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A Real Culture Shock

A sophisticated French fitness freak and her life changing experience.

At the age of thirty, Inez worked as a fitness instructor in a Northern Florida city which was progressively getting more sophisticated. Originally from France, Inez moved to the city for a lucrative opportunity as a fitness instructor. Inez had toned abs, dark hair, and looked exactly like former pornstar Cecilia Vega.

Inez held her fitness sessions at her house and she came to the clients with a plan for making them more fit. Most of the times, Inez succeeded. For Inez, life was good but her attitude was not. The brunette found herself to be too sophisticated for a town she viewed as a bunch of rednecks.

Just recently, Inez had been assigned a new client named Miles, an overweight man that looked almost exactly like Larry the Cable guy. The brunette saw a picture of the man and joked about his appearance to her coworkers who found her jokes funny. Inez imitated a country accent and said that she knows the man probably drives a beat up pickup truck. In fact, the brunette overcharged the man for the fitness sessions and joked when he paid her more.

"Now boy!" said Inez, in a redneck accent instead of her original French accent as her coworkers laughed.

Time flew by and pretty soon, it was Saturday afternoon. Inez waited for a knock on her door from her client and it was Miles. Miles came into the brunette's house as Inez welcomed him with a slick smile on her face. The man was about her height, maybe an inch taller, and had a more robust build as opposed to the slim build of Inez. 

"Okay, so now we start with running on the treadmill for ten minutes, then stretches, then pull ups, then lunges, then planks, and then we finish with squats," said the brunette, in her French accent with a smile on her face.

"Damn Euro lady, going to have me limping after today," said Miles, in a southern accent.

"No, you'll be okay," replied Inez, laughing at the man's accent.

Inez started Miles off on running on the treadmill and saw the man struggle to keep up. The brunette smiled, tempted to record a video of the man as he ran so she could laugh about it to her friends. Inez started to laugh at the overweight man running on the treadmill and thought about how funny it would be to see him fall off. Much to the brunette's surprise, the man did manage to finish the run without falling but afterwards, he took off his shirt and took deep breaths. Inez laughed at the shirtless man who had somewhat of a gut sticking out and was big boned.

"Oh wow!" said Inez, laughing hard.

"Just taking a break," said Miles.

"Wow," replied Inez, laughing again at the man.

Now came the time for the other exercises and Inez was frustrated. Whenever she would get to an exercise, Miles would ask for clarification and make her do it in front of him multiple times before he would get it. Inez would do it since it was her job but she was frustrated, sweaty, and working harder than she had in her previous sessions. The brunette could not believe how slow her client was.

The pair now had to move on to squats and Miles was a handful there. Miles did the squats but as usual, his form was terrible and Inez once again had to be the one to show him. By now, Inez was starting to somewhat sweat and get her workout in while Miles watched the brunette. Eventually, Miles did the squats again but this session took longer than normal.

"Okay, wow," said Inez, sweaty.

"You can use a nice jog, I took a fifteen minute run," replied Miles.

"Oh please, you have to get fit, not me," said Inez, angry.

"I did that for fifteen minutes, see how well you do at five," said Miles, smiling as he dared the brunette.

"I will do it for fifteen minutes but if I do, you strip down to your underwear and I take your photo mister cocky," said Inez, angry.

"That works," said Miles.

Inez thought that the man was an idiot and could not wait to embarrass him in front of her coworkers. The brunette went on the treadmill and started to run. Miles saw the sweaty brunette running and over fourteen minutes had passed before he decided to talk to her.

"Holding up okay?" asked Miles.

"Oh me? I am fine," replied Inez, sweating as she ran.

"You sound foreign, where are you from? Italy?" asked Miles.

"France!" said Inez, in an angry tone.

"Woo, I knew a French girl from Louisiana once," said Miles.

"Not French you dummy," said Inez, breathing hard.

"I could have sworn she was," replied Miles.

"Oh yes, like you know anything," replied an angry Inez.

