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Tune Up

Christie gets more than she bargained for when her car breaks down
“Tune Up”
By Cheap Thrill

There was a choking noise in the engine as she pulled up to the intersection of Fifth and Eye.  By the time Christie rounded the driveway of Gonzales All Service Tune N’ Lube, it sounded as though her car might fall apart.  Noises not unlike the desperate squeezing of an empty metal oil can announced her presence to the shop.  Christie lurched out of her car and swung the door shut with all her might, echoing a loud bang throughout the work bays.  The heel of her right shoe nearly broke off as she kicked the offending car door, causing her to stumble and fall right on her backside.  

Only a few men seemed to be present at the shop today, most of them covered in grease and all of them watching this spectacle with endless amusement.  Christie could hear discrete conversation in Spanish coupled with laughter she knew was directed towards the little fit she had just thrown.  A man began making his way from beneath an older model Chevy truck to cross the parking lot.  He was not too tall, perhaps a few inches beneath six feet.  His frame was smallish but it was clear that he had built up muscle from his profession.  The nametag on his chest read Tito.  In Christie’s rage she almost resented the way his eyes leered at her body, but his gentle disposition calmed her.  He wiped the grease off his hands with a wet rag before extending one to shake hers.

“Having a little car trouble there, Miss?”  His voice had a hint of a Spanish accent, and his bright green eyes seemed to sparkle mischievously.  “Um, yeah.  This piece of shit just started steaming from under the hood a few blocks down and this was the first shop I could find,” Christie replied.  This wasn’t the first time he had seen someone let their car go on maintenance, and he was never surprised that it always seemed to be the car’s fault.  Tito had a passion for vehicles, in his spare time he was restoring a classic car of his own.  Normally he would be irritated to see this woman’s ’68 Chevy Nova in such awful shape.  But something about the way Christie’s blouse seemed to be missing a few buttons distracted Tito from being too interested in the car.  

Christie was a short, thick white girl in her twenties.  She had long dark brown hair and skin as pale as cream.  He didn’t quite know how, but Tito seemed to know by looking at her that her flesh would be smooth and soft to the touch.  Christie’s lips had a fullness to them that was rare in white women, with just the right amount of plumpness to her bottom lip.  Her small shoulders lead into large breasts, full and perky.  Tito could tell because she was only wearing a little tank top under her button up blouse, and he couldn’t see any bra straps.  Christie had a very small waist, so much so that her shapely hips looked almost out of place.  He eyed her small protruding tummy, just the slightest outward curve which complimented her ass.  Christie’s ass was a force to be reckoned with, round and firm.  The tight black miniskirt she wore showed off just how big her ass really was in proportion to the rest of her slight frame.  Tito licked over his lips as he took in the finishing touch, thick toned thighs and a sexy pair of strappy black high heels.  For once he actually thought the owner of a nice classic muscle car was better looking than the vehicle itself.  Too bad she obviously didn’t know how to take care of it.  

Tito pointed towards a small room with a glass door that was propped open.  “That’s the office, you can wait in there while we take a look at it and see what kind of repairs you might be looking at.”  Christie followed his hand and frowned when she realized that the office was not only tiny, but was cooled only by a small broken-down oscillating fan.  ‘Great,’ Christie thought to herself, ‘this would have to happen to me when it’s damn near a hundred degrees outside.’  Tito realized the look of frustration on her face and smirked.  He could tell by the quality of her clothes and the fact that she was wearing the same Prada heels he had recently purchased for his wife that she was probably used to getting her way and being pampered.  

“You don’t have anywhere that’s air conditioned?” Christie asked, furrowing her brow.  Tito shook his head with that same mischievous grin he had approached her with and replied, “Just the fan, sorry.”  While Christie half-stormed off to the small office, Tito leaned inside the car, putting it in neutral before pushing it up to one of the work bays.  

Christie could hear the sounds of laughter mixed with Tito’s name and some Spanish words she was sure were obscene.  For some strange reason, Christie felt a twinge of excitement rush over her at the thought that these mechanics might be talking about her body.  She quickly tried to put the thought in the back of her mind, plopping down into a cheap plastic chair.  Her hands fumbled through a large Gucci purse searching for her cell phone.  “Son of a bitch,” Christie exclaimed, realizing she had no reception out here.  She reached over the front counter through stacks of unorganized invoices only to realize that the only office phone was a dedicated line to possibly the last people on earth that used dial up internet service.  

