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Very Indecent Proposal

A wife and babysitter are traded for one night to clear a debt
I sat in the back of the car, holding Jessica's hand.

The driver, Lucio, hummed along to the song on the radio - it was business as usual for him. For us, it was to be an evening that we would never forget.

Only fifteen minutes ago, I had been at home, having returned from a typical night out at a local restaurant with my husband. The babysitter, being eager to finish watching a movie she had started, was still at our house and, given the time, it was likely she would spend the night in the spare bedroom, with us dropping her home the following morning. The doorbell rang; I had answered.

"Jack? Jack?" I called.

"Yes honey?" Jack replied, knowing full well what I was about to say. He had seemed on edge at the restaurant. Something had pre-occupied his mind.

"Lucio is here to see you."

Lucio was a burly man in his early forties, tall, heavily set, with broad shoulders and a sturdy chest. Once trim and firm all over, his physique now carried the baggage of many years of eating plenty and drinking, which only helped to enhance his imposing appearance.

"Okay. Send him through to the study," Jack called out after a moment or two.

I sent the man through to the study. He went in and I waited, quietly, outside.

"Jack!" Lucio said in his deep chesty tone with a hint of gruffness, as he appeared in the doorway to Jack.

"Lucio ... hi," Jack replied. "Listen. I can get the money in two days. I swear."

There was a pause. "Jack," Lucio began, "That was your position two days ago. Time is up!" he told him seriously. "Either you pay the money now, in full, or I will take what is owed to me in other ways."

Another pause. "So what's it going to be then, eh?"

Silence remained, then finally Lucio said, "I see. So we'll do it my way then."

"Jack," he started, "Jack, I can have pretty much anything I want. I just buy it. Some things however, money can't buy."

I felt dread sweep over me, almost as if I knew what he was about to say. The deep voice continued.

"You are going to give your wife, Karen, to me for one night. In fact, tonight." A pause followed then Lucio continued with "Actually, given the amount you owe, I think I'll need more."

There followed another silence but this time it was not so easy to second guess what was to follow.

Lucio spoke a single word. "Jessica," he said.

My heart was in my mouth. Jessica, our babysitter was eighteen and a very sweet girl. She had been a friend of the family for some time and the thought of this beast touching her in that way made my skin crawl. I was about to burst in, to demand that he take me instead of her, when I heard him go on.

"If either she or Jessica refuses, then ... "

I felt ill. He meant to have us both. 

I had known nothing of Jack's financial problems. For me to suddenly discover in this manner that myself and Jessica, were to be traded as slaves to this ogre of a man made me feel physically ill.

Lucio was a "business" associate of my husband's and had been so for a long time (what kind of business, I wasn't entirely sure) and, having been over at our house frequently, had seen Jessica on several occasions. Jessica was a late bloomer and, although she had never had a boyfriend, I knew the suitors would soon be all over her, should they begin to notice her for the young woman she had become.

Anyway, that was how things used to be, fifteen minutes ago. Now we were in Lucio's car, heading to the first night of the rest of our lives. Ten minutes later, the car turned into his driveway. The house was enormous, with a wide driveway that led to the impressive looking entrance.

Lucio stopped the car outside the front door. "Here we are ladies. Let's go have some fun."

Jessica turned to me, smiling in agreement with Lucio's last comment. I had not yet told her the truth about our sudden visit to "Uncle" Lucio's house. We left the car and followed Lucio inside. The lobby was beautiful, if a little tacky, but wonderfully clean and well laid out. I could tell Lucio employed people to keep it this way.

Lucio turned to us. "Okay Sweeties, head upstairs and go into the first bedroom on the left. You'll find some special clothes laid out on the bed. You can wear them if you want. I don't mind."

We stood there in silence, looking up the staircase.

"Well, come on, let's get a move on. It's not like I've got you for the week, is it? You're the most expensive whores I've ever paid for!" he chuckled.

