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A Seasonal Seduction

With her boyfriend gone, will she accept her roommates helping hand, and tongue, and fingers, and...
"Bah, humbug." Cindy Davis was most definitely not overflowing with holiday cheer. In fact, her happy yuletide tank had been empty all week. Now she was filling up with Jack Daniels, but it wasn't improving her mood.

Sue Cangelosi turned away from the mini-refrigerator and walked over with two re-filled plastic glasses. "Girl, you are just no fun at Christmas parties. That's no way to bring in the holidays."

Cindy grinned. The "party" was a two-girl drinking bout in their dorm room. She and Sue were through with finals except for a blow-off test in Greek mythology, but that was two days away. With both of them broke, and the dorm almost deserted, the two nursing students decided to finish off the half-empty bottle of whiskey Ray left when he went home for the holidays. In Cindy’s opinion, it more than served him right. That was two long weeks ago, and he hadn't called in days.

"So why the happy holiday blues?" Sue handed over one of the glasses then made room for hers on the cluttered nightstand,before sprawling onto the bed beside Cindy. I mean, it’s not like I don’t already know.”

Not for the first time, Cindy studied her roommate with a touch of envy. Sue had looks to die for. Thick lashes framed luminous brown eyes. She had this sexy, olive complexion and full, "kiss me" lips. Most of all, there was her outrageous body, at the moment barely contained by a indifferently buttoned man's silk pajama top that had bunched around her hips, revealing impossibly long legs.

The room suddenly seemed a little warm. Cindy took a long pull on her drink and then cleared her throat. "So you want to know why the bluebird of happiness isn't on my shoulder. Well, let's see, I'm facing a long, joyful holiday season at home, I'm so horny my eyes are almost cross, and Ray is half-way across the country."

Sue sat up. "I feel your pain, girl. It's not like I don't have my own mother problems back on the home front. But if you're horny, and Ray's away, there's a lot of other fish out in the ocean. People I'm with are always asking about my friend, the cute blue-eyed blonde cheerleader-type with the great butt and nice boobs."

Cindy shook her head and, for a moment, the room seemed to spin. "But they aren't Ray. Besides, we didn't have cheerleaders. The school board said they were sexist."

"Give me a break." Sue shook her head in obvious disgust, then shrugged. "Look, I understand you're hung-up on Ray. But if you can't be with him, be with somebody else. January's a long way off."

"I couldn't. Just the thought of being with another guy, much less us doing anything, it's a complete turn-off."

Sue gave her a rare, serious look. "Well, then what about a girl?"

"What? Another girl? Oh, no. I've never--. I couldn't. I mean, I mean, well, that's maybe okay for you. But not me."

Sue smiled at her friend’s confusion. "With me, it’s a sometime thing, a change of pace, usually between guys when I need to ease the strain or if there’s a really hot chick coming on to me. Tell me the truth. Haven't you ever thought about it?"

"Of course, not." Cindy looked down and bit her lower lip. "Well, yeah, I guess so. Back in high school, my junior year, I had this huge thing for a really great substitute teacher, Miss Agnore. She was tall, with classy, professional looks, but still acted, well, nice. I wanted to be just like her. Then one day, she gave me this special smile, said we should get to know each other better, and suggested I come by her place after school.

“I remember feeling real funny inside, you know, excited and all. But then I got scared, maybe it was that smile, but I went right home instead. The next day she acted like nothing happened. The regular teacher came back a few days later and I never saw her again."

Sue got off the bed, took Cindy's half-full glass, and sat it beside hers, shoving aside An under-
utilized mythology textbook that fell onto the floor with a loud, thud. Neither seemed to notice.

Once back on the bed she put a hand on Cindy’s small shoulder. "You know the difference between you and me?" Cindy looked up and, unable to speak, shook her head. "When I met my Miss Agnore, I didn’t go straight home, but to her room, and even went back a few times."

