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You want to go to Jail or you want to go home.

Sex addicted cop get his dick wet.


“License or identification please,” Swain demanded, shining the flashlight directly in the woman's face. She shielded her eyes with her hands. Her outfit left little to the imagination, a white halter and skimpy shorts, more like lingerie than clothing, paired with clear five inch stilettos.

“Officer, is this really necessary?” she asked with a hint of irritation.

Swain repeated his request.

“I don't think I did anything for you stop me.”

“I don't give a fuck what you think! You see this uniform... It gives me the right to stop whomever I see fit!” Swain gripped his cock to keep it from jumping out his pants.

The aroma of pussy invaded his nostrils, mixed with her all day channel scent. “Look what the fuck you have on, walking around Buckner, of all places, with high heels and... look like panties and a damn bra. It's obvious you out here working the track. Trying to act like you some kind of lady.”

His abrasiveness caught her off guard. She dug around her purse handing him her license with shaking hands. “Do you mind getting that light out my fucking eyes. I can't see a damn thing. For your information I don't work the track. I work at Pandora Men's Club. I'm a dancer not a prostitute.”

Swain snickered derisively, “I didn't know there was a difference, you both turn tricks don't you?” He looked at her license. Destiny Taylor, a twenty three year old resident of Los Colinas, a ritzy area for a hooker. He put her license in his back pocket. She reached for it.

Swain smacked her hand away. “You can cut the false modesty shit. A dancer huh... What do you charge for a private dance with a little something extra on the side?” He licked his lips suggestively the reached out to pinch her twat with his large hands.

Destiny's anger rose, her face a mask of frustration that Swain found irresistibly sexy. Her bow shaped mouth puckered with her brows knitted together over large oval shaped eyes that were more expressive than any words said. She stomped her foot and let out a huff of air, blowing her bangs off her face.

“I don't appreciate your tone or your line of questions. I see where you going with this, but I'm not a prostitute. I pay my taxes cop, so in essence, you work for me.”

“In essence, you work for me,” Swain mimed her comment. “You don't appreciate my tone huh? Well... place your hands on top of your head and interlace your fingers. Let me make sure you getting your money's worth out of this cop.”

“What the fuck? I didn't do anything! This is harassment and I will report your black ass!”

“I'm only going to tell you one more time... PUT YOU HANDS ON YOUR MOTHER FUCKING HEAD NOW!”

Destiny was visibly shaken and lifted trembling hands above her head. Swain grasped both her hands in his and walked her in the direction of the squad car. He stared at her full round behind. It jiggled when she walked. He wanted to bend her over the hood of his car and fuck her. His dick was harder than steel pushing up against his belt.

“Good lord you look delicious woman. Why don't you make this easy for both of us. You may enjoy it.”

“Enjoy what? Being taken advantage of by a crooked ass cop? I think not,” Destiny said with her hands on her hips.

“You a feisty one aren't you? Why you so uptight? When was the last time you been kissed? I mean a good passionate kiss. It might be the stress reliever you need.”

“Have you lost your mind? Are you arresting me or trying to fuck me?”

“Ok, I see you want to do this the hard way. Put your hands on the vehicle and spread your legs. NOW!”

Destiny turned around to face Swain instead of following his orders. “Look, Officer, I'm sorry I was a bitch. I know I look like i' m working tonight, but It's not what it looks like. I got into an argument with my boyfriend on the way to work and he dropped me off on the corner and left with my car! Please, just let me go. I promise I'm on my way to work.” She smiled- just a little, pointing her ample bussom in his direction, nipples hard from the night air.

Swain eyed the red bone' s thick body with genuine appreciation. Her dusky rose nipples peek through the sheer white lace halter top that stopped short of her slim waist exposing a ridiculous flat belly that flowed into deliciously wide hips. He touched her stomach with his fingertip. Bright red jeweled strawberries hung from her belly button ring. He gave the strawberries a slight tug. The milky white shorts were painted on her smooth peachy cream skin.