Jessica turned to me with a concerned look. I wanted some time to talk to her, to tell her it would be alright. To reassure her.

"Come on Jessica, let's go upstairs," I told her.

We headed up, with Lucio staring on, eyeing up his goods. As we reached the bedroom, he wandered off to another part of the ground floor.

The two of us entered and saw the clothes on the bed. Lucio had placed two skimpy, white and blue, cheerleader outfits on the silk sheets of the super king-size bed.

Jessica turned to me with a look of bewilderment. "Mrs. King, Why are we going to have to wear those? I thought we were coming here to use his spa?"

I remembered the lie of earlier. I thought it better to keep her calm, to get her here rather than confront Lucio when he was in an aggressive mood back at our place. The truth seemed to be the only option now.

"Jess," I started. "Listen to me carefully. Lucio is going ... to have sex with both of us."

Her face turned; her jaw dropped. She went to speak but I cut her off.

"No wait Jessica. Let me talk," I said. "I suspect you have never had sex before, but it's going to be alright. I'm here and will be doing everything alongside you. You'll never be alone with Lucio."

"But Mrs King! Why? Why do we have to do this?"

"Because my husband is a fucking lying bastard," I thought to myself.

"We owe Lucio some money. Quite a lot of money and this is the only way we can pay him. Otherwise we are going to lose our home."

"But that's not fair! He can't do this can he? I don't understand!" she said.

I had no answer. She was right, in a sense, but she knew little of the way of the world and I could find no simple explanation.

"All I can say is, we have no alternative. Please trust me Jessica. Try and think of it as ... er ... a practical sex education lesson."

She went quiet. I said, "Let's get those clothes on shall we? I think it'll be better with them on than with nothing, right?"

Jessica nodded reluctantly. We undressed and placed the tight-fitting outfits on. Jessica's was a perfect fit. The impossibly short skirt revealed her athletic, milky-white thighs in a natural fashion and the vest, too seemed to suit her. My more womanly figure looked considerably more slutty in the lycra vest; my breasts stretching the fabric more than it had been designed for. The skirt barely covered the bottom of my ass cheeks.

"Well," I said, "Don't we look nice?" I tried to diffuse the tension, but in truth just adding to it.

"Mrs King - what is Lucio going to make us do for him?" she asked, sounding concerned.

Again, I felt the truth was the best choice, since it wouldn't be long before we found out for real.

"Jessica, please call me Karen," I started. "if I know men at all, he'll want us to lick and suck his penis. He will also want to place his penis in each of our vaginas, I expect." My voice stopped but my train of thought continued. I envisaged scenarios: whips, collars, dildos, anal lube, gags; I shuddered internally at what lay in store for us.

She took a deep breath. "You mean make love to us? For how long?" she asked.

"It depends" I told her. "It might be a half hour, perhaps a whole hour, maybe more. I can't say. It depends how long it takes him to come." My mind used my husband as a frame of reference.

"Come?" she said. "As in, ejaculate his sperm?"

"Yes that's right - ejaculate. Sperm. Yes." I felt uncomfortable now with the details.

"Can we make him ejaculate quickly? Will that mean it'll be over sooner?" she said enthusiastically.

"We can try sweetheart, but I think Lucio is probably a man that won't come too soon, so don't get your hopes up." I said truthfully.

I could see her mind was deep in thought. "Mrs K.. I mean Karen, if I have to lick or suck his penis, his sperm might get in my mouth. Is that normal? Do people really do that? Can it make me pregnant?" she asked.

"Yes Jess. It's perfectly normal. Plenty of women do that all the time but no, it can't make you pregnant." The P-word filled me with unease. I hadn't even projected that far until now.

"But what will it taste like? And what if I don't like it?"

"Well ... ," I started, "it's warm and sticky and er ... "

At that moment, we heard footsteps. They grew louder and finished outside the door. The handled turned and Lucio appeared in a long, silk gown, smoking a cigar and carrying a bottle of single malt scotch.

