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What I think about when I masturbate - Part 4 Eggs for sale

I hope I dont lose my virginity in this way in real life. But this fantasy does excite me.
There is a knock on the back door of our farmhouse.

I go to answer it. Opening the porch door, I find an unshaven, scruffy looking guy stood there, with unkempt looking hair, wearing a tatty T shirt and dirty jeans. He looks about twenty-five, but. it’s hard to tell really. I notice an old push bike propped up against the garden wall. He stares at me, with an odd grin on his face, showing his yellow teeth, one of which is missing. I try not to show any reaction to his disgusting appearance.

“Hello, can I help you?” I ask politely.

“The sign at the front says eggs for sale,” he says in a gruff voice, with a strong Dorset accent.

“Yes...we sell hens eggs,” I reply, “They are one pound and twenty pence a dozen.”

“Well, I only wants one.”

I stare at him, a bit taken aback. Nobody had ever asked to buy just one egg before.

“Oh...just one....I see,” I say, puzzled. “Well...I’m not sure how much one egg would cost.....I suppose ten pence.”

“Yeah....I wants your egg.” He grins at me, and I begin to realise that he must have some sort of problem.

“Well...okay...I’ll go and fetch one for you,” I reply. "Just wait there.”

“I wants your egg,” he says again. “That one - in there.”

He points towards my abdomen. I stare at him blankly, not understanding him.

“I wants to fertilize your egg. With my cock. For ten pence.”

A sudden feeling of panic stirs inside me, and I take an involuntary step back. He is standing, still with that odd grin on his face, staring at me. Something isn’t right.

“Oh...well...I’ll just call my Mum...maybe she can help,“ I reply, a tremble in my voice.

"Mum...Mum...can you come here please. NOW!” I call, trying not to let him hear the sound of fear in my voice.

I hear her footsteps coming through the kitchen.

“Yes darling, what’s the matter?” I am relieved to see her appear at the back door.

She see’s our visitor standing there.

“Oh, hello.” she greets him, in a strangely monotone voice.
“Mum, he says he wants one egg. I said he can have a dozen for one pound twenty, but he just wants one for ten pence,” I explain to her. I try to give her a look to let her know there is a problem, but she doesn’t get my message.

“Well, I’m sure that’s fine Sarah. We can sell him one egg if that’s all he wants.”

She looks at him distastefully.

“Yeah...I just wants her egg. I wants to fertilize it,” he repeats. He points again at me. “With my cock.”

She stares at him for a few seconds, and then takes me by the arm and pulls me to one side, in the back porch.

“Darling, I think it would be best if you just let him have what he wants, and then he’ll go,” she says in low voice.

I look at her, not really taking in what she is saying at first. Surely she doesn’t mean what I think she means.

“Mum, what do you mean?” I ask, confused.

“Sarah, you can see what he’s like. Just let him have what he wants. It’s easier that way. I don’t want any trouble. Your Father is out all day, and I can’t cope with any trouble”.

I blink in disbelief at what I am hearing, my mouth open in horror.

“Mum, do you know what he is saying?” I say, feeling as though I am having a bad dream.

“Yes, darling...I know what he is saying. All he wants is to have sex with you. Then he’ll leave. Please, just let him.”

I see a flicker of something in her eyes, and suddenly realise that she is serious. Now I’m frightened. But surely she isn’t going to let this disgusting guy have sex with her 17 year old daughter?

“Mum, you don’t mean it. You can’t. I’m a virgin. I’m not even on the pill,” I plead, panic in my voice now.

“Sarah...please...don’t argue with me. Not now. We can sort something out later. Just give him what he wants and he’ll go.”

“But Mum...”

To my horror, she turns her back on me, and goes inside.

“I’ve got a pile of ironing to do”.

I stare at her in disbelief, as she disappears into the house, leaving me alone with him at the door. How could she? What on earth was she thinking?

I hear the kitchen door shut, and then hear the lock being turned. I’m locked out of the house.

In a daze of confusion, I turn round and walk back outside, where he is still standing.

“Well, Mum said I can sell you one egg for ten pence,” I tell him, hoping to somehow distract him and get rid of him.

