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Two hands on the Gearstick

Laura relieves her boredom on a car journey, whilst relieving her friend's father as well.
My daughter, Sarah, nineteen, had just returned from a holiday with some girlfriends. One of whom, Laura, I had offered to take home. As we drove back home from the airport we approached some roadworks on the motorway. The sign said two miles to go before the works. We were stuck in traffic and moving very slowly, so I knew it wouldn't be less than ten minutes before we actually reached them, at which point I was sure the traffic would pick up again.

The sun was strong that day. We had the windows closed and the air-con on full. Even though the heat radiated in through the glass, the car remained fresh and I felt alert at the wheel.

"Jim..." Laura said to me. "How long before we get through the roadworks?"

"Well, we have to get to them before we can get through them," I replied. "Perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes more?" I said shrugging.

The car went quiet again. Its machine-like sounds filled my ears: the continuous blowing of the air-con, the hum from the engine and an inaudible drone from some guy talking on the radio. The car was an automatic, so traffic like this was less stressful for me than if I were driving a manual transmission.

Laura switched the radio off. She turned to her right, to face me, her right knee lifted near the gearstick as she shifted her body round beneath the seatbelt. She wore a short, flimsy blue dress, fairly low cut and perfect for the current weather. On her feet she wore a pair of white flip-flops.

With her right elbow resting on the back of the car seat, she rested her head on her hand, underneath her brown hair. Then she spoke, her tone indicating she was after something.

"Jim..." she said, drawing out the word. "Do you masturbate?" she asked frankly, "And what do you think about when you do?"

I coughed, barely believing what I had just heard. "What kind of a question is that, Laura? I'm your best friend's father! That's none of your business and a very inappropriate thing to say. You should be ashamed."

She shrugged off my reply. There was a slight pause, then she asked again, "Well, DO you? You might as well tell me. I'm nineteen; it's nothing new to me."

I was stunned, too stunned to speak, then she asked, "Jim, do you ever think about me?"

"No! Never!" I said, trying to block indecent images of us as they popped into my head involuntarily. I felt my cock stirring in my trousers. Her confessions and that last question was a turn-on, I had to admit. I shouldn't have felt that way, but I couldn't help it.

"Ah! So you DO masturbate!" she said, trapping me with her words. I gave up and stayed silent, hoping she would too.

I remained silent, aware of the monster waking in my lap.

"Come on Jim, let's talk about this. I'll tell you all about the things I do," she goaded me.

"Things you DO? Err, like what?" I said. Damn, I thought. Shouldn't have said that.

A wicked grin spread across her face. "Oooh wouldn't you like to know?" she said naughtily. "Well, I'm very good at giving head, so I'm told... and I love guys to screw me hard from behind, not in the ass normally, though I have done that too."

I felt stunned. My mouth was agape and I couldn't look her in the face. My cock grew harder in my pants as she continued, my face began to blush.

Not knowing what to say, I felt the most clichéd line pop into my head, "Laura, if your parents could hear you now... " I said, feeling hopelessly out-gunned here. I was lost for words, but Laura clearly had plenty more for me.

"Indeed!" she said, mocking me. "Imagine: my mum in the back seat listening to me turning you on with all this filthy talk. Yes, what if she COULD hear me now?" she said sassily.

Holy crap, I thought. But it was true, she WAS turning me on and now my cock was like a rock making a visible lump in my lap.

Laura looked down to my crotch. "Oooh, Jim ... I AM turning you on aren't I?" she said, beginning to talk in a voice like you might hear on a dirty sex phone line. "I can see your stiff cock in your trousers. I bet you'd like me to do something about that wouldn't you? I mean, it's not fair of me to wind you up and leave you with a hard-on, is it? You won't be able to concentrate; you might have an accident!" 

Oh god. She really knew how to have an effect! I was desperate for her to put her hand on my penis now, to feel her slender fingers work their way up and down; my mind wandered to places it shouldn't have.

"Jim," she said. "Let me touch it. Please. I won't tell. It will be our secret," she paused. "It will be only for a minute, then I'll put it back. Promise!"

Say no, I told myself. Just SAY NO! I thought.

"Yes." I said, my will power lost to me amidst the rush of adrenaline and the throbbing sensation between my legs. "But, only for a moment."

Laura smiled and reached over. Her hand touched my groin. She rubbed it firmly for a few seconds. I'm amazed I didn't come there and then, but somehow I held on. I gasped, and shifted in my seat to allow my cock to move out of the crushed position it was in.

