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Under Arrest Part 4

Deputy Williams hasn't forgotten me...
A few weeks passed before I ran into Deputy Williams again. I was avoiding him due to having an attack of conscious. I was a married woman, with teenagers. I had no business having an affair. Much less with a total asshole. He was pushy, condescending and arrogant. It was precisely those qualities that were so damn attractive.

Normally I am a smart and confident woman. Why I was smitten with a narcissistic cad was beyond my reason. I could hardly eat and I was distracted constantly. I daydreamed of us fucking and hated myself for it. I threw myself into work and being super mom and the world's greatest wife. It didn't work, I still thought of him. His steel blue eyes haunted me. I could feel his even white teeth nipping at my naked skin. I fantasized about his amazing cock pounding into me. I imagined that he knew exactly what I desired.

I decided I was going to train for a 5K to distract myself. I got up early in the morning (the better to avoid HIM) and set a routine of walking and running, increasing the running time little by little. It worked! While I concentrated on my runs, my only thoughts were of the feel of the sidewalk beneath my feet and enjoying the endorphin rush.

I walked my dogs later at night. That way I did not have to see him that often. Apparently he took a dinner break later in the evening, I was safe. Every once in a while his cruiser would pass, slowly. I kept my eyes forward, my heart pounding and holding my breath. Even though I would not stop walking, my pussy responded by causing my panties to dampen. My body betrayed me when he was in the merest vicinity.

Deputy Williams made no further attempts to contact or harass me. I assumed he had moved on and had decided I wasn't worth the trouble. Although I told myself I was glad, I was strangely depressed that he had given up. Good riddance to bad rubbish I thought, but then I would picture our trysts in my mind. Then I couldn't wait to be alone to ease the throbbing in my pussy. It was no way to live.

One early Sunday morning I left the house on foot for training. I was running down the deserted boulevard, sweating, seeking the oblivion of a runners high. I had my MP3 player ear buds in and was concentrating deeply on running another 5 minutes. It was semi-dark and the air was cool and smelled of damp earth and grass.

I saw headlights shine ahead of me on the sidewalk. I assumed it was an early morning commuter and would pass me shortly. I kept running, struggling to make it just a few more minutes. The headlights stayed on, not moving. It almost felt as if I was in a spotlight. I became a little wary and stopped and turned around to check as nonchalantly as possible.

It was a police cruiser. Deputy Williams' distinctive police cruiser to be exact. I watched in shock as the headlights turned off and the car door opened. Deputy Williams stepped out of the cruiser and walked towards me, at first a vague shape in the dark.

I yanked the ear buds out of my ears. "What the hell do you want?" I yelled at him as he advanced.

"Hi Maddy. Just checking on you." He called as he moved closer and closer.

"Well, as you can see I am fine. I am in the middle of a run. You can leave me alone now." I said, as snottily as possible. My pussy however, had it's own ideas, becoming hot and wet at the sound of his voice alone. Fuck, fuck, fuck, not again! I thought. And then, please come closer, please! My nipples became erect and my skin broke out in goose flesh.

"Maddy, you can't avoid my forever. It's time we play a little catch up." He said sardonically.

"Dave, how the fuck did you know where to find me?" I said while standing there, sweating in my tank top and running shorts. Ridiculously enough, I felt self conscious and off balance. I knew I looked like shit; hair pulled back in a pony tail, not a stitch of makeup on, red faced, chest heaving. Not my best look to be sure.

"This is a very small town. Everyone knows what everyone does." He was right in front of me as he said this. I could smell his aftershave. He was in plain clothes. "You look good Maddy. Beautiful in fact. Why don't you come back to my place with me?"

"I am not in the mood for any games Dave. I am training, leave me alone. I'll call you at the station tomorrow, OK?" I hated that pleading sound in my voice.

"No Maddy. That's not OK. I've been missing you. I think you've missed me too. Haven't you?" He was standing so close I could feel the heat coming off him in the cool morning air. My attraction for him grew stronger by the minute. It could not happen. How was I going to get over him?

I admit it now, I panicked. I turned and ran like a complete idiot. I ran from the truth of his words. I ran from the effect he had on my body. I ran seeking release from his Svengali-like hold on me. And finally, I ran hoping he would chase me.