"Oh Inez, I think you're starting to give out now, it might be time to stop, you can't go for that long can you," said Miles.

"I go for however long as I want," replied Inez, angry.

"It's not like you're a pro athlete or olympian, you're good," said Miles.

"I go for very long!" said Inez.

Over twenty minutes had passed and finally, Inez stopped the treadmill but she was covered in sweat. Miles and Inez stretched out together but something strange happened, the session lasted for much longer than usual. Inez could barely stand as well and was stretching until she pulled a muscle, crying in pain.

"Oh, a pull, let me help out, I know how to fix these," said Miles.

"Okay, okay!" cried Inez.

"You need to take off the yoga pants so I can see how bad it is," said Miles.

"What!" shouted Inez, still in pain.

"Well, I need to see how bad it is, hurry before it gets worse," said Miles.

"Okay, okay," said Inez, taking off her yoga pants and stripping down to her panties.

Miles put his hand over the brunette's tanned body and located the spot where the pull was. The man squeezed down and furiously started to rub on it. Slowly, Inez saw the pain go away but something strange happened, she was aroused. Inez spent her time after workouts pleasuring herself or having a Tinder match over to fuck her but she had gone way past the time.

"You have toned legs, are you a kickboxer or something?" asked Miles.

"No," said Inez, in a relieve tone while taking deep breaths.

"Well, is this getting any better?" asked Miles, squeezing down on the brunette's thighs.

"Oh, so much better," said Inez.

The helpful Miles got up as the brunette laid down, only having her tanktop and panties on, but then an accident happened. The shorts that Miles was wearing went down and now the man was in his underwear. Inez saw a big bulge coming from Mile's underwear and opened her mouth in shock.

"Wow," said Inez.

"Shit! Look accidents happen," said Miles, attempting to pick his shorts up.

"No, what? What is that?" asked the tanned brunette, pointing at the bulge.

"Oh, this? This is my underwear!" said Miles, laughing.

"Not underwear, that," said Inez.

"Oh this is my cock," said Miles, taking out his penis which was long and thick.

"Whoa hey, hey!" said Inez.

"You asked for it," said Miles.

Inez could not believe what was happening, a client had whipped his penis out in front of her and she just stared at it. Now the brunette was starting to wonder what she should do, feeling her strong arousal that came after a workout. Inez stared at the penis, it was one of the largest ones she had seen.

"If you want to work your hands, I'll allow it today," joked Miles.

"Fuck this," said Inez, stripping down nude and getting up in front of Miles.

"Well, hello there," said Miles, as the nude brunette walked up to him.

"You want a piece of me," said Inez, wrestling with the man.

Unfortunately for Inez, she was fit but not exactly strong. Miles bear hugged the nude brunette as his cock leaned against her thighs, kissing her on the neck as she moaned. Inez felt trapped by the man's powerful grip but was highly aroused by being kissed all over her neck and face by him. The tanned brunette was bear hugged by a pale skinned man and no matter what she did, could not break free. Finally, Miles picked the brunette up and gently threw her down on the mat.

"Oh!" said Inez, aroused and moaning after being dominated.

"Let's get a taste of some French food!" said Miles, putting his mouth over the brunette's pussy and eating her out.

"Oh! Merde!" shouted Inez, as Miles head was all over her crotch and his tongue made its way into her pussy.

Miles licked and ate the brunette's pussy, violently shaking his head as he ate it out. The brunette kicked her legs around and started to stretch her tired body while being eaten out by the large man. Inez was used to more sophisticated intimacy, not this wild ride that Miles already had her on. 

"Merde! Merde, merde, merde!" shouted Inez, moaning and taking deep breaths as the man continued to eat her out.

The brunette's body started to vibrate from the arousal, her pussy slamming against Mile's face for a few seconds, until Miles tightly grabbed the brunette and kept her in place. Inez rolled around but as soon as she did, Miles had his face in-between her athletic and nicely toned buttocks, sniffing the smell that came from them and running his tongue over her anus.

