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Shy girl joins the all girl club
Jane's family had moved to our small town a few months ago. This was her first year in college and she was finding it a bit stressful trying to adapt to college life and make new friends. She had always been quite shy and didn't find it easy to initiate new relationships.

As the first weeks passed, Jane found herself becoming friends with Alice, but didn't really know too many other people around campus. Alice mentioned that she was going to a party on Friday night and wondered if Jane would like to join her. Of course Jane was interested. When Alice told her it was a PJ party at Sandra's house, Jane felt like backing out. She had never been to a sleepover and didn't know if she'd be comfortable spending the night with a bunch of girls she didn't know.

Alice sensed she was apprehensive about it, but gently pressured her into it. "Come on, don't be a sissy. There's just going to be four or five of us, and it's a great opportunity for you to get comfortable around the girls and fit in with our group." Somewhat reluctantly, Jane agreed. For the rest of the week she was torn between her shyness, and her eagerness to get accepted into the group. She asked Alice several questions about what she should bring, what she should wear, what the other girls were like, etc. All Alice really told her was that she was like the other girls and that she would fit in just fine. She told Jane to bring whatever PJs she normally slept in, and that would be fine.

Friday arrived, and Alice picked Jane up for the party. When they got to Sandra's house they were greeted warmly and led to the rec room where three other girls were watching a movie. Jane recognized a couple of the girls from school, but didn't really know any of them. Sandra made quick introductions to Pamela, Leslie and Anita - then they all returned to watching the movie. After the movie they had some pizza and sat around chatting about various things. Jane was getting to know the girls, and found them all to be quite pleasant and likeable.

Pretty soon Sandra announced that everyone should get comfortable and changed into their PJs so that the party could get into full swing. Most of the girls sprang up and headed to the various bedrooms where they had left their stuff. Alice looked over at Jane and said "Come on, let's get ready". As they began to undress Jane became a bit embarrassed as she had never really changed in front of a friend before. Jane was dawdling along and taking her time. Her sweater was off but she was hesitating about removing her jeans. "Hey, slowpoke, get a move on" Alice prompted. Jane looked over to see her friend pulling a short, skimpy, see-thru, top over her head .... and it stopped her dead. Alice just smiled at her and said "well, come on, hurry up". Jane finally found her voice and asked if that was really what Alice was going to wear for the party. Alice replied "Of course - this is what I always wear at these parties", and she proceeded to pull on a pair of matching panties. "I'll see you in a minute - don't take too long or you'll miss the start of the movie" Alice remarked as she left the bedroom.

Jane stood there for a minute wondering what she should do. She didn't think of herself as a prude or anything, but she couldn't imagine wearing an outfit like that in front of other people. She slowly changed into her PJs - a nice two piece flannel outfit with kittens on it. It was her favourite PJs. She was relieved to see that a couple of the girls had PJs similar to hers, and tried not to look too surprised at what the other girls were wearing. Surprisingly, Alice didn't have the most revealing outfit - that belonged to Anita who just wore a pair of see-thru panties and nothing else. None of the other girls seemed to be shocked at this, so Jane tried to pretend that it didn't bother her either.

Alice told everyone to be seated. She put the DVD into the machine and started the movie. The girls made themselves comfortable on the two couches - Alice, Anita and Leslie quickly claimed one couch leaving Jane, Pamela and Sandra on the other. The movie started and Jane was surprised to see that it was obviously a porn flick - it had just started and already two guys were fucking a blonde bimbo. The other girls were making obscene comments and shouting suggestions to the guys in the movie about what they should be doing to the girl. Jane didn't know what to do - she felt like running away ... but she didn't want to ruin her chances of making new friends so she just sat there and watched the movie. She hadn't seen a porn movie before, and while shocked, she also began to find it interesting. It wasn't long before she began to feel worked up and found herself squirming a bit as her pussy began to get wet and in need of some attention.

Jane was trying to figure out how she could head to the washroom and relieve herself without causing any suspicion. As she shifted a bit she accidentally rubbed up against Pamela. Jane mumbled an apology as she shifted herself back to her original position. Pamela told her not to worry about it, and draped her arm around Jane's shoulder and pulled her back. Jane didn't know what to say, especially when Pamela reached over and put her hand on Jane's breast. Jane looked around the room to see what everyone's reaction was to this bold move by Pamela. That's when Jane realized this was more that an ordinary group of friends getting together for a sleepover. On the other couch, Leslie's pants were off and Anita was kneeling in front of her licking at her pussy. Alice was in the process of unbuttoning Leslie's top and as soon as she had worked her way down far enough she moved the material to the side and began sucking on a breast. Leslie had her hand inside Alice's panties and was obviously giving her a good finger fucking. On her own couch Jane noticed that Sandra had one hand in Pamela's pants as she worked at the buttons on her own top with the other hand.

Pamela squeezed her breast then undid the buttons on her top so fast that Jane didn't have time to complain ... in fact she wasn't sure whether to try and stop her or not. She'd never been with another girl before, but this sudden explosion of lesbian activity had surprisingly made her very hot ... she wasn't even conscious of her own actions as she reached over and cupped one of Sandra's breasts and began licking one of Pamela's at the same time.

Jane became aware that she had several hands roaming over her body. She was so overcome with the developments that she couldn't be sure who was doing what, and it was kind of a blur as she looked around. She felt a couple of hands grab her tits from somewhere behind her, and then she was being lifted to a standing position. Leslie was standing in front of her undoing her buttons as the unknown person behind her massaged her breasts through the material. She looked over at the other couch and saw Alice and Anita in a sixty-nine with Sandra inserting a vibrator into Anita's ass. This scene didn't really shock her like she thought it should, but simply allowed her to deduce that it was Pamela behind her. As Pamela slid her top off, Leslie began sucking on Jane's perky tits.

There must have been some signal that Jane hadn't noticed, because all of a sudden everyone seemed to be changing positions. She found herself being led to the other couch and forced to kneel in front of Sandra's waiting pussy. Before she could think about it her head was pushed forward and she got her first taste of pussy. Sandra grabbed her hair and pulled her forward as she loudly told her to "lick my cunt you little slut" ... with a resounding cheer from the other girls. As she did as she was told she felt hands on her breasts and butt, and could hear the passionate sounds emanating from some of the other girls. She felt herself being pulled away from Sandra's pussy, and it was immediately replaced by another one ... then ten minutes later by a third. Jane didn't have any idea whose pussy she was eating anymore, and frankly she didn't care. She was insatiable - not half an hour ago she would never have thought of doing this, but now she couldn't get enough.

She did manage to get a glimpse of Leslie using a strap-on to fuck Pamela as Pamela ate Anita, just before she was lifted away from Sandra's pussy and she looked up to see that Alice's naked body was being lowered in front of her. Alice looked into Jane's eyes with a big smile on her face and said "Welcome to our little club, honey". She eagerly devoured Alice's pussy and even licked at her ass as she felt her pants being pulled down and a large dildo entering her own ass. Jane could only imagine that it was Leslie and her strap-on pounding away at her as she came several times.

The rest of the party was spent moving from one partner to another as she ate every pussy, licked every ass, sucked every breast, and had the same done to her by every other girl in the club, several times. Exhausted, the girls finally decided it was time to pile into the giant bed and get some sleep. As Jane cuddled up to Alice the last words she heard before she fell asleep were "... bring your sexy sister to our next meeting".
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