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A young bachelor's lesson

Because sex is a transfer of pleasure.

"Oh god yes!" shouted Lisa, sweating as she was pounded doggy style by Amir on the mattress.

On a hot Texas summer the two lovers were covered in sweat as the room smelled of musk. Lisa was a tall blonde that looked a lot like Elisha Cuthbert while Amir was a guy of Indian heritage in his early twenties who resembled Zayn Malik. The blonde had been eaten out by Amir earlier and after ten minutes of unprotected sex, she was being pounded doggy style. Finally, Amir laid back as the blonde crawled on top of him and started to ride his dick.

"That's it, just hold it a little while longer, my pussy!" said Lisa, taking deep breaths as she rode the dick.

"I can't!" said Amir.

"Come on please do it please!" said Lisa, riding the cock as she took deep breaths with sweat making her tanned freckled skin shiny.

"I am going to bust get off!" shouted Amir.

"Dammit!" said Lisa, hopping off as cum shot out of Amir's cock.

Lisa laid on the bed and took a few deep breaths as Amir put his head against her shoulder. The blonde gently laid in bed and then got up. Amir saw the nude tall blonde put on her clothes and wondered what was going on.

"What?" asked Amir.

"I have to go back home," said Lisa.

"No you don't," said Amir.

"Ya you know my fucking schedule now too!" replied Lisa, angrily.

"What are you so pissed about?" asked Amir.

"You can't fuck for shit, fucking dildo is more useful than you," said Lisa, quickly putting on her clothes.

"Damn really? Whatever," said Amir.

"Ya whatever," said Lisa, putting on her clothes and heading out of the apartment.

Amir was tired from the sex and decided to not bother with the drama, instead he napped. At the age of twenty-one, Amir was a college kid living in an off-campus apartment. Amir had rich parents so paying rent was no issue to him at all. Standing at six feet tall, being in great shape, having six pack abs, light brown skin, and a face very similar to that of Zayn Malik made him popular with some of the co-eds. Unfortunately, Amir had a habit of paying the rent late. So far, it was the sixth day of July and Amir still hadn't written the check to pay the rent.

"Dammit, late again!" said Laura.

Laura was Amir's landlord and she had enough at this point. Laura moved to Texas from Florida when she was twenty and was now thirty-five years old. Laura was a brunette with lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, and an athletic looking body. Of Italian descent, Laura had the darker swarthy appearance to go with her looks. The brunette had the body of a volleyball player and stood at around five-foot-eight. Laura's face looked exactly like that of former MMA fighter Gina Carano. After having had enough, Laura finally headed upstairs to Amir's apartment.

Laura was sweaty and exhausted from a long work day, frustrated as well. All that kept Laura going was the anger towards Amir for not paying his rent on time as usual. Laura made it up to Amir's floor and knocked on the door, ready to give him a mouthful the second he responded. After receiving no response, the brunette used the keys to the apartment which she had being the landlord and opened it herself.

"That smell!" said Laura, covering her nose as she stepped into the apartment. The apartment smelled of pure musk due Amir and Lisa fucking.

The brunette made her way to Amir's bedroom where she saw the young bachelor laying down and sleeping. Before taking action, Laura sniffed the air to find a strong smell of musk. The room smelled like two sweaty people that just finished having sex and it was hot as well, making the smell worse. Laura's anger was only getting worse due to the temperature in the room but the musky smell started to arouse her. The brunette wore her tanktop and some jeans which were making her uncomfortable. The heat in the apartment as well as the musky smell lead to Laura taking off her jeans. Now wearing a black tanktop and black panties, the brunette finally decided to confront the sleepy tenant.

"Hey, up!" shouted Laura, as Amir didn't respond. Laura shouted once again in a very loud voice which woke Amir up.

"Huh, what!" said Amir, startled as he moved around and threw the blanket covering him away. Laura looked to see a nude Amir and his massive brown penis.

"Oh my god," said Laura, looking at it.

"Wait, what!" shouted Amir, looking at his landlord in panties.

"Just came to tell you naked guy, you're getting evicted," said Laura, staring at the dick while biting her bottom lip.

