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Welcome Home, part one

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.
Neal Cannon always seemed to be looking at me lustfully. He never said anything that might be construed as remotely sexual, but his look always made me feel like he was thinking about dragging me off somewhere and ravishing me. I'd seen that look in other men's eyes on many occasions, and it always meant that I was either going to fuck or fight off their advances. With Neal though it always ended there. Just the look.

My friend Francisca thought it was just wishful thinking on my part. She was at least partly right, I suppose. Neal is attractive enough, tall, well built, and in terrific shape. He has one of those faces that will grow distinguished with age and a thick luscious head of black hair that I'd love to run my fingers through. His hands are beautiful. Seeing his hands always made me wonder what they'd feel like squeezing my ass as he lifted me up and plunged his rock hard cock into me.

His wife Leanne had been on the cheerleading squad with me in high school. We had competed for boys then. She had usually gotten whichever boy she wanted, but then so had I. I had taken Myles Justice away from her senior year and she had never forgiven me. She smiled and was polite when we met, as we often did, being on the same committee in Junior League and belonging to the same country club. Except for the years we were both away at college we had been thrown together socially our entire lives.

The biggest difference is that she had always planned to spend the rest of her life in Albany, whereas I had planned to never live here again and only returned out of economic necessity. My parents were willing to let me live with them as long as I needed too, but they weren't willing to support me while living in New York. My brief career as a fashion designer had been a dismal failure, mostly due to the recession that was plaguing the entire country.

I smiled pleasantly at Neal and spoke to Leanne as I passed their table on the way out of Griff's Café. I hadn't enjoyed my lunch much after they came in. I had been too busy not looking at their table to really appreciate the food.

“ He wants me bad,” I told Francisca as soon as we were in her Mazda Miata.

“ I'm sure he does hon,” she said.

“ Really,” I said. “I can tell.”

“ I was agreeing with you,” she said. “He wants you, just like every other man in the café wants you, including Griff Hensley. Don't go throwing yourself at him, Felicia. He's a married man, and even though you hate his wife, being a home breaker is just wrong.”

“ I'm not going to throw myself at him,” I said. “Besides, do you think a man like him isn't getting a little on the side? Especially with that shrew for a wife. I wouldn't be a home breaker. Just a momentary diversion from his horrible day to day existence with Lucrezia Borgia.”

“ Some day you've got to put high school behind you,” she said.

“ Well,” I said. “She is a poisoner.”

“ You don't really know that she is the one who put laxatives in the cookies. It could have been any one of half a dozen different girls. They all had reason to hate you.”

“ They were all just jealous,” I said. “Jealous small minded little bitches.”

“ Well,” she said. “You better be careful, that's all I'm going to say on the subject. I saw the look that she gave you when you smiled at Neal.”

Despite what Francesca believed I didn't really have revenge on my mind when I danced with Neal the next weekend at the benefit for the hospital. I would have been a little pleased if Leanne had been jealous, but she didn't really seem to care. I could feel his hard cock press against me when we danced, and that was enough for me. I knew he wanted me.

I overheard Leanne talking about going to Atlanta to visit her sister with Neva England at Delores Conrad's baby shower. Neva had been Leanne's best friend in high school, and I had always suspected she was part of the conspiracy to poison me before the prom. She would be spending the weekend there and going shopping in Buckhead. She seemed really happy about it. They had a serious sibling rivalry growing up. I was a little surprised that they got along well enough now to spend a weekend together.

I thought nothing more about it until I left the library Friday afternoon and saw Neal's Mercedes parked across the street in front of Diamond's Men's Wear. I walked down to the crossing and went over to that side of the street. I window shopped my way down the street until I saw him coming out of the store, then hurried along until I ran into him.

We made small talk and, because he's a proper southern gentleman, he offered me a lift. I had parked my VW bug in front of the library, but he had no reason to know what kind of car I drove, so I told him I would appreciate a ride. He opened the door for me and I slid into the soft leather of the front passenger seat, turning my legs toward him and letting him get a good glimpse of thigh. My skirt wasn't nearly as short as I would have worn it had I known I'd be running into Neal, but it seemed to make a good impression.

