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Unjust Deserts

Missing cash at the trendy new restaurant leads to embarrassing forfeits.
For the third time, and with even more care than the first two, Philip Jackson flicked the banknotes through his fingers and jotted the totals on his pad. He pushed the buttons on his pocket calculator, his brow furrowed. There was no doubt about it - the cash was £100 short.

Clicking shut his smart black leather briefcase, he extinguished the lights and locked the door of the trendy restaurant and walked to his car. Sitting behind the wheel, he thought long and hard. Saucys had been a burning ambition of his for many years. He had been involved in business for a considerable length of time, and knew how to make money. After a couple of initial stuttering failures, he had been driving home one evening when he suddenly experienced the "Eureka" moment - what he always subsequently referred to as "The Parable Of The Two Filling Stations."

Turning right after the railway bridge to pick up Cheetham Hill Road, he had stopped at the traffic lights and glanced casually from side to side. To his right was a petrol station which he observed, as he scanned its signs, sold very cheap (but well known) fuel. The forecourt was completely empty. Across the road, directly opposite, was another fuel station that advertised petrol at prices 20% higher than its rival across the road. The place was packed, cars queuing nose-to-tail some hundred yards down the road as they waited to reach the pumps.

The reason for this apparently illogical state of affairs immediately became obvious to Jackson. Dispensing fuel from the pumps at the expensive site were two extremely attractive young ladies, both in their late teens, wearing very short miniskirts that "accidentally" rode up as they bent forward to fill up the cars, giving the customers a generous view of their stocking tops and suspender belts.

This was back in 1968, but the commercial lesson had registered in Jackson's receptive and agile brain, and his latest enterprise owed much to the philosophy.

When he was setting up Saucys there were three priorities to observe. The premises had to be smart and eye-catching, the food top class with healthy profit margins and the waitresses had to be handpicked (by himself, of course) for their pleasant personalities and physical allure.

Jackson had greatly enjoyed the interviewing process. He was prepared to pay 50% above the going rate in order to attract exactly the qualities he required and the response had been overwhelming. He eventually settled on four girls from the local Sixth Form College, all of whom were delighted to have secured such unusual and well-paid part-time evening jobs. All were aged eighteen, with pretty faces and lovely figures, and were happy to accept the required dress code, which entailed a combination of modern and retro styles. Jackson's idea was for the girls to wear a mixture of tights, nylons, suspender belts and girdles under short skirts to entertain the male customers and hopefully cover all bases. The young ladies would rotate their attire to provide even greater variety.

From launch, business was spectacular. Local press coverage and special introductory offers had set the ball rolling and word-of-mouth recommendations had done the rest. The restaurant was full every evening and advance booking became obligatory.

Although initially a little nervous and embarrassed at deliberately revealing glimpses of their underwear to the eager customers, the girls soon began to relax and enter into the spirit of the operation, their generous wages and handsome tips easily compensating for any uneasiness.

Jackson's feelings at discovering the cash shortfall were a mix of anger and disappointment. He had taken great care to choose his staff, and his sharply-honed instincts indicated that the girls were honest. But, as he also knew well from his long experience in business, even the most trustworthy employee could occasionally yield to temptation.

All four girls were intelligent and, after their initial training, he had allowed them to run the restaurant very much by themselves, sharing the meeting and greeting and attending to the tables. Two experienced chefs worked in the kitchen to provide a steady flow of delicious food.

After a little more careful thought, Jackson's tenseness subsided, and he started his car. He knew exactly how he would handle this unfortunate situation.


At eleven p.m. the next evening, Jackson sat behind his desk in the room upstairs from the restaurant that he used as an office and occasional bedsit, his four puzzled and apprehensive staff sitting opposite. He had made them aware of the cash discrepancy and demanded to know if anyone could shed any light on the matter.

None of them could, and all were visibly upset and close to tears. Another twenty minutes of interrogation produced no solution - all four were adamant that they had not taken the money.

Jackson paused for a few moments, as if deep in thought, then delivered his ultimatum.

"Very well, if nobody is prepared to own up, I'll tell you what's going to happen. I'm going to go downstairs to pour myself a whisky and when I return I expect you to let me know who is responsible. Failing that, I will have no option but to pursue the usual procedure appropriate to this situation."

With that, Jackson rose from his chair and made his way downstairs to the bar area. He reached for a glass and helped himself to a double from the Famous Grouse optic.