His hand snaked out and cupped her poontang giving it a light squeeze. His thumb brushed her clit. She shivered involuntarily. A wicked expression covered Swain's otherwise calm features. His nostrils flared out like a horse. He continued to fondle her warm snatch, pushing his fingers as far as they would go between her lips. The fabric barrier annoyed him.

“Look, you know what's up Destiny. Do you want to go to jail or you want to home? This process can go real easy or real hard.” Swain took her hand and put it on his crotch.

Destiny snatched her hand away as if it were burned. “Who do you think you are, Denzel Washingtion?” Destiny's eyes went wide with anger and disbelief. “This ain't training day and this shit does not happen in real life. Cops are supposed to protect and service the community, not harass innocent females.” She looked around frantically.

“TURN AROUND AND SPREAD YOUR LEGS,” Swain shouted in her face.

Destiny growled. Her eyes were a murderous black. She turned and placed her hands on the vehicle spreading her legs. Swain kicked her legs open further. “Ouch, you're hurting me, you bastard!”

“Do you have any weapons or needles on you Ms-, with one large palm on her back, Swain reached in his pocket with the other and pulled out her license. -Ms. Taylor.”

“No!” She turned around to look at him. “Do I look like I have any weapons hidden on my body?” Destiny kicked the police car a couple times and continued to mumble under her breath calling him everything but a child of God.

Swain laughed. Weapons. Hell yeah she had weapons hidden in plain sight on that delicious body, with all those breasts, hips and booty.

“Shut the fuck up and just do like I tell you. I'm not going to hurt you woman. If you lucky I might serve you some of this dick.”

Swain patted down her arms and back, methodically working over her body. He slid his hands around to cup her full breasts then reached into her halter top and caressed them, squeezing her flesh. He felt her generous nipples grow hard beneath his warm palms. Her breathing grew labored. She ceased to struggle.

“What are these, weapons?” Swain asked tweaking each nipple before continue his search. His dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic. The feel of her warm body against his was better than any video porn on the internet. He wanted her.

Destiny jumped. “Oh no you didn't,” she yelled digging her elbow into Swain's stomach. “I have rights Officer. You can't do this to me. By rights, you can't even search me.”

Swain ground his cock into her the softness of her booty. His rough fingers tugged her nipples. She arched her back almost imperceptibly, a slight moan escaped her lips. He licked the back of her neck. She melted against his hard muscled chest.

Swain ran his hands down her legs, then up the insides of her thigh. She trembled. He pressed his hand into the base of her back. When his free hand neared her snatch she automatically leaned backwards toward him. He dipped his hand between the waistband of her shorts. He found her pussy to be wet and slick. It was a battle for Swain not to lower her shorts to her knees and slip his hard cock into her wet pussy, instead he diddled her clit, pumping his thick shaft against her plump ass.

Swain leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Ok Ms. Taylor, I see you feeling cooperative, regardless of what your mouth says.” His full brown lips pressed tight against her neck, tongue slithering out and into her ear then over her jaw line across her lips. He kissed the corner of her mouth, leaned his full weight on her while he invaded her most private possession.

“What are you doing to me?” Destiny stammered, “This isn't fair, not that my life has ever been fair. You men are all alike. You all want the same thing and it doesn't matter how you get it.”

She pushed up against him, turned her head slightly, then pressed her lips to his. “Is this what you want?” She licked his lips, rolled her tongue around in his mouth, the gold stud on the tip teased his skin. She bit down on his lip drawing blood then laughed like a woman possessed.

Swain was undaunted. Her sensuality glowed like an ember in his eyes, pumping lust through his veins like molten lava. All he could think of was how her pussy would feel wrapped around his dick. He wondered what she tasted like, was her pussy as sweet as her lips... Would she welcome him inside her body... His eyes glazed over as his dick took control of his thought process.

It had been a long time since Roxy made him feel like this, if ever. His marriage was purely a commitment, the romance was gone. There was a difference between loving someone and being in love. Swain was no longer in love with Roxy, but he couldn't imagine life without her. This insane lust drove him crazy. Roxy was no help with her dependence on Christ. He wanted her to care more about their marriage and what he needed. He was never leaving, so if he had to, he would be forced to seek his pleasure elsewhere. His dick went soft with thoughts of Roxy and her trusting face, waiting for him to return to her safe.