They gazed into each other's eyes. Then Sue leaned closer and whispered, "I know how you feel, believe me. But no strings attached. Just relax anbd enjoy. Learn what you missed that day while nurse Sue eases your Strain”

Cindy felt anything but relaxed. She couldn’t breathe. Her heart had flatlined. her stomach had a mind of its own, while the rest of her body wouldn’t stop trembling. This was all so wrong. But she couldn't speak, much less say, no, and wasn’t even sure she wanted to,.

Mesmerized, she watched Sue's face come closer until it went out of focus. Soft lips brushed against her cheek, around her ear, then down to her neck where they nibbled on the tender flesh.

Somehow, the Army fatigue shirt she got from Ray and used as a nightgown became unbuttoned. She didn't care. By then Sue was on top, in charge, and nuzzling on one of her ears. It felt so good.

Long, delicate fingers stroked her breasts and squeezed their hard, pink nipples. Those same fingers moved up and cradled her face and then Sue was kissing her on the lips. It was gentle and skillful and incredibly exciting.

Unsure what to do, Cindy hesitantly wrapped her arms around Sue, who responded by snuggling closer. As her passion mounted, she found herself hugging Sue tighter and returning the kiss. They became lost in a world of soft, intimate kisses.

As their tongues darted from mouth to mouth, Sue stroked Cindy's body. Breasts, belly, thighs were all explored. The touching soon concentrated on her panties and then on the part covering her pussy. Cindy was almost certain she didn't want Sue's hand down there. It was one thing to kiss and hug, but this was something else. Still, she felt powerless under that magical touch.

A gentle pressure just above her clit forced out an unexpected moan. The unstoppable fingers moved up to the waistband and then slipped inside. When they slid into her silky pubic hairs, Cindy shuddered with pleasure. At the first, gentle, penetrating stroke, her entire body jerked uncontrollably.

Breaking their long kiss, Sue moved down and began sucking on a breast and gently chewing its very erect nipple. She began sucking harder while moving her fingers faster and deeper. Cindy's breathing became a series of pants that matched her pace.

It was a shock when it all suddenly stopped. She heard Sue saying something about lifting her bottom, and instantly obeyed. Moments later, her panties were on the floor. A steady, insistent pressure pushed her compliant legs further apart. Then Sue slipped off the bed and positioned herself between them.

Fingers were once again exploring the opening to her pussy. A tongue, softly licking her inner thighs, joined them. Glancing down, she saw the top of Sue's head moving up and down between her thighs. A nimble tongue darted around, teasing and tormenting her clit and sending waves of pleasure washing over her body.

Smooth cheeks caressed her inner thighs while soft, delicate fingers stroked up and down her body. Sue took Cindy's hands and guided them down to her dark-blonde pubic hair. As her passion mounted, and she raced toward an orgasm, Cindy overcame any last vestige of modesty and began stroking her own pussy.

She could feel a huge climax approaching and vaguely knew she was gasping and bucking all over the bed. But just as she reached the trigger point, Sue pushed her fingers away and stopped licking. This kept happening until Cindy was almost hysterical with need and begging for relief.

The next time she began hurtling toward a climax, Sue yielded to those pleas. Cindy's fingers weren't pushed away and that talented tongue continued its fantastic work.

When her delayed orgasm exploded, it was so hard, so powerful, so all-pervasive, it took total possession of her being. She heard herself begging for more of the pleasure that was so agonizingly intense.

The climax hammered every fiber of her heaving, writhing body with wave after wave of pure ecstasy. It culminated with a giant spasm of erotic pleasure that sent her arching upward, lifting her hips clear of the bed, keeping her suspended in mid-air, rigid with passion. Later, much later, the orgasm eased its embrace and allowed her to collapse back onto the bed.

"So tell me, how do you feel?" There was a pleased expression on Sue's face as she looked up from between Cindy's still trembling thighs.

"Wonderful. All tingly and mellow. What about you?"