Upstairs, confusion reigned. Initial calm and reasoned discussion between the girls swiftly descended into agitated and spiteful accusations as they blamed each other for the theft. Fifteen minutes of squabbling resulted in stalemate. None of them were prepared to confess.

They heard Jackson's footsteps on the stairs, and their hearts began to thump.

Jackson sat down once more behind his desk and addressed his ashen-faced staff.

"Well," he asked, "Have you identified the culprit?"

Hannah was first to respond, her voice little more than a tremulous whisper.

"No, Mr Jackson," she muttered, "We've discussed it in detail, and we don't think any of us is guilty."

Jackson's mouth hardened.

"Just as I thought," he said, "All stick together and hope for the best."

Abigail spoke up next. "Wh...what are you going to do, Mr Jackson?" Her tone was beseeching.

Jackson paused for a few seconds before responding.

"My first instinct is to involve the police," he said, "And see if they can extract the truth. That is undoubtedly the correct and appropriate procedure. However, I have thought of a more pragmatic solution. I have to admit that all four of you have performed very well since I opened the restaurant and I would be sorry to see any of you leave. Also, I'm sure you will all be aware that a criminal record would hardly be the ideal accessory to include in your CV when you attempt to enter the world of full time employment after you leave college. And I suspect that your parents would be something less than impressed?"

The girls all nodded vigorously.

"So, upon reflection, and bearing in mind that three of you are probably innocent, I am prepared to sweep this unfortunate incident under the carpet and resume with all four of you as normal when we open tomorrow evening."

The girls gasped, and there was a collective sigh of relief.

Jackson raised his hand. "However, there is a condition. And it's a pretty big one. I think you need to be taught a lesson to ensure that this kind of situation does not crop up again. Each of you will have to agree to accept the punishment I have devised, to be administered here before any of you leave this evening."

The girls' expressions swiftly turned from relief to dread.

"Wh...what form will the punishment take?" ventured Abigail, her voice quavering as she plucked up the courage to speak.

Jackson smiled grimly, reached into the inside pocket of his jacket, and produced four sealed envelopes. He spoke sternly.

"Your punishment to compensate for the stolen money will take this form. Inside each of these envelopes is a different variety of sexual service. You will each choose one at random, and willingly submit to the indignity described within. You must agree unanimously, or the offer will be withdrawn. Can I have your decision?"

The girls gasped, two of them even giggling nervously, but a short discussion between themselves produced the predictable outcome. They would agree to Jackson's offer.

"Excellent!" responded the businessman with a smile, "I suggest you make your selections in alphabetical order."

He fanned out the white envelopes and invited Abigail to make her selection.

Rising nervously to her feet, the girl reached forward and made her choice.

"Open it," urged Jackson.

Her fingers trembling slightly, Abigail tore open the envelope and unfolded the slip of paper inside.

On it was simply the legend "69."

She bit her bottom lip, and blushed slightly.

"Is this familiar to you?" inquired Jackson, the excitement of the situation beginning to arouse him. He was suddenly conscious of his cock twitching and hardening in his underpants as he stared intently into the girl's wide blue eyes.

Abigail nodded. She had performed this particular variation with her boyfriend and greatly enjoyed it, although whether she would extract quite as much pleasure with a middle-aged man remained to be seen.

"Good," said Jackson, "Please undress."

Abigail raised her eyebrows in mild surprise, and glanced over her shoulder. " front of the others?" she asked incredulously.

Jackson nodded. "Yes, of course. You will all carry out your forfeits in front of the other three. The embarrassment is an important feature of the punishment."

"Do I have to strip completely?" she whispered.

Jackson was beginning to enjoy this even more than he had anticipated. The outfit Abigail was wearing for this evening's shift comprised a white blouse and short dark blue skirt with a suspender belt, nylons, bra and panties underneath.

"Take off your blouse and skirt, then remove your bra and panties," instructed Jackson.

Abigail did as she was bid, unbuttoning her crisp blouse and drawing it off her pretty shoulders, then unzipping her tight skirt and working it down her hips until it pooled around her ankles. She bent down to pick it up and placed it on a nearby chair, along with her blouse. Hesitating slightly, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, tossing the garment to one side before deftly unfastening the rubber buttons of her suspender belt to free her stockings. Gritting her teeth, she slipped her thumbs into the narrow elastic waistband of her brief panties and slipped them down and off, the other three girls watching with a combination of horror and fascination.

