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Under Arrest Part 1 of Part 5

Tags: tied up, oral
I find myself once again in the clutches of my hot deputy lover
How could I possibly want more cock? More of my randy and ready deputy's cock to be precise. Deputy Williams had fucked me quite thoroughly and fucked me very well on four separate occasions, shouldn't that be enough for me? I tried to pretend I was fine. I went through the motions of the day, the next one, and every day for a week after. I did not try to hide. I did not try to avoid him. I resigned myself to the fact that I wanted him and that for as long as it lasted, I would give him my body if and when he wanted it.

However, Deputy Williams did not seek me out. He was strangely absent from his beat in the evenings. I went back to walking the dogs at night, hoping to run into him. I was looking forward to him making good on his promise. I spied his patrol car parked outside the station, so I knew he was on duty. My overactive imagination went through several million scenarios. Most of them ending with him having tired of me. I hated that idea, but as time wore on, I began to tell myself that it was for the best.

That left me with a very lonely, turned on pussy. I was not getting any attention on the home front and that did not look like it was going to change. Deputy had turned me on and turned me out. I began to entertain the notion of finding a quick fuck. Something to take the edge off. Satisfy me until I could get a proper fucking, from God knew who. Although who was I kidding? The current men in my life were total let downs. Maybe it was time to do some looking?

One lonely Friday night, I took myself down to one of the five bars in town. Everyone at home was gone overnight. I didn't dress up much, just cleaned up a bit and wore some jeans and a tank top. I was looking for a fuck and that was it. I chose the bar with the youngest and rowdiest crowd. I reasoned that this would make me inconspicuous.

I sat at the bar drinking a Johnny Walker on the rocks. I nursed my drink and checked out potential prey. There were a few guys with dates and a few small groups of guys playing pool and darts. One guy with the dart players was giving me the eye, I thought. He was average in height and had dark hair. He was good looking in a conventional farm-boy way. He would do. Most importantly I had never laid eyes on him before.

I caught him looking at me a few times and I smiled at him. That did it. Soon he was sitting at the bar with me, buying me a drink. We flirted a bit and I did not try to hide the fact that I wanted his dick. My hand started on him knee, worked its way up his thigh, before he knew what hit him, I placed my palm flat down on his hardening prick. I scooted in close and rubbed my hand slowly up and down his rapidly forming bulge.

"Would you like to get out of here?" I whispered.

He nodded without hesitation and we abandoned the bar stools without speaking.

Once outside he led me to his car. Before he could open the passenger side door, I grabbed him and started kissing him without thinking. It was probably that Johnny Walker making me desperate and too hot to wait.

I ground myself against his crotch while sucking his tongue into my mouth. He grabbed my ass checks and pulled me up against him even harder. I felt my pussy getting wet and we kissed deeper and longer, barely coming up for air.

I pulled myself away from him to tell him that we needed to go. Blue and red flashing lights suddenly surrounded us. A voice commanded us to step away from the vehicle. I knew it was Deputy Williams without question.

"What the fuck!" I yelled.

Deputy Williams came walking up slowly with his flashlight directed at the both of us. My libertine backed away from me like I just caught on fire. The guy ended up about 10 feet away and scared shitless from the look on his face. So much for getting a quick hot fuck.

"What have we here?" Deputy Williams said in his hard ass cop voice.

"What the fuck do you think Deputy Dave?" I blurted out. Inwardly I cringed at the words pouring out of my mouth. The pent up frustration and imagined rejection made me reckless and angry. "I was just about to get lucky and you just fucked that up!" Was that coming out of my mouth? Yes, unfortunately it was.

Deputy Williams refused to take the bait. He said nothing to me as he stepped over to my would be lover and shined the light in his face.

"Have you been drinking sir?" He asked.

I barely heard the reply before Deputy Williams was telling him to leave. The guy didn't have to be told twice. He left without even a backwards glance. The rat bastard!

Deputy Williams shined the flashlight in my face, blinding me and causing me to sputter out some more curse words. I was madder than I had ever been.

"Ma'am you are being resistive and interfering with a police officer in the line of duty."

He was in fine asshole form. But to be fair, I was not being the least bit reasonable.

"Deputy Dave, you just ruined my chance to get fucked, which is interfering with a horny bitch trying to get some hard cock!" I retorted in his face.

I vaguely noticed a crowd of people in the doorway of the bar and their low whistles and murmurs.

"That's it. Get up against the car, place your palms on the hood of the car and spread your feet apart." He commanded.

Shit! This was serious. I had a crowd of onlookers and Deputy Williams did not appear to be in the mood to play games.

I complied without smarting off. I placed my hands on the hood of the car and spread my feet apart. Did I think pushing my ass out a bit farther than necessary would help me cause? Yes.

