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Wendy has her first time with my best friend

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Wendy is taken by husbands best friend
When David showed up we were on the couch enjoying some wine and a movie. I was looking forward to a night with no interruptions so when the door bell rang I was disappointed to say the least.

Let me say though that for the last year and a half my wonderful husband had been telling me how excited it would make him if he could watch me have sex with another man.

When he first brought it up I said no without hesitation.

I was happy just the way things were without any added complications. He started bringing it up while we were in the bed and after awhile I could no longer hide the fact that it made me hot and wet.

It was about nine months ago that Shane told me he had shown his friend David one of our private bedroom videos of me. I was upset at first but after he told me how much David had enjoyed it I found it difficult to really be angry. The thought of David jacking off while seeing me like that made me hot but there was no way I was telling Shane that.

When David showed up that night I did not think anything of it because I had never said anything but no. I had thought about what it be like though and I had often imagined him when we role played because that was the name my husband always used. I guess it was kind of natural as they had been friends before Shane and I had ever meet.

Anyway here we were sitting and talking. David had a glass of wine and we were watching TV. Shane had sat in the recliner and David and I were on the couch. It was not long till Shane was snoring.

David said “So, what was the plan for tonight?”

I told him how it was going to be a quite night for just Shane and I.

David asked me if he should go but I told him no. Shane would not be good company at this point and I was glad to have someone to watch TV with.

"What were you doing before I got here?" he asked.

“We were just watching a movie.”

 “So let’s finish it” he said grinning, as if he already knew what kind of movie it was.

"I don't think so. Shane is going to want to see the end." The DVD was one of our pornographic movies and the last thing I needed right then was David seeing it!

Undeterred, he asked what it was and got up to check the DVD player. I turned three shades of red when he picked up the disk.

He just laughed and said “let’s watch it" and turned it on.

I did not know what to think! Shane was asleep and I was watching a Porno with his best friend.

David put his hand on my leg. "Don’t worry, you look better than they do.”

I laughed nerviously at the thought. “How would you know?”

"Because of the video Shane showed me.”

I just felt my heart melt and my pussy get wet as he had never said anything about that video before. I did not say anything else. I just felt relaxed like we were supposed to be like this. He started rubbing my leg and my heart skipped a beat. I was scared and excited but said nothing. I did not want to say anything till he reached my panties. Part of me was daring him to continue. Then he started to rub his hand on the outside of them and I knew he could feel my wetness soaking through.

I knew I should stop him but it felt so good. Biting my lip, I let him keep rubbing and playing on the outside of my panties. Shane had always said that from the look of David in the showers at school he was not lacking in the size department. Now, with his hand groping me, I had to find out what his dick was like. I reached over and started rubbing his pants and discovered that not only was Shane right about his size but that he was as hard as a rock.

He kept rubbing my panties and started to slowly move them over. When David looked over at Shane I noticed he was now wide awake and watching intently.

I was really starting to get into this and with my laid head back I started to moan as David slid two fingers inside me. I knew things were getting out of hand though and I looked over to Shane to see if he was going put a stop to it. "Why aren't you telling him to stop?"

“I will if you really want me to but I don't think you do. I think you like it!"

 I was irritated at Shane but still getting more wet at David's touch. Unable to summon the will to resist I just leaned back and spread my legs further to give him better access. By now David had moved my panties over and was fingering me good.

In my mind I shut my legs and screamed you have to stop this! But all that came out was a plaintive whimper. 

David leaned over and kissed me deeply and I moaned lustfully in his mouth. He pulled my hand to his dick and he started to play with my tits.

Breaking the kiss I made another attempt to restore some sanity to the night. “David we really cannot do this." I wanted to stop but I still had my hand on his cock!

He lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra. I was setting there topless with my hand on the outside of his pants.

As he started to suck my nipples I looked at Shane and said again.

“Are you not going to stop this?” 

"Maybe in a minute. Do you really want me to?”