"For what!" shouted Amir, throwing his hands up high.

"For being late in paying the fucking rent like you always are!" shouted Laura, giving Amir a fierce look that one gives when they believe someone has lost their mind.

"Why the fuck are you wearing panties in my apartment?" asked Amir, staring at the woman.

"Because, this is my fucking apartment now!" shouted Laura, staring fiercely at Amir.

"You can't evict me," said Amir, shaking his head.

"I am doing it right now as soon as I go downstairs," said Laura.

"In those panties? Lets see how everyone else living in this place sees that," said Amir.

"So full of yourself you fucking brat. What do you do with that damn thing anyways? You don't even know how to use it," said Laura, looking at Amir's penis.

"Why are you looking at my dick?" asked Amir.

"That blonde left angry, you can't even please a woman with that thing," said Laura, laughing.

"I cannot believe this is happening, you are crazy" said Amir, moving back on the bed.

"It's like some long brown stick just sitting there all slimy," said Laura, laughing even harder.

"You are one crazy woman," said Amir, his back up against the bed.

"I mean, is your apartment dirty all the fucking time because you keep playing with that? Do you keep playing with it because you are so bored?" said Laura, smiling.

"Fuck this," said Amir, having mixed feelings of embarrassment, arousal, and shyness.

Amir soon got up but realized that his clothes were in the living room. Laura was standing in the door way smiling as Amir was nude and walking towards her direction. The young bachelor thought about walking through the doorway as he looked around for something to cover himself with but as he looked back, the brunette had stripped down to just her bra and panties. Amir wondered what was going on as Laura gently slapped her crotch, looking at Amir and smiling. As Amir looked in shock and headed towards the doorway, the brunette immediately got in his way and started grabbing her pussy.

"You are naked in my apartment," said Laura, fingering her pussy.

"Crazy," said Amir, who couldn't help but stare at her perfectly tanned skin and nicely toned body.

The bachelor was aroused and it showed with his penis becoming as hard as a rock. Laura noticed and decided to take her bra off, standing in the door way wearing nothing but her panties. Amir could not help but stare at the brunette's perfectly shaped breasts, nice shiny nipples, toned abs, and shiny skin. The brunette smiled and Amir could see the dimples on her cheeks as she did. To make things even more arousing, Amir could now smell the musk coming from in-between Laura's legs.

"So, gonna leave or not?" asked Laura, smiling.

"My clothes are in the other room," replied Amir, a bit disoriented by what was going on.

"Okay, lets make a deal. You've been eyeing my body all this time like some sleazy pervert and I can see that thing getting hard already. We'll fuck right now and if you make me squirt before I make you cum, you don't have to pay rent this month," said Laura.

"Well lets get to it," replied Amir.

"But if I make you cum before you make me squirt, rent this month is a hundred extra dollars and I get to come into your apartment whenever I please, you do what I say, and do whatever I want until you can make me squirt before I make you cum," said Laura.

"Uh huh ya sure, lets get it on already so I don't have to pay rent this month," replied Amir.

"Cocky and I bet you don't even know how to use that thing," replied Laura.

"I do," said Amir.

"You gonna stand there talking all day or do something?" said Laura, in a louder voice.

Amir immediately walked towards the brunette, grabbed her buttocks, and locked lips with her. The bachelor could feel the brunette's silky smooth skin and felt that this was going to be easy. Laura grabbed the cock with her smooth hands and rubbed it while making out with the bachelor. Amir immediately pulled down the brunette's panties which were tightly hugging her butt and carried the nude woman over to the bed.

The young bachelor immediately stuck his penis inside of the brunette and put his arms around her, pounding her as hard as he could. Amir aggressively thrusted his lower body as his penis penetrated and pounded the brunette's pussy, taking deep breaths while he did so. Getting bored of the position, the bachelor put the brunette in a doggystyle position and stuffed his penis in her ass. Grabbing both of the brunette's buttocks, the bachelor started to pound away as the brunette was on her knees.

"Uh!" said Amir, breathing hard and sweating as he fucked the brunette.

"So I guess that's why the blonde left so bored," said Laura, yawning.

