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A Secret Need - Part Two

A Secret Need - Part Two

She Knew What She Wanted
My hair is tied up so it doesn't get wet as I climb into the hot soapy bubble bath. My perky breasts bob lightly as I soak for a long time. I am thinking of all the things I want to do with Mr. Helmer. I am a virgin and haven't done a whole lot with boys and am so unsure what to really expect. I of course have watched porn but that is so unrealistic to go off of.

I run my fingers over my breasts, teasing my nipples. My breasts are a nice size coming in at 34C. They fit my body perfectly. My nipples are so sensitive and more so with the hot water teasing them. One hand stays playing with my nipple as the other goes down to enjoy my swollen clit as I begin to think of Mr. Helmer in the bath with me. His hands on me and not my own. I am moaning lightly as I sway my hips to the movement of my touch. My breath hitches as I begin to orgasm hard thinking of him touching me. I feel the pleasure over come me as I moan out. I finish with my bath and get dressed to go shopping. I have to buy my costume for this weekend.

Once I am dressed I drive to the shop where I know they will have a big selection of things to choose from. I find a ballerina costume that I can turn into my own. It is white with the cutest ballet shoes and tutu. I am not going to wear the full length tights they have, I am going to get white thigh highs instead with lace at the top. As I said I want to make it a little sexier than just a normal Ballerina. I am finally getting excited and hope the rest of the week goes by. I am ready for Friday night.

Friday rolls around quickly as I hoped it would and it is study hall. I haven't written Mr. Helmer since I heard his comment Wednesday and want to see what he'll do. He kept looking disappointed that he had no note. However he has one coming for the end of class. Once class is over and it clears out I slip the note on his desk and leave without being seen.

Mr. Helmer,

I'm going to the dance tonight and hope to see you there. I'm excited to see if you'll dress up. I'll save you a dance if you’re a good boy... ;)


I tease him in hopes he'll for sure know it is me now. School ends and I go home to get ready. My mum has left this morning and I have the house to myself. I turn the music up, take a shower, and have some dinner. I then go to get ready. The dance starts at 8:00 and I plan to go at 8:30 or so to not deal with the mass crowd entering. We got a great local DJ to spin for us and we went all out so a lot of students are going.

I get to the dance at 8:45 and everyone seems to be there. The entire school is there it seems. I haven't seen so many people crammed into one space like that. It seems to be going great but I'm unsure if I'll find anyone I am supposed to. I get lucky and am spotted by a friend who drags me to where they are all hanging out. Of course all my friends are dressed a bit too slutty and over did it but we have a great time. I can't get him off my mind though. I haven't seen him yet so I venture off on my own to go find him.

It only takes me about 5 minutes of searching to find him by the exit door. It is pushed open a bit to let a breeze in. I smile brightly at him. I am a bit sad to see he hasn't dressed up though. I walk up to him for he hasn't noticed me yet...

“Mr. Helmer. I'm shocked at you. What, no school spirit? You can't dress up?”

“Ha ha, well I'm not a Halloween type, Katie. It's not my thing but I love the music and dancing. Don't hate me too much.”

“Dancing? You don't say... Dance with me then?”

“I suppose we can. You have been a good girl.”

He teases me as he slips his hand into mine and I feel the warm rush of it run through me as I follow behind him to the floor. It is a semi fast song so we just dance easily. We both have pretty good moves. We flow nicely as we talk and joke about as we dance. I zone everyone out and feel as if it is just he and I here. Once the song ends a slow one comes on and he tries to leave the floor but I tug on his wrist...

“Not so fast, Helmer. I'm not done with you yet.”

He smiles at me as he pulls me close to him. I feel his hands on my hips as I wrap mine around him as best I can. He holds me close and I can feel his breath on me as we dance. The song feels as if it could last forever. Once it ends he takes my hand and walks off the floor and out of the gym. I am confused as to where we are going but don't question him as I follow. We find our way to the teachers’ lounge far enough away from the dance but not too far that we can't hear the music. Once we are in there he closes the door and looks at me.

