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What I Think About When I Masturbate - Part 3

For those who ask the question, here is my answer.
This fantasy is based partly on something that actually happened.

When I was seventeen, I went out with a boy for four weeks. He was twenty, and is the only “boyfriend” I have actually had.

Unfortunately it didn’t last long, as I began to realise that he wasn’t a very nice person. He soon became very controlling and tried to make me do things I didn’t feel I was ready to do.

He was only interested in having sex with me, and I wasn’t (and still am not) ready to have sex. Apart from a lot of kissing, the only thing I actually did with him was when he asked me to put my hand inside his pants and touch his penis. I did this on two occasions. I didn’t really like it, but he insisted, saying all girls like holding cocks.

The second time I did it, he made me rub him, and he ejaculated in his pants, and over my hand. It was disgusting, and I had to wipe his mess off. I told him I didn’t want to do it again.

He was always trying to put his hands in my private places, and I would often have to almost fight him off. He made me feel very uncomfortable.

One evening, in the third week we were together, I met him (I will call him Jack) and three of his friends in a local pub. They were playing pool, and I sat in the corner watching. They were being typical lads, messing about and joking.

Then at one point he told them, “I’ve been going out with her for three weeks now, and I still haven’t even seen her tits.”

I felt so embarrassed at hearing him say this in front of everyone. His friends laughed, and one of them shouted over to me

“Come on Sarah, get your tits out and show all of us.”

I felt so humiliated, and just told him to shut up and act his age.

A week after that, I dumped Jack.

But for some reason, since then I have found myself thinking about this incident, and during masturbation my imagination has turned it into a little fantasy, which I find both arousing and shocking. I feel ashamed afterwards that I could think up such a thing.

The fantasy continues like this;

“Come on Sarah, get your tits out and show all of us.”

“Oh, shut up, act your age, David,” I reply, so embarrassed.

He jeers back at me.

“So, has she shown you her pussy, then?” Paul asks Jack.

“Fuck, no. I haven’t even touched it!” Jack says.

They all start laughing, and I feel my cheeks heat up with embarrassment. How could he be so cruel?

They finish the game of pool and go to the bar to get more drinks, talking about something, then come and sit down. Jack kisses me on my lips, but I can’t bear it and pull away. He gives me a look.

After we have finished the drinks we leave, getting in Jacks car. We set off, and I think he is taking me home. But we stop on the way, pulling off the road onto a track. I ask Jack why we have stopped, but he doesn’t answer. Paul then tells me its time Jack got a look at my tits.

They all get out of the car, and Jack tells me to get out.

“Come on then, Sarah,” he says, “Its time to show me your tits.”

“What? Don’t be stupid. I’m not going to,” I say.

But he pulls me out of the car.

“We all want to see them, Sarah,” David says. “Just a peep, that’s all.”

“Don’t be stupid, David. I’m not showing you anything.”

I get back in the front seat of the car, and they all get back in. I think they have given up, but instead, Jack starts the engine and drives us further down the track into some woods. We stop again.

I tell Jack to take me home, now! He says he will, but only if I take my top off.

“You’re such a bastard Jack,” I tell him.

“I know.” he says, grinning.

Suddenly, I feel arms reach around from behind the seat, and Neil’s hands are groping my breasts. They all start laughing.

“Oooh... they feel very firm,” he says, squeezing them.

I try to pull him off, then open the door and get out of the car. They laugh at me. I realise I am in a no win situation.

“Okay...if I show you , will you take me home Jack?”

“Yeah, course darlin’,” he replies, “but you have to show all of us, not just me.”

More jeering and laughing comes from the other three lads.

“I hate you,” I reply. “ you are then.”

I pull up my vest top and to reveal my pink bra.

“There...see?” and I pull my top back down. “Now, will you take me home?”

“Oh no...we want to see them for real...not your bra,” David calls out from the back seat.

Then, they all get out of the car and stand around me. I know there isn’t much I can do, and realise I have no choice.

“ promise to take me home then?”

Jack nods.

Nervously, I pull my top up again, and this time I unclip the fastener on the front of the bra. Its drops open and my small, firm breasts are revealed to them all. The cold air touches my skin, and I feel my nipples tingling and becoming erect.

“Whaaa hey...yes...gorgeous tits,” they shout, staring as I stand there before them. Jack is grinning.