Amir ignored the brunette and kept on pounding her anally as hard as he could but a few second later, cum shot out. Laura looked back at the bachelor and laughed, hardly fazed by what he did. Amir had goosebumps crawling on his skin and a look of major fear, wondering how the brunette was unfazed. The brunette laid on the bed and laughed as cum dripped from Amir's penis.

"Wow, hey how about this, try to make me squirt now and you don't have to pay the hundred extra," said Laura, laughing.

The bachelor immediately fingered the brunette who looked at him with a blank face the entire time, unfazed. Amir furiously fingered the brunette's pussy until his hands were tired but nothing seemed to click, he himself was tired now. Laura looked at the exhausted bachelor and got on top of him, kissing him on both cheeks before whispering something into his ears.

"The deal stands, you pay extra and I come in when I want. In these coming months, I am going to teach you some lessons that pay off for the rest of your life," said Laura.

Amir could still smell the powerful musk coming from the brunette's body but shortly after the message, she got up to shower and then left. The young bachelor laid in bed nude for a while before finally getting up a few hours later to shower. Amir went downstairs with his check, extra money as promised, and handed it to the brunette who was waiting with a smile on her face. No words were exchanged between the bachelor and the brunette but Amir was well aware of how thoroughly he had been embarrassed.

The coming week passed and after an exhausting Friday night, the bachelor opened his apartment door and was shocked by what was inside. Laura was sitting on the couch wearing nothing but her black bra and panties with her hair in a ponytail, catching the bachelor's attention. Amir closed the door and entered the apartment as the brunette looked back at him. The bachelor's heart started racing and beating fast, wondering what the brunette would say.

"In your undies right now, you're going to learn an important lesson today," said Laura, as Amir immediately stripped down to his underwear.

"When you fucked me not that long ago, which was boring as hell by the way, you never bothered to do anything other than sticking your dick inside. So today, you use your hands and mouth to pleasure me to where I would want to get naked," said Laura.

"Seriously," said Amir, rolling his eyes.

"Ya, because I said so," said Laura, rolling her eyes.

Amir started locking lips with the brunette, grabbing her buttocks as he did. As the two locked lips, Amir attempted to pull down the brunette's panties but the feisty brunette grabbed his hand, squeezed it, and pulled it away. The bachelor felt the pain as he continued to make out with the brunette and shook his hand around a bit from that pain. Amir's penis was as hard as a rock but he was told not to take it out, except he pulled his own underwear down and whipped it out. Laura felt a very warm sensation on her thighs as Amir's penis laid on them, immediately she pushed the bachelor aside.

"Okay then," said Laura, grabbing the penis and furiously stroking it.

The bachelor took deep breaths as the brunette stroked his penis, giving him an amazing hand job. Within seconds, Amir shot out a load of cum which was on his couch and on Laura's hands.

"Whoa!" shouted the brunette, smiling as she licked some of the cum off of her hands.

"Whew," said Amir, taking a deep breath.

"You see, I don't like disobedience and everything has a price," said Laura, jumping on Amir and wrestling with him.

The bachelor was way too tired to defend himself from the feisty brunette, being easily dominated by her. Laura managed to get both of her arms around the bachelor's neck and used her legs to lock on to his body. Amir attempted to move around but within seconds, the brunette had a tight grip on him and he was out of luck. Laura put the bachelor in a rear naked choke, he tapped but she kept applying pressure until he almost passed out but right before he was about to pass out, she let go. Amir let out large long breaths of air and laid down in exhaustion.

"Everything has a price boy, you play with that thing and it shoots out, you're done. You're out of energy and end up being a wimp. I could beat the life out of you right now and you wouldn't be able to stop me," said Laura, jumping on the bachelor and slapping him across the face a few times.

"Ah!" said Amir, in pain.

"Boy, when I am done with you, you're going to know how to properly please a woman and have your way with her!" said Laura.

The brunette put her clothes on and walked out as the worn out bachelor was laying in his apartment almost nude. As the night passed, the bachelor got ready for the morning and went about his day as usual. When Amir came back at night, there she was again, in her two piece looking at him. Amir closed the door and the brunette gave her instructions.

