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Wendy taken again

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Wife takes big Cock
Wendy tries two

We were going to cook dinner for a couple of friends. One of them was David who had a go with Wendy about a month earlier. After that encounter Wendy had said, “I will never do something like that again." So I was not expecting anything like that ever again.

David and Chris showed up and I started grilling on the back porch. The guys stayed out there while Wendy stayed in the kitchen getting the rest of the fixings ready while I cooked the hamburgers. We were drinking and laughing. David went back in to get more beer. I noticed he was gone for some time and was going to go check on him when he came back out. I asked what took so long and David said, “I was just catching up with Wendy." I did not think anything about it as we are all friends.

I went to take some of the Hamburgers in and could tell Wendy had something on her mind. I asked what was wrong.

Wendy said, “David grabbed me and kissed me.”

I asked “did you stop him”

Wendy said, “No but I should have. I should have never fucked him.”

I said, “But you liked it and I told you how turned on I got watching it. You never have to do anything you do not want to the power is in your hands.”

With that said we went back to fixing dinner and drinking. After eating we all sat on the back porch talking and drinking. We were all feeling pretty good from all the alcohol and decided to go down stairs and play pool. Wendy has never been any good at pool and David always told her that he would teach her some day. So we decided to play teams Chris was on mine and Wendy and David were on the other.

David was showing Wendy how to line up the shoots and hold the cue. The whole time David was doing this, Chris and I were watching Wendy’s shirt hang down. We could see straight down her shirt. One time she bent over and skirt came up and I caught Chris looking up her skirt. Chris just kept watching her and David. David kept whispering stuff in her ear and she would laugh and slap him playfully.

Wendy left to go to the bathroom and I could tell as soon as she came back she had taken her bra off. We just went back to playing. Every once in a while I would catch Chris look down her shirt and her tits were completely exposed. David kept getting a grab here and there and Wendy would slap him playfully.

Chris asked me, “I have never seen Wendy like this she is always so shy and quiet and used to never drink what’s up?”

I said, “In last month she has really loosened up”

Chris said, “You do not care about David feeling her up?”

I said, “As long as she is happy and does what she wants I do not mind at all.”

Then we were interrupted by Wendy saying, “Stop that”

I looked up and David had Wendy’s shirt pulled up and was rubbing her tits from behind. Chris looked over at me and I just smiled at him.

David said, “You lost I won that was the bet.”

Wendy said, “Not here in front of Chris like this”

Chris quickly said, “Do not mind me I love the view.”

David quickly pulled her shirt off over her head and sat her on the edge of the table. He started to kiss her hard and lay her back at the same time. He was holding her hands above her head and started to kiss his way down.

Wendy moaned loudly, “Oh God not again not like this.”

David looked up at Chris and said, “Get over here and hold her arms”

Chris jumped on the table and put her hands under his knees as he knelt over her. David went straight to her skirt and pulled it off. Wendy’s legs were dangled over the end of the table so she tried to pull them up to get leverage but that just gave David better access to put his face were he wanted it.

Wendy moaned as David started to eat her. Chris then reached down and started to pull her nipples.

Wendy just moaned louder and put her face to Chris’s leg. Then she started to hump back to David’s face.

She looked up at Chris and said, “If you get of my hands I will do whatever you want.”

Chris looked at me and I said, “Go for it.”

Chris got up pulled down his shorts and kneeled back down with the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was not hard all the way and hung almost to his knees. Wendy looked at it with lust and lifted her head and started to suck the head into her mouth. Chris moaned as she started to suck it harder.

David looked up and said, “My God Chris you could hurt someone with that thing I have got to see this.”

David got up from between Wendy’s legs and watched as she tried to suck on the huge Cock that was growing in her mouth. Chris Slowly pulled it from her mouth and got off the table and came to where her wet pussy rested at the end of the pool table. Wendy laid there with her eyes closed not knowing what to expect next.

Chris With his dick now fully erect must have been ten inches at least and as big around as a coke can. He walked up to her parted legs and rubbed his head against her glistening opening. After it was wet from her juice and David’s saliva he placed the head at the opening. Wendy rose up and said please do not hurt me. Chris just pushed the head in and Wendy laid back and closed her eyes.

The head pushed her lips apart and started to so slowly disappear inside.

Wendy cried out, “OH MY GOD!”

With that the corona of his cock slides in and at least two inches. Chris let out a slow groan and pulled back and started to push more back in. As soon as Wendy had more than three quarters of it in her she started to push back at his thrust and they soon had a rhythm going that I will never forget. She started to cum almost as soon as the entire ten inches were in her.

Chris was on one side and I on the other rubbing her tits and amazed at the site of her taking a monster like that and not being in pain. Chris was pounding away the entire time and just making a grunt sound from time to time. Wendy on the other hand was moaning and screaming the whole time.

This went on for at least ten minutes until Chris buried his full length into her and moaned loudly. I could tell he was filling her full. He then slowly pulled the deflated monster from her gaping hole as his cum just poured from her open lips. He just put on his cloths as did David and made a quick exit.

Wendy quickly said, “that is the best Fuck anyone has ever given me” and got up and went to get in the shower.

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