I looked him straight in the eyes and said "No, I don't! But don't say I didn't warn you!" If Shane was going to let me play this game then I was as sure as hell going to enjoy it. 

It was then that I decided that I was going to let David do what he wanted. Shane was going to regret this and I was going to enjoy it.

David looked over at Shane and just smiled and started to kiss his way down my stomach. I laid down on my back and as David reached my shorts started to pull them off along with my panties. 

 “Please David, don't do this. You have to stop" I said as I lifted my butt up so he could draw my clothing off of my hips. 

David just looked me in the eyes and kept pulling them off. I had one foot on the floor and the other across the couch. David got on his knees between my legs and started kissing his way down to my wet pussy.

I tried to close my legs but David put his hands on my knees and forced them apart. As he started to lick and stick his tongue in me I just left them spread. He slowly reached his hand up and stuck a finger in and was licking my clit. It felt so different than Shane, it was just like pure lust was taking over. I laid my head back and started to enjoy the feeling that was coming over me. It felt so good to be wanted and taken like this.

The next thing I knew David had stopped licking me. I looked up and saw his face coming toward mine. I would never kiss Shane after he ate me but this was different. The taste on David’s lips was different and I kissed him back hard and our tongues twirled in each other’s mouth.

He dropped his pants while we kissed and then I could feel his dick rubbing against my pussy. I quickly moved my hands to push him away but he grabbed them and held them to my side as he kept trying to kiss me. My resistance had become part of the game and David was playing his part well.

I could feel him moving his hips as he tried to get his dick into position. I squirmed this way and that, making it as difficult as I could for him to find my entrence but then, out of nowhere I felt someone grab my arms and pull them over my head. I looked up and saw that Shane had joined the game by holding me in place. My heart raced and my breathing came in gasps as my excitement grew. 

I looked up at him, pleading for his help. “Oh God Shane, he is so much bigger than you! I cant!”

Shane just stared down at me as if he were not even hearing me. Then I felt the head of David's cock find my entrance and start to go in. I was so wet and ready to be fucked that my pussy gave little resistance.

I tried to pull away due to the size but David put a hand on each hip and started to push deeper. The combined pain and pleasure confused and excited me and I bite my lip to hold back my moans.

David grunted and pulled back a little before pushing back in and I could feel more of his big beautiful dick slide into me. Then I felt David force his full lenght into me all the way to his balls and my body completely betrayed me. I let out a deep soft moan. He felt so different than Shane. I could feel every contour of him. The girth of his larger cock stretched me in ways Shane never had.

Shane let go of my arms and I reached out and grabbed hold of David and pulled him to me. He pulled his hips back and started slamming forward. He was so hard and thick I thought I was going to burst. My orgasm started after about a minute and I could feel my juices running down my butt. David knew how to work his body and I could feel him touching places that I had never felt inside me before.

I forgot all about Shane even being there and started to hump back to his rhythmic movement. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. No love, just the pure joy of fucking. I felt so full and was crying out for him to keep fucking me. I did not want it to stop.

I would love to say it lasted an hour but after about ten to fifteen minutes David grunted and pushed as deep into me as he could. I could feel the cum hitting the inside of me as he emptied everything he had inside me. He leaned over and kissed me long and hard and started to pull out. As he exited my open pussy with a small popping sound I could feel a river of cum flow out of me. David stood up and without a word dressed and left.

Shane came over and laid beside me with his head on my tits. So I grabbed his head and pushed it to my well used pussy.

I screamed at him “you wanted this now clean this up! All of it!”

I explained how much bigger and better at fucking me than he was the whole time he liked me clean. He did as instructed but I could tell that he was horny but worried that he might have made a mistake. He knew that I was now the one in control and it was not his choice.

After I made him lick it clean I then went to get in the shower without letting Shane have me that night. Later I explained how this had opened my eyes to things I did not know I could do and may want to try more.

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