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Alice's Awakening, Part 2

In which Alice meets her Master.
Padding barefoot through a lush jungle towards a tinkling waterfall, looking desperately for a restroom and vaguely aware of a church bell ringing… ringing…

Alice’s eyes jerked open. She looked around wildly for the moment it took to remember where she was. She became aware of two things simultaneously, the burning need to urinate and the ringing of her cell phone. She rolled onto her knees and half staggered into the adjoining suite in search of the bag containing her phone. She fumbled it out, expecting to hear Dave’s voice asking when she’d be home but it was a strangers voice that answered her breathless hello.

“Time to wake up, beautiful,” it said after a long pause. “My friends tell me you had a very pleasant interlude this afternoon. Now you must shower, dress, and wait for a text message.”

Alice ran her hands through her hair, trying to pull herself together. Bathroom! She fled to the toilet, plunked herself down and took stock of her condition as she urinated. Her vagina and nipples still felt suffused with a warm glow which increased along with the heat in her cheeks as she remembered the details of her afternoon adventures.

“Oh my God,” she thought. “Did all that really happen?”

Far from the afternoon's bout leaving her satisfied she still felt in the grip of an intense sexual energy which increased as she began to soap herself in the shower. Her fingers lingered on neck and nipples and she leaned back against the wall allowing her fingers to explore her vagina as she remembered the caresses of the two Asian women. She slowly slid a long soapy finger into her anus and could almost relive the earlier moment when she’d begun to climax and the beads had been thrust deep there. The memory in fact brought her to a shuddering orgasm. 'My God,' she thought 'I've never cum that fast before.'

The woman that stared back at her while she dried her hair before the mirror seemed quite different in subtle ways. The lips fuller, more sensual, the eyes radiating a new confidence, even her hair felt silkier to her heightened sense of touch. She finished drying it, leaving it loose and flowing, then applied makeup, using more than was her habit on eyes and lips.

She got something of a shock when she went to retrieve her clothes from the closet where she’d hung them earlier. They were gone! Jacket, jeans, shoes even bra and panties. In their place was a short white dress with matching jacket and a tiny white thong, so sheer it was almost translucent. The shoes below were also white with heels that she knew would accentuate the tight muscles of her calves.

Her eyes were repeatedly drawn to her phone, checking for the text, thinking that perhaps she’d missed the notification. She paced, sipped at a bottle of water, checked the time constantly as she became more impatient. She could feel the sexual tension rebuilding and part of her knew instinctively that this long break was meant to do just that.

Finally after an interminable three hour wait, her phone chirped. She snatched it up.“Club Monaco. 30min. Directions are in GPS.”

She took a few minutes to call Dave, telling him that she’d run into some old girlfriends and would like to make a night of it with them. She could tell by the baseball play by play in the background that he wouldn’t even notice she was gone. Then it was into the BMW, short white dress riding high on her tan thighs, a treat for the occupants of any bigger vehicle that pulled alongside.

Even though the evening was quite young, the lot outside Club Monaco was filled with cars and the steady thump of subwoofers carried clearly into the street as she approached the door. A uniformed doorman saw her and waved her through, much to the annoyance of many waiting in line.

The club was dark, what little light there was focused on the writhing dancers on the floor, the music was an almost impenetrable wall of sound. She could feel her sternum vibrating from the pressure and the beat alone carried her into the middle of the whirling, gyrating mass. Her body took over, responding to the primitive rhythms, moving of its own accord, aware of but uncaring that the short dress was riding high on her long legs and that her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

She became very aware of other bodies as they jostled and brushed against her. She felt hands briefly caress her ass then slide around to pull her back against a hot hard male body. Hands cupped her breasts and her nipples stiffened into them. She felt the outline of an erect penis against her buttocks and leaned back into it, grinding her hips. Another dancer moved in front of her, sandwiching her, his penis grinding against her belly as they trapped her between them forcing her legs apart. The hem of her dress sliding high to reveal the tiny thong, her vulva clearly defined by the thin material. She felt heat against her vaginal lips and realized that the man in front had taken out his penis and slid it between her thighs so it could rub back and forth along her slit. She snaked her arms around his neck and ground her belly into him, rubbing her cunt along the stiff length of his cock.

She felt a hand grasp one of hers and pull it down and back to encircle the thick cock of the man behind her. She traced along the swollen shaft with her fingertips, stroking around the engorged head, brushing her thumb along the sensitive skin under the glans, then began to jerk him in time with the music. She could feel his hips pumping as she stroked, then his hands on her hips as he tugged the dress up to her waist and even higher, finally lifting it over her bare breasts to leave her naked except for her tiny thong and open jacket. She brought her legs together, trapping the penis of the man in front between them, feeling him thrust harder and faster along her slit. She could feel both penis’s tightening and throbbing and realizing that both men were close to orgasm pulled away and moved slightly so she could take them both in her hands. She watched enthralled as both cocks let loose a flood of hot semen onto the floor in front of her.