He did. I think he gave me a head start. Otherwise would have caught up to immediately. After all, he was about 10 years younger and in prime condition.

I ran towards the woods surrounding the east side of the street. My chest burned with the effort. I grabbed the ear buds flying around my shoulders and crumbled them in my fist. I put every ounce of energy I could into my pumping legs. Catch me! Catch me! Catch me! I said silently over and over.

I sneaked a look over my shoulder. He was in pursuit alright. Jogging lightly from the looks of it, the prick. It might even have been a fast walk, and he was still gaining on me!

He yelled something I didn't catch. I kept running mindlessly.

I heard his pounding feet and could tell he was no longer playing with me. I knew he was close. Before I could think myself out of the dilemma, he was right behind me.

I wasn't paying any attention to the trail. I tripped and fell gracelessly to the damp earth. The air whooshed out of my lungs and I lay there stunned.

"Maddy are you alright?" He said.

I grunted out that I was OK. Before I had a minute to say anything else, he was on me.

His weight pushed me into the leaves and grass. His breath was hot in my ear and I could feel his hardness pushed up against my ass. My pussy got wetter and I arched my ass up to grind into his cock.

"That wasn't too smart Maddy." He whispered. "I am going to have to teach you a lesson."

He grabbed both my arms and stretched them up over my head. He held them there, holding both wrists in one hand, as he ripped my shorts and panties off with his other hand. They stuck under my upper thighs, but I helped by lifting my hips up a few inches.

"Do you want me to teach you a lesson Maddy?" He ground his cock up against my bare bottom.

"Yes." I said breathlessly. My pussy was aching for him.

"I am going to fuck you right here, right now. Your going to let me. Do you understand?" he said while breathing hotly in my ear. He bit me then, in the flesh between my neck and shoulder. He laved at the spot with his hot tongue. Shivers of pleasure rippled down my back.

"Oh yes. I understand." I moaned.

I felt him unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He pushed them down with one hand and dropped his hips down onto my naked ass. His cock settled into the crack of my ass and he pushed it up and down the crevice while I bucked my ass up even higher yet.

My breasts were mashed into the ground and I felt coolness seeping through my shirt and bra. My check pressed into the damp grass and dirt. A stick poked me somewhere under my arm, I adjusted my trapped arms a bit. His hand tightened over my wrists.

"Do you like my cock here Maddy? Do you want me to come all over your ass? Do you want it in your hot pussy? Tell me what you want Maddy." His hot whispers drove me mad.

"I love it there. It feels so good." I whispered back.

"Do you want me to fuck you Maddy? Answer me. I can keep my cock here in the crack of your pretty round ass all day. I won't put my dick in your hot little cunt until you ask me to. Nicely."

"Yes, I want it in my pussy. I want you to fuck me! Right here, right now...please." I cried.

"All right you hot little slut. I am going to fuck you." he said it like a threat. The sexiest, hottest threat imaginable. I couldn't wait for him to make good on it.

"Keep your arms above your head and lie still." he ordered softly.

He pulled my hips up slightly and rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit. My clit throbbed and pulsed to the beat of my heart. The head of his cock made contact with my clit and rubbed it. I sighed and dug my hands into the wet leaves under my palms.

He found the slick opening of my pussy and pushed his cock inside slowly. The tip of his cock hovered at the entrance. I had to lie still, it was killing me. I wanted him to shove every hard inch into me at once.

"Do you want more Maddy?" he said ever so softly.

"Yes, yes I do!" Concentrating on keeping my hips motionless.

"Not good enough Maddy. What do you want more of Maddy." he murmured, yanking my pony tail forcefully; pulling my head from the ground and running his tongue down the side my neck, dragging another moan from my lips. "um, salty and sweet. You were saying Maddy?" He gently untangled his fingers from my hair, letting my check sink softly back to the ground.

"More of your cock! Please." I said in my sweetest, most docile tone.

He pushed another inch inside. Then he stilled. "Do you want another inch Maddy"

"Yes, please give me another inch" groaning loudly as he slid another inch inside me burning cunt.

"Do you want more baby?" he said with a smile in his voice. He was enjoying my sweet torture, the bastard! I could do nothing but beg for more.

