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Alexandra part 1

Me, a beautiful woman, and a steamy weekend at the lake.
Alexandra is a beautiful young woman, with dark hair, a perfect body, and eyes you could get lost in. We had met each other awhile back, and we seemed to hit it off right away. We had gotten together a few times over the last month for dinner, or coffee, but it never went further. During our last conversation she told me how much she loves boats and being near the water.

''What a coincidence,'' I said. ''I have a boat.''

''I would love to see it sometime."

''What are you doing this weekend,'' I asked.

''Going boating with you of course,'' she replied with a large smile.

We chatted for a couple hours more, and made plans to meet up on Saturday morning at a lake about an hour away. The rest of that week seemed like it took forever. I couldn't stop thinking of Alexandra. Her smile, the way she moved, and her gorgeous eyes were always in my thoughts.

I got to the lake early on Saturday morning. I wanted to make sure everything was ready when she arrived, so we could spend as much time together as possible. I launched my boat and tied it to the dock. It wasn't the most impressive boat, but definitely not junk. A simple twenty foot, open bow, ski boat that had served me well for some time now. I loaded the cooler with beer and snacks onto the boat and waited. About an hour later her car came pulling into the lot.

I couldn't help but get excited as I watched her walk toward my boat. She had on a pair of cut off jean shorts that showed off her tan shapely legs very well. The tight white tank she had on looked amazing, and as she got closer I could make out a pink bikini top under it. Her dark sun glasses hid her eyes, but she was stunning. I couldn't think of when I had seen a sexier woman in my life.

''Hi James, nice boat,'' she said, as she handed me her bag and stepped aboard.

''Hi there, and if I may say you look amazing,'' I replied still staring at her beautiful body. ''Ready to go?''

''Absolutely, I just have to slip out of some cloths, so I can take advantage of this sun. You don't mind do you?''

''No, not at all.''

She smiled at me again, and kept watching me stare at her as she began to remove her cloths. She began by pulling her shirt up slowly, 'very slowly' I thought to myself, but I was enjoying it. Still moving slowly she pulled it over her head and off, dropping it onto one of the seats. I looked over her bared skin cheerfully. From the top of her shorts up her flat stomach. Her gorgeous breasts hanging in that little pink bikini top. I didn't realize that she had stopped what she was doing and staring at me.

''Enjoying the show?''

''Very much so,'' I managed to reply.

She gave me a big smile and began to slide her hands down her sides, and over to the button on her shorts. She paused there for a moment, teasing me. She unbuttoned her jeans slowly and unzipped them. I followed her hands with my eyes. Almost hypnotized as she swayed her hips side to side slightly, before pushing her shorts down off of her body.

There she was standing in front of me. A picture of perfection. Her small bikini didn't hide much of her tanned body. A small bead of sweat rolled down her curvy hip and hit her bikini bottom. It took every ounce of control I had to keep myself from reaching out and running my hand up her perfect leg, up her hip, and back to her ass.

''I just got this bikini. How do you like it?''

She gave me a devilish grin, and then turned around so that I could see the back side of it. I stepped closer, pressing my chest against her back. Wrapping my left arm around her letting my hand rest just below her belly button. I placed my right hand onto her hip and slowly slip it up her side, lingering for a moment on the side of her breast then up to her shoulder. I moved her hair away from her neck and let it lay over her left shoulder. Placing the back of my hand on her cheek and slowly sliding it down her neck, I bent in and whispered to her.

''It's perfect, and so are you.''

With that she turned her head slightly and smiled. I couldn't wait any longer, I moved in and placed my lips on hers. She began to kiss me back, passionately. Our tongues met and started to massage one another's. It was a perfect kiss. I pulled away from her lips and began to kiss her neck just below her ear. I could feel my cock growing in my shorts and pulled my hips away from her to hide it.

I kept kissing her neck for a moment, then started making my way down her neck with my mouth. I stopped and lingered for a moment at the base of her neck, before moving to her collar bone. The moment my lips and tongue made contact she let out a soft, sweet moan. Keeping my lips against her skin I began to trace the outline of her collar with my tongue. I lost myself in the moment, in the taste of her skin on my tongue, the smell of her, and how her body felt in my arms.

She surprised me as she pushed her ass back against me and started grinding it against my now fully hard cock. In that moment there was nothing else in the world to me but the two of us. I knew we were probably being watched, but I didn't care. Having this sexy creature in my arms was everything at that moment. I pulled my mouth away from her and just stood there holding her for a moment.

''Mmmm, a very good start to the day,'' she said. ''Lets hit the water, before we go to far.''

Reluctantly, I slowly began to release her, letting my fingers linger on her hip as long as I could. She gave me a quick kiss on my lips, before heading to the front of the boat to sit down. I untied us from the dock, sat down, and started the engine. I couldn't believe how sexy she was, and how hot she made me feel. She was right about it being a very good start to our day, and couldn't wait to see where it would go from here.

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