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A Night At The Club

It was one night out he will never forget.
He knew he shouldn't have done it. Alcohol being a depressant, and him already being in a depressed state due to his week, it was a stupid idea. But he couldn't resist. And now he couldn't turn back.

He had already had a few too many drinks, and was being swept along with the crowd of guys he had agreed to come out with tonight. Stupid idea, as he wasn't having any fun, and he could feel the cloud in his head settle in for the long haul. Oh well, he was here now, and knew that part of that cloud was due to the beers he'd already downed at the venues before. He may as well (ha!) try and enjoy himself, right?

He followed his mates up the stairs to the new venue. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the dimmed atmosphere of the club, but his eyes sought out the bar and he made his way over. As he paid for his drink and turned away from the bar, he noticed he had an unintentional perfect view of the stage.


She peeked out from behind the curtain, waiting for her introduction. The crowd seemed...different, although she couldn't yet put her finger on why. There was an energy around the bar area, and she made a mental note to keep her eyes peeled in that direction when she made her way on to the stage.

She smiled as the familiar music started, and started to make her way out between the heavy red curtains blocking her from view.


The music changed in the club, and he could feel everyone's attention shift to the stage. He felt his eyes drawn, almost like an X was marking the spot to where he should be looking. He saw a movement behind the curtain, and waited, expectantly.

His eyes and mind could not prepare him for the next sight he was to see. A girl, filled with gorgeous curves and plump red lips, made her way out on to the stage. Hell, he couldn't call her a girl – she was all woman. The black high heels elongated her long legs, and the stockings that covered her feet were hooked to a red and black lace belt. As she placed one foot in front of the other, walking to the centre of the stage, he could glimpse just briefly the red underwear moulded to her pussy lips. The red and black corset she was wearing showed off those amazing curves of her ass and her breasts, which were threatening to spill out over the top of the material.

Her dark blonde curls cascaded over her shoulders, and those lips, those red lips, were formed in a half pout/smile kind of look. Her make up was understated but sexy, and as her eyes searched the crowd, he couldn't help but gulp and take a deep breath, having only just realised that he had stopped.


She remembered to keep a smile and a mutual expression on her face all the while she was searching the club. Her eyes landed on a man sitting near the bar. His expression was...intriguing. He looked like he'd lived 1000 deaths, but the look on his face as he watched her made her feel like she was the one ray of light in his life, something he hadn't had in a long time. Bingo, she thought to herself.


As the music pumped, she reached the middle of the stage. She bowed to a huge applause, and then turned around and bowed toward the back of the stage, her perfect ass pointed to the crowd. They cheered as she bent down, winked at them between her legs, and added a wiggle to her hips. She closed her eyes, and imagined he was standing behind her, his hard on threatening to lodge itself between her buttocks. She ground against it, and wondered how many males in the crowd were wishing they were behind her right now. She wondered whether he was thinking this. She gave in to that thought for just a moment, before she righted herself and started to sway sensually in time to the music.


He gulped as her arse swung in front of him. He was mesmerised, and had to reach down to try and adjust himself slightly at the thoughts that were racing through his mind at this moment. Don't think, he said to himself. Just watch and..and what?!

The show passed in a blur of steamy thoughts of naked breasts around a rock hard cock, of soft curls draping over a naked chest, and of course that arse! My god, the things you could imagine that arse to do....I need to get out of here, now! He thought urgently. I can't take this any more!

As he quickly looked for his escape, he noticed the other gents were clapping, and a big burly man dressed all in black was standing in front of him. Looking nervous, he nodded to the other gentleman and made attempts to pass. Mr Black Suit quickly grabbed him by the shoulder, and handed him a note, before quickly walking away as if nothing had happened.

He took a few deep breaths before he remembered. A note!? He glanced down at his hands, shaking slightly as he unfolded it.

Stay where you are. I am coming.

He read it three times, blinking, as if the words would change when he looked at it again. Nope, still said the same thing. He looked around blindly, almost not understanding what was happening, well, about to happen. Let's be honest, the beers he had drunk probably didn't help either.

As his eyes cleared, he had to blink again, not believing what he could see. A figure of about 5.7 was standing in front of him, gently biting those red lips with pearly white teeth, as if she was nervous. She twirled a lock of her hair around her finger as she looked up at him with soft brown eyes framed with the longest lashes he'd ever seen.

She wordlessly grabbed his hand, and marched towards the back of the venue, away from the stage where a skinny redhead was now performing. He followed her (like he had a choice?!) to a back room, to which she locked the door as they entered. It was dimly lit, and was quite small. The only thing in the room was a chair.