“ You'll have to give me directions,” he said as he started the car.

“ I really don't have any real destination,” I told him. “Where ever you're going is fine.”

“ I was just going home,” he said.

That was fine with me. I smiled at him and adjusted my skirt, crossing my legs and turning in his direction.

“ Won't that be lonely with Leanne in Atlanta?” I asked.

“ What's between you and Leanne?” he asked.

“ Between us? Nothing,” I said. “Why?”

“ You are always too polite with each other he said.”

“ Oh, it's just that we were so competitive growing up,” I said. “I guess we never really outgrew it.”

“ You should,” he said. “She's a lot of fun.”

I had never thought of Leanne as fun. She liked to have fun, of course, but usually at other people's expense.

“ I'm a lot of fun too,” I said.

“ I'll bet you are,” he said. “Well, do you want me to drive you home, or can I drop you somewhere else?”

“ You can take me back to that big old empty house and drop me in bed if you want,” I said.

“ Is that what you want?” He asked.

“ I want to be stripped naked and fucked sore,” I said.

He made a u-turn in the street and headed west toward the big Victorian house he shared with Leanne. It was a good day for a drive, clear and sunny, with just a few cottony clouds for decoration. I leaned back and felt the wind in my hair, feeling fine.

He unbuckled my seat belt and kissed me as soon as the car was in the garage and the door was closed. Out lips and tongues met, and for awhile it was just like being back in high school. He slowly undressed me right there in the front seat, unbuttoning my top and unzipping my skirt, letting his hand linger on my thigh and panties, feeling my breasts under my bra as he kissed me.

“ Don't you want to go in?” I asked. “I want you in bed.”

“ I want you naked,” he said. He undressed me, tossing my clothes over into the back seat, first my silk blouse, then my bra, then my skirt. Finally he helped me wiggle out of my pantyhose and panties. I slipped my feet back into my shoes because I didn't want to get oil on my feet if his garage floor was dirty. He came around and opened the door, took my hand and helped me out. We kissed again standing up against the car. He cupped my breast in his hand, holding it gently.

I reached down and unzipped his pants, reached for his cock. He took my hand and put it on his shoulder, then scooped me up into his arms and carried me up the short set of steps into his kitchen. I kicked my shoes off onto the kitchen floor as we passed through. He carried me through the house and into the bedroom. I found myself lowered to the bed, which was covered in satin sheets.

Looking up I noticed a set of handcuffs on the bed rail. They were fur lined, and obviously intended for fun rather than restraining criminals. I reached up and took hold of them.

“ Oooh,” I said. “Leanne's a little kinky is she?”

“ More than a little,” he said.

“ Are you going to chain me up?” I asked.

“ Only if you want to be,” he said.

One of the cuffs was around the bed, but the other one was hanging loose. I put my left hand through it and used my right to close it.

“ I hope you have the key,” I said.

“ How about a blindfold?” he asked.

“ Okay.”

He slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I felt him take my other hand and put a silk scarf around it. In a moment my right hand was tied to the bed as well as my left. I was at his mercy.

“ I'll be right back,” he said.

I lay back and relaxed. I couldn't see through the blindfold, but in a moment I heard footsteps and waited expectantly for him to began doing whatever he had in mind. I loved the feeling of being helpless, it made me so wet that I knew he could slide right into me with ease if he wanted.

Then I heard a woman's laugh. I struggled to free my hands, but he had done an awfully good knot. I didn't have to ask who was there. It was Leanne. I sputtered and cursed, calling her a bitch.

“ I'm a bitch?” She asked. “You're the one in another woman's bed.”

“ Let me go,” I said.

“ I thought you wanted to be fucked sore,” she said. “Isn't that what you told Neal?”

“ No. You cunt. You better let me go or I'm calling the police and having you charged with kidnapping.”

“ I don't think you will,” she said. I felt the bed sag slightly as she sat down next to me, I moved over further away from her. She smacked my thigh.