He grins at me, and puts his hand into his jeans pocket, pulling out some change. He finds a coin and reaches out, handing it to me.

“There’s ten pence,” he says. Reluctantly I take it from his dirty hand.

“Thank you. I’ll go and get it for you.”

His expression suddenly changes. The weird grin is gone.

“I told you – I wants your egg. I wants to fertilize it. With my cock.”

With that, he reaches down and unbuttons his jeans, pulls the zip down, and lets them fall down around his knees. I watch in horror, as I see that he isn’t wearing anything underneath, and I find myself looking at his already erect penis, pointing out towards me. It is about eight or nine inches long. I’ve never seen a man’s erection before, and stare in both fascination and panic as it twitches and throbs, its round purple coloured head glistening in the sun. A dark bush of hair covers his pubic area, but beneath, his testicles are clearly visible, tight and heavy.

Shocked, I turn my gaze away, somehow hoping that if I don’t look, he won’t be there.

“Come on. I’ve paid for your egg. I wants to fertilize it now.”

Still in shock at the reaction of my mother, and now stood with this strange, half naked man only a few feet away, I struggle to make sense of what is happening to me. I have no sexual experience with a man, let alone had sex. And now my mother is allowing this complete stranger to have unprotected sex with her seventeen year old daughter!

“Well? Come on! I want it.” His voice is raised, and I can hear an edge to it.

I turn to face him again, and see that he has taken his jeans completely off, leaving them in a pile on the ground, and is standing with just his dirty t shirt and a pair of old trainers on, with his right hand now round is cock, rubbing it up and down his thick shaft.

I feel my legs going weak at the sight of him. I’ve never seen a naked man before, and certainly never a man holding his erection for me to see. I’m terrified by him, but somehow the sight of him like this produces and tingle of arousal deep down between my legs.

“Well, what do you want me to do then?” I ask, nervously, “I haven’t done anything like this before.”

He sneers at me. “Just pull your knickers down and bend over that wall.”

Reluctantly, I walk across the yard, and stand next to the low red brick and flint wall which surrounds our vegetable garden. It only comes up to waist height on me. He follows me, and is now stood next to me, his hand still rubbing his throbbing penis. I can’t help but look down at it, fascinated to look at my first ever cock. As he rubs, I see a dribble of clear fluid appear out of the hole in its swollen head, and drip down onto the ground between us.

I can’t believe what I’m doing, as, in a daze, I find myself lifting up my pretty, floral printed summer skirt and pulling down my pink, lacy panties. The feeling of humiliation and embarrassment grows inside me, as I face my deepest, most terrifying fear. For several years I have dreaded anyone looking at my naked body. And now, standing here in the corner of the farm yard, this complete stranger watches as my panties drop around my ankles, and sees my smooth, hairless virgin pussy.

“You a virgin then, are ya?” he says, gazing down and my private parts.

I drop my skirt down to stop him looking at me, but he quickly reaches down and pulls it back up again, staring at my pussy.

I nod, frightened and trembling now.

“I likes virgins.”

“Oh....I see.”

I can feel my face burning with embarrassment, as my deepest fears are realised. Having my nakedness on display for all to see has been a fear I have had since my early teens. A warm breeze blows, as he pulls my skirt up higher. He is still rubbing his engorged penis, which is dribbling fluid over the ground.

“Take this off too,” he demands, “and take your knickers off properly. I wants your legs wide apart when I do’s you”

Reluctantly, I step out of my panties, leaving them on the ground at my feet, and then unclip the waist band of my skirt. It falls open, leaving me naked from the waist down, revealing my slender hips and small bottom. He grabs my skirt from me and throws it on the ground behind him.

“I’m gonna fertilize your egg now,” he says. “Turn round and bend over.”

I realise now that he has no intention of changing his mind. He really is going to fuck me.

I look at him, my eyes filling with tears.

“Please....just don’t hurt me...when you do it,” I say to him.

I turn round, and bend over, leaning again the garden wall, my bottom facing him as he moves closer behind me. Then, I feel his foot against my legs, pushing them wider part, and his hot, dirty hand on my hip.