“Ms... if you don't cooperate I'll have to consider you resisting an officer and be forced to take appropriate measures to subdue you.”

Destiny laughed. It was a sad humorless sound. “I hate to disappoint you, but you can't do anything that hasn't been done to me already.”

Slow and slick her sadness built a burning fire in the depths of his belly. Pain was something he could understand. He felt the heat of her mysterious sexy gaze. Passionate suppressed feelings of lust and longing forced themselves into reality. She presented an opportunity to do what needed to be done. He could never treat his wife this way.

Sweet pure desire clouded his thoughts with visions of pleasing Destiny and removing the haunting pain from her eyes. Maybe they could be something to each other, like a cure or at least a bandage. He still felt the long luscious strokes of her tongue against his.

He spoke without thinking. “Yes I can. I can do something for no man has. I can make love to you if let me. I can show you what it feels like to have a man adore you, make you feel special, even if it's just for a moment.” He wished he could take the words back as soon as they left his mouth.

Destiny removed her hands from the vehicle and attempted to turn around, but Swain was faster and much stronger. He held both of her arms with one hand as the other disappeared behind him, only to reappear with handcuffs. The shiny silver twinkled in the dark. In an instant he snapped the cuffs on her wrists. She struggled to get away.

“Miss, I warned you earlier to cooperate. I suggest you calm down and let me finish,” Swain said spinning her around to face him. He was a large man, broad heavily muscled shoulders and strong hands. His ginger colored skin was smooth and wrinkle free for a man of his age. His bald head gleamed under the moon light.

Swain could feel her heart pounding. Destiny stopped struggling and stood there, openly surveying him. He noticed a change in her demeanor. He couldn't fathom if it was acceptance or desire, nor did he care. “So I see we've chosen the easy way,” he said with a smug grin.

In answer, Destiny stood on her toes then placed a soft and gentle kiss on his neck that aroused deep feelings of regret, for all things he'd never done in his life. Swain never wanted to end up like his Dad, living a life of regret, yet there he stood, about to return home to place he no longer wanted to live.

Her lips were warm. He felt them part, felt her tongue spiral upward, felt her grope his cock through his pants. He drank in her reaction to his size and girth. Her hand traveled the length of him, measuring, squeezing, then just holding.

Swain stared up at the sky, looking into deepness, searching for answers. He had a wife at home who loved him, a career with promise. Why was he doing this? Why was he tortured by passions that screamed to be fed. His mind drifted, getting lost. He stood, precariously balanced between lust and sanity, then she kissed him again. It was an open mouth, tongue wrestling deep kiss that left his chin and lips wet.

He savored her sensual kissed on his face, neck and ears, standing mute under her touch. His body ached for release, but from what? Her warm breath on his neck, hand probing, made him yearn for the wet softness between her legs. Tension and pleasure built up in his loins. He was a man possessed, a pussy fiend with a one track mind.

Swain found himself drowning in the silky ocean of her hair. He couldn't remember when he relinquished his control over to her. He felt her smooth hands encase his flesh, then looked down in shock. His dick was in her hand. She stroked him up and down, concealed by the squad car and the cover of night. Humiliated by his own foolishness, he opened the squad car door and shoved her inside. She lunged for his dick, her wet mouth taking him in. He immediately fired off a shot. Destiny suck hungrily ready for more.

Drunk with desire, the warmth of her mouth felt like rose petals and forgotten dreams all wrapped up in silk. She brought it all back to him, erotic passion and a breath of life. Her eyes smiled up at him. She touched her hands to his burning flesh. She was his fantasy come true.

His phone rang. Roberta Flack' s, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, blared loudly, jarring him back to reality. He flipped open his phone and answered with cock still in Destiny's mouth.

“Roxy,” he said out of breath.