“ I swear I'll have you in jail,” I said. “In prison.”

“ I'll call your dad to come pick you up,” she said. “Is that what you want?”

“ Bitch.”

“ Whore,” she said.

I kicked my legs wildly trying to kick her. I didn't feel them contacting anything so I knew I'd missed. She laughed and I felt her palm smack my other thigh. I screamed loudly.

“ The neighbors won't hear you,” she said. “I'm a really loud fuck so we had the bedroom sound proofed. You can scream and scream and no one will ever hear you.”

“ What are you going to do with me?” I asked. Obviously she had gone insane. Probably, I thought, when she discovered that I was in bed with her husband. Although, strictly speaking he wasn't in bed with me at all.

“ Why aren't you in Atlanta?” I asked.

“ You are such a dumb and easy target,” she said. “You've always been so easy to manipulate. Neal loves me, you know. He wouldn't fuck you without my permission. I knew that the moment you though I was gone that you'd be offering yourself to him. You've always been a slut.”

“ You've always been a bitch,” I said. “Just because I took your boyfriend away from you.”

She laughed.

I lay really still when I felt her fingers on my breast, waiting for a chance to kick the shit out of her. My nipple was really hard though, and her squeezing it was distracting me.

“ Which one?” She asked. “I was always sending boys to fuck you.”

She grabbed my left ankle, lifted my leg and smacked me really hard on the ass. I yowled and kicked out madly.

“ I can have Neal come in and hold you if I have to,” she said.

“ Fuck you,” I said.

“ Oh no,” she said. “Fuck you.”

“ He fucked me already,” I said. “He fucked me in the car.”

“ No he didn't,” she said. “You're a terrible liar. He would have told me if he did. He didn't even put his fingers in you.”

“ Let me go,” I said.

“ When I'm done with you,” she said. “Or, like I said, I can call your dad to come get you. Show him what you do in your spare time, fucking other women's husbands.”

“ I'll tell him you kidnapped me. Both of you will go to prison.”

“ Nope,” she said. “You won't tell a soul. Not even your little friend Francesca.”

“ What makes you so sure of that?”

“ Because four of my friends saw you getting willingly into Neal's car. At least they'll testify that they saw you. Right outside the men's store.”

“ Bitch,” I said.

“ And the whole town will know what a filthy little man stealing whore you are, including your mom.”

“ Cunt,” I screamed.

“ I'm going to do what I should have done to you in high school,” she said. “I'm going to whip the shit out of you, and then I'm going to fuck you. Isn't that what you like?”

“ Bitch.”

“ Because, Felicia, I own you now. I own these cute little titties, and this perfectly waxed little pussy, and this mouth,” she said. As she told me the parts of me she owned her hand touched me.

“ So wet,” she said. Her hand slapped me between the legs. “You are such a liar.”

I kicked again, but still I couldn't make contact.

“ Do you want me to have Neal come in and hold you?” she asked. “He can see you getting spanked and watch you eat pussy and take my battery operated boyfriend up your ass.”

“ He's going to jail with you,” I said.

“ It's not like you haven't tasted my pussy before,” she said. “And I know you liked it.”

“ I hate you,” I said.

“ You know you love me,” she said. “I can have Neal come in and tie your legs back, or flip you over onto your face. I own you and I can do with you as I please.”

“ You don't own me,” I said.

“ I own every part of you,” she said. Her fingers touched me between the legs again. “I own this little wet pussy, and this tight little asshole, and from this time onward nothing goes in either one of them without my permission.”

“ Fuck you,” I said.

“ You're a broken record. You know why you're here.”

“ I'm here because you and your husband tricked me,” I said. “You took advantage of my sweet nature to lure me to this house and torture me.”

“ Please,” she said. “You're here because you can never get enough of my tough love.”

“ I'm calling the sheriff,” I said. “And I'm telling your parents, and everyone in the county what a horrible bitch you are.”

“ I'm going to unloosen your restraints,” she said. “And then I'm going to whip your ass.”

I sputtered in rage, trying my best to kick her in the teeth.