"Oh, lick my ass," said Inez, moaning as she took deep breaths, unaccustomed to a man doing this to her. The romantic intimacy the brunette was used to had turned into some dirty sexual wrestling encounter.

Miles still had a hand all over the brunette's pussy as he was eating her ass. Inez managed to get on her knees but Miles went back to eating her pussy while sticking his long middle finger inside of her anus. The man ate the brunette and vibrated his finger inside of her anus as she moaned and cringed.

One of Mile's powerful arms were around the kneeling brunette's waist, keeping her in place and making it tough for her to break free. Then finally, Inez's knees went weak and her thighs started to vibrate as she let out louder moans. Miles stopped eating the brunette's pussy and instead, sniffed her anus.

"Pari, pari!" said Miles, laughing as he smacked the brunette on the ass a few times before standing up.

"Come here frenchie, get your post workout meal," said Miles, stroking his cock while standing over the downed brunette.

Inez got on her knees, opened her mouth, and started sucking on the long, thick, and pale penis. The brunette lost all sense of rationality, all she knew was that after a long workout which had gone way longer than usual, she needed some sex. Almost all sex that Inez had was sophisticated and romantic, this was just a trashy experience for her. The aroused brunette sucked as much of the cock as she could as Mile's pale hand grabbed her head, covering her dark brunette hair. Miles felt the brunette's mouth get tired and he realized he needed to work his dick a bit more.

"Okay, Frenchie, down on your knees, lets doggy!" said Miles.

The brunette obeyed and was now on her knees as Mile's put his penis inside of her ass and started to fuck her. Mile's two pale hands grabbed the brunette's tanned buttocks as he thrusted his penis inside of the brunette. Inez was on her knees and felt the cock getting deeper in her body than any other cock she had before. In just under an hour, the brunette was getting ruthlessly fucked and dominated by a man she initially saw as an uncultured barbarian. 

"Shit! Uh, Shit!" cried Inez, getting fucked hard by Miles.

"Come on Frenchie, you can take this, woo!" said Miles, grabbing Inez's panties and whiffing them.

"Oh fuck!" cried Inez, her voice started to slur.

"Hi Frenchie, what's French for surrender!" said Miles, aggressively thrusting his penis inside of the brunette.

"Abandon!" said Inez.

"Say abandon and I'll stop," said Miles, smiling as he fucked the brunette.

"Fuck you!" said Inez, on her hands as the cock fucked her.

"Okay then," said Miles, starting to fuck the brunette more ruthlessly.

Sounds of wood chopping sped up was Mile's penis tore through the brunette's ass, making her cry in pain. Inez went from being on her arm to being on her elbows. A minute later, Inez's entire upper body gave out and the brunette was now laying down, hardly able to on her knees.

A few seconds passed and Inez was now laying down flat as the heavy man laid on her back, put his arms around her perky breasts, grabbed on tightly, and started to fuck her yet again while kissing her behind the ear. Inez felt like she could not last any longer, her moans were turning into groans. The brunette could not possibly get up, regardless of her fitness, the man was too powerful and heavy.

"Oh, Frenchie, I am fucking you again," said Miles, kissing the brunette on the neck as he laid on top of her.

"And again," said Miles, crashing his cock into the brunette's anus.

"Muah, muah, muah," said Miles, licking the brunette behind the ear and kissing her.

"Abandon!" said Inez.

"I didn't hear you, say it again!" said Miles, crashing his dick into Inez with more intensity.

"Abandon! Abandon, abandon!" said Inez.

"Woo! Now we finish up," said Miles, putting the brunette over his shoulder and walking around with her over him.

"Where is the bedroom, Frenchie?" shouted Miles.

"Upstairs, to the right," said Inez, barely about to get the words out.