I gasp as his other hand is suddenly searching between my legs, exploring the folds of my outer labia lips. A finger delves in deeper, and within moments I feel it slide between my inner lips, and enter the opening of my vagina.

“Ohhh...ohhh,” I gasp, as he explores deeper. I feel him push against my hymen, and suddenly realise that I have involuntarily bent further over, and moved my feet even further apart, to allow his finger to go deeper into my tight vagina, and through the narrow opening of my intact hymen.

Then, without warning, he pulls his finger out. I give cry of pain.

“Please, don’t be so rough with me. This is my first time.” I plead.

I get no reply, but instead feel the head of his throbbing cock slip between my legs and then enter my vulva. With a sudden push, he roughly thrusts his whole cock forward, impaling me against the wall. I let out a scream of pain, as he breaks through my hymen with his first attempt, ripping my virginity from me in one swift, expert motion

“Keep quiet you little slut”, he demands in a gruff, breathless voice.

As he pulls out, I feel a flow of warmth run down the inside of my legs, as my new life as a woman begins in pain.

Then, again, he pushes into me, forcing the muscles of my tight vagina to open for his eager cock. I moan with a mixture of pain and pleasure, humiliation and arousal, and realise that, despite myself, I am pushing my pussy back against him, as his hands now grasp my hips from behind.

“You likes this, don't you, you little slut?”

“Ahhh...ahhh....yeah...ahhh,” I gasp, as his cock thrusts back and forth inside me.

He is right. I do like it.

I like feeling like a dirty, teenage slut, being fucked for the first time, like a bitch in heat, by this disgusting, sex crazed stranger, ramming his hard cock deeper and deeper into my bleeding pussy. I feel disgusted with myself for liking it. But I want more now, even though I’m bleeding and sore. I try not to think about him, but just focus on what he is doing to me.

I lean further over the low wall, pushing my bottom higher into the air, and open my legs as wide as I can. I want his cock deeper now, as my inhibitions about showing my private parts flow away like the trickle of blood down my legs. The thought that this ugly, dirty, disgusting stranger is seeing my most intimate parts from behind, watching his throbbing cock thrusting in and out of a seventeen year old girls pussy, is causing me to feel so aroused now, that I no longer care who sees me naked. After this experience, I will have no fears about anyone seeing my private parts again. It is a liberating and exciting sensation. I find myself wishing that I could be stood behind him, watching his cock sliding in and out of my wet hole.

“You’re a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” he breathes, heavily.

“Ahhh...ohhh...yeah...I’m your horny bitch," I gasp.

Then, without warning, I feel his arms reach down around my legs, and my feet being lifted off the ground beneath me. With his cock still deep inside me, he lifts me up, holding my legs on either side of his hips, with the rest of my body now bent over the brick wall, lying with my naked stomach on the top of the brickwork. I put my hands on the wall either side of me, trying to keep my balance, and stop myself from being pushed completely over the other side of the wall with his forceful thrusts.

“Oh my God,” I cry out, as he rams me hard. The hard bricks rub against the tender, naked flesh of my stomach, scratching and grazing me.

In this position, I am helpless, and have no control over anything. Hanging like a rag doll over the wall, all I can do is allow myself to be used. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before, but I realise that I am enjoying it.

He now lifts my legs higher, and pushes them wide apart, thrusting deeper still. I try to put the image of him out of my mind, and instead concentrate on the delicious sensation of his gorgeous cock filling my tight vagina. The rough wall is hurting me, but somehow I don’t feel it.

Anyone driving into the farmyard at that moment would have a shock to find a half naked teenage girl hanging over the wall, being fucked from behind by a scruffy looking guy with a large penis.

Then I feel a sudden spasm of pleasure run through my body, causing my hips to give an involuntary twitch. It takes me by surprise, and I let out a gasp. He feels it too.

“That’s right, you slut. Cum on my cock,” he growls at me from behind.

I feel my hips buck again, as the muscles of my vagina spasm and tighten around his penis.

“Squeeze tight, bitch. Make me cum,” I hear him whisper.