"These aren't coming off but you're pleasuring me," said the brunette, wearing her bra and panties.

Laura wanted Amir to make love to her but she was going to keep her bra and panties on. The bachelor stripped down to his underwear, went over to the brunette, and grabbed her feet. Amir started sucking on the brunette's toes and massaging her calves while sniffing her feet. Laura moaned as the bachelor worked his way up to her thighs, grabbing and smacking them.

"Learning something!" said Laura, breathing hard.

Amir put his hands on the brunette's buttocks and tightly squeezed them while softly biting her muscular thighs. Laura started moaning for the first time but then Amir surprised the brunette, putting his arms around her and dragging her close to him. The bachelor put his face against the brunette's panties and sniffed the powerful odor coming from them, the arousal making him shake his head.

"Muah!" said Amir, kissing the brunette's inner thighs as his nose sniffed her pussy.

Laura took deep breaths as the young bachelor worked his tongue and mouth around her body. Amir loved the musky smell coming from the brunette and kissed as much of her soft skin as he could. Laura couldn't believe it but the young bachelor was arousing her now. As Amir intensely kissed and licked the brunette's inner thighs, she elevated her legs in excitement and caught the bachelor's head in-between. The young horny bachelor sniffed the brunette's pussy and violently shook his head while sucking on her panties.

The brunette stripped her bra off and rubbed her nipples in pleasure while looking down at the bachelor. Amir looked up and saw the brunette's nipples, sniffing her pussy while doing so. All the while, the bachelor noticed a bit of sweat on the panties on the brunette, he knew he had her. Amir gave the crotch a nice sniff and then put his mouth over the brunette's camel toe, making her moan. The brunette rubbed her nipples and the horny bachelor could not help but get a taste.

"Come here!" said Amir, crawling up and putting his arms around the brunette's nude back.

Amir could not help but wonder how a woman with such silky soft smooth skin was able to easily have her way with him in most cases but now he was in the moment, it was all about enjoying some nice soft nipples in his mouth. The bachelor opened his mouth and put one of the brunette's nipples on it, sucking on them as his saliva warmed them up. Amir loved how soft the nipples were but while he sucked on them, he would also squeeze and rub Laura's other breast and lick the sweaty area underneath the brunette's breast, making her smile and moan.

"That's it handsome," said Laura, smiling as Amir pleasured her.

The aroused bachelor picked the topless brunette up and took her to his bedroom as the brunette screamed in excitement. For the first time, Laura was being friendly and cordial towards Amir instead of the usual hostility. Amir dropped the brunette on the bed immediately got on top of her, kissing and making out with her. The bachelor's darker hands covered the brunette's slightly lighter skinned buttocks as he squeezed and smacked them while making out with her. Laura's heart started beating and now there was the urge to take off her panties.

Laura's legs started to shake as the bachelor made out with her and tingles in-between them became even stronger. The brunette could not give in so fighting all of her urges, she pushed the bachelor off of her. Laura got up, wearing nothing but her black panties, and looked at the young bachelor on the bed. Impressed by how far he had come, Laura decided to congratulate Amir.

"You did great but that's it for today," said Laura.

"Cool," said Amir, as Laura looked at his erect penis.

"Actually, pull those down, you earned this one," said Laura.

As soon as Amir stripped down nude, she quickly grabbed his penis and stuck it inside of her mouth. Closing her eyes, Laura started to aggressively suck and lick the young bachelor's erect and hard cock which had a darker color to it compared to her tanned body, making him moan. As she sucked the bachelor off, she put her hands over his darker skinned testicles and massaged them, making the bachelor take deep breaths and let out loud moans. The bachelor looked down to see a fierce look in the eyes of a brunette who was treating his dick in a way a hungry person would grub on a healthy meal. Laura's fierce oral skills made the bachelor shake his lower body, stretch out, and shoot out a large load of cum inside of her mouth as he moaned.

"Hot!" said Laura, swallowing the cum and sucking the bachelor's dick a bit more.

"Woo!" said the bachelor.

"You're getting there," said Laura, smiling as she massaged the bachelor's cock and licked her hand afterwards. She took off her panties and gave them to the bachelor but immediately afterwards, got dressed to head out.