“Is everything ok baby? You sound winded,” Roxy asked concerned.

He knew her so well he could see the concerned expression on her face. “I'm fine Love, just chased down a suspect. I'll be home shortly Roxy. Ok?”

Swain looked down and studied the planes of Destiny's high cheekbones, jaw and forehead. Watched his dick slide between her lips. Her eyes were closed. The wonderful symmetry of youth filled him with a joy so deep his issues were forgotten. His fingers traced the patterns of her skin. She took him deep in her mouth, to the hilt. He gasped, the phone call forgotten.

“Swain are you still there?” Roxy asked.

“Yeah, yeah Love, I'm still here. I'm working though, let me call you back.”

Swain didn't wait for a response. He snapped closed the phone. His hands tangled in Destiny's hair. He pushed her head firmly down on his cock until she gagged, then pumped against her soft lips, his balls brushing against her chin. Slob dribbled down his balls wetting his uniform pants. She took it all, like a champ. Roxy could never get past the first few inches.

Her eyes remained closed. She moaned, breathing hard. When she came up, the fat gold stud on her tongue followed the contours of his thick curved cock. Her lips brushed his head. Pre cum beaded on the tip. Destiny fondled his balls, taking him in deep once again. All of his senses were infatuated with her, each one ravished in delight. He tried to pull away. He hands held his dick with an iron grip. She pumped furiously, her head bobbing up and down.

Swain groaned then spilled his seed deep in her throat with a forceful shove. Her teeth scraped his skin. She gagged, taking deep breaths through her nose, gasped then sighed leaning her had back. She gulped down his cream like a vanilla shake , licking the remainder from his shaft and her fingers. She smiled up at him sheepishly and lunged for his cock once more.

Swain stood frozen, a prisoner of lust, sentenced to yearn for her kisses from this point forward. He watched in fascination as her tongue continued to flit across his now soft cock. The air dripped with the heady scent of lust. He pulled his cock from her hungry mouth with a soft wet plop, then tucked his meat back in his joke brief boxers.

Swain zipped his pants. Destiny turned and put her feet inside the squad car looking straight ahead. He took it as consent to move to the next level. He couldn't have hoped for more. On shaky legs he walked around to the drivers side then pulled out the deserted parking lot onto Harry Hines Blvd.

“Where you taking me?” Destiny asked.

Their eyes locked in the rear view. “Somewhere private,” Swain answered. Slob threatened to spill from his mouth. His cock throbbed in his pants coming to life once again. The outline of the Destiny's clit poked through the thin fabric of her lycra shorts. His dick was talking to him. It no longer crossed his mind to deny himself the pleasure of her cunt.

Destiny squirmed in the backseat, hands cuffed in front of her. She looked nervous. Swain pinched the bridge of his nose and rubbed his eyes. For a moment he felt dizzy. His vision blurred. He shook his head to clear it and ignored the feeling, plotting to give Destiny's pussy a taste of the cream her mouth so eagerly swallowed..

Destiny caught his eye in the mirror. She observed everything about him. Her eyes conveyed carnal desire in it's most basic form – raw unbridled lust. Swain thrilled at the idea of fucking her repeatedly. He wanted to see her face when his dick slid into her pussy hole.

“What's your stage name redbone?” Swain asked calmly, struggling to gain composure.

“Pudding,” she answer softly looking down at her cuffed wrists.

“Pudding huh.... So, Pudding, you want to go to jail, or you want to go home?” At this point he was joking. There was no way he would take her to jail.

“Home,” she said, then opened her legs wider, giving him a better view. She licked her plush lips. She held her hands up and pouted. “You promise you won't hurt me?”

“Swear to God,” Swain answered. He made a cross sign on his chest and gave the car some gas. Beads of sweat sprang up on Swain's forehead, unsure about her change in tactic. It was what he wanted, but could he go through with it. He thought about Roxy, at home waiting for him, worried. His shift was over three hours ago. He'd never done anything like this before.

“Can you drop me off at work after? I really can't afford to lose my job.”

