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Why do fools fall in love…Steven

Laura doesn't get her way - the third part of the story
This is a very short part, intentionally so, adds to the feel of it..

After Steven had walked Jacie home, he ambled along with a huge smile on his face. He had always fancied her, but no-one had even gotten close to her because of Jack.

‘What a fool!’ He thought to himself. ‘He lets Laura steal him away from Jacie in one night. Ah well, his loss, my gain.’

“What are you looking so happy about?” The voice startled him, making him stumble. “Ooops, falling for me all over again?” Said Laura with a wry smile.

“What the hell are you doing here?” replied Steven angrily.

“Well, it seems our friend Jack was a bit worse for wear…I took him home and tucked him up in bed.”

“I’ll bet you did!” said Steven with a knowing smile.

“Hah, he’d be lucky, he pretty much passed out just as I was undoing his jeans! I hate being unsatisfied…” Said Laura raising an eyebrow.

“No chance. I’m with Jacie now, we had our turn, it’s over.”

“Oh, dream on, it’ll be months before you get into that virgin’s knickers!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure…”

“Don’t tell me, wait, is that where you’ve been tonight? I thought she ran home?”

“A gentleman never tells,” smirked Steven.

“Yeah, right, I bet you didn’t even kiss her! You just listened to her crying about Jack and walked her home.”

“How much you wanna bet?” Grinned Steven.

“No way did you fuck that virgin!”

“Maybe not but she gave me a helping hand.”

“I doubt that, c’mon, I bet you’re still horny, we never did have our farewell fuck…what do you say?” Laura stepped in closer to Steven, one hand on his hips, the other cupping his crotch. Steven’s eyes immediately dropped to her beautiful cleavage as her hand expertly massaged his balls and rubbed his hardening cock at the same time.

“You’re a fucking slut Laura.” Steven commented as he grabbed her breasts. He pulled down her vest at the front, exposing her nipples. They immediately hardened in the cold night air. He pinched them roughly.

“That’s more like it, you know I enjoyed the rough stuff with you! Better make the most of it, it’ll be years before you break in that little virgin!” Laura deftly unzipped his flies, slipping her hand inside, gripping his already hard cock. As she stroked him inside his jeans, she unbuttoned her own. Steven saw what she was doing and grabbed a handful of her curly black hair, yanking her head back.

“You filthy bitch, breathe a word of this to anyone, I’ll make your fucked up life even worse.”

“Enough of the sweet talk baby, you make me so wet!” Laura teased.

Steven pushed her away from him, into the wall. As he yanked her jeans down past her round buttocks, he pushed his chest against her back, pinning her against the wall, he pushed his hand inside the back of her white cotton knickers. Laura moaned appreciatively as she felt Steven push two fingers into her wet pussy. She gasped as he drew them back over her tight anus, pushing one fingertip in roughly.

As he forced his finger in and out of her intimate hole, he released his throbbing cock through his flies, positioning it underneath her, forcing it between her legs. She tried to push her jeans further down, but Steven just pushed her harder against the wall, not letting her.

“You just take this like the slut you are.” Steven growled into her ear.

He sawed his cock against her pussy through her soaked knickers, as he pushed his finger deeper into her tight anus. With his free hand, he reached round, harshly cupping her pussy, before pulling her knickers to the side, allowing his cock to slide against her swollen pussy lips, soaking it. Withdrawing his finger from her arse, he pulled his cock all the way back, letting the tip rest against her anus.

Laura started to protest. Steven grabbed her mouth, pushing the finger he had just removed from her anus between her lips. This distracted her long enough for him to push hard with his cock, forcing her little arsehole open, letting the head inside. Laura managed a muffled cry. This was enough to push Steven over the edge, grunting, his cock head exploded into her anus. Laura wriggled her bum, slipping his cock out, the rest of his sticky cum landing in her knickers.

“You selfish bastard,” stated Laura as she lifted her vest back onto her breasts, “I almost came! You couldn’t last 10 seconds more?” She lifted her jeans, bringing her cum-soaked knickers against her buttocks and pussy lips. “Fuck I’m so horny, I wanna feel your mouth on my wet pussy, eat me out one last time baby, c’mon.” As she turned round, holding open her jeans, she saw Steven down the street, walking away from her. “Aaah, you FUCKING BASTARD!” She shouted. Steven’s chuckle could be heard echoing on the empty street. Laura picked up some gravel from her feet and launched it at Steven’s back. He chuckled a little louder as he turned the corner out of sight.

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