He kicked the door shut and put the bottle and the cigar down on a table near him.

"Fuck yeah. Now that's what I'm talking about!" he said, his voice boomed gleefully, looking us up and down, his eyes finishing on Jessica.

He untied his robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing his bear-like body. His leathery tanned skinned was covered in dark hair, with the odd scar visible and his thick, cut cock rested on a dark, wrinkled ball-bag. I wondered just how much cum this gorilla might have stored up for us and just how many times we would have to empty his sack tonight.

"Jessica," he started, like an intro to a Barry White song. "Come on over baby. Don't be shy, I won't bite."

Jessica, holding my hand, turned to look at me. I nodded in approval, saying in a whisper, "It'll be alright," and let her go towards him.

His little cheerleader stood before him, trembling. Lucio ran his fingers through her chestnut hair, then placed a hand on her shoulder and gently pushed her to her knees.

Once kneeling, he took hold of her head with one hand and persuaded it forwards, to meet his hanging penis. "Stick your tongue out honey," he told her in his gruff voice. "You're going to lick this for a while. If you do it well, there'll be a nice reward at the end."

She looked back at me, I think hoping for someone to come and rescue her but Lucio frowned at me as she did so. I stayed put. She then turned her gaze back to his cock and opened her mouth to present her tongue. Lucio's penis found her but like a statue, she simply let it rest on the tip.

Lucio cast an annoyed glance toward me, contradicting his earlier signals. I quickly darted over to assist.

Dropping to my knees, I said, "Honey - copy me. Watch what I do."

I licked at the helmet, taking the base in my hand, massaging his swollen sack lightly. This extracted an immediate, low "mmmm" from him. As I backed off, Jessica followed my example, licking at the tip of his penis. It suddenly sprang to life and began to stiffen. Within a matter of seconds, his limp member had become an impressive looking, smooth, vein-ridden mast. Not the longest penis I could imagine but God it was thick.

Forgetting myself slightly, I became mildly aroused at the sight of his bulbous helmet atop his tree trunk of a cock. I carried on, encouraged by Lucio's increasingly throbbing response, then noticed Jessica.

She too appeared now to be drawn in to its obvious sexual lure. Though she had never seen a stiff cock in her life, she appeared intrigued by it and instinctively knew how to handle one.

Jessica's mouth kissed and teased the tip of Lucio's cock whilst I got intimate with the lower end, licking the underside and sucking his ball-bag into my mouth. Lucio then took our heads in a hand each and pressed himself into us. My face was smothered by his sweaty groin and Jessica's mouth suddenly filled by his cock-head.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her trying to breath through her nose as his cock thrust between her glistening lips. Her eyes were wide and alert, revealing her shock at being thrown into this situation.

I felt I had to say something, to help her through this. I forced my head back from him, quickly speaking so Lucio would understand my motive.

"That's it honey. Let it go inside your mouth. I'm here - it's alright. You're doing really well sweetie, just keep going."

Jessica responded to this. She closed her eyes and tried her best to accommodate his mighty erect manhood. His cock eased in further, forcing Jessica to wince slightly. The slow fucking of her mouth began.

Lucio threw his head back. I sensed he had been taken by surprise, with the two of us exciting him more than he had expected. Could we make him come this quickly? Would that be the end of it?

I began to jerk his shaft into Jessica's mouth, my other hand cupping his balls as I licked them.

Lucio moaned. I felt his thighs and buttocks tense slightly. Yes! We are going to make him come. He's really turned on by it all! But then he slowed and pumped away less frantically, easing his spit-coated rod in and out of my fist, with only his helmet popping in and out of Jessica's lips.

He held us there, eyes closed and concentrating, as if intent on feeding his come to Jessica. The minutes passed then I sensed the tension returning to his thighs.

"Yes Jess," I said to Jessica. "That's it. He's going to come soon," I said, winking at her in referral to our earlier conversation.