I gasp as another, more powerful spasm passes through me, this time making my whole body shudder with pleasure. Even if I wanted to, which I didn’t, there was nothing I could do now to stop the inevitable from happening. I was experiencing the sensations which many young girls my age enjoy, and I had passed the point of no return. As he thrusts hard, I feel my muscles contracting around his shaft, grasping and squeezing him. Within a few moments a surge of energy rips through my body.

“ God...oh my God...oh my God...oh my God,” I cry out, breathlessly.

My hips writhe up and down, and side to side, and he grips hold of my legs tightly, trying to hang on to me, as the full force of my orgasm takes hold. I cling to the brick wall with my hands, to avoid slipping off, and suddenly feel my sore pussy quiver with ecstasy as I cum hard on his cock.

“ horny slut...yes,” he gasps, as my pussy releases a gush of sex fluid, which leaks out from between my legs with each thrust of his penis, and sprays down onto the ground between our feet.

“Oooohhh...mmmm.....ahhh,” I moan, my head spinning now, as my body takes on a mind of its own.

Out of control, all I can do is cling on, as wave upon wave of quivering, shaking sexual energy torments and teases my whole body. I am vaguely aware of the sounds of his cock, as it slurps and squelches in and out of my dripping, swollen lips, still releasing juices from deep inside my pussy, as the walls of my vaginal canal contract around him.

“I’m gonna fertilize you, you slut,” he says, aggressively.

With two hard thrusts, he gasps, and I feel the release of his semen squirt into me, filling my pussy. Four times he rams his cock in hard, each time pumping his sperm out with amazing force. Then, suddenly, still holding my legs apart, he pulls his cock out from within my hot opening, and drops my feet to the ground. My legs are so weak that they give way beneath me, and I fall in a heap on the hard ground with a cry of pain, as my bare stomach and hips scrape down the wall.

In a daze I look up, to find him standing over me, rubbing his still hard erection in front of me. His horrible face grins down at me, as he squirts another deposit of semen, this time over my hair and legs, in a string of white, creamy cum. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a man ejaculate in real life.

“Have that, you dirty slut,” he grins. Another spurt lands on my bare legs.

I watch his glistening head twitch in his dirty hand, as a few more drops of white fluid dribble out of the hole and fall on the ground. Then, without a word, he turns and picks up his filthy jeans, pulling them quickly on. Still sitting half naked on the ground, my body quivering and shaking as the orgasmic contractions continue within me, I watch as he gets on his bike.

“You was a great fuck,” he says, “Much better than your Mum.”

I stare at him in stunned silence, as he turns and rides out of the farmyard.

As the last waves subside, I somehow get to me feet. I’m a mess, my blouse dirty and ripped, my stomach and hips grazed, scratched and bleeding, and my long hair tangled and damp with sweat. My torn pussy is so sore that I can hardly walk, and as I stand, I feel the trickle of his semen running out from between my lips, and down my legs, mingling with my blood.

I make my way slowly to the porch, and knock on the back door.

Eventually I hear the key turning in the lock, and it opens. My mother stands there, looking at me in silence, taking in the sight of her bedraggled, half naked, seventeen year old daughter, cut, bruised and with semen and blood trickling down her legs.

“You knew, didn’t you?" I say, weakly.

Eventually she nods.

“Why?” I ask.

“Well, because I wanted your first time to be special. I wanted it to be something you would always remember, and never regret. And I knew he would do it properly.”

I stare at her in wonder, speechless.

“Oh darling...are you alright? Please tell me you enjoyed it.”

I give her a smile.

“Well, apart from a few cuts and a sore pussy, yes I’m fine. And yes, Mum – I loved it – it was amazing!!”

She steps forward and we hug each other.

“Oh, my darling, thank goodness. I was so worried that I’d done the wrong thing.” she says, relieved.

She puts her hand in her pocket and pulls out a small box and hands it to me. Morning after pills!

“Here – make sure you take one of these. We don’t want any accidents.”

I smile.

“You think of everything Mum.”

“You go and pick up your clothes and I’ll go a run you a nice hot bath to relax in.”

She disappears upstairs, and I go back outside, and pick up my skirt and panties off the ground.

It is hard to believe that less than an hour ago, I was still a virgin. And now, somewhere inside me, his seed is making its way to my egg.

And it only cost him ten pence.

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