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Under Arrest Part 2 of Part 5

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Tied to the bed in the lair of my dominant deputy
He reached down and opened his nightstand drawer. I strained against the ties and sneaked a peak inside. There were lotions, lubes, a vibrator or two, some handcuffs and other sordid sex implements. I hoped he would use anything and everything on me and in me.

A long peacock feather appeared in my line of vision. Dave touched my mouth with it first. It's softness traced the curve of my lips in light strokes. Tracing an imaginary line down my chin and down the long line of my neck, he tickled my collar bones and each shoulder. The feather continued it's descent down between my breasts. My back arched up to offer him my tits on its own volition.

My nipples grew even harder in anticipation as he traced around and around each breast, avoiding each nipple until I thought I would scream. He skipped the feather down my ribs, stroking lightly, tickling me and causing me to laugh and jerk away.

Dave dipped the feather into my belly button and stroked it up and down my stomach, gliding it down the curve of my hips and touching it lightly on the mound between my legs. Again my hips bucked and the muscles in my buttocks tensed and clenched with the effort. My pussy was throbbing and a more juice leaked out of me and trickled down the crack of my ass.

He was showing me no mercy and I was indeed being punished. I loved it.

He dragged the feather softly down my right thigh, knee and down my calf. He tickled the bone in my ankle and skipped it down to my toes and up the arch in my foot. The pattern was repeated in reverse up my left foot and leg.

Finally the feather was back at the juncture of my thighs. Where I wanted it most. I was breathing spasmodically, twitching like a madwoman, out of my mind with need.

Dave dropped the feather lightly on my mound. He twirled it gently in my neatly trimmed line of pubic hair. The feather mingled and lightly tangled in the hair. My stomach fluttered and my skin broke out in goose flesh.

Dave skipped the feather up my belly back up to finally touch on my aching nipples. They were rock hard and the touch of the feather tingled as I shuddered in the agony of unfulfilled desire.

I opened my eyes to see Dave watching me intently. His blue eyes met mine and he smiled wickedly. He knew what he was doing to me. I glanced down at his cock, now fully hard, the tip glistening with drops of pre-cum I wished I could lick. Obviously I was doing something to him too.

Down the feather slid, down my ribs and stomach, stopping to twirl it in my belly button yet again. With one hand, Dave spread my legs further apart by methodically pushing each thigh back as far as the restraints would allow.

My mind raced frantically; touch it, touch it, touch it. Then I was speaking, "Touch it, Touch it, Touch it." senselessly murmuring, moaning for him.

He laughed softly, almost to himself. Finally he touched the soft feather to my quivering bare pussy lips. I felt the blood rushing and racing through my veins. The lips of my cunt were tingling and aching with each fleeting touch. The torture was exquisite and I could take no more.

"Make me cum baby, make me cum. Please, please. I need to cum." I was fairly sobbing with frustration.

"Had enough Maddy?" He asked, the amusement in his voice was unmistakable.

"Yes, I can't take it any more. I need to cum. I need your cock in me." I said breathlessly.

"Tell me whose pussy this is Maddy." he commanded while cupping my pussy firmly in his right hand, grabbing and pinching my left nipple in the fingers of his right.

"It's yours. Only yours." as I spoke them, the truth of those words dawned on me. Oh my God. It was true, I couldn't imagine another man doing the things he had done to my body. Owning it so totally I could barely think for myself.

Dave slid down the bed on his belly landing squarely between my soft thighs. The familiar pattern of his hot breath whooshing in and out on my cunt made me ache deep inside all the way up my belly.

I lifted my head up to look down at his face between my legs. His focus was total and he did not seem to realize I was looking at him.

He reached a finger out to slide it down my slit. Lightly, his finger touched my clit, rubbing very gently along the side of the hard nub.

I writhed and struggled against the bonds that held me. "Oh oh. That feels so good. Please don't stop."

"Whose slut are you Maddy?" He asked as he continued to rub my clit slowly.

"I'm yours. Yours." I panted out.

"My what Maddy?" he asked, pausing the sweet stroking on my clit for agonizingly long seconds. "You had better answer me or I WILL stop and leave you here. Aching for me..."

"Your slut. I am your slut. Only yours." The words tumbled out of my lips. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. My neck was aching from the force of keeping it up, but I was mesmerized by the sight of him between my legs.

"You have a really beautiful pussy Maddy. It's like a ripe berry on the vine. So ripe, so sweet." he said softly. "I love the way it tastes." his tongue flicked out to lick the length of my slit, curling back in between his lips sensuously. I pushed my pelvis back up to his mouth, silently begging for more. He looked up and smiled at me erotically "The way you respond to every dirty thing I do to it."