Lucio growled. His pace increased, fucking Jessica's mouth through my fist as my hand remained static around it, now sloppy and bubbly wet from her saliva.

"Oh you fucking little dirty slut!" he yelled suddenly.

His thrusts slowed a little as his entire lower body quivered, the last couple of which went deeper and made contact with the back of Jessica's mouth, as his orgasm gained momentum for the inevitable explosion.

Jessica had a look of uncertainty in her eyes. She tried to say something but it was only a muffled squeak that escaped. My hope was to calm her somehow.

"Here it comes honey. He's nearly there. You'll feel some hot splashes in your mouth in a moment, don't panic!" I told her.

This tipped Lucio over the precipice. "Here it comes baby," he said, "Here's your reward!"

"Fuck ... yeaaaahhhhh!" he groaned. Jessica's face screwed up as his thick come flooded her mouth. She tried to move back but he held her head fast to his spurting cock.

I milked his length into her mouth. I couldn't see the cum but Jessica's subtle facial expressions showed me what was going on inside. "Well done honey ... that's a good girl," I told her, seeing her eyes look at me, then his cock interchangeably, wondering when it would slow to a halt.

Lucio came off the boil and withdrew his cock. He looked dizzy and spent. Jessica began to let his cum dribble from her mouth intentionally, running over her chin and onto her chest. Noticing this, he pushed my head towards Jessica's until our mouths met.

"Stop making a fucking mess," he said.

I opened my own mouth, leading Jessica to do the same. She gladly allowed his potent load to slide onto my tongue, some of it running down my neck.

I swallowed it before Lucio could insist on Jessica having to do so. It was extremely thick and pungent. Its distinguished taste encapsulated the essence of his persona. A woman of my age could appreciate and even be turned on by its mature texture and flavor but I knew I could not say the same for Jessica.

Lucio, red faced and puffing, sat down in a chair facing the bed. He picked up a remote control and switched on a large TV that faced towards it. A pornographic scene immediately appeared; two incredibly toned, slippery naked women, one blond, one brunette, kissed passionately. Lucio turned to the pair of us with a glint in his eye, whilst swigging from his bottle of scotch.

"I need a while before we get back into it. In the meantime, I think some live entertainment is needed!" he raised his eyebrows then eventually said, "And enough of the cheerleader shit. Get naked girls - I wanna see some flesh."

With the intense taste of Lucio's come in her mouth and the next chapter of perversion about to begin, Jessica coughed, heaved and ran into the bathroom. As the sounds of vomiting came forth, Lucio rolled his eyes at me. I was just about to plead with him for this to come to an early end, when the toilet flushed and Jessica came out, wiping her mouth.

"I'm OK Mrs King. I just felt a bit queasy for a moment." Lucio looked at me very seriously, as if he had read my mind just then. Eager to not see him turn violent, I said nothing.

Our outfits had his semen spattered over the vests and some on the skirts; they were still damp and the stains were clearly visible. We peeled off the tight costumes and discarded them on the floor.

Jessica and I moved ourselves towards it and knelt on the bed, facing each other. I smiled to her, still eager to keep her feeling at ease if possible.

"Start making out," Lucio ordered. "I want to see some real passion. It needs to be hot, just like that movie there" he barked, nodding at the television. I took the lead, knowing again that Jessica would feel awkward and shy, and placing one hand on her breast, I moved in closer. I felt her tremble; goose flesh broke out over her now naked body. Her nipple became hard under my fingers as I tenderly caressed and began to squeeze.

I moved my knees in closer and leaned my head over her neck; I kissed it lightly and worked my way upwards to her chin. She lifted her head as if to make me chase her lips but could only do so for a moment as my own lips eventually found them.

"Make it good," I said in my mind. "Make it passionate. Keep him happy. Just keep him happy," I kept on thinking.

Our lips pressed together, as did now our naked breasts and stomachs. I knew at some point I would need to work my tongue into her mouth so after a few more seconds, I took the plunge.

