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A Secret Need - Part One

A Secret Need - Part One

The Need Built With Each Passing Day
This is the first day of my junior year in high school and I'm finally 17 years old. I had a great birthday only a few weeks before school started and I had grown up so much this summer. I filled out a lot and saw that the guys had finally started taking notice.

I've only been in one relationship before and we never got past small groping and lots of kissing. I'm to blame though because since the first day of my high school years I met a man who I have been lusting for ever since. This year I think I'll finally get him. I plan to start today. The man I want is a teacher who teaches 11 th grade history. He happens to be my teacher this year and I can finally toy with him. Which of course was perfect now that I was filling out in all the right areas.

I'm about 5'6, I come in at 120 pounds. I have long black hair that clears down my back. I always wear it down and I know how much people are in awe over it. I have the deepest green eyes someone could ask for. My skin is rather pale. I don't tan that well and stay a good shade of milky white.

My teacher whose name is Mr. Helmer is so beautiful. He stands at 6'3” which turns me on to no end. He has jet black short shaggy hair and the deepest blue eyes with a lot of soul. You can read his life through his eyes. He has a nice tan but that is to be expected, he loves to surf and anything outdoors-related. He dresses to be comfortable not to look so much like a teacher. He's still young though. He's only going to be 32 this year.

I lucked out this year by not only having him as my History teacher but also my study hall teacher. So I get to see him twice daily. My first class with him is History then second to last class of the day is my study hall. I want to get to class before anyone else does so I can leave him a note on his desk. I want him to know someone has their eye on him. I want to see his reaction.

I head to class bypassing all the summer gossip with all my friends.

The note I leave him reads:

Mr. Helmer,

I've had my eye on you for far too long without having any luck of having my hands on you too. I can't wait to one day run my fingers through your hair, to feel your lips on me. I want to taste you.


Now mind you I typed the letter so he couldn't guess who it was so easily. I wanted him to work for it and I didn't sign in any sense because that might be too easy. We'll see how he acts towards this letter. I slipped from the class before anyone saw me until the bell rang. Once it did I re-entered the class and took a seat second row from the front. I didn't want to seem too obvious. He did roll call as we were all seated and told us they were our seats for the rest of the year.

Once class began he had us read from our books and papers to see what we were going to learn this year. As we did he took his seat and noticed the letter. I watched him through my eyelashes as I read my work, not wanting to get into trouble but too curious not to watch him too. He skimmed over the letter which of course wasn't long and then looked up at us with a deep blush which I found amusing. I bit my bottom lip to hide my reaction as he looked around. He folded the paper and put it away and class went on.

The rest of the day was far too busy to even keep up with. I had too much on my plate to think of Mr. Helmer. Not that I didn't try. I kept seeing him throughout the day and wanted to jump him each time I saw him. I knew I'd see him again at the end of the day. I went to the ladies' room before study hall and fixed my hair and re-touched my lips with lip gloss.

I headed to class to actually do work since it was piled up just in one day! When I got there I was first to arrive and saw that he was once again looking at the letter. It made me wonder how many times he had looked and read it. How long and how many girls had he tried to guess sent it to him? I walked in and took the same seat I had that morning.

“Good afternoon, Katie. How are you?”

“Afternoon, Mr. Helmer. I'm great but ready for the day to be done. Summer ended way too quick. Did you have a nice summer?”

“Indeed it did. I had a great summer. Thank you. I went and visited my folks down south. It was nice to see them again. Do anything fun?”

“Ah, well not really. I mostly caught up with reading, did a lot of swimming. I wrote a few stories. The biggest thing I did was turn 17 a few weeks ago.”

“That is a big deal. I remember when I did, thought it'd never come!”

“Oh please, don't act like you're so old, Mr. Helmer,” I said with a coy smile as I licked my lips lightly. His eyes were locked on mine but before either of us could speak the bell rang and the other students came flooding in. I could almost see the disappointment in his eyes when it did.

I paid attention to my work and got it done so I was free for the night to do as I wished, which was to plan the perfect outfit for tomorrow and a new letter for my dearest teacher.

My last class ended fast and I went home excited for tomorrow to come.

That night I did the whole how-was-school? thing with my mum. It was just her and I since my dad passed away 9 years before. My mum never re-married. She didn't even date. She seemed content just raising me. I did try to convince her to date and find someone but that never worked. She just worked and took care of me. I liked it though sometimes that it was just her and I. We were like best friends. Once I said my good nights I went to my room and wrote up a new letter for Mr. Helmer. It was short and sweet and I was excited to slip it onto his desk tomorrow. I picked out my outfit and climbed into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning I rushed to get ready. It was still warm outside which I was glad for since I had decided to wear a short skirt and a cute little top. I knew not to be over sexual, I didn't want to be obvious nor was it my thing to dress as such. I did however not put panties on. So if by chance Mr. Helmer saw, then so be it. The idea made me so horny. I drove to school with my heart racing. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I could feel my bare pussy and ass on my seat as I drove to school. I couldn't help but think of his hands on me. I was dripping wet. I ran off to class before the bell rang again and slid the note on his desk then went to the bathroom. I was not touching up my hair or lip gloss this time.

I got to the bathroom and it was pretty full with girls talking about summer still and who had a crush on who as I walked by them going to the last stall. Thankfully it was empty. I shut the door and put my bag down. I leaned against the wall and slid my fingers under my skirt, quickly finding my sweet spot.

My tender little clit throbbed to be touched as I bit my lip to keep from moaning out. I pictured Mr. Helmer on his knees in front of me eating my sweet pussy right there in the bathroom. My fingers moved quickly over my clit. I came so quickly I felt a wave of relief wash over me as I did. I gripped the bar in the stall for support as I orgasmed.