She pulled off my blindfold. She was completely naked. I hadn't expected that. I hadn't seen her naked in quite a few years. She still had a perfect body, lovely round breasts with dollar sized aureoles and pert pink nipples the size of my finger tip, and long tanned legs. She ran her hands over her body.

“ This is what you came for,” she said. “Admit it.”

I kept my mouth shut, just glared at her.

“ You want to fuck Neal because he has had access to this,” she said. Touching herself sensually as she moved around the bed. “All the boys you fucked in school you fucked because the scent of me was on their dicks. Why don't you just admit it?”

“ Why don't you kiss my ass?”

“ I will in time,” she said. “And you'll kiss mine.”

“ Let me go,” I said. “My hands are going to sleep.”

“ Who owns you?” She asked.

“ Nobody,” I said.

“ Wrong answer,” she said. “I know you want to be my fuck toy. I've always known it. You've always acted out because you wanted me to punish you. Have I ever failed you, darling?”

“ Yes,” I said.

“ When?”

I started to cry. She sat beside me on the bed and took my head in her hands, kissed me gently on the nose and cheeks, then the lips.

“ I never meant to,” she said. “It wasn't my fault. You have to stop blaming me.”

“ I hate you,” I said.

“ I know you do sweetie,” she said. “And while I'm whipping your pretty little ass you'll hate me even more, but you'll forgive me.”

“ I won't,” I said.

“ You will,” she said. “I know you better than you know yourself. Now are you going to behave yourself if I untie you?”

“ Yes,” I said.

“ Promise.”

“ I promise.”

“ Promise on your lucky star,” she said.

“ No,”

“ Fine then,” she said heading toward the door.

“ I promise,” I said. “I promise on my lucky star.”

She took the cuff off first, then the scarf. I rubbed my wrists even though they weren't really chaffed. I pulled my knees up to my chin and wrapped my arms around my knees.

“ Do you want to fuck Neal first?” she asked.

“ No,” I whispered. I was mad at Neal. I might never fuck him. It would be his loss.

“ Well then, do you want him to watch?”

“ No,” I said. “But that's up to you.”

“ He might influence me to have mercy on you,” she said.

“ Does he have that much influence?” I asked.

“ Of course,” she said. “He's my husband and I love him.”

“ I'm sorry,” I said.

“ I know sweetie,” she said.

“ Let's go in the living room and you can apologize to him for being such a dirty little whore and taking his dick out of his pants. Then you can have a little hand spanking on the sofa, and then I'll bring you back in the bedroom for your whipping.”

She dragged me into the living room by my hair, pushing me to my knees in front of Neal.

“ Apologize,” she said.

“ Neal,” I said. “I'm really sorry I acted like such a slut. I shouldn't have asked you to bring me home with you and fuck me, and I shouldn't have let you strip me naked in the car and carry me into the house, and I especially shouldn't have taken your hard throbbing cock out of your pants.”

“ Is it still throbbing?” Leanne asked him. “Poor baby.”

“ It is still throbbing,” he said.

“ I'm afraid it'll have to throb a while longer,” she said. “Felicia is such a cold hearted bitch that she refuses to fuck you before I give her a little therapy session with Mr. Strap and Big Bob. She doesn't even want you to watch. I think she'll come around though, if your patient.”

“ I have remarkable patience,” he said.

“ I know you do love,” she said. She bent down and gave him a kiss.

“ Upstairs, bitch,” She said. She gave my hair a yank, and when I got to my feet gave me a smack to the ass.

She led the way to the stairs and up to her bedroom, pulling me along by my long red hair. In the bedroom she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me over her lap, my upper body on the bed, my toes on the floor.

“ Oops,” she said. “I forgot my brush. Well, maybe I won't need it. I really don't want you to get back up.”

She smacked my bottom hard.

“ I think I can bring you to tears with just my bare hand,” she said.

“ Fuck you,” I said.

She smacked me again, even harder. I pulled away from her and stood.

“ Do I have to call Neal to come hold you for me?” She asked. “If I have to call Neal in I'll stripe you from your knees to the small of your back.”