"Huh?" said Amir.

"That is your other reward, get a whiff," said Laura, smiling as she left.

Amir put the dark panties against his nose and sniffed them hard, the smells driving him wild. The young bachelor used the panties to stroke his cock a bit more, smells coming from the brunette's underwear making him aroused all over again. Amir had never felt such arousal and excitement from sex that the much older brunette was giving him, he wondered what was next.

The young bachelor's Friday night ended but Saturday morning brought a surprise. Amir woke up at nine in the morning to find the brunette near the door wearing nothing but a shirt looking at him. The bachelor saw the brunette's pussy which had a dark haired landing strip and wondered if he was having a wet dream. Amir's penis grew erect as the brunette stared him down, just wanting to have his way with her.

"Morning, so now it's time for orals," said Laura as the nude bachelor grabbed his dick and started stroking it in front of the brunette.

Immediately, the brunette jumped on the bed and sandwiched Amir's head in-between her legs. The bachelor got a whiff of the strong odor coming from the brunette's crotch as she didn't shower that morning. Amir used his firm grip to grab the brunette's buttocks, put his nose against her pussy, and started to eat her out. Laura's lower body gently started to shake as the bachelor ate her out and the brunette just couldn't believe how easily the bachelor's tongue was arousing her. Amir started to eat the brunette out more aggressively, making her thighs vibrate.

"Ah!" said Laura, falling backwards.

The young bachelor immediately sat up and had his arms around the brunette's back, eating her out while violently shaking his head. Laura was laying down with her lower body being lifted off the bed, her legs vibrating and stretching as the bachelor ate her out. Amir got a whiff of the pussy and continued to eat Laura out, the smells making him furiously shake his head as Laura moaned. 

"Ay!" shouted Laura, her heart pounding and breaths getting deeper.

Laura attempted to crawl around on the bed as her pussy felt powerful tingling sensations that made her kick her legs around uncontrolably. Amir sniffed and continued to eat the pussy out as the brunette moaned, now being controlled by the young bachelor. Laura was amazed at how quickly the bachelor had gone from clueless to now getting the better of her. She tried to sit up and roll around only to find that the bachelor had his mouth tightly locked on to her pussy, sucking on it and licking it as his hands grabbed on to various parts of her body making her moan.

"Whoa!" said Amir, lifting his head up as fluids from Laura's body dripped down his mouth.

Now Laura tried to crawl away from Amir only to be grabbed by him and wrestle around with the aroused bachelor. Laura attempted to overpower him but failed miserably, being tossed around on the bed like a ragdoll. Amir had all of his power as he was aroused and hadn't cummed, it was Laura who was now being taken for a ride. Laura was lifted and thrown around as Amir kept a tight hold on her, making her almost dizzy.

"Whew!" said Laura, sweating and barely able to catch her breath from being overpowered.

As soon as Laura was on her knees and upright, Amir wrestled her down again and rolled around with her on the bed until the two fell off. On the ground, Amir continued to throw Laura around like a rag doll as she could barely catch her breath. Laura started to groan as Amir overpowered her and now, she was on her knees in a doggystyle position. 

Amir grabbed both of tired Laura's buttocks and smacked them a few times before stuffing his cock inside of her anus. Laura was halfway unconscious and crying in pain as the penis went inside of her ass. The aroused young Amir had a tight grip on her ass and started to fucking her doggystyle on the floor of his apartment. For Laura, closing her eyes and wishing for Amir to slow down was the only thing she could do. Laura was far too tired from the wrestling to fight back or do anything on her own.

As Amir continued to pound Laura's ass, her knees grew weak and she could barely stay in a doggystyle position. Laura collapsed on the floor face down as Amir put his arms around her neck and laid on her back. The aroused young Amir laid on the top of the tired woman and continued to pound her with all of his energy. For a few seconds it seemed as if Laura was knocked out unconscious but the reality of the situation was, she was tired and had a very foggy vision. 