Sighing, Christie began unbuttoning the rest of her blouse so as not to get any sweat stains on the white silk material.  The only reason she was driving what she thought to be an old hunk of junk in the first place was just to piss off her step brother.  All he had wanted from their grandfather’s estate was that dumb car, and she had done everything in her power to get it just to spite him.  “That’s what I get,” she said softly to herself, pulling off the blouse leaving just her spaghetti strap tank top covering her upper body.  The fan wasn’t doing a whole lot of good, but Christie stood in front of it anyway trying to enjoy what little breeze the sorry old thing could provide.  Her mind began wandering again when she heard Tito’s laughter.  Christie’s nipples began to stiffen beneath her cotton tank top, and there was no bra to hide such a display.  She ran her fingertips over them briefly, enjoying the little jolt of pleasure that such a gesture caused between her thighs.  Her body was bent at the waist as she had to lean down quite a bit to catch the breeze of the short little fan; this position left her skirt riding very high up her legs just barely covering her round ass cheeks.  Christie had just closed her eyes and began licking over her lips when she was startled by Tito’s voice behind her.  

“It looks like your radiator has a hole in it,” Tito trailed off purposefully making sure that she had time to turn and look at him.  Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, or was it excitement?  How long had he been standing there, she thought, and just how much had he seen?  “We don’t have that part in stock, so it’s going to be a while.  I’ll have to drive further into town to get the part; we don’t really have a phone here.”  Tito’s eyes trailed down to her now very hard nipples.  He smiled wickedly towards Christie, causing her to feel a tight throbbing between her thighs.  Something about the way he stared at her, sizing her up like a piece of meat just drove her wild inside.  Christie recoiled with her usual bitchy attitude, trying to change the focus of her obvious arousal, “what, do you people like live in the fucking Stone Age or something?  You don’t have a cell phone I can use?”      

There were plenty of cell phones around, but Tito was in the mood to have some fun with this spoiled little white girl.  What the hell was she doing with such a fine thick little body anyway if she wasn’t going to let men like him show her how to use it?  In fact, Tito had already sent two of his coworkers off to the parts shop for the radiator before he even came into the office.  He ignored her attitude, replying coolly with that familiar sly grin, “this is a specialty shop; we don’t normally work on cars that don’t come to us through special contracting sources.  You’re lucky it’s slow this week, or you might’ve had to push that car another fifteen miles.”  Christie scowled and looked away.  “You want me to show you what’s wrong with your car while we’re waiting for that part,” Tito asked.  It was at this point that Christie realized just how quiet the shop had gotten.  She nodded and followed Tito out of the office towards the work bays.  

Just a few minutes ago she could have sworn that there were at least four or five men in the shop, yet now that Tito led her out to her car it looked like a ghost town.  Only the sounds of her high heels clicking on the cement ground echoed through the large work bay as Tito positioned himself under the lift with her Nova.  He lifted his hand up and pointed a flashlight into a mass of car parts to which Christie just stared blankly.  Why was he showing her this anyway, she didn’t know jack s hit about cars.  “Just look right up above you, you’ll see the hole in the radiator.”  Tito pressed his palm against the small of her back to guide her underneath the lift.  Goosebumps erupted all over her flesh and she had to stifle the softest of whimpers at his touch.  Christie wondered what was wrong with her; normally she wasn’t even attracted to a guy unless he was wearing an Armani suit.  She could smell his musky scent, the smell of a man who worked with his hands all day in the hot sun.  He was greasy and dirty and sweaty, and she was feeling her pussy throb and pulse.  

Tito led her to the other side of the lift but before he pointed anything out to her on the car he grabbed her by her wrist and flung her body up against a thick concrete wall nearby.  Christie’s eyes got wide and a look of fear fell over her features.  She could feel him pressing his body hard into her, grinding his hips into her.  There was the unmistakable bulge of his dick pressing into her ass.  Her heaving tits were crushed up against the cool concrete, she wanted to object, to say something to make him stop, but all that came out were muffled cries of pleasure.  “Yeah, that’s right you little bitch, I knew you wanted to get it rough and dirty,” Tito growled into her ear.  His work boot kicked her heels apart, allowing him to slide his fingers up her tight little miniskirt.  Tito’s thick fingers began rubbing over her pussy, grabbing her plump lips while letting his index finger slide between her slit.  Christie could feel herself moistening his hand with her excitement.  “P-please…….,” she managed to stammer.

“Please, what?  Please give you this big fat Mexican dick?  Please fuck you hard?”  Tito was laughing softly as his thumb grazed her tight cherry asshole.  “You call me Daddy, bitch,” he said as he pulled back and slapped one of her round ass cheeks.  Christie could hear the sound of his zipper being pulled down.  For a moment she thought he forced her to her knees, but once she was eye level with that thick eight inch cock she realized that she had done so all on her own.  Something inside her wanted this so badly.  Her mouth opened and her soft pink tongue darted out, swirling around the head of his dick.  She tickled the crease beneath Tito’s fat mushroom tip while her small pale hands began massaging his heavy balls.  “Mmm, yeah that’s right you little white bitch, suck Daddy’s dick.”  Christie felt his fingers tangle up in her hair, yanking and pulling roughly before slamming his entire length down her throat.  Her eyes watered and small tears began to stream down her face in response to the choking sensation in her throat.  