"God yes. Please give me another inch."

Another inch slipped inside me. I moaned and pushed my hips up. My desire to behave deserted me. Instead I was filled with the desperate need to be filled completely.

"Naughty girl." he chastised as he pulled himself out of my cunt.

Dave grabbed my hips and pulled me roughly to me knees, my check and arms remained on the hard ground.

I felt cool air wafting around my bare parts. My pussy clenched and I pushed my bottom out hoping to entice him back inside. Nothing. Long moments passed. I grew uncomfortable and dared to look back at him.

My hot deputy was staring at my pussy intently and stroking his cock slowly, he appeared to be contemplating. I grew even more turned on at the sight.

"Don't look back Maddy. Close your eyes. I have decided not to punish you. Your pussy is too tempting for me to deprive myself. It looks delicious in fact" with that he leaned over and put his face between my thighs.

His nose rested against my anus as his wet mouth opened wide over my pussy. His tongue flicked out to lap at my clit. I pushed my pussy harder into his face. He tongued my clit in a slow circles. I cried out and pushed my fingers deeper into the dirt. Then his tongue slipped up and down over my swollen slit. Over and over, avoiding the place I most wanted him to lick.

"Lick me Dave. Please lick my clit, please." the words hissed out of my lips even though I didn't want them to.

His fingers slipped into my dripping cunt. Two long fingers, twisting and hooking to search and find the hot spot. A long cry of pleasure burst from me. He rubbed his bent fingers along the upper wall, making me whimper and undulate my hips.

His tongue once again licked at my clit. He licked it rhythmically in time to his fingers caressing me internally. Again I pushed my ass up higher, holding my breath and letting it go out on a ragged moan.

"Yes, yes, yes. Oh yes." I wasn't making any sense. I was too far gone to do anything but urge him on.

I could feel my juices and Dave's saliva drip out of my pussy. A trickle meandered its way down my belly. My orgasm began to build inside me. It was like a building fire, fanning into torrid flames.

Short frantic cries burst from my throat. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh."

My whole body tightened and every muscled tensed. I came long and hard, the breath whooshing out of my lungs, the spasms shook me to the core.

I was still panting and barely recovered when Dave slammed his cock deeply into my cunt. I cried out on the sharp pain of it.

He stopped and stilled inside me. He bent over to whisper endearingly in my ear. "Did I hurt you baby? Let me make it feel better."

He began to fuck me slowly. He pushed himself gently in and out of my pussy. His thrusts were deep and slow. Intense and passionate. In and out, each push was pure pleasure and frustration. The slow tempo was almost maddening, yet it felt beyond wonderful.

As he drove his cock into me his pace quickened imperceptibly. He groaned above me, pulling me fully upright from under my arms. I sat on his thighs while he thrust his dick up into my pussy. Uttering oaths and false promises into my ear, he pushed my tank top and sports bra over my breasts. He cupped them while pinching my hard nipples and pumped his cock more forcefully inside me. The morning lightened around us and the sun beat down us through the trees.

"Maddy, Maddy, Maddy. Your gonna make me cum." he said roughly.

Breathing raggedly in my ear, he guided my back down the ground and laid over me. He again trapped my wrists over my head. He was fucking me harder, grunting into the nape of my neck.

"Do you like it Maddy? Do you like my cock inside you? Answer me Maddy." he said and bit into the side of my neck.

"I love it. I love it. Fuck me baby, oh fuck me baby" I answered in gasps. The feel of his hardness inside me was overwhelming. The way he used his cock to please me was unbelievable.

"I gonna cum all over your ass Maddy. Your making me do it. I'm gonna cum." He said into my hair. He dragged his lips across and down my check.

He thrust his cock in and out of my pussy, each movement sunk my body deeper into the earth. He lay heavily over my back, both of his arms held my arms down and over my head. His hips pumped harder and I could tell he was close.

"Oh, oh, oh! Cum on me baby, cum all over me!" I moaned.

His breath was harsh against my check as he stiffened, pushed himself up on to his elbows. He pulled his dick out of my cunt and placed it on my ass. Hot cum spurted out onto my ass checks. I wiggled my bottom around like a true whore, luxuriating in the feel of his cum jetting out onto my naked ass.