A muffled noise of surprise came from Jessica. At first she briefly tried to resist as my tongue pushed between her lips, clearly wondering what I was doing but that moment passed and she allowed my tongue to explore her own warm mouth. Our tongues met at the tips.

My thoughts suddenly turned to my first French kiss many years ago, the recipient of which, his face I couldn't see, his name I couldn't remember but the sensation of excitement that had filled my senses back then, now surged through my body once more.

I tried not to allow myself to take any pleasure, to fill my mind with distant, mundane thoughts but it only made the warmth of her firm, slippery tongue more apparent as I tried to block it from my mind.

Without thinking I moaned from the back of my throat. I couldn't help it, the moment had taken me. As I did so, I felt Jessica press her hot body back into mine, moistening my already damp skin with her perspiration.

As our kiss lingered, we exchanged intermittent gentle moans.

I stopped for breath, moving my head back. Jessica's eyes were sleepy and trance-like. She looked at my lips and moved her head back towards me. Our lips met again and this time her tongue pressed into my mouth and her arms wrapped around my body. Jessica's hands ran over my smooth skin from my shoulders to the small of my back and back up again.

Upon the realization that Jessica was the one turning me on, making me wet, my breaths became heavy and my head became light and dizzy. I tried to convince myself that the situation could not be helped, yet I felt no desire to put a stop to it. If Lucio had left us alone, I dare say I would have carried on.

Then I felt a presence to the side: Lucio had moved from the chair and now stood next to us; I smelt the alcohol around us. A hand pressed into my backside, pushing my hips closer to Jessica's. Then a finger slid between the cheeks of my ass and traced downward and into my juicy pussy. As it did so, I felt Jessica shudder and emit a tiny high pitched whimper. Then I knew he was doing the same to her in tandem.

Lucio finger fucked us, his powerful arms pushing us together as he did so; our tongues dancing all the while. Another finger went in, then another and another. Jessica made no sign that this was too much for her; our bodies continued to slide and push at one another.

After a few minutes, suddenly Lucio stopped and removed his fingers. "Jesus fucking Christ," he blurted. "You two are fucking hot. I mean really hot."

We parted, expecting new direction from him. Jessica looked downward, blushing slightly, unable to look me in the eye. I knew then she had been taking some pleasure in either our forbidden kiss or Lucio's eager hand.

"I bet you two girls would look amazing in a 69 position," he suggested, though I knew this was more than a mere suggestion.

I lay down on my back and beckoned for Jessica to lie upon me. She tried to do so, face to face, but I gestured with a spin of my finger, for her to position herself the other way around. Jessica's expression tried to hide the shock of what she knew was coming, what would be expected of her in a moment but I could see it in her eyes. She was experiencing things in minutes that most girls learn gradually over days or months during perhaps many experimental sessions.

She straddled my shoulders and her own head was raised above my belly, with her two hands supporting herself as far up as she could, avoiding the truth of the moment. I knew this would be difficult for her.

For me, I had tasted pussy. My own of course, but once also in college with a girl whose name I couldn't remember but whose sweet smell and taste had never left my memory.

For me this was strange and taboo, yes, I couldn't deny that but for Jessica, I was sure her head must have been in a spin, from the raw introduction to this kind of sex; truly adult sex, where fluids, orifices and orgasms were the main currency.

Once again, I led.

"Jessica," I said gently, "Just copy me sweetie. I'll go first and you join in. There's nothing to be ashamed of sweetie. It's perfectly normal. I want you to enjoy it. Just start licking me down there when you're ready."

With those words, I took hold of her hips and pulled her towards my face. My tongue began to lightly brush against her soft labia, then stiffened and poked in between. I licked at her, upwards, upwards, like a cat grooming its young, then found her sweet hole and tickled it briskly before returning to the rhythm I had started near her clit.

I found myself enjoying it. The taste, the texture, the warmth and as I did so, she became wet for me, on my tongue.