Laura responded. She unzipped my fly and reached inside. Her hand touched my penis for the first time. We both felt the moment between us; never again could we look each other in the eye without knowing we had crossed a boundary forever.

She released my cock from my pants. It pointed up, pulsing as the blood pumped into it. Pre-cum began to leak from the tip, making me feel all the more helpless. I had never been in front of her in a compromised state before, my most private expressions visible on my face and my penis erect, for her young eyes.

Immediately the enormity of my folly became apparent, as I envisioned my wife looking on in disgust. It was too late now.

"Oh wow Jim... that's impressive," she said, "You've got a beautiful cock.Your wife is a lucky lady. Now it's MY turn to feel it." She began to stroke it gently up and down, her hand becoming wet from it. All the while she pouted and rolled her eyes, sometimes licking her lips, when I had a chance to glance at her. "Don't look at me, Jim, concentrate on the road!" she said cheekily.

The car now entered the roadworks. No stopping for the next eight miles. I had to keep a constant speed, with my hands on the wheel at all times.

"Okay Laura, I think we've gone far enough now," I said, trying my best to do the right thing. "You should stop now and put it back," I said.

But, stretching her seatbelt, Laura moved her left hand over and began to massage my balls as she stroked the long shaft beneath the burgundy helmet. I looked in the rear-view mirror, then checked both sides to see if anyone was looking. All was clear. I gulped and started breathing heavily as the sensation became more intense.

"Oh... God... Laura," I said longingly, then snapped out of it. I looked for the right mental buttons to push, then tried saying to her, "What do you think your Mother would say?" But she ignored me and carried on.

I swiftly resorted to desperation: "Laura... you mustn't do it anymore. It's wrong, it's bad. You have to stop... please," I begged.

It drew a reaction. "Mmmmm, yes Sir, that's right, I'm such a baaaad girl, disobeying you. Say my name again; tell me how much you like it, Sir," she said enticingly.

I breathed heavily, with both hands firmly on the steering wheel, gripping tighter and trying to resist her. "Oh... Lauuura... please... please..." I moaned in a confused ecstasy.

I became aware I might come soon. What would happen? It felt so very wrong to be thinking of my cum and my Laura in the same context.

"Laura... I... I... Stop! Laura, I..." I tried to find the words, but she interrupted me.

"You're going to come soon aren't you Jim?" she said knowingly, no stranger to seeing a man's final moments before orgasm.

I nodded, gulping again, powerless to prevent what would be; I was so utterly under her control.

"Ooooh... yes I want you to," she moaned, in anticipation of the climax she worked for. "That's it Jim. I want you to come for me. I want to see you squirt your hot come, just like you do for your wife all the time. I bet you cum in her mouth don't you? I bet you love it when she swallows your cum don't you? Yes I know you do." 

She bit her lip in the sexiest manner possible after saying these words, sending me over the edge. It was too late to prevent. I now felt my orgasm about to explode in her hand.

"Lauuura... you're gonna make me cuuum... unnnngh... GAAAHHH!"

I felt the first spasms of orgasm at the base of my cock as the cum worked it's way up like a volcano about to erupt. Laura moved her left hand away from my balls and placed it in front of the slit at the end as the first lash of hot semen shot out.

"Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaahhhh!" I said as she continued to milk the cum from my cock into her hand. God knows how, but she didn't miss a drop as again and again it spat its hot fluid into her palm.

"Oh yes... that's it, Sir. Give me all of it," she told me. "I want it all. Mmmm, it's so hot," she said.

My orgasm began to subside as her hand filled up. She stared intently at the stuff in her left hand, then slowly moved it back across to her body and took her other hand away from my cock.

With my senses and sense returning, I quickly looked around once more to see if anyone might have been looking from the surrounding vehicles. It wasn't the case. I turned my eyes to my daughter's friend, who held a handful of my fresh cum. Oh shit, now what do we do? I thought.

Laura had the answer. She looked me in the eye and gave me a telling wink, before moving her hand to her mouth, tipping her head back and gulping the semen down in one go. A small bit dripped from her palm onto her boobs which she swiftly recovered, not wanting any stains on her dress. She wiped the cum up with her forefinger and licked it with her tongue in a display like those I can only recall having seen in porno.

She licked her lips, then reached over to place my cock back in my trousers. In doing so, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

We had reached the end of the roadworks. Our car sped up as my foot pushed down on the accelerator.

As she sat back, she placed her hair into a pony tail and casually said to me, "Well I think I know what you'll be masturbating over from now on, Jim." She paused then went on, "When you do, let me know and I'll help you out again. Perhaps you can come straight in my mouth next time; it'll be easier." 
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