“Katie, we need to talk.”

“Ah, um is something wrong, Mr. Helmer?”

“No, nothing is wrong but I need to ask you something. I want you to be honest with me.”

“I'm always honest with you, Mr. Helmer.”

“Please, Katie, call me Nick. We're past a teacher-student relationship.”

“Yes, Sir.”

We sit down. I feel silly as my tutu flows out around me and I blush looking at him. His eyes are gazing over me head to toe before he speaks.

“I want to ask you... Are you the one?”

“The one what, Nick?”

“Are you... The one who's been leaving me the notes all this time?”

I look up at him and I slip my fingers into his as I speak.“Yes, Nick..... Mr. Helmer. I am. I've felt this way since the first day I met you three years ago. I can't help it.”

“I can't say that the idea isn't sweet, but I think it's just a crush, Katie. It'll pass.”

“No! No it won't. I'm not some child. I know how I feel. I want to be with you, Nick.”

“I don't see you as a child. You have to know that. You know how I feel about you, Katie. I know you've seen it...”

With that I feel the need suddenly overcome me as I move up and climb onto his lap. I kiss him deeply as I wrap my arms around him. I let out soft moans and whimpers of need for him. I am finally able to taste his lips on me. I have wanted this for so long as I kiss him deeply. I know the chances of getting caught are big but I can't help it. I need to taste his lips on mine. His hands run over my body with a hungry need as he kisses me back.

He breaks the kiss first as I try to keep it locked. I feel the hot need for him burn so deep in me I almost cry when he let's go... I need him. He keeps me on his lap and looks at me.

“We can't do this here. It's not right. Not only because you’re a student but it's a school.”

“I know. I agree. Let's go somewhere.”

“We can't go to my place Katie. I'm in the middle of moving and getting my own place. I'm finally done with flat mates.”

“My mum is gone for the weekend. Let's go there.”

I can see the unsure look in his eyes even mixed with the passion he feels for me. He knows this is wrong and so do I but neither of us can fight it anymore. We get up and leave the back way so no one sees us. We both have our cars so we drive separately. I am a bit nervous he'll chicken out but I see him following me in the car behind. I start to get nervous because I haven't told him still that I am a virgin. Will it make a difference to him, if I am? Will he run the other way if he knows I am? I decide not to tell him. I don't want to scare him off.

Once we get to my place we go straight to my room. My heart is racing. I can't believe this is happening. Nick Helmer is actually in my room! I become so nervous and shy. I know he can sense it as he comes up to me and kisses me softly on the lips. His hands are caressing the back of my neck. He pulls my tight bun out as my hair cascades down over my back. I let out a soft moan as he leans into me. I can feel how hard he is for me.

“Do you really want this, Katie? We can back out now and go our own ways. Pretend like nothing happen.”

“We both know that isn't true, Nick. And, no. I don't. I want this. I really want this.”

“Good, neither do I. I want this too. I have for a long time. Plus I have always had a thing for Ballerinas.”

He smirks at me as he pulls me close again. He's kissing me as I feel my own hands begin to unbutton his shirt. I feel the softness of his skin press against my hands as I touch him. His body is warm as I feel him gasp lightly as I work down to undo his pants. The button first then the fly. I break our kiss and he slides his shirt off tossing it to the floor as I move to my knees.

I don't know entirely what I am doing or if I'm going to do this right but go with what feels right. His blue eyes burn down at me as I watch him. His pants fall to his ankles as he is standing there only in his boxers. I take a deep breath and tug on his boxers pulling them down to reveal his cock. It is my first cock I've seen in person. He is inches from my face. He looks so big that I feel a wave of hot powerful desire deep in me but also mixed with fear.