Just as this happened, I felt her own tongue begin to copy my actions. A ripple of illicit pleasure raced under my skin, sending shivers up my spine Jessica tasted her first real woman.

Her tongue, though inexperienced, mirrored my own actions so closely that I could not detect it.

Shortly after I slid a finger inside Jessica, I felt her do the same to me.

Lucio looked on. We played this out for several minutes until eventually he knelt in between my legs. He grabbed Jessica by the base of her pony tail and lifted her head away from my pussy. She made a slight sound of discomfort.

"Suck it baby," I heard him say.

Without hesitation this time, Jessica open her mouth and allowed Lucio to enter. His fat prick, still coated with some of his dried cum, moved gently in and out with a steady rhythm; Jessica meanwhile continued to slide her finger in and out of my vagina, as mine did to her but with the addition of my fervent tongue working hard on her clit.

After a few minutes of using Jessica's young mouth again, Lucio placed a fist on the bed above my hip and lowered his position, forcing her head back down to my pussy. I felt him press her face down and, as his cock slipped out of her mouth, her tongue once again found my clit. Lucio's bulbous helmet then dropped an inch and slid directly into my gushing sloppy hole, nudging Jessica's semi-inserted finger out of its way.

Lucio fucked my pussy whilst firmly pushing Jessica's face into it. Her tongue lapped at me and him indiscriminately, unable to make a distinction, until eventually I felt her mouth give up and clamp down on us, kissing our combined sex organs in one. I felt the early stages towards a climax taking hold. I found myself moaning through my wide open jaw, my stretched tongue now beginning to feel a slight strain.

The two of us persevered vigorously with our respective duties until slowly, relentlessly, I felt the caressing claws of an orgasm grip me. With Lucio's beefy cock filling me so completely and Jesscia's soft mouth planted squarely on my clit, I was unable to restrain it, unable to decline its devilish promise of fulfillment, even though I knew I shouldn't be succumbing to it like I was about to.

I tensed and my licking stopped momentarily. Pleasure exploded throughout my body making me exhale loudly, the sound pouring from the back of my throat: "uuuuuhhhhhhh".

Lucio laughed once again and eased off the pressure behind Jessica's head. He withdrew his cock and worked his way upon his knees to my head.

"Your turn now cupcake," he said, referring to Jessica.

"Karen?" she said, sounding apprehensive.

"Yes honey. I'm here. It's going to be fine." Then I thought I had better prepare her. "It might hurt a little at first Jess - just a little - but you'll be fine."

I looked at Lucio, who winked back at me. I knew he didn't give a shit, he was just savoring her reluctance in the last few seconds before he took her virginity.

Looming over my head, Lucio took her by the hips and nudged his penis against her clean, inviting, pink slit. I moved my chin upward and began to lick her clit once more, hoping to ease off the initial inevitable discomfort for her.

Lucio pushed it in slowly. I heard Jessica hiss between her teeth as his thick cock stretched her hole. She was dripping wet so lubricant was no problem, it was the pressure her muscles weren't used to. Then she squealed as he broke her. A younger boyfriend might have stopped, might have asked if she was alright. Lucio took no interest in this, he just wanted her to take all of him.

"Oh Karen, it's big, it's big! It's..." she said, quickly, then returned to the inwards hiss through her teeth.

"Oh yeah baby. You're gonna love it. Lucio's gonna be your Daddy for the next few minutes. Don't you worry..." he said arrogantly.

Jessica's whimpering gradually ceased. She was silent for a minute or so as he fucked her gently then she began to emit the odd high pitched sound in reference to pleasure. Sometimes "oooh," sometimes, "mmmm" but I could tell she was starting to like it. In doing so, she encouraged Lucio to take her harder.

"You like it, don't you? Well Daddy's got more for you." Lucio placed one hand on her shoulder, the other remained at her hip. He pushed harder and harder, now using his hold on her to thrust his entirety inside, as far as it would go.