I rubbed my backside and glared at her.

“ While you're up, you might as well fetch the brush,” she said. “It's in the second drawer. You'll remember it from last time.”

I moved to the dresser and opened the drawer. The brush was lying on top of her panties. It was a heavy wooden brush, with pure hog bristles. I had seen it last the week we graduated from high school.

She sat back on the bed, straightening her legs and patting her thighs.

“ You know what to do,” she said.

I did know what to do. The memory of what she'd done on that night was still clear in my mind. I got onto the bed with her, positioning myself across her legs so that my ass was just over her thigh. It was my preferred position for being spanked, and I had learned that from her.

“ You've always had the cutest ass,” she said.

I was about to thank her for the compliment when the brush came down on my cute ass. It popped like a shotgun blast. I screamed in pain. She laughed.

“ You bitch,” I said.

“ I just want to get you warmed up a little before I let Big Bob out of his cage,” she said. “When I'm driving into youI want to feel heat coming off your butt.”

She rubbed the spot she had just smacked, giving me a little pinch. “This is just a warm up,” she told me. “You are going to get a real honest to God good whipping before I let you fuck my husband. And you're going to fuck him with a sore hole.”

She gave me another smack. I yelped again, and again she laughed. She had laughed when we were teenagers too. I still hated her for it.

“ You're such a pussy,” she said.

“ I take that as a compliment.”

“ It wasn't meant as one,” she said. “Speaking of pussy though.”

She ran her finger along the lips of my pussy, opened me with a finger tip and pushed inside.

“ Pretty wet,” she said. “I think you're ready for Big Bob.”

“ Fuck you and fuck Big Bob,” I said.

“ No,” she said. “Fuck you, with Big Bob. Get up.”

I got off her lap. She gave me another smack and told me to get off the bed. When I did she got up and walked to her closet. After a moment she turned back to me with a box in her hand.

“ I didn't have Big Bob in high school,” she said. “He's been looking forward to meeting you.”

I watched her open the box and take out a strap on harness. She looked at me and winked, then held the dildo up for me to see. It looked big, at least nine inches long and very thick.

“ Are you going to get up on your knees for me, or make me tie you up?” She asked.

She was already putting the harness on.

“ This one is designed to stimulate the clit,” she told me. “I don't expect to come, of course. I don't expect you to come either. In fact, I forbid you to come. If you come, you get the strap.”

I was pretty sure that I was getting the strap anyway, so fuck her.

“ I think I will tie you up,” she said. “I want you with your legs up and flat on your back. I'll get Neal to help me if I have to.”

“ You don't have to,” I said.

She tied me to the bed with my legs apart, the rope adjusted at my knees so that they held my legs back and spread. She could also smack my ass, which she proved to me immediately.

“ I'd let you suck on it to lube it up, but you're already wet, and I want you to have a sore pussy when Neal fucks you.”

“ Neal isn't fucking me,” I said.

“ Yes,” she said. “Neal is fucking you.”

She opened my damp cunt with her fingers. My body had betrayed me again. I desperately wanted to be dry as a bone. I didn't want to give her absolute proof.

“ Nice and wet,” she said. She put one finger in me and rubbed my clit with her thumb. I closed my eyes and thought about being in a car crash. It didn't help. I kept thinking of how she'd do me in the back seat after we stopped rolling.

She took her finger out and rubbed the outer lips of my pussy with the tip of the dildo. It felt very nice. I hated myself for enjoying it. She had to maneuver a bit to get into position to actually fuck me wth it. She had to stop and readjust the ropes.

“ Say, 'Fuck me,” she said.

“ Fuck you,” I said.

She smacked my ass.

“ That's six with the strap after,” she said. “Say 'Fuck me.”

“ Fuck me you bitch,” I said.

The dildo felt even bigger than it looked. I gritted my teeth and snarled at her.

She began to slide in and out of me. I tried to keep my mind occupied on other things, but the sensation of being filled with a giant artificial cock kept blocking my thoughts. In and out. In and out. Over and over. I made a little whimper. Just a little one. Like a mew really, a tiny sound like a kitten would make.

