Unexpected Blackmail

By Unprotectable

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My wife and I get pulled over by a cop. The crimes add up.
Driving home , the highway was deserted, my hand was playing with my wife's pussy, and not paying attention to speed, soon we saw the flashing red lights behind us. I pulled over as the young officer approached our car. Taking my license and registration, he said that we were speeding along with reckless driving, and some other charges too. He ran his check from his car and came back to us. Saying that we had no wants outstanding, he was still giving us several tickets. He played his light inside the car, and when he moved the beam over my wife, he did it so slowly, letting the beam fully expose her breasts and thighs. My wife's short skirt was even shorter, since I was playing with her before we were pulled over.

Now that's a good reason not to be paying attention to your driving, he said as he played his light on my wife's thighs.She has some sweet set of legs, he continued, as he kept his light on my wife. I'll also bet if she leans towards me, that dress falls nicely too, he said, as he moved his light across her breasts. Now about these tickets, he said, you want to lean over here too young lady he said to my wife, so you can hear this. I looked to my wife, and nodded yes, she leaned over, which let the front of her dress fall, almost exposing her tits.

The young officer let his light shine right down the front of her dress, looking at my wife's uncovered tits and hard nipples. Now as I was saying of these tickets he said, as he looked at her tits. These can be pretty expensive to you, he then shined his light on my wife's legs, and said, I bet those hot legs spread nicely too. My wife looked over to me. I can give you a total of five tickets, probably cost you close to a thousand or so, he said. He continued to look at her legs, or we can talk about it for awhile, he finished.

Why five tickets, I asked. Because that's what I can give you, the officer answered, as he looked to my wife's legs again. My wife looked to me, and again I gave a slight nod, the cop moved his light up and down her legs, and she slowly spread them for him. I'll bet that skirt goes even shorter he said, so my wife shortened her skirt as she opened her legs. Her panties were very thin, and her pussy showed easily in the beam of light. Now that's a good reason not to ticket, said the officer.

You would like to get in the back with me as we talk of these tickets, right?, he said to my wife. Yes, I will get in the back with you, she answered him. The officer got in the car, and my wife moved to the back with him.

In minutes he had her tits out as he sucked the hard nipples. His hand went between her legs as she spread them, and he fingered her pussy gently. She gasped to his touch on her pussy, and he said, you want to suck my cock, don't you? Yes, I want to suck your cock, she answered. She then took his hard cock out, and lowered her head to it. God, you are big, she said, as she started to suck him. My wife sucked his cock for a good five minutes as he played with her pussy, making her cum to his fingers.

Now what do you want?, the officer asked her. My wife knew the answer he wanted. I want you to fuck me , she told him. But your husband is right in the front, he said. I want you to fuck me anyway, right in front of my husband, she told him. Do you want me to use a rubber, so you can't become pregnant?, or do you not want me too, he asked my wife. I think I have my ticket book here too, he finished.

After several minutes, she said. I want you to fuck me and not use a rubber. And, the officer said. Shoot your hot cum deep into my pussy too. Why?, asked the cop. So maybe you'll impregnate me, my wife answered him. That's what you want?, the officer asked. Yes, my wife answered him. So tell your husband, he pushed her.

My wife looked to me and said. Honey, I want this officer to fuck me, not using any rubber or protection of any kind, and I want him to shoot his hot cum deep into my pussy to try and make me pregnant, she finished.

Are there any questions, the officer asked. No, my wife said. He then looked to me. No, no questions, I replied.

My wife then laid down on the seat, and spread her legs as the officer moved over her He then started to push into her pussy slowly, as she gasped, my God, your too big, I can't take all of that. He just continued to push in, as she spread wider to accommodate him. She gasped as he went deeper into her pussy, and still had a couple of inches to go. With a final thrust, he was completely in her as she cried out.

He started to fuck my wife gently at first, as she became accustomed to his cock, then started moving faster in her. He must have fucked her for more than ten minutes as he then groaned. I'm about to cum. I'm going to cum, what do you want?, he said. Shoot your cum into my pussy, she gasped an answer to him. Why?, he moaned. So you have a chance to impregnate me, my wife told him. He then pushed into her as far as possible, and let out a loud moan, as he filled her pussy with his hot cum. He kept his cock inside her for several minutes as they lay there.

Soon, he rose and tore up the tickets and left. I opened the door to the backseat and my wife had a glazed look. I knew she had been thoroughly fucked. "He made me cum so much, I can't believe it," she said after standing up.

One things for sure, next time were taking a cab.