Jackson's cock was now nearly fully hard as he awkwardly made his way to the large settee in the corner. Lying on his back, he beckoned Abigail towards him.

"Take my trousers and underwear down," he commanded, his voice little more than a croak.

With more than a little trepidation, Abigail unzipped his fly and tugged his trousers down, pulling his shoes off so she could completely remove them. Acutely conscious of the huge lump in his underpants, she carefully slipped them over his erection and lowered them to his knees. All the girls gasped as they glimpsed his swollen throbbing manhood and mentally prepared themselves for when their turn came around.

Despite her nerves, Abigail couldn't help but be impressed by the size of her boss's penis. She considered her boyfriend's prick to be pretty big, but this was in a different league, fully ten inches long, circumcised, thick and now fully swollen and ready for action.

Without even being told, she knelt down by the settee and started to rub the engorged member with her left hand. Even such minimal contact seemed to provoke a disproportionate response, his cock appearing to grow even longer and stiffer.

It was a matter of seconds before the girl's lipsticked mouth was around the purple glans, sucking hard and steadily as Jackson's hand reached out and found her bare bottom, kneading the fleshy white cheeks urgently as his middle finger insinuated itself into her warm cleft.

"Sit on my face" groaned Jackson, and Abigail readily obliged, hooking her right leg over his head and lowering her quivering naked bottom firmly down onto his face.

Gripping her hips to hold her in place, his tongue located her clitoris and licked it furiously, Abigail focusing her attention on his rampant penis, sucking the huge bell end with all her might as she wanked his shaft with her tiny hands.

The three girls watching this debauched display looked at each other in shocked disbelief, although they were all involuntarily squirming in their seats as the rude spectacle had its inevitable effect on their rapidly-moistening pantie gussets.

Jackson had now succeeded in inserting two fingers into Abigail's saturated cunt, stabbing them in and out as his tongue continued to lash her distended clitoris with seemingly impossible vigour.

At last the pair could withstand the tension no longer, Abigail taking jet after jet of hot semen into her mouth as her boss ejaculated with a loud moan. She rammed her shapely bottom even harder into her boss's face as she shot off violently, squirting hard as her orgasm racked her body.

The pair lay side by side for a few minutes, totally drained by their efforts, until Jackson motioned for Abigail to get up, giving her bottom a slap as she climbed off the settee.

Jackson picked up the remaining three envelopes, inviting Emma to pick one.

Emma rose from her chair and apprehensively made her selection. Opening the envelope, she steeled herself and glanced at the contents. The paper inside simply contained a drawing of a cucumber. Her eyebrows raised in bewilderment.

Jackson smiled. "Just think about it for a couple of minutes," he said, "I'll be back shortly."

Emma showed the drawing to the other girls and they quickly reached the conclusion that it was to be used - as a dildo!

Jackson arrived back upstairs and asked Emma if she had worked it out. She nodded silently.

"Very good," said her boss, "Lift your skirt to your waist."

Emma shyly obliged, revealing her underwear. She was wearing suspender tights under her skirt. Jackson had remembered that this garment had enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the mid-1970's, offering women the convenience of tights with a hint of the glamour of a suspender belt, removing the need to unfasten and re-fasten suspender buttons.

"Take your panties off," said Jackson casually, "Then sit on the edge of the table."

Emma was able to remove her briefs easily as she was wearing them over her tights and in a few seconds her intimate charms were on display, to her intense embarrassment.

Jackson instructed her to lift her knees and part her legs, taking a lingering look at her tight cunt now so provocatively revealed, then handed her the thick succulent cucumber.

"I think you've already worked out what to do with it," he leered, "So get to work."

Emma was mortified. Of course, she'd used vibrators before in private and achieved some spectacular orgasms as she pleasured herself enthusiastically with her bedroom door firmly locked, but this was just too humiliating. She went cold as she realized how it was going to feel, fucking herself in front of a man some thirty years older than herself, to say nothing of the other three girls.

Pausing for a few seconds, she took a deep breath and positioned the smooth vegetable at the entrance to her teenage quim. Slowly, a little at a time, she slipped the cucumber into her protesting sheath, starting a little as the cold intrusion stretched her vaginal walls as she carefully slid it further and further inside her. Her cheeks were scarlet with shame as she saw the others look on in amazement but she knew there was no going back now.