I shake my head and clear it telling myself not to over think things as I lean into him. I wrap my lips around just the head of his cock as I caress the tip with the softness of my tongue, coating him with my saliva. I hear soft moans from him as I begin. I work slowly at first not wanting to mess up, as I dare to move on I push a bit more in my mouth. He lets out a low groan. His knees lock and I stop, thinking I have done something wrong.

“Ooh Katie, don't stop. Please right there. Oh don't stop, baby.”

His words encourage me as I let my tongue flick him lightly on the underside of his cock. I move forward and push every last inch of his cock into my mouth as I begin to suck on him. I enjoy the taste of how hard he is in my mouth. I like knowing it's me who's caused him to be so hard. I move at a steady pace allowing myself to get used to him in my mouth. I let out a soft moan as I feel how turned on I am getting by sucking on his cock.

He tastes good as I take him deeper in my throat. His fingers work into my hair and he pulls me closer to him as he begins thrusting into my mouth. I give in a little and allow him to take the control as he fucks my mouth. I can taste his pre-cum dripping into the back of my throat. I love the way he tastes. I have always feared I'll not like the taste but coming from him I can't get enough.

He stops after so long and lets out a growl. He leans down and picks me up. He begins to undress me slowly... He slips my tutu off and throws it towards his clothes as he takes off the leotard. His eyes lock on my body as he does. He looks at me with such passion I think I might faint from the blush that runs through me. He leaves my thigh highs and ballet shoes on. He picks me up and carries me to the bed laying me on my back.

I can feel my pulse racing so hard it feels as if it's going to pound out of my chest. He climbs between my legs and begins kissing me. I feel his body against me as we kiss. He doesn't kiss me long before he moves down my body. He sucks my nipple into his mouth as I cry out a moan for him. I have never felt the touch of a man this way and it's Nick of all people I am with. He moves a hand between my thighs as he teases my slit finding how wet I already am for him.

His mouth moves down kissing my stomach as he parts my legs. I can feel him kiss my inner thighs as he works closer to my pussy. It aches deep for him to touch me. It is a slow torture as he takes his time. I think he'll never touch me and when he does I moan out so deeply. I grip the covers to my bed as I push my hips forward into him.

His mouth invades my clit as he suckles it into his mouth, chewing on it lightly as he moans. The moans allow the vibrations to tease my entire pussy as he pushes just a single finger inside me. He works me lightly as I push my hips on his face. I feel as if I have no control of my body as he works me. His tongue licks and laps hard on my clit and hole as I shake deep. I feel the well-known feeling of an orgasm build. I have never had one caused by someone else and I'm ready for it.

“Nick, I'm going to cum!”I cry out as I tilt my head back. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I let out a long cry. I begin to orgasm an orgasm I have never experienced before. I lose total control of my body as I cum. He doesn't give up on me. He works me so hard I feel as though my orgasm is never going to end. Rippling waves of powerful orgasms occur as he sucks harshly on my clit. My body relaxes and I feel the orgasms slow as he comes up to me, his chin is covered with my juices as he kisses me deeply.

“I have never in all my life had an orgasm like that, Nick.”

“Mm mm and I'm not even done with you yet.”

He growls lightly as he kisses me. His hands wander over my body as if he can't get enough of me. I move my hips keeping pace with his touch. I want to feel him inside me. I have craved the thought for far too long. It feel as if I have waited forever for this.

“Please Nick. Please take me. I want you now. I've waited so long for this.”

“I like that you’re so eager for me Katie. I've wanted this so badly. I never want it to end.”

“Neither do I, Nick. Please, please have me.”

He smiles as he sucks my bottom lip, causing me to whimper out feeling a warm tingle course inside me. I can feel the tip of his cock begin to linger at my slit. I know it is about to happen. I am finally going to have him. I couldn't have wanted anything more in all my life. I moan lightly as I feel him begin to push into me. I let out a low whine feeling him enter me more. I dig my fingers into his arms as I feel him fill me. It feels like a sharp pinch at first. It hurts so badly but the moment he is completely inside me the pleasure overtakes that and I let out a low groan ready for more. He moves slowly at first allowing me to feel and adjust myself to him.