Deputy Williams performed an impersonal pat down and pulled my arms behind my back and snapped the cuffs on my wrists. He took me by the elbow to his squad car and opened up the back and pushed me in the back without speaking.

I remained silent as the saying goes. I sat in the back stonily as he slid into the drivers side and put it into drive without speaking.

He drove us to the station in less than 5 minutes. He left me in the squad car with the lights going and went in the station. I guessed that he was calling the county to take me in.

I knew I didn't have enough to drink to get a public intoxication charge, or did I?

I sat in the back of the squad car formulating excuses and bargains. Surely he really wouldn't turn me over to the county jail? I had been a smart ass in front of a crowd of people. Wasn't telling your lover you were planning to get cock from somewhere else a pretty bad idea that could lead to deep consequences? Hell, I was demonstrating it.

Deputy Williams walked out of the station and slid into the front seat. He didn't speak and his posture was rigid. My blood ran cold and I thought I was truly in trouble. I wisely decided to stay quiet for once and comply with any demands.

The silence was as thick and uncomfortable and I fought against my urge to fill it with senseless chatter.

The night sky was a moving landscape and I barely paid attention to the direction we were driving in. It gradually dawned on me that we were heading down more back roads than was necessary to get us to the county jail.

Deputy Williams turned the cruiser into a gravel drive way and we pulled up to a small farm house. He turned off the ignition and got out. He opened up the back and pulled me out of the back seat. I wasn't sure where we were, but felt a bit relieved that I wasn't being booked into the county jail. But what was he going to do to me? A thrill ran down my core and I unconsciously clenched my pussy muscles.

I was led up a small winding walk to the back of the house. He propelled me along by gripping the cuffs behind my back. There was no mistaking just who was in charge.

We crossed the threshold and the door sticked shut behind us. He pushed me along a hall way into a room. The room was dark and I felt Deputy Williams release his hold on the cuffs and move farther into the room. A light clicked on from the far left corner of the room.

As my eyes adjusted to the light I became aware that I was in a living room with the usual furnishings. It was an unremarkable room, decorated rather spartanly and neat. There were shadowy doorways at the left hand side and back of the room. I stepped quietly out of the path of the doorway. As I was silently turning, I encountered my reflection in the large window behind me and it startled me.

"Oh!" I said a little louder than I wanted to.

"Are you scared Maddy?" said Deputy Williams from the far end of the room.

I turned to find him staring at me. His face was unreadable in the dim light and I felt awkward standing there shakily, hands still cuffed behind my back. I realized that I was growing wet from my predicament. I opted for silence and nervously licked my lips.

"Maddy, you had so much to say at the bar. Why so quiet? Disappointed that you lost out on fucking that loser from the bar?" He said it in a monotone voice.

I couldn't tell what he was feeling or thinking from his words. Was he upset? Was it over the guy or my smart mouth?

I kept my mouth shut. For once I could think of nothing to say. I wasn't disappointed, I forgot what the guy even looked like. All the pent up anger and frustration from not seeing him, not knowing if he still wanted me vanished. I could not stir up any feeling at all except for longing. Would he touch me soon? God when would he put his hands on me? My cunt was throbbing with desire as my mouth filled with saliva in anticipation.

I stood on shaking legs and stared back at him. I lifted my chin and threw my shoulders back. I let my eyes wander up and down his body, admiring his physique and military posture. My eyes drank in the broad shoulders, the narrow hips, long legs and the bulge between them. There could be no mistake about what I wanted.

He laughed softly. "Still proud Maddy? What did you think you were going to prove tonight? Your mine now, I told you that. I don't care that you have a life, a husband, kids, a job...none of that matters because I own you. That pussy is mine and your my personal slut. End of story."

"Now the only question is" he said while advancing towards me "How will I once again have to prove that to you"

He was directly in front of me and speaking again. I watched his lips form words while my knees grew weaker. Nothing was making sense. My knees suddenly buckled and Deputy Williams caught me in his arms as I fell against him.

He picked my up bodily and carried me through the room. When was the last time a man carried me? My wedding? Did we look like a cover from a trashy romance novel? I would have laughed at the picture if I wasn't in his arms. It seemed surreal, but far from silly. The strength in his arms, the hardness of his chest, my heart pounded as the blood rushed through my veins.

He carried me through the doorway on the left and I vaguely noted that we were going up a staircase. Down a hallway and into a room, he dumped me on a bed.

He rolled my over to my side and unlocked the cuffs. He pulled my sandals off and tossed them aside. My tank top was yanked off, bra unclipped thrown to the floor. He undid my jeans and shucked them off my hips, along with my panties.