I reached back and rubbed his cum into my skin, then bringing my fingers up to my lips and licking them clean. I knew he was watching me enjoy the fruits of his labor.

"You want to cum again Maddy?" his voice was soft and so low I strained to hear him.

Before I could answer or claim any ownership over my body, he reached down and began to rub my clit. He raised me up to my hands and knees and stuffed his long finger into my pussy. He fucked me with his finger and rubbed the flesh covering my hard little clit.

I was gasping and shaking. He pulled his dripping wet finger out of my snatch and pushed it gently into my anus.

He fucked my ass with his finger and stroked my clit faster with his other hand. The combination drove me to the edge towards bliss.

I threw my head back and pushed back into his busy hands. My hands were grabbing fistful's of grass and dirt. Was that a rock in there? Who cared? I sure as hell didn't. My mind was focused only on the sensation of that long elegant finger in my ass and the one stroking my clit so expertly.

My clit stiffened as more pussy juice leaked from my gash. My body contorted as the orgasm gathered inside me, threatening to burst like an unchecked dam.

"Cum again Maddy. Cum for me." he said softly.

I came in waves, screaming hoarsely into the empty woods. As I sucked in air desperately, I realized dimly that I had been holding my breath for a long time.

Deputy Williams pulled his finger out of my ass. "Next time I'm sticking my cock in your ass Maddy" He said matter of factly.

A deep thrill shot through me to the core of my spasming pussy in response to his promise. But my damn mouth took over.

"The hell you are. This is it. I mean it, this is the last time!" I said in my bitchiest tone. I stood up and pulled my clothes back over my lady parts with as much dignity I could muster.

He had the gall to laugh at me! He was on his feet pulling up his pants, tucking his dick back inside his underwear.

"Listen to me beautiful, we both know you're gonna give up whatever I want, whenever I want. In fact, your going to come to my place next. Your going to show me properly how much you want my hard cock in your ass."

The walls of my pussy squeezed tightly at the image his words brought to my mind. I wished I could touch myself right there and then. However, my smart ass mouth wouldn't let me admit to anything.

"Deputy Dave, your fucking insane if you think I would ever step one foot in the lion's den." I empathized his first name sarcastically, as I brushed the dirt, grass and bits of debris off of me.

He stepped close to me and began helping me by picking bits of dirt and grass out of my messy hair. "You look sexy, especially since I know I made you look like this."

"Whatever, give me a ride to the street next to my house. It's getting light outside and YOU made me too damn tired to run." I said, still playing the bitch.

He choose to ignore my lack of manners and pulled my into his arms. He grasped my ass checks and pulled me upwards into his groin. His cock was hard again, tempting me to drop to my knees and take it out of his pants. My thought was interrupted when he kissed me with his open lips. His tongue slipped inside my mouth to tangle with mine. I sighed deeply and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on tiptoe to more fully experience his hardness.

He pulled away from me and took my hand and led me out of the woods back to the sidewalk. His cruiser was parked a few feet away and we walked toward it. I tried my level best to seem casual and disinterested. The street was quiet and deserted.

As we approached, he stopped and opened the passenger side door for me. I got inside while he went around to the drivers side.

Deputy Williams inserted the key in the ignition while I kept my eyes resolutely forward. He let the car idle a bit and I could tell he was staring at me.

Curiosity overwhelmed me. I turned to make a smart ass remark. The words died on my lips. My eyes locked with his and I knew that I would be showing up on his doorstep as soon as my other life would allow me to.

"This is impossible you know?" I said in a hopeless whisper, not moving a muscle, losing myself in the power he held over me.

"Maddy, don't worry. Let's just enjoy each other and let tomorrow take care of itself."

I was momentarily reassured. He picked up my hand from my lap and pressed his card into it. I looked down to see his personal cell phone number on it.

Visions and hot fantasies filled my head as he drove to the street I designated. He pulled his cruiser to the side of the street. Before I got out I checked to see that no one was out and about. I opened the door.

"Call me when your ready to be my slut again." he said patronizingly, as I slid out of the car.

I stood speechless on the street corner as he drove away.

And just like that, the prick side resurfaced. Fuck!
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