Working Days: Lynn, Chapter 2

By Cheltenham

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Bryan acts upon his desires for Lynn, his boss. 21+ End of a two part series.
I held her securely in my lap above my softened phallus as we sat on the floor beside the bed. The delicate sensation of her lips on my neck and a second set of lips, folds rather, slipping along the length of my shaft caused it to harden. As much as I wanted to have her again I insisted that we return to our respective duties. It hurt to feel and hear the words escape into the silence of the room. I saw an expression of admiration. She lowered her mouth onto mine, the slickness of her pussy made me stutter mid-sentence.

"We should get. Back. Downstairs."

She breathed on my neck and whispered as delicately as she could.

"I think there's time for you to use me again. To get rough. Force me down and stick your prick up my ass. No matter how much I struggle, you insist that it's for my own good. Don't try and tell me you've never wanted to take me during the day. If people watched, you'd throw caution to the wind and rail me and finish all over my face like the wild animal I know lives inside of you."

I reached between her spread thighs and tugged the crumpled pair of panties out of her. She squealed when I pushed her over onto her back. I pinned her arms far above her head and eased my cock deep. The sound of her whimpering after every jerk of my hips made me fuck her rougher. My balls slapped her ass noisily and bathed in the sweaty sheen that lingered there from our earlier tryst. Lynn sucked in a breath sharply as my mouth found one of her jiggling tits and my teeth latched on carefully. She came with me screwing her dewy slit, tonguing the hardened nub caught between my teeth and nibbling it until in her desperation she squirted on my stomach, and by default her own. The spasming of her already narrow passage caused me to cream inside of her. I gagged a bit as I throbbed emptily, trying my darnedest to plant more than a few copious spurts of seed inside of her.

Lynn wrapped her legs around me, both ankles rested on my haunches peacefully as I rested in her soft comfort.

She ran her fingers through my hair and continued to kiss me, her tongue invited mine to play and I gladly accepted.

"We should get downstairs."


"No, I mean it. Bryan?"

"Noo. Don't make me do it."

I'd reverted in a matter of seconds to my younger self.

"Bryan. I hate the thought of it as much as you do."

"So why don't we stay here a little longer?"

"Because. A little becomes a little more, and that goes into another hour. Then it gets out of hand."

"Pick me up when you stand and take us to the bathroom. It's right there in the hallway."

"Hold on, Lynn. I don't want to drop you."

I stood with my hands under her ass, embracing it as I unintentionally held its cheeks apart. She cooed, feeling me lumber with the unbalanced satisfaction of a man who got his rocks off and then some. I sat her on the sink's counter, the suddenness of her being dropped on my cock caused her to yelp, surprised, but on a permanent basis unharmed. I eased out, a wet sloppy plop signaled my withdrawal.

Lynn held my head in her hands, her dark brown eyes intently gazed down at me and my exploration of her torso. I licked her navel. My tongue caressed the shallow indentation. As a reward, I came away with a taste of her sweet nectar. Searching for more, I discovered its source. Her bald little slit contained a sloppy, drippy and quite creamy goo. She shuddered under the explorative probing of both my fingers and mouth. Tasting her. Slurping noisily at the juncture of her thighs for my sustenance, caressing the hooded covering of her sensitive little nubbin to invite its inhabitant to play.

I loved feeling her squirm. Not only her jerking and twisting motions excited me, part of it was the sounds she made as I did everything in my power to get her off. It came so easily, and she too. I thought I wouldn't but very soon I knelt there on the floor with a frustratingly stiff prick. Lynn arched her back. My tongue actually hurt. My reward lay in the saddened expression she wore. I drank her wetness and massaged her clit rapidly, she cried as her whole body tightened. My lips covered her opening. Each squirt of her clear juices hit my tongue, rolled down it and was followed soon by another. I ran my thumb around the tip of her amorous button. Her asshole was clenching and loosening, her come flowed plentifully 'til there wasn't any left.

I stood and swore from the pain in my knees. Her grasping pussy received me yet again. I rolled my hips side to side, dousing my stiffened cock's fire with the moistness of her dewy interior.

"We really should get downstairs, Lynn."

She sat up lazily in a come-drunken haze and smiled.

"But I haven't cleaned you of my. My. Um."

I pulled her body onto mine. I carried her back to our 'room' and tossed her on the bed.

"If you want to clean something."

I gently made my cock bob at her eye-level. She moved and positioned herself on all fours, then fell back, landing square on her ass. Her lips puckered. A kiss decorated the tip followed immediately by an open mouthed one. The head of my cock slipped further and further down her tongue, eventually it convened with her uvula. During which, her saliva dribbled along the underside of my shaft.

Lynn laid her head on the comforter shortly after and kept her fat booty in the air.


"Yes, baby?"

"You're not going to put it in my ass, are you?"

I knelt behind her and rubbed her cheeks a little.

"I'm tempted to. Don't think that I'm not. But, I love fucking your tiny pussy so much more that I won't be giving it up anytime soon."

She whimpered as I slipped my prick up her cunt. Every time I hit bottom Lynn whined. Her hole quivered around me nervously, negating any chance I had of not shooting my load. I sat on my feet with her booty resting on my lap.

I don't know how long it took, but we made it downstairs sometime before lunch. We found each other again once we'd had something to eat and decided that our day was over. I walked to my car which by chance was beside hers.

"Follow me. I'm stopping home for a little something to eat, maybe a shower."

"That sounds real good right about now. Though you smell good to me, Lynn."

She blushed and got serious for a moment.

"I have something for you to eat, if you'd like to. The house is empty for the week so we have several rooms with which to. To play."

"Then I'll come along. Lead the way, babe."

I got in my car and backed out of my spot. She did the same, and together we headed to her humblest of abodes.

*Series End*