The gentle fuck had become a rough one. I tried to keep licking at her but Lucio's pounding had moved her forward, such that her pussy now was above my tits. Whilst hoping Jessica was coping with her end of the stick, I stared directly into Lucio asshole.

Jessica now moaned loudly and constantly. She had long stopped tending to my pussy, due to the ravaging she was taking from our host.

"Say my name cupcake," he told her, "Tell Uncle Lucio how much you love it!" She didn't need to be told twice. I guess now she wanted to.

"Oh Lucio, Lucio! Mmmm ... Please don't stop! I doooo ... uhhh ... love it."

"That's right honey. I know you do! You want it harder do it? Tell me you want it harder!"

"Yesss! Do it ... harder. I want it ... mmmm ... harder!" Jessica replied, barely able to speak.

Then Jessica had her first orgasm. "Ohhh .. it feels ... uhhh ... funny ... oooh ... Luuucii ... iiii ... uuuhhhhh" she said in a single long exhale, the sensation new and taking her by surprise.

Lucio leaned over further, exposing his asshole to me even more and gripped Jessica like a beast. He pressed his shit-hole into my face, finding my open mouth and attempted to keep it stationary whilst slamming Jessica back and forth on his cock.

"Fuck!" Lucio yelled. "Lick it bitch!"

I didn't really need to lick his asshole, I just stuck my tongue out obediently to keep him happy, as he smothered my mouth.

Lucio was getting close for the second time. If he had an ounce of decency, I hoped he was not going to come inside her but I knew the choice was his to make.

"Grrr ... unnghhhh ... oooooaahhh!" he grunted, but in doing so, pulled his cock out just at the crucial point.

He thrust his cock into my mouth and let loose another torrent of his hot seed over my tongue. I took the whole lot this time and it filled my mouth completely. As he squeezed his dick in further, some of his juice was forced out of the sides and down my cheeks, running behind my neck and onto the bed.

He flopped down onto the two of us with me bearing the total weight. Our bodies were damp from sweat and I could hear the pair of them breathing heavily. As for myself, Lucio left his cock plugged in my mouth, ensuring I swallowed what I could, or should, of his semen.

Lucio rolled off of us and lay flat on his back, his exposed, shining genitalia slowly withering. Jessica climbed off of me and sat at one corner of the bed, leaving me to sit myself up too. We sat there quietly, staring at Lucio as he dozed. Then, a minute or two later, he snapped out of it.

"I'm beat," he said, "let's take a nap."

I liked the sound of that and I think Jessica did too. Lucio moved and pulled back the bed sheet then lay in the center. He beckoned the two of us over to lie either side of him, so we did. As we lay with our heads on his furry chest, Jessica and I looked at each other for a while, in silence, then she closed her eyes. Gradually, we all fell asleep.

When I woke, it was morning. As I opened my eyes I looked around the room. All was as the night before except I could hear the sound of water running from the en-suite bathroom. I turned over, looking across the bed to discover I was the only one there. My heart skipped a beat as I leaped off of the huge bed.

Walking towards the bathroom door, my heart was in my mouth. Please let Jessica be in there, I said to myself.

I turned the handle and opened the door a tiny bit. Lucio was in the shower with Jessica. She rode him under the falling water, his cock plunged deep inside her with her legs wrapped around his abundant midriff and arms around his neck. I managed to catch a glimpse of her face and she appeared to be enjoying it, no ... wait ... I thought - she's loving it. Given the circumstances, I felt oddly happy for her.

I closed the door carefully, so as not to make a sound and crept back into bed. Half an hour or so passed, with screams of delight from Jessica every so often. Four I counted in all, then eventually I heard the sound of Lucio's bellowing climax. The shower stopped and things went quiet. A few minutes later, the door opened; I pretended to be asleep.

Jessica, the not so young girl, sneaked back into the bed and lay beside me. It occurred to me just then I could get used to living here, if that came to pass.

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