The heavy set man carried the brunette to the bedroom and violently threw her down on the bed. Miles hopped on top of Inez and started fucking her in a missionary position. The passionate man drove his cock in and out of the brunette's pussy, making her moan as her voice oscillated from just how intensely she was being fucked.

"USA, USA, USA!" shouted Miles.

"Woo!' said Miles, fucking the brunette.

"Now say it with me, USA!" said Miles, grabbing the brunette by the throat as he fucked her. Inez had an orgasm and was squirting everywhere on her bed, Miles didn't care.

"USA! USA!" replied Inez, barely able to get the words out.

Inez had one hell of a day so far, she had never been thrown around and completely dominated by a man. The sophisticated sex she was used to was turning into one rough pounding. Then finally, the brunette felt it, Miles cummed right inside of her pussy and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Whew! Thanks for the workout Frenchie!" shouted Miles, after he had cummed inside of the brunette's pussy.

Miles collapsed on top of the naked brunette, put his arms around her, and rested his head on her chest. The brunette was too tired to get up but realized that even at full strength, she couldn't get the man off of her. As Mile's cum rested inside of Inez's pussy, she was just relieved that the pounding had ended. Covered in sweat, Inez had her eyes open open and took deep breaths, wondering what the hell just happened.

The brunette didn't realize but Miles played her and he played her good. By making Inez work out intensely, he knew that the brunette would be heavily aroused. Even if she hadn't pulled a muscle, Miles would have easily seduced her. Inez knew just how aroused she was after a workout and the man she thought of as a bumpkin had played her. The worst part about it is that the brunette actually liked the helpless feeling she had when the large man was on top of her, fucking her brains out, and making it impossible for her to escape. Both Inez and Miles passed out now, tired from the intense fucking that had taken place.

A few hours later, Inez had woken up and Miles was still sleeping over her. The brunette stretched but Miles woke up too, kissing Inez all over her face.

"Frenchie, we have to do this shit again and we will," said Miles, as all Inez could do was stare into the man's eyes.

Miles got off of the brunette and then sat down on the bed. Taking deep breaths and smiling, Miles felt great. Inez's heart pounded hard, wondering what the man will do next.

"Okay, Frenchie, come on, stand up right here in front of me," said Miles, as Inez readily obeyed.

"Nice work!" said Miles, grabbing the brunette by the waist and digging his hands into her toned abs.

"Ah," moaned Inez, in a loud voice.

"Come here, sit on my lap, Frenchie," said Miles, as Inez once again readily obeyed.

"So sexy," said Miles, kissing the brunette's tanned soft skin, licking her neck, and holding on to her tightly.

Inez did not speak up at all, for the first time in her life, she had no control of the situation. The brunette's tanned skin started to grind against the man's pale body, oddly arousing her.

"Now you look here, Frenchie," said Miles, grabbing Inez by the jaw and turning her face towards his.

"I am going to come by our fitness workout as we arranged but whenever I come by, you better be naked and ready to go," said Miles.

"Okay," said Inez.

"Good workout, right?" yelled Miles, excitedly while smiling and scaring Inez.

"Yes, very good!" said Inez, nervously.

"Not so feisty now," said Miles, slapping the brunette hard on the abs a few times.

The large man threw Inez off of him and stood over her, grabbing his cock and swinging it around as he stared her down. Inez looked up in somewhat of a horror yet aroused state, wondering where this was leading next. Much to the relief of the brunette's body, Miles dressed up and left. Inez sat in her house naked and covered in sweat, wondering how in the hell she went from seeing a man as a bumpkin to having his cum resting in her pussy. As usual, the brunette had her meal and went to sleep.

Inez showed up to work the next day and was asked by some coworkers about her situation. For some strange reason, Inez loved how Miles kept her in her place and kept her on her feet. The coworkers asked her if she had any jokes to make or how terrible the client was.

"Oh no, he was a friendly guy, very cooperative," said Inez.

The day flew by and now, it was time to see Miles again for a workout and Inez could not believe what she was doing, she was naked. Miles came in and saw the brunette in her room, arms around her waist and looking at the man.