Before he knew what was happening he was seated in that chair, watching the top of her blonde curls as she knelt in front of him. His cock twitched violently against the cloth of his pants at the thought of someone so sexy in such close proximity.

He felt movement around his ankles, and as she straightened back up he realised what had happened. She stood in front of him, caught his eye and winked before she bent at the waist. What an amazing view! Her breasts were still (barely!) confined by the tight lace up corset, and he could see straight past the material to make out the shape of those perfect orbs. The site distracted him as she reached behind him, taking his arms with him. Before he could process what was happening, he heard a click, and his wrists were held behind the chair.

He looked up at her with wide eyes filled with lust as she sat down on his lap. She moaned softly at the feeling of his cock straining to reach it's goal, and she started to grind slowly. His eyes closed and his head leant back as she started her lap dance, her hands on his shoulders as her body ground in to his, those sexy hells planted on either side of the chair. He could feel his prick reach up, trying to find the source of this pain, this pleasure she was putting him through. She rotated her hips and he could feel her pussy lips faintly through the layers of clothing. Oh this felt worse than a prison cell!

She lowered her hands to her chest and circled her breasts, her thumbs gently rubbing her nipples through the bone of the corset. Her fingers moved to the lace, and making sure he was watching, she started to slowly untie the corset. Lower and lower...she stopped at the skin just below her tits, and using one hand, she pushed the material off one, and then the other. He groaned at the sight and tried to pull his arms forward. He groaned louder as he realised he could not weigh them in his hands, that he had to just sit and watch. Oh man, she was going to kill him!

She looked down and then up at him, and met his eyes with a cheeky grin. His gaze lowered to her chest, where her thumbs were rolling over her nipples. They hardened as he watched, and his cock jumped again at the site. He could tell she was beginning to get excited, she was sitting lower on his lap to feel his hard on, and her breath was getting quicker.

He moaned when she stood up – her pussy felt fantastic (well, what he could feel of it so far)! He didn't remain disappointed for long however, because at standing height the prize was right in his face. She placed her hands under her tits and pushed them up and away from her body, leaning closer for him to suck one in to his mouth. She moaned as his tongue eagerly circled her nipple, before he sucked as much of her 10E chest in to his mouth as he could. She pushed her body closer to his face, suffocating him. She let him have control over her tits, and one hand travelled down between her legs. She slowly started rubbing one finger along the length of her pussy lips, and she sighed at how wet she felt already.

He lost concentration slightly as he felt her body shift, and he looked down to see what she was doing. The sight of her touching herself while he couldn't do a god damn thing was too much for him, and he strained at the handcuffs around his wrists. Watching her on stage and then having that hot piece of meat rub her cunt over him was just too much, and he needed to have her. He assumed if she couldn't hold off touching herself she must be in the same position as him.

He strained his head forward, trying to meet her lips. She read his eyes and leant in to him, crushing his mouth with her soft red lips. He moaned at the taste of her sweet mouth, and snaked his tongue out to taste her. The kiss intensified and she placed her hands on the back of his head, pulling his tongue to meet hers in a dance of raw want and need.

She broke the kiss, and lowered her hands to his crotch. YES! He couldn't help thinking to himself. This is what he needed, this would make everything ok. She snapped open the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper, and fingered the head of his cock through his boxers. It jerked immediately, and she giggled shyly. Fuck, watching the hottest chick in history act coy around his cock almost had him then and there. He lifted his hips off the chair and she pushed the pants around his ankles, leaving his 8 inch cock standing at full attention. She giggled again, and lowered her head.

Oh fuck. He could not do this any more. Watching his rock hard rod disappear between those red lips...just fuck. She lapped her tongue around his shaft, sucking the pre cum from it. She lifted her mouth to spit on his tip, and rubbed her saliva over and around. She lifted her body slightly and wrapped those precious tits around his dick, immediately holding them tight and rubbing them up and down. As she made her way down to the base of his crotch, she'd stick her tongue out and lap at the head of his cock. She could tell he was close, and it made her fucking wet as anything. Oh how she wished she wasn't wearing panties so she could feel the juices from her cunt trickle down her leg...

She kept her lips wrapped around the head of his cock, and started to follow the movement of her breasts. Up down, up down, up down, her mouth tight around his cock and her tits rubbing him raw in a beautiful way. She could feel his cock pulse between her chest, and she moved faster, keeping her cheeks sucked in and her tongue out. He started to moan and buck his hips, and she removed her mouth and aimed his cock at her large breasts as rope after rope of sticky cum splashed across them. She moaned loudly with him as he fell back in the chair, limp.