Swain glanced at the puffy outline of Pudding's juice box and noticed a nickel sized wet spot just under the bulge of her clit. He nodded his head, yes, feeling like an asshole. He decided if she wasn't down with this he would let her go and just drop her off.

Pudding lay her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. Swain turned right on Empire Central. Tall warehouse buildings loomed on either side of the street. It was dark. They were the only car on the street. There was no pedestrian traffic at that hour. Swain caught the haunted expression on Pudding's face through the rear view and immediately felt like a disgusting pervert, yet he could no longer control the need that raged inside him.

Swain made a right turn into a deserted parking garage, off a side street and killed the lights. Pudding held her hands up to him. Swain turned and unlocked her cuffs.

“Get out the car,” Swain ordered.

Destiny smiled. She got out the car then stood with her arms folded across her breasts. She looked unsure of what to do next. The night air had a chill to it. The wind blew between the building kicking up dust. She looked down at her feet. Swain stood in front of her.

He ran his fingers through her hair. She looked up at him. Her eyes tore through his soul like searated daggers. He wanted so badly to take her pain away.

“You promised. You said you would make love to me. Are you a man of your word?” Destiny asked.

Swain pressed his lips against hers and closed his eyes. She opened her mouth to receive him. Their arms entwined around each other, forgetting the situation and the surroundings. He delicately explored her lips and tongue with his. She leaned in towards him, touched her hand to his face, seeking the warmth he offered.

Her lips were soft and inviting, pressed firmly against his, a warm tender sensation he never wanted to end. She was sweet tasting, like honey, so fine in his arms, fitting just right. He softly spoke romantic words in her ear, wanting to protect her from people like him, save her, but from what he couldn't say. What started as a proposition quickly transformed into an intimate embrace of understanding for which he had no words.

Swain moved his lips down to her neck, pulling her head back, lightly nibbling her earlobe. She moaned then pressed her body against his. Intense desire, pure and strong threatened to overwhelm his patience. She placed sweet sexy smooches all over face, begging, wanting more. Her leg rested again his waist, thigh raised in anticipation.

Swain opened the rear passenger side door and lay her back on the seat. With the thumb of one hand he began to massage her clit. She sat up and pulled off her top, exposing her ripe heavy breasts. He gently caressed each nipple until they were hard and leaned down to kiss each one lovingly then sucked them until she cried out.

Destiny slid off her shorts. “Oh shit!” Swain exclaimed. He took out his cell phone and took a picture first of her clit, then of her delectable body stretched out in his back seat.

The hood of her meaty clit protruded between her lips, with the head exposed, revealing a beautiful succulent pink button, the size of his fingertip. Swain spread her legs and French kissed her pussy until she squirmed and struggled in vain to get away.

Her clit was hard against his tongue, an erotic sensation that almost made him cum on the spot. She moaned and lifted her pussy to meet his tongue forcing more into his mouth. She road him like a beast, spiraling her hips then hard pumping his face.

Swain drank her sweet salty juices like a puppy laps water, then gently inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy using his tongue to caress her clit. “Oh Jesus, your pussy tight!” Swain moaned appreciatively. He drew her stiff clit between his lips and slurped it like a popsicle, pulling and tugging her sensitive flesh.

He hungrily suckled her swollen clit while continuing to finger fuck her tight snatch. Her shaved creamy pie was like smooth pudding against his lips. This went on for at least thirty minutes, yet time passed quickly between them. Her body moved in rhythm with the thrusts of his finger. She cried out obscenities into the night air. Her nails dug into his back.

Swain quickened the pace and intensity, moving in and out of her pussy, tickling her G-spot. Destiny had her hands in her hair, tossing from side to side, moaning, cussing, calling on Jesus. He felt her walls clench against his finger, spasming tighter and tighter.

“That's it pudding baby, just let go,” Swain crooned. Her body erupted in a powerful orgasm. She cried out and bucked against him, covering his nose and lips, with a squishy pop then a squirt. He greedily sipped the tart tangy liquid as it flowed onto his tongue, face and fingers, grinding his face into her sweet honey pot. “Damn Pudding! I never seen a woman cum so wet.”