I shook so hard I whimpered out as I gasped, afraid someone would hear me. Once I knew the orgasm passed I sucked my fingers cleaned. I walked out of the stall seeing fewer girls in the bathroom. No one looked at me so I figure no one noticed. I heard the bell ring as I went to class and saw he was already reading the letter before I even came in..

Mr Helmer,

It was so nice to see you again after such a long summer. You look as perfect as you did last year. I could sink my teeth into you. Soon I hope. So soon.

Yours... xxx”

I giggled a bit as I made my way to my seat seeing him blush a bit once again. I thought he was actually looking forward to finding out who I was. All in due time though. I knew I couldn't rush it. I wanted to make sure he was into me before I revealed it was me. I noticed throughout class he kept looking at me. I tried not to overthink it but he couldn't take his eyes off my legs. I of course teased him. When he was facing away I opened my legs and when he turned back around his gaze dropped quickly to my parted legs to see a gift just for him. He could clearly see my sweet pink pussy lips glistening with orgasm from before class. He recovered quickly before anyone took notice and went on with class, but I could see the bulge in his pants as class went on.

Class ended far too fast and the rest of the day seemed to drag on. I didn't get a chance to see him at all till study hall. I got there early again. I was alone, he wasn't even there. I took my usual seat and opened my books again. I however was not studying. I was daydreaming of him and what it would be like to be with him. I was so lost in thought that I didn't even hear him enter the room.

“Do you even go to your other classes, Katie? You’re always the first one here. You're going to make me look bad.” He grinned at me with those blue eyes burning deep into me.

“Of course I do. I can't be in all your classes as much as I'd like to be, Mr. Helmer. And as for as you looking bad, That will never happen. You can't look bad.”

I had said this out loud before I could even stop myself. I looked at him blushing deeply. I felt the wave of heat build deep inside me as I watch his expression.

“You're sweet, Katie. Though many would disagree with that.”

“Then they're blind, Sir.”

“You keep that up and I might have to keep you, Katie.”

He looked at me with a wink but said nothing more as I was now speechless. I sat there as the other students come in. As study hall went on I found a piece of paper and simply wrote a quick note and got up at the end of class and handed it to him..

Please do” Was all I had written him. I didn't look back to see if he read it or not.

Over the coming weeks I left him notes and flirted. I could sense he was flirting back with the comments he made to me. We each made an effort to get to class a bit early both before history and study hall. I felt as if he knew it was me leaving the notes but never gave in he knew. He never said anything about my “please do” note either so I figured he brushed it off as a joke.

September passed with teasing, flirting, notes and slowly getting to know each other the best a student and teacher could. October rolled in and the weather was getting cooler and I reluctantly started wearing a bit more. As October burned through the weeks quickly it was suddenly Halloween week. The school went all out of course.

A big dance was coming up. It was the first dance of the year and I wanted to go. All my friends were going solo. We decided to go as a group and not as couples like we normally did. I had no idea what I wanted to go as. I always hated dressing up because I didn't want to dress too slutty like all the other girls. You'd think the school would have a policy but they didn't, not really. I decided I'd go as a ballerina. I used to do ballet as I kid and thought it'd be fun. I'd put a twist of sexy to it so it didn't look childish.

The school dance was this Friday and today was Wednesday. I was headed to study hall as usual and got there before Mr. Helmer. I took my seat and started some of my work early. He came in looking upset.

“Hi, Mr. Helmer. Is your day going well?”

“Good afternoon, Katie. Oh not really. It's been one of those long irritating days where I just shouldn't have gotten out of bed.”

“I hate those days. I know what you mean. What's wrong?”

“It's nothing. The day is almost over. I can go home do paperwork and relax.”

“Come on, Helmer. We're friends, You can talk to me.”

“Ha-ha, Helmer? I haven't been called that in years. You just made my day. I just woke up late. Then had some trouble in second period with some guys on the football team who think they don't need to do their work like the rest of the students. We had a long meeting with the vice principal. I missed lunch and am starving.”

“Aw, Mr. Helmer. I'm sorry about your day. It does sound long and it's good that it's almost over. As for the football players, they're idiots. You did the right thing.”

I dug into my bag and found a bag of chips. I smiled and handed them to him. I allowed my fingers to brush against his, as I did I bit my bottom lip.

“Here, take these. I didn't want them when I had lunch. It's not much, but something.”

“Thank you, Katie. You're a life savor.”

The bell rang and I went back to my seat. I swayed my hips knowing he was watching even as he ate the chips. I watched him closely as he did, thinking of his hands on me. I finished my work and spaced out for the rest of class. I was thinking about the weekend. The dance was coming but also a weekend free from my mum. She was going to visit my grandmother up north. I was going to be home alone for the first time in a long time. Mum hated leaving me alone even at 17. Sometimes I think she forgets I've grown up. The bell rang out for the end of that class. I got up and packed my stuff up and forgot to ask Mr. Helmer if he was going to the dance.

“You going to the dance this weekend, Helmer?” I asked as the other students rushed out to get to their next class. I always took my time. I hated my last class of the day. Mainly because it wasn't with Mr. Helmer.

“I sure am. I always chaperone the dances. You know that, Katie.”

“I am just making sure! Save me a dance?”

“Ha ha. We'll see. If you're a good girl.”

“I'm always a good girl, Mr. Helmer,” I purred out softly as I made my way to the door.

I turned the corner and heard him say under his breath, “That you are, Katie.”

It was clearly meant for me not to hear but I did and it drove me mad. I knew then he felt the same way about me as I did him. The last class of the day went by fairly quick and I raced home and took a bath. I wanted to soak for a while as I imagined Mr. Helmer in the bath with me.

To Be Continued...

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