She looked down at her chest, and looked at him. His eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply. She moved towards his mouth and kissed him, his tongue meeting hers instantly, wanting more already. They kissed passionately until she pulled away, and smiling at him, she lifted a finger to her mouth. It was covered in his cum, and she slowly inserted it in to her mouth, and sucked hard. He looked at her tits sprayed with his load, and he thought he had never seen something so sexy in his life. She started to massage her breasts with his cum, swirling it over the soft skin and rubbing it across her nipples. She sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling as much as he enjoyed the sight. She lifted one breast to her mouth, and leant down and sucked the cum from her nipple, before repeating the action with the other. His cock jerked slightly at the thought of her sucking her own tits whenever she was not with a man and needed a release.

She stood up in front of him, and slowly hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her underwear. His eyes widened and he leant forward, not wanting to miss one second of this show. There was also something about the fact that he was exposed and raw, and yet her sex was still in hiding. Well, not for long!

She started to wiggle her hips in time to the bass they could hear from the main club. Her hands moved slowly lower, taking the underwear with them. She turned around, and looking over her shoulder she winked at him again before sticking her arse out. Oh how he wished he could spank it, leaving his mark on her! She continued to wiggle her hips and in turn, wriggle the underwear from her body. When her arse was exposed he groaned in pain and pleasure.

She turned back towards him and all he could do was stare at her pussy. Her lips were red and puffy, clearly visible now, and they were glistening with her nectar. His cock twitched again at the thought of sliding between those lips and feeling the warmth and wetness of her sex. She moved towards him and lowered herself on to his crotch, keeping his cock trapped underneath her. He could feel the outline of her lips spread on either side of his shaft as she moved her hips slowly up and down.

He couldn't help it, not that he had any control over it anyway! His cock started to swell again, and she moaned at the tight feeling across her lips. She continued to rub her cunt along him, faster and faster and then slow again, until she could feel he was again ready for her. She lifted her arse from him and his cock sprung straight up, ready and waiting. She held it steady with one hand, and slowly sunk on to it, teasing herself. They both moaned, he as he slid slowly in to heaven, and she as his cock stretched her in to her dreams. She waited until he was fully nestled inside before she started to rotate her hips, grinding on top of him. His cock deep inside her rubbed her walls and instantly juices began to flow out over his shaft. She was moaning with every movement and he could feel her cunt clenched tight against him. She wasn't going to last long, which suited him fine! He couldn't wait for this hot pussy to drench him!

She lowered her hands to her clit and started to rub herself furiously as she rode him. Her face was flushed and her eyes were closed as she moaned in time with her fingers. He watched, mesmerised, as her fingers flew over her bud, rolling it between thumb and forefinger before letting go and rubbing it hard. The sensation was amazing as her pussy just kept tight around him. She ground harder and faster in to him, his cock feeling like it would snap off inside her she was so tight and he was so hard. Her cunt was milking him, pulling him hard inside her before she lowered herself and gave him some 'relief' before rising again and pulling him again with her.

Her fingers left her clit, leaving her thumb there to frig herself while her fingers wrapped around his shaft, adding to the sensation. She held him tight, and he started to groan in time with her. Watching her rub herself with abandon and the look on her face was proving to be too much for him. His hips rose up in time to meet with hers, slamming his rod deep inside her core and making her squeal.

He could feel her cunt tighten even more around him, and her juices were flowing like crazy. She was close, and he intended to give her a very happy ending. He continued to pound her, harder and harder as she simply just held on for the ride. Her fingers returned to her clit and she rubbed herself almost raw. He could feel how close she was, her walls were like a vice around him. She started to moan loudly, unable to hold it back any more, and she screamed as she finally let go around his cock. He felt her orgasm rock her body as she came hard, impaled on him, and she quickly leant forward and started to kiss him like there was no tomorrow, panting in to his mouth as she came.

That was it. With a quiet roar inside her mouth, he let go, his cock bursting and unleashing inside her cunt. She moaned at the feeling and continued to ride him as she rode her orgasm out. She fell forward, leaning in to him, her head on his chest as he flopped back in to the chair, both exhausted.

After her energy had somewhat returned, she got up from his lap, his cock falling from her with a soft pop sound. She reached behind him and unlatched his arms, and then his legs. She helped him up from the chair, and they wrapped their arms around each in an embrace to end what they had just shared. Without a sound she walked towards the door, extracting a robe which was hanging on a hook, and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

He shook his head, as if to clear his mind, and dressed himself. He noticed that her sodden panties were still on the floor. He picked them up, and after only a moment's hesitation, he put them in his back pocket with a smile. He was definitely going home a happy man tonight. Fuck, that was the best sex of his life, and not a single word was ever spoken.

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