Deputy Williams began to kiss me deeply, sucking my tongue into his mouth. I clasped his shoulders in my hands and held on tightly, enjoying the feel of the muscles bunching beneath my hands.

He stopped kissing me long enough to take both arms and place them above my head. He stood up and began unbuckling his utility belt. I moved to sitting position, intending to help him get his clothes off.

"Don't move Maddy." he commanded, stopping me dead in my tracks. "I still have to teach you a lesson."

He rummaged in the nightstand beside the bed. He pulled my arms up to the headboard of the bed. He wound a necktie around each wrist and tied me securely to the posts. I submitted and spread my legs apart as subtlety as possible. I didn't want to seem too eager. My pussy was leaking hot juice onto the coverlet. My nipples were hard as pebbles.

I watched him strip down to his boxer briefs. I could tell that his cock was hard. Was I squirming? Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I was, like a little school girl waiting for a treat.

The bed dipped as he sat down at my side. He placed his hand between my legs and dipped his middle finger into my cunt. I moaned as my hips bore down on his finger.

"Your pussy is very wet Maddy. What would you like me to do about that?" He asked softly.

"I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me." I begged.

"Not yet Maddy. You need to be punished. You need to be reminded just who this pussy belongs to." He said while pulling his finger out of me and cupping my pussy hard in his hand.

"Ummm." I said while grinding my cunt on his hand.

"Maddy you owe me some attention. You need to show me you want my cock." He stood up and pulled his briefs down. He moved to the head of the bed and placed a pillow under my head. He climbed to the head of the bed and placed a knee over each of my shoulders. His cock bobbed against my lips and checks.

I moved my face back and forth, rubbing my lips against the satiny feel of his hardness. I pushed my tongue out to lick against the length of him.

Dave saved me from too much awkwardness by taking his cock in hand and pushing it in my mouth. I sucked as much of him in as I could. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped my check with it.

"Whose slut are you Maddy?" He asked while slapping his cock against the other side of my face.

I wasn't able to answer as he was pushing his cock back in my mouth. He fucked my mouth in long, slow strokes, allowing me time to lick and suck on every inch. Every so often he pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped my checks lightly with it. He pushed his hands into my hair and pumped in and out of my mouth with a bit more intensity. Saliva wet my checks and ran down my chin. I did my best to keep breathing and suck on him without choking.

"Do you want me to cum on your face Maddy? Or do you want to swallow my cum like a good slut?" He asked while slapping my checks with his cock and pushing his prick back in my mouth. Apparently the question was rhetorical as he didn't wait for my answer.

He pulled his cock back out of my mouth again and rubbed it all over my face. I moved my head around with his movements so that I could luxuriate in the feel of every inch slipping and sliding all over. I longed to have my hands free so that I could press it harder against my face and kiss and lick it all over. I struggled a bit against my restraints, moaning and writhing.

"Suck me off and do a good job Maddy, or else I will have to continue to punish you." He said as he shoved his cock back in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock as much as my position would allow. My neck and shoulders were aching with the strain, but I couldn't stop. I didn't want to.

I could tell he was close, his breath was coming fast and heavy, his pumping hips were moving faster as he dug his hands deeper in my hair and grabbed my head closer into his crotch. I redoubled my efforts and ignored the screaming muscles in my neck and jaw.

Deputy Williams jerked his cock out of my mouth as he shuddered and came onto my open lips. Cum overshot its mark and landed on my check and eyebrow. Cum dripped onto my lips and I eagerly licked it off. He rubbed his semi-hard prick over my face, smearing the drops of cum into the skin on my check.

"Good girl. You did well. But I don't think you have learned your lesson...yet." He said sardonically.

My pussy was throbbing and aching. I guessed that he wasn't going to be putting me out of my misery anytime soon. I clenched my legs together to relieve the pressure.

"No you don't." He said, forcing my legs apart and taking a tie out to secure my right ankle to the foot board. He did the same with my left ankle.

"I need you to show me how badly you want my cock Maddy. It's me and my cock that you need Maddy. Only." He said as he moved between my legs.

He began dragging his cock up and down my wet slit. I moaned and jerked my hips up and down on the smooth as satin tip desperately.

Deputy Williams grabbed me by each hipbone and forced my hips down onto the bed.

"I will tell you when you can move Maddy."

"Dave, my pussy is on fire. I need your cock in me. Please fuck me." I was whining. Oh my God.

"I told you how it was going to be. Now, be still and be quiet." he chastised "Follow my instructions. or I will leave you and your burning hot..." he paused and dipped a finger inside me "very wet pussy all alone on this bed."

"You wouldn't!" I said with as much indignation as a naked woman tied spread eagled to a bed could muster.

"I would." he answered, covering my body with his own and kissing my neck.

To be continued.
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