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Why do fools fall in love...Jacie

Jacie finds comfort in an unexpected way
After she left the park, Jacie bumped into Steven in the alleyway; he was coming back from the shop. Steven was one of the lads, reliable and honest. Seeing she was upset, he turned right round and walked with her, getting the whole story:

Earlier that day, she had confided in her mum that she had feelings for Jack. Her Mum was not in the least surprised, just wondered why they had not gotten together sooner. Her simple response was to show some lingerie to Jacie, let her surprise Jack one night when just the two of them were together. The idea was to dress up in a long dress, do her hair, put on a bit of make-up, and just generally drop the tom-boy image. Make Jack realise he has been blind all these years and finally see what a beautiful young woman she has become.

That was the plan. Last night was not really an ideal time; she was going to wait for the next time they went to the cinema or for a walk, when they could be alone. Such is the way with plans, you can make them, perfect them, but there will always be something you did not quite expect that will throw them all out of the window.

Steven was very understanding; he had known Jacie and Jack for a long time. He too had wondered why they were not already together. They walked for a while as Jacie unburdened her woes, Steven listening intently. They found themselves at the high school.

“Fancy a spliff?” Tempted Steven, as he found a break in the conversation.

“Why not!”

They made their way to the back of the playing fields, away from the main road. Steven got to work, Jacie helping him, blocking the wind and holding various smoking paraphernalia. Silence fell as they passed the joint between them, smiles slowly creeping onto their faces.

As Steven finished the joint, he exhaled loudly and turned to face Jacie. Looking into his eyes she grinned. He leaned forward slowly, softly kissing her lips. She smiled again, looking at his mouth. He took this as a green light and leant in again, this time parting his lips as they met hers, allowing his tongue to slide across her lips. She opened her mouth a little, matching his action, their tongues touching. Steven slid his arms around her waist, pulling her body tight to his as he kissed her more deeply. Lost in the moment, Jacie curled her arms around his neck.

Jacie, giggling as Steven slid his hands onto her toned buttocks, gasped as he pulled her groin against his.

“What the hell is in your pocket?” Asked Jacie, breaking the kiss, her hands searching his pockets.

Steven just smiled as her hands fell upon his stiff cock.

“Ah” breathed Jacie, pulling her hands away.

Steven grabbed her wrists quickly, guiding her hands back to his bulging jeans.

“It’s ok,” he said, “you can touch if you like.”

“I haven’t, er, I mean, no I thought-“ Steven cut her short with another kiss, sliding her hands up and down his shaft, as his tongue explored her mouth. He slowly released his grip on her wrists, Jacie continuing the motion on his hard cock through his jeans. His hands moved back to her hips, lifting her t-shirt up slowly, to let his fingertips graze the smooth skin on her sides and lower back, before sliding them down between her knickers and jeans onto her buttocks.

Moaning into his mouth, Jacie quickened her rubbing on Steven’s jeans.

“Woah, you’re gonna start a fire!” Steven drew back, releasing his hands, “here, try this.” He unzipped his fly and pulled out his long hard cock.

“Oh my god, Steven, what are you doing?” Jacie turned her head as if to look away, but her eyes were glued to his member. Steven took her hands again, drawing them back to his shaft, she tried to pull away, but her eyes deceived her, hunger shining through. He pulled her arms forward, her body reacting and trying to pull back.

“Just go with it,” he soothed, forcing her hands onto him. He managed to get her hands on the sides of his cock, showing her how to slide them up and down his long thin shaft. “Mmmm, that’s good,” he said, as he leaned to kiss her again.

She seemed more hesitant now, as if this was a step too far, reacting less with her lips. He maintained a rhythm with her hands on his cock, stroking slowly up and down, until he slowly released his grip again as he felt her relax. She tentatively curled her fingers around his shaft, turning her head away from his so she could see what she was doing. Using just short strokes at first, she gradually gained a little confidence and started stroking a little faster along the full length.

“Oh, did you…er?” She asked, stopping her movements

Steven smiled, looking down. “No, that’s pre-cum…it comes out a little when I’m horny and being stroked! Do you want to taste it?”

“What does it taste like?”

“Why don’t you find out?” Steven put his hands on her shoulders, pushing down, as if to tell her to get on her knees. Jacie crouched slowly, unsure, her eyes never leaving the small dribble coming out of the end of his cock.

She gingerly leaned forward and delicately licked at the pre-cum. Steven took the opportunity to put one hand behind her head and pull her face closer.

“Open your mouth,” he said, “get a proper taste.”

Jacie complied, parting her lips. Steven pulled her onto his cock, sliding it into her mouth with ease. She pushed her hands against him before he hit the back of her throat. As he withdrew to her lips, she stood up again, kissing him fiercely on the mouth and gripping his cock with one hand, stroking it with vigour. Steven put his hand under her t-shirt and undid the button on her jeans, followed by the zip so he could slip his hand inside. Her baggy jeans immediately fell to her ankles. He cupped her pussy through her knickers, rubbing gently.

“Oh Jacie, you’re so wet!”

Jacie moaned appreciatively, quickening her pace on his cock. Steven rubbed her wet knickers, letting his fingertips push inside a little, taking the material with them.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” breathed Steven.

“I wanna see!” Jacie giggled, stepping back, her hand nearly a blur with excitement.

Thick wads of cum exploded from Steven’s cock, the first one hitting Jacie directly in the crotch, the rest just falling short. Jacie still stroking wildly.

“Woah, stop!” Steven, grimacing as his cock became sensitive as it softened.

Jacie bent down to pull her jeans back up and retrieve a tissue from her pocket to wipe her hand. Her eyes not leaving his cock as is slowly shrank, the last of his load dribbling from the slit.

“I want another spliff,” she announced.

I am trying out following one person at a time, each story follows on from the last, focusing mainly on the exploits of one character. Please feel free to comment, I appreciate (constructive) criticism!

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