Gently at first, then gradually increasing the tempo, she thrust the improvised dildo in and out of her cunt, the cucumber now slippery and glistening with her secretions. She thumbed her clitoris hard with her other hand, groaning and sighing as she rammed the saturated vegetable even harder into her private aperture.

Only a further two minutes were required for Emma to reach the top, crying and screaming as her inhibitions evaporated. With a final frenzied lunge she orgasmed with a hoarse moan, then collapsed on her back, the cucumber still inserted tightly between her legs.

Jackson reached forward and carefully extracted it from the girl's cunt, placing it in one of the table drawers. It would be an exciting souvenir of the occasion.

Emma climbed stiffly off the table and pulled her panties back on, trying not to look at the others.

There were now only two envelopes remaining, and Jackson offered them to Hannah.

She was probably the prettiest and most sexually innocent of the four girls and shook visibly as she opened her envelope and examined the contents.

It read simply "Missionary."

"Understand?" inquired Jackson.

"Yes...yes, I think so," whispered Hannah, now overcome with shame at what she would be required to do.

"Good," smiled Jackson, "Take your dress off."

Hannah slowly unbuttoned her cream minidress and removed it, folding it neatly and draping it over the back of a chair. Her boss's prick was now fully hard again as he savoured her underwear with undisguised delight, a light satin girdle supporting her light tan nylon stockings, her flimsy bra straining against her pert breasts.

She dreaded Jackson's next instruction, and wished that the floor would open and swallow her up.

Jackson licked his parched lips. "Unfasten your nylons, pull your girdle up, and take your panties and bra off" came the dreaded command.

Trembling fingers released her stockings from the suspender straps, then moved reluctantly to ease her girdle up to her waist to reveal her pantiebriefs. She paused for a few moments to pluck up courage, then gave a resigned sigh and tugged her briefs down, daintily lifting one ankle to facilitate the complete removal of her most intimate item of underwear. Reaching behind her, Hannah unfastened her bra clasp and released her petite but beautifully-formed breasts for everyone to see.

Jackson's prick was now rock hard and twitching in eager anticipation of its forthcoming destination.

He took Hannah gently by the hand and ushered her to the settee, positioning her on her back with her shapely legs slightly apart.

This time Jackson stripped naked, disposing of the rest of his clothes as quickly as he could, anxious to enjoy the delights of the shy teenager nervously awaiting his attention.

He lay by her side on the couch, his left hand around her pretty shoulders, his mouth finding hers after a little token resistance. He kissed her passionately for a few minutes, his tongue slipping into her mouth as he explored her breasts, his thumb teasing her rapidly-hardening pink nipples. Feeling her relax slightly, his hand wandered down to investigate the treasures between her parted thighs, his thumb rubbing her clitoris whilst he inserted two fingers into her moist cunt. Despite the indignity of the situation, Hannah could not deny that she was starting to get excited, Jackson's confidence and experience making her feel more and more randy as his strong fingers continued to work on her cunt until he calculated that she was juicy enough for intercourse. She now needed no prompting to reach down and grasp Jackson's massive prick, her soft hand working hard on his straining glans.

Hannah offered no resistance as her boss carefully positioned himself between her parted legs, guiding his hard penis firmly into her well-prepared cunt, his hands gently moving underneath her shoulders as she closed her eyes and opened her thighs wider to accommodate his massive cock.

Kissing her breasts passionately, Jackson took full advantage of his opportunity, fucking the girl hard with steady uncompromising strokes as they strove for a mutual rhythm. Hannah had now totally cast off her initial shyness, crying out aloud and pleading with Jackson to fuck her harder as she wrapped her legs around his waist and bucked her hips furiously to try to force even more of his gigantic prick into her streaming sex sheath.

The three girls watching this lewd performance had now also lost all their inhibitions. shamelessly rubbing their pantie gussets as they watched their young colleague being fucked mercilessly by the middle-aged businessman.

Jackson could sense that Hannah's climax was imminent and he thrust his tongue into her ear as he increased the speed of his thrusts, the pair shooting off simultaneously with obscene cries and moans. He tensed as though in spasm, then jetted his sticky discharge deep into the girl's cunt, her vaginal muscles desperately milking his squirting cock with frenzied lust.

Jackson pulled his still-rigid penis from Hannah's soaking sheath and knelt up to slip it into her mouth, stroking her hair gently as her soft pink mouth gratefully sucked it clean.