"Oh, wow, you listened! Good girl!" said Miles, laughing as he went over to the brunette and hugged her, kissing her on each cheek. Inez was not sure if she wanted to tell the man what to do.

"Okay, Frenchie, I am going to run and then you will run," said Miles, as Inez nodded.

Miles finished his run after fifteen minutes, covered in sweat, went over to the brunette and smacked her on the ass to tell her it was her turn. Inez readily obeyed, ran for fifteen minutes, but Miles was recording her running naked. As Inez had a few more minutes left, Miles stripped down naked. The brunette finished her run as Miles went over and hugged her, the two covered in sweat.

"Frenchie, I am going to get my workout in again, it's doggy time!" said Miles.

The large man fucked the brunette hard in a doggystyle position, Inez not even showing any signs of resistance. Inez had her ass smacked many times as Miles fucked her until finally, the aroused man decided to cum inside of her pussy again. The two had a nice workout going and once again, the session with Miles turned into a fuckfest. Fortunately for Inez, Miles finished early and headed out, grabbing food from the brunette's fridge and eating it as Inez said nothing.

A month passed by, the same thing would happen. Miles came to Inez's house, the two ran, and then they fucked. Inez told herself everytime would be different but the result was the same. Sometimes, Inez would wear all of her clothes and Miles wouldn't say a word until the two finished running. Miles stripped the brunette's clothes off and she put up no resistance at all, letting it just happen.

One day, after he had fucked the brunette and cummed inside of her pussy, Miles laid next to Inez and gave her a suggestion. Miles knew Inez worked as a fitness instructor but told her she belongs in another profession. The man also had one other piece of big news for the worn out and sweaty brunette. 

"So Frenchie, what do you do? Just get fucked by your clients?" asked Miles, laying naked in bed next to Inez.

"No, I am a fitness instructor," said Inez.

"Great, well, I think you should be a stripper at my friend's strip club, we would love a nicely fit and tone Frenchie," said Miles.

"Are you crazy? What?" asked Inez.

"You dance and get paid for it," said Miles, fingering the brunette's pussy as she moaned.

"But," said Inez.

"You're going to do it," said Miles, fingering the brunette's pussy more furiously.

"Okay, okay," said Inez.

"Not only that," said Miles.

"Okay what?" asked Inez, her heart beating as usual.

"Frenchie, I love fucking you up the ass, having my way with you, throwing you around, and you're such a nice obedient lady. I love how soft your skin is, that beautiful tan, and that beautiful French smell coming from you," said Miles.

"Oh," said Inez, smiling.

"Inez, I want you to be my lady, we're going to see each other a lot more," said Miles, kissing Inez all over her face.

"Okay," replied Inez smiling.

In a matter of months, Inez went from being a fitness instructor to being a stripper. The brunette cut off contact with her coworkers who were surprised to see her in a relationship with a client she thought she would be making fun of. One of her coworkers knew who Miles was and realized how Inez fell into that trap.

"Oh, that's Miles, he used to be in a biker gang before he quit, now he goes around fucking random women and he loves the foreign ones," said the coworker, as others knew what was going on now.

After a long night of dancing on poles and being covered in sweat, Inez went into the strip club locker room where her boyfriend greeted her. Miles would strip down nude with the stripper, fuck her hard in front of the other strippers who usually didn't mind at all, and then take a shower with her. At times, the strippers would look on to see just how intensely Miles was fucking the brunette who was at his mercy.

Inez was pregnant, how quickly it all happened was a surprise.

"Get you strong babies!" said Miles, rubbing the brunette's belly.

As time passed, the brunette had three kids with Miles and the two started a family together. The culture shock that Inez experienced led her from being caught off guard to being a mother who worked as a stripper. Years flew by and Inez was getting regularly fucked by Miles, as well as being his obedient wife, how being naive managed to impact her life in such a way still shocked the brunette.





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