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We all stared open mouthed at the two girls. Our little village had never seen such... beauty. The eldest, who could have been no more then sixteen or so had long blonde locks, that seemed to cascade over her shoulder. The second was a sharp contrast, with jet black hair and pale skin but her eyes were a vibrant blue and danced with excitement as she stared at us all. They were both modestly dressed and smiled politely at us all, occasionally saying 'good day' to those who said it to them.

All too suddenly though, their carriage door was flung open and then appeared two long, golden, toned legs wearing a pair of bright red heels. The third sister stepped out. We all inhaled sharply. Long, dark brown curls tumbled down a bare back, her vibrant red dress was so tightly fitted on top, her breasts seemed to erupt out of it, while the bottom half floated tantalizingly around her thighs. Her bright green eyes took us in and she smiled a deliciously wicked smirk.

"How nice of you to greet us," She purred, her voice accented ever so slightly, "These are my sisters, Gabriella and Vanessa. I am Veleno. Now we are all introduced... would you kindly fuck off?" And with that she turned so sharply her dress rode up around her thighs, giving those who were looking a sneak peek at a pair of perfectly formed buttocks, contained in a pair of lacy black panties.

We were all stunned. Our little village of old fashioned values and decent morals had never seen such a creature... they muttered distastefully as Gabriella and Vanessa blushed and scuttled in after their magical sister. The crowd dispersed, except me. I had to see one last glimpse of my Hells Angel before my parents forbade me.

Running up to their cottage I tested the ivory that clung to the wall of their house. It was strong enough to support my weight so carefully, I climbed up to the second floor window. As I peered in I was disappointed to see an empty room, until Gabriella walked in. I ducked down until only my eyes were peering over the windowsill - maybe she could give me a clue as to the where abouts of her gorgeous sister?

"Oh..." She sighed, stretching. I watched as she reached behind her and pulled down the zipper of her nun like dress, within seconds it had fallen to her ankles and there stood another angel. Wearing nothing but a single garter around her left thigh she stood, tall, majestic in the little cottage. Her breasts were supple, her nipples pert and erect. My eyes were wide - even at the age of nineteen I had never seen a naked woman before. The door handle turned and I expected Gabriella to rush to her bed or cover herself up but instead her breathing only increased and her breasts began to heave up and down in excitement.

In walked Vanessa. Wearing only a see through black nightdress that barely covered her bottom she sauntered in. Is this how sisters always dressed around each other? Vanessa let a single finger run down her sisters back, which arched sharply.

"Vanessa..." Gabriella breathed, "We're not allowed to start without her..."

Vanessa stood an inch behind her sister, only just avoiding touching her. They were breathing heavily, their nipples erect, their inner thighs slowly moistening. They waited.

Ten minutes past and they had not moved. Nor had I.

Another five minutes past and they seemed to be getting angry. Their breathing was fast, their thighs dripping in moisture and occasionally moaning in frustration.

Then it happened.

Veleno walked into the room in nothing but the black lacy panties I'd had a sneak preview of before. Her sisters visibly relaxed as she strolled over to them, an object in her hand that I couldn't see.

"Vanessa. I don't want to have you today. Get out."

Vanessa let out a whimper and fled from the room. Gabriella stood waiting, expectant. I watched as Veleno circled the blonde beauty a few times, her C Cup breasts bouncing softly with each step she took.

"Lie down bitch," Veleno hissed suddenly, her seductive voice gone and instead replaced with a harsh, but oddly erotic one, Gabriella crumbled to the floor. Veleno grasped her legs and rasied them high into the air in a V position.

"Don't cum," Veleno ordered, "Until I say you can." She lowered her head and I suddenly caught a glimpse of Gabriella's clit, alert and ready as Veleno's lips enclosed it, sucking with a brutal force.

"Oh my GOD!" Gabriella cried out after only a few seconds, her back was arched, her nipples swollen with excitement and her hands tugging at her long golden strands. Suddenly, Veleno sat up, licking Gabriella's sweet juices from her perfectly plump lips, "Shut your eyes bitch."

"W-Why?" Gabriella asked, still panting a little,

"Because if not you little whore," She spat, "I'll take you back to your father, and we all know the degrading sex shit he made you do, don't we?" Gabriella shut her eyes instantly, "Thought that would make you do as you're told. We know why you came to me in the first place after all. We all know how he kept you locked in that cellar, pounding your little pussy till you blacked out!" She stood up and suddenly gave Gabriella's cunt a swift, sharp kick. "You worthless little whore." She walked slowly over to Gabriella's face and stood over it. Suddenly Gabriella gasped.

Veleno was pissing on her.

I looked down to see my own dick forcing it's way out of my trousers... I was hard.

"Lick your lips dog!" Veleno spat, Gabriella lapped the piss from her face, her senses tingling as she tasted the sourness of it. I longed to be in there and taste it too. "Now," Veleno continued, "Eat me." Rolling reluctantly onto her knees Gabriella let the tip of her tongue trace the opening of Veleno's labia. Veleno's tanned hands suddenly plunged into her hair and she yanked at it painfully. Part of me was desperate to go and help Gabriella, but the other part was enjoying itself too much to care. That part won.

As I looked back I saw Veleno cried out suddenly as Gabriella plunged a huge, silver dildo into her tight pussy. I erupted. My juices exploded down my shorts and I couldn't help but let out a whimper. That's when I heard a scream. I looked down to see Vanessa glaring up at me.

"You dirty little bastard!" She shrieked, I jumped so violently I fell from the ivory, landing with a sickeningly loud thump. Vanessa leapt onto my body, her thighs tight around my chest. Her face was furious, but suddenly, as she felt my wet shorts and firm erection, she smiled. "So... you're horny are you?"

"A... little..." I whispered, mortified at having been seen.

"Did you see me naked earlier on?"

"A... little..." I whispered again.

"Then it's only fair that I see you naked isn't it?"

"What's going on Vanessa?" A voice suddenly hissed from behind us both. We both winced and turned around to see Veleno, tall and heavenly but back in her red dress. "Get off him! If anyone is going to see him naked it'll be me, get back inside and finish your sister off." Vanessa leapt up with an excited grin and rushed back into the house. "You. Come with me." I followed her like an obedient little dog into their back garden. "Clothes off. Get on that swing." I was too scared she would tell the whole village I was a peeping Tom to disobey her.

I sat naked with my erection standing alert proudly in front of me on her swing. She strolled up, dropped her dress and sat on my lap, I let out a cry of joy as I felt myself slip into her warm, wet lips. Her breasts gently caressed my face as she slowly began to swing. Back and forth we rode, the pressure of coming back down to earth from the air forcing her body harder onto mine. It took no more then ten swings for me to experience a mind blowing orgasm. This woman was anything but an angel.

She laughed that I came so soon but patted my cheek.

"Same time tomorrow. You peepy Tommy!"

"I can't come back-" I tried to explain, I couldn't tell her that in this village there was no sex before marriage - it was a sin, and I was a God fearing boy.

"Oh you will come back until I'm done with you boy, what would the village say if they found out there little church boy was not only a peeping Tom but not even a virgin?" She laughed nastily, "Tomorrow it will be blow jobs, pussy eating, anal and -" She breathed in excitedly, "Toys!".

Blushing, I pushed her off to gather my clothes, knowing she was right. I could feel her eyes watching my every movement as I scuttled out of her garden, now half dressed, and back down my road.

Then it hit me. That little niggling thought i'd had in my mind all day.


It was Italian for poison.
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