In a daze she responded, “That's never happened before.”

Swain stood. Under the moonlight slick sticky juices shone on his face, dribbling down his pussy tickler goatee and onto his thick neck. “My turn,” was all he said when he unzipped his uniform pants.

Destiny sat up to get a better look. Swain was proud of his dick and took out the flashlight so she could see. His cock sprang free. Her mouth formed an oval shape that failed to produce words. He enjoyed her reaction, it made him feel young again.

His thick shaft was a full ten inches that curved upwards towards his belly button. He knew because he measured it a time or two. It was nearly four inches thick and topped off with a wide mushroom shaped head, that looked like a helmeted soldier ready for battle.

With his hand he guided his cock toward her cum soaked pussy like a scud missile. He slid the head up and down against her slick coochie lips, getting his soldier wet and ready for penetration.

He proceeded to do the same with the full legnth his thick shaft, rocking it against her greasy lips, with the help of his flattened palm, until the whole of it glistened in the moonlight.

“Please...” Destiny begged, pumping her slick twat against his cock.

Swain spanked her glorious pussy hole with his dick. He leaned forward into her snatch. It was tight. His soldier fought with the small space, to find the right angle to enter. He was able to insert the head. Destiny moaned and bucked upwards.

“Ooh Pudding. That shit is good. Your pussy got teeth! She gobbling my dick up.”

Destiny's tight pussy had suction cup walls that pulled him deeper and deeper inside her wet snatch until he could go no further. His heavy balls rested against her soft ass. The touch of her soft skin, slippery and wet, squeezing his cock good and tight, sent chills through him. He held back for her sake. She was so tight and small, he was so wide. He wanted to slam into her over and over again.

Sweat shone on Destiny's naked body. The wind flowed from the window above her, lifting her bangs off her face. Their eyes met briefly and each abandoned all uncertainties, lost in a deep well of longing and need. Swain grunted as he pushed against walls that squoze his thick shaft like a vice grip. He leaned over her. Their tongues met in a quickening of warm breath. Intoxicated, they drank the wine of mutual lust like thirsty winos.

Together they found a resting place, a slow moving rhythm, that matched the beating of their hearts. Destiny pushed up with her hips, making slow circles, her pussy gripping his head. Swain wouldn't let her make him cum. He moaned and asked her to wait, slow down, don't move. He used his hands to play with her breasts.

She pushed up and into his shallow thrusts with all the strength she could muster trapped beneath him. His dick throbbed from the pressure. She matched him thrust for thrust.

Making eye contact, their spirits intertwined. Moment by moment they gave themselves over to passion, until there was no space between them, just two sweating bodies bound together like icing on a cake. The depth of their hunger for something missing in life was naked between them, a mutual need for release. Fate brought them together.

Swain's hand stroked away the stray strands from her forehead. His slow rhythm gave way to the urgent demand of passionate thrusts, delving deep into her womb. She arched her body in the throws of ecstasy. The force of his pounding left her soaked and whispering obscenities in his ear. She clung to his neck for dear life.

Swain growled her name in the back of his throat. The pulsing of her snug cunt demanded more. The taste of her skin between his lips was a delicacy as his teeth bit down into the tender flesh of her neck. She cried out for mercy when his fiery tongue met the tender skin of her nipple.

Swain released his control over to her. She stroked her hands over his bald head then moved under him, her pussy overflowing with juices like a rolling ocean. With one final thrust Swain filled her pussy with his cream.

Still semi-hard he pumped until her greedy cunt gushed it's own sticky cream. Destiny's screams of ecstasy echoed in the darkness like a battle cry of victory.

Swain collapsed against her, still hot and burning. They caught their breath, then kissed passionately and deeply. His dick throbbed deep in her womb emptying all of his seed inside her. It was only then he thought about a condom.

Swain said, "I want you to know that this is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I don't know what I intended this to be but... I feel a connection to you that's so strong, I want to see you again... I want to know you... who you are... outside of this.”

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