After a few seconds as the pounding continued, Laura attempted to throw her arms around to see if she could get away. Finally it hit her, Laura realized she was done and her body was getting destroyed by a younger guy who had a lot of energy. Laura put an arm up and started furiously slapping the ground, making it clear she had tapped. After a few seconds, Laura started to slap the ground even more furiously while yelling.

"Give up?" asked Amir, still fucking her.

"Yes yes yes!" shouted Laura, sweaty and breathing hard.

"Okay, get up!" said Amir, getting off of Laura and grabbing her by the hair.

Laura gave in and could not put up even a bit of a fight against Amir, her body was a rag doll. Amir dragged the brunette to a nearby wall and put her head up against it, aggressively grabbing her breasts and pushing her against the wall. Laura's head was tightly against the wall as Amir poked her mouth with his wet cock until Laura opened it. The big fat cock went right inside of Laura's mouth as Amir thrusted his entire lower body against her face, hitting the back of Laura's throat. Laura felt the pain as the aroused young man continued to work her mouth while taking deep breaths. 

At one point, Amir had to keep both hands on Laura's head as the brunette's entire body was going dead. Laura was felt like she was being punched with full on aggression inside of her mouth as the bachelor continued to pound his cock inside of her mouth. All Laura could do was stay awake, her body already destroyed while her head was taking a beating from the massive cock going inside of it. At times, Laura's head bounced back and forth against the wall, scaring her and thinking she was going to end up with a concussion. 

"Yeah!" shouted Amir, closing his eyes and leaning his head back as he let Laura go.

Laura immediately collapsed on to the ground, her eyes open as she laid down. The way Laura's body fell made it seem like she might be unconscious, it simply collapsed as if she had died. Fortunately Laura was alive but in total shock from the way she had been dominated like never before. Amir's hand grabbed the woman's head as he came all over her face. Laura's face was covered entirely in Amir's cum, making her close her eyes as she laid looking up at the ceiling. The whole incident made it seem like a bucket of cum had been dumped over Laura's face, there was no clear spot at all.

"Whew, got anymore lessons for me bitch?" asked Amir, laughing.

Amir laid down on the bed as Laura was just regaining some consciousness, her vision clouded by Amir's cum. Laura rubbed her hands over her face, almost as if she was washing her face with Amir's cum. A large volume of cum was on Laura's hands as she rubbed her pussy and anus with the cum available. Laura moaned from pleasure while rubbing the cum all over her body. While she pleasured herself, Laura licked her lips and face, getting a taste of Amir's cum. As some of the cum remained, Laura used her hands to do a facewash with the cum left, taking a deep breath as she was done.

Laura wanted to get up but she was too tired to move, deciding to take a nap on the floor. An hour passed as Amir woke up, seeing the nude Laura asleep on the floor of his apartment. Amir saw some of the cum on her body turn solid as he pulled out a camera and started taking photos of the nude woman he had dominated. Laura was fast asleep, nude, as Amir managed to take many photos of the brunette. 

"Wake your ass up!" said Amir, smacking Laura on the abs a few times as she woke up.

"Morning," said Laura, smiling as she saw the nude Amir standing over her.

"More like evening cum slut, come on, lets shower up," said Amir, as Laura reached her hand out.

Amir simply smacked the woman's hand away and instead put her over his shoulder, leading her to the shower. Laura and Amir showered together nude while Amir had his way with the brunette in the shower too. Amir put his soapy hands over Laura's body and used them to finger her as Laura moaned. The young bachelor soaped up Laura's face and breasts, cleaning her good. Amir aggressively fingered Laura's anus, the soap making great lubrication, and Laura fell in the shower. A once confident woman was now very weak against the energetic young man.

Laura's body was shiny from the soapy experience in the shower and she did her best to lather up Amir with soap. The woman was now completely under Amir's control, still tired despite the nap. Amir grabbed her and stood her up as he let the water clean the soap off of her. Laura continued to stroke Amir's cock while showering with the young man who had completely dominated her.

The two lovers got out of the shower, dried each other off thoroughly, and used the blow dryer as appropriate. Drying off after the showers took the two lovers as much time as actually taking the shower itself. Laura went to the bedroom to get her cellphone and approached the nude Amir.

"Already champ," said Laura, looking at Amir and smiling.