There was now only one envelope remaining, and it fell to Nighet to open it. She was a young Pakistani girl who had somehow managed to keep her lucrative part-time job a secret from her strict Muslim family. Like many second generation Asian girls in the UK, she was receptive to western culture and liked to think of herself as very liberal and independent, although observing the traditional ways when at home under the watchful eyes of her parents.

She felt deliciously decadent as she carried out her duties in the restaurant, enjoying wearing western underwear and getting a real thrill from teasing the male customers as she "accidentally" gave them a glimpse of her panties as she bent over the tables.

Now, however, her emotions were mixed. She was very apprehensive at the prospect of having to participate in something probably very rude with her boss, but also curious and quite excited about what form her own forfeit would be. She had certainly been very aroused watching the other girls take their panties off and show their cunts and bottoms, but now it was her turn, she was very nervous indeed.

She opened her envelope.

On the sheet inside was written simply "A".

Nighet gasped in horror. Of course, she knew what this entailed, and had often imagined what it would be like, but of course the fantasy had always included a young male, not her middle-aged boss. Anyhow, the situation was non-negotiable, and she prepared herself to submit, trying to put fears about accommodating Jackson's huge prick to the back of her mind.

Jackson was now hard once again, his libido more than adequately fueled by the attractive young ladies at his disposal. He asked Nighet to climb up onto the table, instructing her to kneel down facing away from him, and lift her skirt to her waist. She obliged, crouching down on the edge of the table, and raised her short skirt.

Jackson's cock stiffened even more at the magnificent sight presented to him. He carefully positioned himself behind the girl, then slipped his fingers into the elastic waistband of her light tan tights, working them slowly down to her knees. He paused for a few seconds to take in the heavenly sight before him, then slipped Nighet's panties down to join her tights around her knees, leaving her voluptuous olive-skinned bottom completely exposed.

This was the very first time that Nighet had shown her bare behind to anyone outside her own culture but her natural feelings of shame and guilt were shot through with an almost indescribable excitement as she imagined the effect the presentation of her two private holes would be having on her female friends and her boss.

Jackson took a deep breath, then started to stroke Nighet's fleshy globes, enjoying the exquisite silky feel of her backside as he lewdly mauled her juddering nates. Then, leaning forward, he gently eased her bottom cheeks apart and slipped his tongue a little way into her delicious cleft. He felt her whimper softly as he penetrated her intimate crevice, his thrusting tongue becoming bolder as it slipped into her soft arsehole.

Nighet was unable to prevent herself from releasing a hoarse moan, pressing her bottom hard against Jackson's face as he licked her arse more urgently. The intoxicating scent of her musky backside filled his nostrils as he warmed to his delightful task, spreading copious amounts of lubricating saliva around her sphincter.

In less than two minutes, she was wet and ready.

Jackson composed himself, then stood close behind the girl. Using his thumbs to spread her bottom open, he slipped his hard penis between her widely-parted cheeks and slowly, but very firmly, he pushed it up her wet behind until he had inserted the first three inches.

Nighet squealed and groaned as she attempted to come to terms with this obscene intrusion, but even though it was her first experience of this particular practice she was randy and receptive and now more than eager to take the rest of his cock up her delectable bottom.

Jackson hesitated for a few seconds, then took a firm grip of Nighet's hips and slid the rest of his big penis up the girl's arse, stretching her cavity cruelly and causing her to cry out in a mixture of anguish and lust..

Jackson's mouth hardened and he began to fuck her bottom in earnest, slowly at first to give her arse a chance to attune to his huge length and girth, then thrusting relentlessly, his balls slapping against her nates as she writhed in ecstasy.

She was so tight that he knew he couldn't last long and, sure enough, he soon felt his sap rising and exploded hard, drenching her shapely bottom with his hot semen as his prick jerked and squirted its cargo into her arse.

With a deep contented sigh, Jackson withdrew his satisfied cock and told Nighet to pull her tights and panties up.

The girls were dismissed five minutes later with a reminder not to be late for the following evening's shift.


Three months later, the engineer who serviced and repaired the restaurant's machinery knocked politely on Jackson's door, and walked into his office.

He smiled. "Here you are, sir," he said, "I think you should have these. I found them jammed up against the top of the till drawer when I took it apart to clean it."

He handed Jackson two crumpled £50 notes.


This story was written specially for Nina618, as I promised.

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