while pressure was increased; Mrs. Lozano’s  powerful muscles gripped  more into me, putting to the verge of choking.  She said:

“You, pervert motherfocker, do you like to stare at lady's pussy while they're climbed on a ladder, or trees?  eat my bold cunt now, tongue fuck it or I won’t let you go.”

She had me cornered, but I’d give her the slip here, if I managed to satisfy her.  This sounded like orders to me and I had no other choice than do as I was told. This was my first time to taste a woman’s cunt and feel its essence. I began by kiss her mound over the panty. A feeling in crescendo –buildup- inside me, mix of ecstasy and fear dominated me.  My lips tasted awkwardly within her womanhood,  at the same time my tongue probed the lady’s cunt, despite a panty was in the way.  I looked up, turned to see her face expression; she only moaned and her legs got back to grip my head strongly.  Fearing she’d longed for more,  and  hoped she would release her clutch, I kissed and licked my way slowly up the inside of her leg, the back of the knee, where I knew this was a good erogenous zone. I teased her a bit more by kissing and tonguing her inner thighs, and then blew some air lightly over her cooter. She went nuts. I said: “How do you like them apples, huh, ma?!!

Once my face was up in her crotch,  I didn’t  dive  straight for her panic button. I began to explore the whole area with my mouth, and gently probed with my tongue and located her vagina and clit.  I sucked on her labia and began to get my whole face messy. I wished the mature was clean and in good health, her taste and smell should not be unpleasant, overwhelming, or I’d pull out.

I intended to create some wild sensations for her by stimulating her clit with both my fingers and my tongue simultaneously. I had learned through chat with my buddies that most women enjoy a finger or two in their cunt while being eaten out, therefore I inserted my fingers with my palm up, crooked them slightly, and stroked toward me in a “come hither” motion to hit her G-spot.  I figured out a   finger up her ass would also drive her over the edge if Mrs. Lozano was into anal play.

As I felt she was more relaxed, I began to use my tongue to penetrate her—just made it rigid and plunged in. I tongue-fucked her by moving my tongue in and out (first pulled her panty aside) sometimes by keeping it stationary and bobbing my whole head. Since I was engaged doing a good job here for her, I’d get  bonus points  -she’d let me go-  trying to  stimulate her clit with my nose while my tongue was inside her.

I got disconnected off the world,  now submerged in her deadly prison. Perhaps this lady wished to suffocate me, as she had began to cum while moaning,  brushing my head against her cunt. My breathing became more difficult, while combing her vulva with my nose and mouth. Mixes of pain along with suffocation kept me from continue eating pussy, so my hard oral job was  temporarily dismissed. I tried to quit but it was impossible. She continued to squeeze my neck until I almost kick the bucket… falling into an abyss.

As soon as this nightmare was over, and I was able to afford a new room,  I’d move out.  I swore I’d no longer be a sitting duck, but finally did enjoy my first pussy eating, why not?!!!

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