“So that’s what you’ve been hiding from me,” he says.

“Can we go now?” I say, pulling my top down, embarrassed.

“We want to see the rest now, Sarah,” Neil suddenly says. They all agree.

"Come on, Sarah. Show us what’s in your knickers.”

“Show us your pussy.”

I tell them to fuck off, and try to get back in the car, but Jack locks the doors.

“We’re not going ‘til we’ve seen it,” he tells me.

With nowhere to turn, I stand next to the car.

“Okay...I’ll show you. But that’s all. Then I want you to take me home,” I reply. My heart is thumping. “You promise me?”

“Yeah . Promise,” Jack says.

I’m not sure I believe him, but, reluctantly, I undo the buttons on my jeans, and they begin cheering. Slowly, I pull my jeans down and they drop around my ankles, to reveal my pink cotton panties.

They all go quiet, looking at me, waiting expectantly. I’m trembling now.

“Well...what are you waiting for, Sarah?” asks Neil, “Pull your knickers down.”

“Okay...I will...just wait,” I reply, my voice trembling. Nobody has ever seen my private parts, and now I find myself with four lads around me, waiting for me to reveal myself. “I’m just scared, that’s all.”

Suddenly David steps forward.

“Well, shall I do it for you then,” he asks, quietly.

I pause, and then, reluctantly, I nod my permission. “Yeah...okay. You do it.”

He stands in front of me, then reaches out, and pulls my panties right down my legs to my ankles. I close my eyes in embarrassment, as I hear them all let out a cheer, as they see my shaved private parts exposed.

“Wheeey haaay....look at’d love to give that a poke,” I hear Neil call out.

“Hey, Jack....look....your girlfriend shaves her pussy....did you know that?”

I open my eyes, embarrassed to find them all staring at me.

“No, she never told me that, did you, you horny little girl?” he says.

“Well, it’s none of your business,” I reply, defiantly and I try and pull my panties back up, but David holds them down with his hand. He is crouched down next to me looking at my pussy, only a few centimetres away.

“Can I touch, Sarah?” he asks, looking up at me.

I am feeling so exposed and vulnerable, but somehow excited at seeing these four lads looking at my private parts. It’s scary, but I’m tingling inside.

After a moment, I give him a little nod.

“I guess so,” I reply, my voice a quiet whisper.

David reaches out and rubs his finger against my outer labia. I let out a gasp of shock at feeling a guy’s finger touch me for the very first time. I try to take a step back, but can’t due to having my jeans and panties around my ankles. His finger slips between my legs, parting my lips.

I let out a gasp, as I feel his middle finger push deep inside my pussy. The others watch, laughing, as I stumble back against the side of the car, with David’s hand still between my legs. His finger works deeper between my legs, and I find myself leaning back on the car.

I look down at him, and don’t say a word, as I feel him explore the fleshy folds of my vulva. I realise that the others have gone quiet now, and are watching their friend push his middle finger between the lips of my pussy. He is crouched down in front of me now, and able to see every detail of my private parts.

With my legs still close together, restricted by the jeans around my ankles, he is finding it difficult to enter me. I moan as he pushes harder, forcing his finger between the puffy lips of my outer labia, and into my virgin parts.

“You’re hurting me,” I gasp, “please be careful.”

He continues, but less aggressively, and my juices begin to make a squelching noise as he pushes deeper inside my tight wetness. Gradually, a weird feeling of excitement comes over me. Being exposed in front of all these lads, being masturbated by a boy I hardly know, is frightening, but somehow exhilarating at the same time.

As they watch their friend explore my intimate parts, I lift my left foot out of my jeans, and move my legs wider apart, allowing David’s hand easier access.

“Good girl,” he whispers to me, and I feel his finger thrust deeper and deeper inside my unexplored vagina.

I smile at him, close my eyes, rest my head back against the car, and let out a moan of pleasure. This is heaven.

This is as far as I have got with this fantasy. It makes me very wet when I imagine this story.

When I masturbate in bed, I sometimes go to sleep thinking about this fantasy, imagining that it is David’s finger between my legs, not mine. When I wake in the morning, I find my finger is still inside my pussy, as though he has been touching me all night long.

I don’t know why I have these thoughts. In real life, I would never allow myself to be naked in public – the thought terrifies me. And I would certainly never let any guy touch my private parts in this way.

But for some reason I find these fantasies very arousing.

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