I give him a look to tell him it's okay to keep going. His own moans match mine as he fucks me. His thrusts change and begin to get stronger and deeper filling me. With each thrust he keeps bottoming out. I cry out for him as he does. I can tell he loves my moans. The more I moan the more he thrusts into me. His hand slips down between us as he starts to tease and caress my clit. He brings me into an orgasm so fast and hard I don't even have a chance to stop it. I can feel myself cum around his thick cock as I suck him into me deeply as I orgasm. My toes pointed out as I orgasm around him. He is pushing harder into me with each wave of orgasm.

“Mm that's it Katie, that's my baby... Cum for me baby. Cum on my cock.”

“Oh fuck Nick!! You feel so good inside me!!”

I can't mange any other words as I cum hard for him. I can feel my orgasm finally end. He only picks up speed wanting me to orgasm again. The power behind each thrust forces his balls to slap against my ass. I can feel my wetness cover my ass and his balls. With each slap of his balls there is a slight sting to it. He lifts my legs over his shoulders. I keep my toes pointed as He fucks me. His hands running over my stockings as he rams into me again and again.

He slows the pace but the power behind it is still there. The blows into me are massive as he moves quicker. He gives me no gentle touches. He comes down to kiss me; it forces my legs up higher. This allows him to push deeper into me. I feel him tighten inside me. His moans grow into grunts as he moves a bit faster again now. The more he grunts and moans the more it draws me to another orgasm.

He moves forward pushing hard. He suddenly growls loudly as he begins to cum inside me. I feel the pressure of him fill me so much as he cums that I orgasm around him hard. I whine out his name as we cum together. Our bodies are entangled together as we feel the waves of orgasm subside as he stays inside me. I can feel the once mass thickness of his cock begin to soften inside me. I enjoy the way it feels inside me.

Once his cock has naturally slipped from me he moves to lay beside me. We allow our breaths to slow down. Our heartbeats racing as we smile at one another. He slides his hand into mine and caresses it lightly with his thumb. I bite my lower lip as I sigh softly. He hears it and looks at me raising a brow.

“That doesn't sound like a content sigh, Katie... What's wrong?”

My eyes are locked on his as I let go of my lip. I try to start explaining. The words don't seem to want to come out.

“Katie, talk to me. You can tell me anything.”

“Nick. I have to confess something.”

“What is it, Katie? Tell me...”

“I'm... I'm well, I'm a virgin. Or, I was until tonight. This was my first time.”

I hold my breath half expecting him to start yelling or getting angry at me. He looks at me with a half smile.

“Katie, I had a feeling you were. You never seemed like the type of girl in school. I couldn't ever be sure but I figured you were. I hope I wasn't too rough with you.”

“Oh Nick! It was perfect. It was everything I wanted and more.”

“Thank you, Katie. You were perfect.”

We lay in silence, nothing truly needed to be said for a while. It is perfect lying with him. He breaks the silence again with a question that hadn't dawned on either of us...

“Katie, are you on some form of birth control?”

“He-he, a little late to ask that. Isn't it, Nick?”

“I suppose, but that doesn't answer me.”

“Yes, Nick. I've been on birth control since I was 16. My mum insisted on it. You've got nothing to worry about.”

“I'm not worried about me. It's you I was worried about, baby.”

He pulls me into a cuddle and holds me close as he plays with my long hair. I snuggle into his chest as we become sleepy. I speak softly just above a whisper...

“Nick... Stay with me... Stay the night with me...”

“Mm silly girl. I'm not going anywhere...... All weekend. I'm yours.”

The way he says “yours” sends a chill up my spine as I smile.

He did in fact stay all weekend. It became a regular thing for us. Though after that weekend I went to his place for my mum was home again. Nick had his own place now. We behaved ourselves best we could at school and we never did get caught.

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