Sue re-positioned her hands on top of Cindy's well-licked pussy and gave her a wicked grin. "Horny as hell. And then there’s this strain of mine."

Cindy gazed down at her friend for a long time. Sue's face was still damp from her recent work. There was no doubt Sue had seduced her. But there was also no doubt she had enjoyed the seduction. Now she was sated while Sue wasn't. That didn't seem fair. But she wasn't ready to switch places, either.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I've never done this before, you know, the two of us. The thing is, I don't think I could ever do what you...." Her voice trailed off as guilt, and a growing excitement, battled with her reluctance. "But what you did, it felt so incredible. And I guess it'd be only fair. The thing is, I wouldn't be any good. I mean I've never done it, just had it, you know, done to me. But, if it's what you really want me...." Before she could finish, Sue was beside her.

Cindy's reluctance wasn't an act. But once she agreed, all reservations fell away, replaced by a determination to please Sue while savoring every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the next few minutes, she would pretend to be Ray. The problem was, she never watched Ray going down on her, just enjoyed the delicious feel. Now what exactly was she supposed to do?

To give herself time to think, she decided to start with something simple and began licking her own essence off Sue's face. Thanks to Ray, she'd tried, and found she liked, what he called her love lotion. But this time there was the added excitement of knowing she would soon be tasting another woman's pussy for the first time.

After licking Sue's face clean, Cindy began kissing her lips, eyes, ears, and neck, while unbuttoning her nightgown. When the last button slipped free, she pulled the silk pajama top open.

Holding Sue close, Cindy rolled them both over until she was the one on top. They kissed, long and deep. Then she leaned back to admire Sue's breasts.

Thanks to Sue’s nudist tendencies, she’d seen them many times, but only in brief glimpses and from across the room. Even then, they looked impressive; up close, they were awesome.

The big, luscious, beautiful mounds were topped with dark-brown areolas that encircled stiff, thick nipples. Cindy's snall hands soon overflowed with warm, creamy female flesh. Fascinated, she watched her fingers kneed the gorgeous globes and felt the huge nipples respond to her touch.

A sudden desire swept over her. Just touching wasn't enough; she wanted them in her mouth. But if any boobs ever qualified as "more than a mouthful" Sue's did. Cindy nibbled and licked on different portions of the massive mounds. But the dark nipples were too inviting. Capturing one with her lips, she began rhythmically sucking, taking in more and more of the warm flesh until the long, hard nipple brushed against the back of her mouth.

It was fantastic. But Sue's breasts, no matter how incredible, weren't the final objective. While continuing to gorge on warm flesh, Cindy's fingers explored the rest of Sue's seductive body, then snatched off her bikini panties and spread those long legs.

Cindy slid off the bed, positioned herself between Sue's thighs, and then gazed at her target. Light, olive-hued skin set off a mass of black curls which only partially conceal the entrance to Sue's vagina.

She moved closer until her face was just inches away. There was a warm, erotic, womanly scent. While still unsure about technique, there was no doubt what she wanted to do, and taste. Gently parting Sue’s impressive mass of tangled pubic hairs revealed a plump labia with damp, slightly parted lips that quickly yielded to the tip of her tongue.

Sue’s reaction was instantaneous and gratifying. With a shriek of, “Oh, shit!” her body seemed to erupt from the bed. Cindy grinned while struggling to hold on. She wasn't the only one who'd been horny.

Ignoring Sue's cries for her to hurry up, she continued to take her time. When the pleas became almost frantic, Cindy slipped her tongue into Sue's pussy

"Yes. Yes! Oh god, yes!" Sue was babbling and apparently trying to force Cindy's entire head into her pussy. Resisting the pressure, she parted the labia and located the clit,, then carefully avoided it while licking and probing and tasting everything else.

It was almost an act of mercy when she finally let Sue pull her face closer. As her lips massaged the entrance, Cindy snaked her tongue into the smooth vagina, then swirled it around, teasing and exploring. Before Sue could get off, she pulled back, toyed with the clit, then plunged back into the depths of that sweet, churning pussy. It was a slow, enjoyable process.