“ That's my pussy,” she said. “Purring for me already.”

I was about to tell her to fuck herself when she grabbed my ass in both her hands and slammed into me as hard as she could.

“ Bitch,” she said.

I did some more whimpering. Then I did some heavy breathing exercises. Then I started to whine a little. She slammed into me harder and harder.

“ Who's little bitch are you?” She asked.

“ Your's,” I said.

She pushed the dildo deep inside me and rubbed my clit with her fingers. I started to sputter. I gasped. I moaned. I shrieked. I called on God.

I was shivering all over when she withdrew from me and smacked my ass.

“ I told you not to come,” she said.

“ You can't tell me what to do,” I said. “You're not the boss of me.”

She got up and started untying the rope. She made it clear that I wasn't going to be freed though.

“ I'm going to tie you into a different position,” she said. “I want to fuck you from behind.”

She had obviously had practice. I wondered who else she'd been tying to the bed. It made me a little jealous, which made me angry at myself again.

“ I expect you to stay up on your knees,” she told me. “Any collapsing will get you a strapping after.”

I wiggled my ass at her.

She slid into me with no warning. Deep. Hard. Deeper and harder. She held onto my hips as she drove into me from behind, pulling me back against her with every thrust. At least I told myself she was pulling me back. I didn't want to admit that I was thrusting back to meet her.

It wasn't until she slid it into me and pushed herself up against my butt, reaching around to play with my clitoris, that I began to come. She kept it up until my knees were so weak that I couldn't hold myself up another moment.

“ You just can't follow directions,” she said. “You've always been rebellious. Now it's time for Big Bob.”

“ This isn't Big Bob?”

“ Nope,” she said.

She tied me face down before she went to get Big Bob. I tried peeking around to see her, but she wasn't there. She had left the room. It was five minutes before she came back. She came around the bed with a huge latex cock, twelve inches long, at least, and as big around as my wrist.

“ This is Big Bob,” she said.

“ I don't think I want to meet Big Bob,” I said.

“ No? Is your little pussy afraid of Big Bob?”

“ Yes,” I said.

She got onto the bed, straddled me and rubbed the dildo up and down the crack of my ass. The head on the thing looked as big as an apple. There was no way that thing was going to fit in me.

“ You want Big Bob, don't you?”

“ No. I really don't.”

“ What will you do to avoid a session with Big Bob?”

“ Whatever you want,” I said. “Is 'turnip' still the safety word?”

“ You remembered,” she said.

“ Don't make me say it,” I said. “Please.”

“ You don't have to say it,” she said.

“ Big Bob will make me,” I said.

“ No, he won't. I won't let him. By whatever, though, I assume you mean that you've reconsidered giving some of this delightful pussy to my loving husband.”

“ Not exactly reconsidered it,” I said. “I've taken it under advisement though.”

“ How are you feeling?”

“ A little sore,” I said.

“ Just a little,” she said. Rubbing Big Bob along my pussy lips, “We're not done then are we?”

“ Not quite,” I admitted. “But I imagine Neal could make me a little bit more sore if you wanted him too.”

She untied my hands, kissed me on the lips and took my right hand in her left. She led me back into the living room.

“ I hope you've taken your little blue pill, darling,” she said to him. “I want little missy here worn out inside. I want her honeymoon virgin sore. Think you can do that for me.”

“ You know I can,” he said. “Anything for my little sweetie.”

“ Just her pussy though,” she said. “Even if she begs you to fuck her in the ass. Promise.”

“ I promise,” he said.

“ She gets six with the strap first, and six after,” she said. “Because she's such a little bitch and can't do what she's told.”

“ I'm going to leave you two kids alone now for awhile. I'll be back later. I think it will be a good night for Chinese. I'm going to see if I can find a nice big piece of ginger and make ginger chicken.

She gave my hand to Neal, who promptly stood and led me toward the bedroom, not even waiting to see Leanne to the door. He did give her a little peck in passing, of course, but still, how rude.

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