As the cocks in her hand began to soften she became aware of her surroundings and realized that she was almost naked at the centre of a predominantly male group some of whom had already taken out their penis’s and were stroking, their eyes fixed on her juice soaked thong. She hurriedly tugged down her dress as a few of the men moved closer. Fear began to replace the arousal she’d been feeling and she had begun to back away when she felt a pair of strong hands clamp onto her upper arms and begin to propel her through the crowd towards the edge of the dance floor.

“Keep moving, don’t look around,” whispered a deep voice in her ear as she was guided into the shadows on the far side of the room. “Bad girl, you weren’t supposed to start without me. We’ll have to have a talk about your impetuousness later.”

'It's him!' Alice realized as she began to turn her head but a strong hand encircled the back of her neck. “No! Eyes straight ahead," commanded the voice.

The area that she was guided to was completely without lights. The only illumination came from the flickering strobes and lasers on the dance floor. The music however was every bit as loud and the combination of noise, intermittent darkness and the close physical proximity of the man who had led her there was dizzying.

As they made their way slowly along the line of booths she realized with a start that all were occupied by people engaging in various forms of sexual activity. Bodies, sometimes in groups of three or four were intertwined in various positions and in various stages of undress. Faces with glazed eyes and open mouths stared up at her as she was halted before each booth. Bare breasts, thrusting hips, bobbing heads and widely spread legs were everywhere she looked. She felt the hand on her neck tighten as his other hand slid briefly under her dress from behind to press for an instant on her wet vulva.

“Stop.” He spoke into her ear. “Eyes straight ahead still.” The hand released her neck but a second later she felt a velvety blackness close over her eyes then constriction as he tied the blindfold at the back of her head.

“Sit.” His hand gripped her shoulder and pushed her back till she felt the edge of the bench behind her knees.

“Allie,” he said, “I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Dy’von. Dy’von, this is Allie. Allie has always wondered what it would be like to suck a big black cock, haven't you Allie? You willing to help her with that?”

Alice could sense the presence of another body, could feel the heat radiating from it. A large powerful hand closed over the back of her head and began to force it lower. She was powerless to resist. The blindfold over her eyes seemed to sharpen her sense of smell and she became aware of a musky masculine odor, not at all unpleasant, quite intoxicating in fact as hot velvety skin began to stroke over her cheeks and chin before rubbing lightly across her full lips. Her tongue slid out, encountered soft skin covering the hardness within, realized that the man beside her was uncircumcised, the first uncut cock that she’d ever encountered.

Her tongue continued its exploration, sliding across the tip, lingering over the hole, pressing into it with the very tip of her tongue then moving slightly lower so she could use her lips to push back the foreskin and feel the swollen knob emerge from its sheath to completely fill her mouth. Her tongue swirled teasingly around the ridge, stroking the sensitive underside. She could feel her mouth fill with saliva and let some escape to run down the length of his shaft. She felt the huge hand return to the back of her head and apply pressure, slowly forcing the swollen cock deeper into her throat. She resisted for a minute as she fought to suppress her gag reflex but he kept increasing the pressure and finally she was able to relax and let her lips slide down his shaft all the way to his tight balls.

His hips began to rock back and forth on the bench as he thrust in and out of her mouth, pausing at the tip to let her suckle the sensitive skin there, then pushing all the way back down her throat. She slid her tongue out to lick his heavy balls as she used the muscles in her throat to massage his shaft.

“Whoa, girl. You damn good at that,” he muttered.

She increased the rhythm, sliding higher up the shaft to concentrate on his thick knob, her head bobbing up and down, applying pressure with lips and tongue, sucking hard, surrounding it with hot saliva. She felt hands in her hair, shook them off as she continued to set the rhythm, his thrusting becoming faster and more urgent. She tasted semen as his precum leaked out, felt his body stiffen, shudder then convulse as her mouth was flooded with jets of hot cum. She continued to suck and move on him as she swallowed, milking him dry, taking every drop, loving the taste and texture as she let it run down her throat.

The last of his ejaculate was still dripping down her throat when a hand grasped her upper arm and roughly pulled her out of the booth. She stumbled along, between the booths, still blindfolded, until she was pushed face first against the wall beside one of the rear exits. Her arms were yanked back behind her and she felt first one then the other wrist encircled by metal bracelets. The hands released her arms but she realized that they were now secured tightly behind her.

She was blindfolded, chained and helpless in the hands of strangers.

End of Part 2

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