She fell into the rhythm of Sue's thrashing body and her pleas for relief. Determined not to let all that thrashing interrupt her mission, Cindy wrapped her arms over Sue's thighs and got a tight hold on her fabulous ass.

Again and again she had Sue on the verge of an orgasm, only to move the tip of her tongue to another spot just before Sue could come. For the first time she understood why Ray liked going down on her. The control she now had was a real power trip. And watching the reactions and knowing you were bringing the other person so much pleasure was such a turn-on. Besides, it was fun driving the normally in-control Sue wild.

But all good things must end, she supposed. It was past time to let Sue get off.

When her friend once again started bucking and panting towards a climax, Cindy concentrated on the super sensitive clit. Positioning her lips around the engorged organ, she began to suck and lick. This time, when Sue teetered on the brink of release, Cindy pushed her over the erotic edge.

The orgasm was almost frightening. Sue went out of control, writhing and twisting so violently it was all Cindy could do to hang on to the sweating, heaving body. Sue's eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open. Her head tossed from side-to-side. There was an animal-like cry as Sue's hips heaved upwards and Cindy was rewarded with her first ever experience of warm pussy juice washing over her face and into her mouth. She swallowed some, but most went down her chin and neck, then onto her breasts.

Instead of trying to pull Cindy's head closer, Sue was now trying to push her away. When the spasms began to subside, Cindy yielded to the pressure, and sat back to look at her friend.

Sue lay sprawled out on the bed, spent and panting with eyes closed and a contended smile on her lips. Those long legs were still spread wide. Damp, matted pubic hairs framed puffy, well stretched pussy lips that revealed the juicy, pink core of a body meant to be loved .

Cindy leaned forward and began licking the area clean; it just seemed like the thing to do. Sue tensed at first, then let out a pleased sigh and stroked Cindy's short, blonde hair while she finished removing all remaining traces of love juice.

Mission accomplished, Cindy rested her head on one of Sue's smooth, damp thighs and tried to make sence out of what had just happened and what it meant about her.

Did this mean she was gay? Well,to her surprise, it had been a blast, But having Ray here would have made it even better. She knew, had no doubt, she loved that damn Ray above all else, still wanted him buried deep inside her body, so not gay.

Then why had she done this? To show Ray? To see what it was like?
Probably for those reasons and because she was lonely and horny and a little drunk.

Would she do it again? Well, maybe. After all, she had loved every minute with Sue but still wanted Ray , which probably meant she was bi-sexual like Sue. She could handle that. So make that a strong, maybe.

And if Ray suggested they try a three-way, the answer would be yes. Another guy, another girl, whatever he wanted, she wanted.

That last thought startled Cindy out of her reverie. Its implications were a little frightening. While she wanted to be Ray’s completely, now and forever what exactly did that mean?

Sue pushed herself up and looked down at her friend. "What caused you to startle, girl, indigestion?"

Cindy seemed unaware of the tease. "No. I just realized how much I still love that damn Ray. And it's a little scary. I love you too, of course. But that's different. It's not scary."

"You know," said Sue, "I've finally figured out why guys are so weird. It's all us weird women." She let out a loud snort, then pulled Cindy up beside her. "Well, Ray and all those other weird, scary guys can go to hell. The way I figure it, we just exchanged Christmas presents and now have two days to play with them.”

They laughed, then stopped and exchanged looks of sudden insight and agreement. The idea that their bodies were gifts they could exchange and enjoy together seemed both obvious and appealing. And while she still wished Ray could join them, Cindy knew she wanted this, wanted to spend the next two days with her roomie, playing with each other’s presents, beginning right now.

“Of course we will,” she almost shouted before nuzzling her still damp face between Sue’s bountiful breast. In a muffled voice she continued, “And something tells me playing with all these presents is going to be the perfect way to ease each other’s strain.”
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