Laura put her arms around Amir and took bathroom selfies with the young man. Amir smiled and put his hands all over the brunette's body as she continued to grind all over him while taking selfies. Laura was once again taking deep breaths as her heart started to beat fast, aroused by being near a man who she once looked down upon.

"That's what's you're capable of!" shouted Laura, turning around and giving Amir a tight hug.

"That's what you can do, come on, right here, love sweetheart love!" said Laura, locking lips with Amir as the two nude lovers made out.

As Laura made out with Amir, she grabbed his cock and stroked it, taking deep breaths and being aroused. The two lovers continued to make out nude as Laura was the one who was more aroused, her lower body vibrating. Laura started to dance while making out with Amir, aroused by the young man more than ever before. Amir started to finger Laura, making her moan and arousing her even more. Laura was now dancing on Amir as he stood still and simply worked his hands over her body. Laura then let out a loud breath from the pleasure and kissed Amir.

"Whew!" said Laura.

"Time to take you out," said Amir, lifting Laura.

"Hey, whoa! Hi there!" shouted Laura, laughing hard.

Amir carried the nude woman around as Laura wondered where he was taking her. Laura was worried her might actually take her outside given how crazy Amir was. Finally, Amir threw the nude woman down on the couch as she laughed.

"Wow," said Laura, laughing. Amir immediately jumped over Laura as the two made out naked for a few minutes.

"You did enough, you won, come on, time for a reward," said Laura.

Laura pushed Amir off of her, got up, and jumped all over Amir. Amir laid back as Laura massaged various parts of his body, gently squeezed his testicles, and put her mouth over his penis. Laura closed her eyes and put her mouth over Amir's cock as she ran her tongue all over it. Within minutes, Amir came inside of her mouth as she closed her eyes from the pleasure of it all. Laura sucked Amir dry and then laid nude on the couch with him, gently running her hands through his hair while occasionally kissing the relaxed Amir over his face. 

After that day, the relationship continued between Laura and Amir. Laura would cook for Amir, gave him nude massages with happy endings, show up to his place at least once a week for a fun time, offer him life advice, and generally came over whenever Amir needed it. At times, Lisa came over to get pounded by Amir too but Laura was more than okay with it. One night, as Amir laid on the couch nude watching TV, a nude Laura cooked him dinner.

"It's ready," said Laura.

Amir came over and ate dinner with the nude Laura sitting on his lap. The young bachelor was still aroused by her soft skin grinding against his as Laura continued to put her hand around him. Amir kissed Laura and ate dinner, occasionally being fed by her. At times, instead of drinking water, Amir sucked on Laura's nipples as Laura moaned. Laura felt aroused by her soft skin rubbing against Amir's slightly darker and rough skin, a feeling that gave her orgasms.

"See how far you came handsome?" asked Laura, leaning back to kiss Amir.

"Came all the way in you!" replied Amir.

"Still cocky, but guess guys like you can be," said Laura, smiling as she kissed Amir on the face a few times.

"You know how to fuck lady," said Amir, kissing Laura back.

"Only with men I want to," replied Laura, smiling.

"I am a man now huh," replied Amir.

"Yes, that cock is still hard as a rock, the amount of shit you've done to me by holding that cum in," said Laura, kissing Amir.

Amir and Laura ate food out of each other's mouth as Laura put her arms around his neck, making out with Amir. For the two lovers, it was a mutual feeling. Amir had a high sex drive and loved easy pussy while from Laura's experience, Amir was one of the very few men who could fuck her right and make her into his bitch. The night passed as Laura sat on Amir's lap and made out with him, now riding his cock from the pleasure.

As he was pleasured by her, Amir learned an important lesson of the rewards that come from treating women right and holding his cum in instead of plain empty meaningless sex where he simply came all over women. Amir had seen how a woman who used to disrespect him was now his bitch who gave him regular massages with happy endings, smiled a lot around him, gave him regular blowjobs, naked workouts, cooked for him, cleaned for him, and was ready to fuck on demand. The young bachelor had gone from being disrespected by Laura to hearing her moan loudly whenever she would visit his place, never once disrespecting him.

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