Tito began to pump his hips in a steady rhythm in and out of her mouth.  Christie felt her eager hands slide between her thighs, urgently finding her hard little clit.  She rocked her hips against her own hands alarmed at how turned on sucking Tito’s cock got her.  Normally she found oral sex to be a chore and did it as little as possible.  Yet now, her tongue greedily massaged his thick shaft while he fucked her mouth.  Tito pulled himself from her mouth and began tracing the head across her lips before he slapped her face with his dick.  “Tell me how much you love my cock, little girl,” he said with a breathy gristle to his voice before slapping her face with that long shaft again.  His hands yanked her head backward by her dark brown curls, forcing her eyes which were now smeared with mascara to look at his face.  Christie gasped, “I love your cock, Daddy.  I want you to make me your little slut.”  She was amazed by the words that poured out of her mouth without thought.  Her fingers began working her clit harder and faster as she moaned and bucked her hips forward.  

Tito flashed that wry smirk again, yanking her onto her feet by her curly brown mop of hair.  “You knew I wanted that fat little ass the second you got saw me, didn’t you slut?”  Tito’s voice almost seemed to taunt her as he bent her over the hood of a nearby car.  “Spread your legs for me, bitch.”  Christie complied immediately and in a matter of seconds she felt Tito’s skilled lips envelope her juicy little mound.  Tito slobbered on her pussy like an animal, sucking on her clit and flicking it expertly with his wide flat tongue.  She could feel that tingling building up in her toes and shooting up her legs as he continued.  Her voice grew louder, nearly screaming her appreciation for his efforts.  Just before she was ready to cum he pulled himself to his feet and began teasing her creamy slit with the fat head of his cock.  

Tito rubbed his throbbing dick up against her clit, teasing and toying with her before lining it up with the entrance of her slick little kitty and slowly easing himself deep inside.  Christie could feel aching cunt being stuffed with the biggest dick she’d ever experienced.  His length penetrated places inside her no man had ever reached before, and his girth stretched out her swollen pussy to the point that she purred.  Tito reached around with his right hand and began working her clit with the pads of his fingers while his left roughly palmed her breasts.  Christie’s screams echoed through the work bay as did the sound of Tito’s large heavy balls slapping up against her flesh.  He began to grind his hips in circles, opening her up with his full length pressed inside.  Christie bucked beneath him, throwing her ass back up against his body.  

They stayed like that for a moment, Tito’s entire dick stuffed inside her, grinding against each other like dogs in heat.  “Fuck me, Daddy!  Pound this pussy hard,” Christie snarled.  Tito didn’t have to be asked twice.   His dick was throbbing and his balls tightened as he began to pound her viciously, slamming himself deep and hard into Christie’s sopping wet hole.  “Oh yeah!  Oh fuck, Daddy, I’m going to cum! Harder, harder, harder!”  Tito hammered his cock inside her at a fever pitch, letting out a guttural series of grunts and moans when he felt her pussy tighten up and let out a gush of juices all over him, dripping down to his balls and over their legs.  As he rode out the last few spasms of her orgasm his body tingled and his cock shot out wave after wave of hot sticky cum deep inside of her.  “Oh God, I can feel it dripping down my ass,” Christie said, licking her lips in satisfaction at feeling him nut inside her.  

Tito collapsed on top of her, crushing their bodies together as they worked to catch their breath.  Christie could feel his dick softening yet it was so big it remained inside her, soaking up their juices.  It wasn’t until now that Christie heard the sounds of muffled voices and feet scuffling.  Her head snapped up and she caught a glimpse of two mechanics hiding behind a door with a video camera pointed at her.  “What the hell!”  Christie turned to search Tito’s face but found nothing more than a malicious grin as he tucked in his shirt and zipped up his pants.  

He walked across the work bay and hit a switch which began to lower her car to the ground.  Tito tossed the keys at Christie with a laugh, “your car just needed some fluids, I guess you did too, bitch.”  Had he really just lied to her about her car?  Had he planned this all along?  “Oh yeah,” he said as he started to walk away, “if you don’t want that video to get put out on the internet, then you’d better come back here tomorrow so the rest of my friends can have a turn with you.”  Christie’s eyes got wide, her car keys at her feet, panties around her ankles.  “And next time, when I have you, I’m going to teach you how to take Daddy’s big dick up your asshole.”  

Tito walked through the exit of the work bay leading back to a locked area for the mechanics leaving Christie there alone, shuddering, dripping wet, scared and more turned on than she’d ever been in her whole life.  

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