He bent his head back down to my cunt and began lapping at my clit. He stopped and stuck his tongue into my hole and flicked it in and out. He nipped gently at the outer lips of my pussy with his teeth, then sucking and licking at them. Then back to stroking my hard clit with his magic tongue.

I threw my head back into the pillow and groaned. It was too much. He was too much. My hips bucked up wildly.

"I'm cumming. Oh God, Oh God" my orgasm was intense and overwhelming.

Dave lifted himself up and lay on top of me. He kissed me, smearing my own juices on my lips. I tasted myself on his mouth and found myself aroused all over again. His cock was resting heavily against my still spasming pussy. I wanted nothing more than for him to put it inside me.

"I think your ready for what I promised you the last time baby." He whispered hotly against my lips.

Dave reached up and untied my wrists. I put my arms around him, but he shook me off. He bent down and untie my ankles and rolled me over to my stomach.

I knew he was going to fuck me in the ass. I wanted him to but I braced myself for the assault.

He began to kiss and lick his way down from my shoulder blades down to the crack of my ass. I felt his tongue lick at the tight rosebud like entrance. I moaned and pushed my ass up into his face. His tongue left to be replaced by his finger.

Dave pushed his finger in and out, preparing me for his cock. He slipped another finger in. In and out, until I was moaning again.

He moved to kneeling position and leaned down once again to dig into his nightstand drawer. I looked back to see him squeezing lubrication onto his jutting cock. I watched in fascination as he stroked his cock seductively.

Slowly moving his hand up and down his erection he said, "I don't want to hurt you Maddy. You are going to love the feel of my prick in your ass. You will only want me to fuck your pretty ass."

He pressed his cock up against the puckered entrance to my ass. I could feel the head of his cock circling gently, pressing in slowly.

I groaned and forced myself to relax and let my body accept his entry. Another inch. A breath. One more inch. I let out another breath. It wasn't painful, just slightly uncomfortable.

"Oh Maddy, you feel so good. Oh that's it baby girl, take it." he breathed into my hair.

I felt his body tense as he forced himself to go ever so slowly, an inch at a time until he was fully inside my ass. He lay still for a moment, kissing the sweet spot where my neck joined to my shoulder. Shivers broke out down my spine. The uncomfortable feeling gradually changed to pleasure. I raised my hips up into his groin, urging him to move.

Dave began to pump his cock in and out of my ass, slow and easy at first. He bit into the side of my neck semi-gently and sucked the flesh into his mouth. I felt his hand creep down under me as he raised himself onto one elbow. His hand closed over my right breast, capturing the nipple between his thumb and middle finger.

His finger grasped and pulled my nipple in time to his thrusts deep inside my ass. I moaned and cried out in ecstasy.

Dave breathed and grunted out his pleasure against my skin. "Play with your clit Maddy. Rub it baby. Get yourself off with my cock deep inside your ass." He softly commanded.

I reached underneath my hips and found my clit. I rubbed it as instructed. My mouth open, gasping for breath. My eyes shut tight in sublime pleasure. Nonsensical noises coming from my throat.

His cock pumped in and out of my ass and I confess that I loved every moment he was in me. I felt like a dirty whore and I loved it. My finger slid up and down my hard little nub. I was close.

"Maddy, Maddy. I'm gonna cum in your ass. Yes, baby." He panted.

Dave stiffened and shoved his prick deeply into my ass. His entire cock was buried deep inside my ass and I felt him cumming in jerks and spurts.

He was crying out my name, calling my his slut, calling me baby, calling me beautiful. That is really what sent me over the edge. Still grinding my finger over my clit I came violently.

"Oh, Oh baby. Oh yessss!" I cried out.

Dave pulled his cock out of my ass and rolled me back over onto my back. He kissed my fully on the mouth. His mouth was open and his tongue licked mine teasingly.

He bent his head down and laid it against my still heaving breasts. I snaked my arms around his shoulders cautiously, not sure if any sort of affection would be welcome.

He allowed it, saying nothing. Long minutes passed and the silence continued.

I began to feel insecure and uncertain what to do next. I took my arms from around him and moved to get up off of the bed.

Dave was having none of that. He pushed me back down and lifted my arms back around him. Again he laid his check against my bare breasts.

"When do I have to have the princess back home before she turns into a pumpkin?" He asked against my beating heart.

"Actually, no one will be home tonight, I have as long as I want." I said tentatively.

"Good, you can stay here with me all night. My cock hasn't had near enough of your hot body, I still haven't fucked that hot pussy yet." he said while dragging his hardening cock down my thigh.

My pussy responded immediately, getting hot, excited and wet at his suggestion.

Lucky me, it was going to be a long night.
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