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Alice's Awakening

Alice begins her journey of sexual discovery.
If there was one rule in her life that Alice had always felt she’d be able to abide by, it was the ‘NO OFFICE ROMANCE’ rule. Why then was this new email notification giving her such an intense and unfamiliar fluttering in the pit of her stomach?

Her morning had been the usual flurry of activity to get out of the door on time after once again trying to induce some kind of passionate response from Dave, her long time partner. But even taking his flaccid penis into her mouth had failed to generate any response other than what had become the usual “Christ Alice, is that all you think about?”

The drive to work had found her dangerously distracted behind the wheel, torn between despair and her own acute sexual tension which had been building for much too long. In desperation she’d driven one handed while the other worked furiously beneath her panties, trying to provide some much needed release, but to no avail. She arrived at the office tearful and frustrated and had to spend ten minutes sitting in the car regaining her composure before she could assume her customary role as the office ice princess.

The new message sitting unopened in her inbox was from the same anonymous email account as three others she’d received over the past week. The first had simply said, “Alice”?" To which she’d sent a single question mark as her reply. The next, slightly longer, was “You are beautiful.” It was the third, received just the previous day, that had dampened her palms and brought heat to her cheeks. It said, “I could smell your perfume in the elevator this morning. I want you!”

That email had brought mixed emotions, mostly anger at the impertinence, but she was able to recognize that in her present vulnerable emotional state, the flattery and attention wasn’t entirely unwelcome. Dangerous, but not unwelcome.

The email sat unopened for most of the day. Alice lost count of the number of times she reached for the mouse meaning to delete it, but by 4.00 pm it was still there, the proverbial elephant in her inbox. With a muttered “Fuck it” she clicked on the icon.

Subject; YOU!
Alice, I can see through that hard shell that you project. I know what YOU want and what I want is for you to take a leap of faith and put yourself in my hands for a day. I promise that you will be in no physical danger. Emotional danger? Well I make no promises there. You will be mine for the duration of that day to do with as I see fit and I guarantee that you won’t be the same woman by the end of the day. What say you? Yeah or Nay?
Don’t reply to this email. If you have the courage to do this, give the name Allie to the customer service desk at Cross Street Mall tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 3.30pm.

The rest of that day and night was spent in an emotional turmoil. One minute furious at the audacity of the unknown suitor, the next drifting off into lurid sexual fantasy, the positive outcome of which was that later that evening, after a few glasses of wine and with the help of her hairbrush handle, she was able to achieve the orgasm she so desperately needed.

She awoke on Saturday morning, calm, well rested and filled with resolve. She would go to the Mall to at least see what was waiting for her at customer service. After all what could possibly happen in a crowded Mall on a Saturday afternoon? She deliberately dressed down for the trip, not wanting to appear as though she’d put any extra effort into her appearance, jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket. Her auburn hair tied back in a loose ponytail, she did however, pay just a touch more attention to her makeup than was normal for her Mall visits.

As expected the place was packed, the roar of thousands of conversations competing with canned music and various announcements. “Not the sort of place for a romantic assignation,” she smiled to herself, feeling much more relaxed.

At precisely 3.30 she approached the Customer Service desk and asked if anything had been left for “Allie." The clerk handed her a small padded envelope.
“Can you describe the person who left this for me?” she asked the clerk.

“No M’aam, it was here when I started my shift,” was the unhelpful reply.

Inside the envelope was a single car key, an appointment card for the “Rainforest Spa and Salon” and a short note.

“The car is yours for the day, it’s parked in A3. Everything you’ll need is inside. Your spa appointment is at 4.00 pm, take the small case from the car in with you….better run!

The car turned out to be a beautiful little silver BMW Series 4 coupe that she wheeled into the Spa parking lot with minutes to spare. The Spa was unfamiliar to her, but judging from the vehicles parked outside was quite exclusive, she hefted the case and presented herself at the reception desk where she showed the card from the envelope. After a few minutes, a tiny Asian woman beckoned to her from a curtained doorway.

“Allie? Please come this way, special room for special person.”

The room she was shown to was luxurious in the extreme. An ornamental waterfall covered one wall and tinkled into a sculpted rock pool. The atmosphere was dense and hot, tendrils of steam swirled from the surface of the pool.

“Please place your clothes and bag in the studio next door Allie, there is a robe there for you, then please come back here and relax in the pool. We will be right with you.”

Alice needed no urging, she lowered herself naked into the hot scented water. As she did so the lights dimmed, seemingly by themselves, and soft relaxing music came wafting from hidden speakers. She lay back and moaned with pleasure as she sank to her chin and let her long legs float up. “So far so very good,” she thought to herself with a smile.

She closed her eyes and relaxed and had almost drifted off when she felt a draft of cool air and opened her eyes to find not one, but two beautiful Asian women slipping out of their long white robes. Both were slim and small breasted with thick stiff, prominent nipples, partially hidden by waves of long black hair, their skin was bronze, smooth and totally hairless. They sat on the edge of the pool and slowly swung their legs over into the water, pausing there to wind their hair up into a knot. Alice felt heat come to her cheeks at the sight of two tight full lipped vaginas openly displayed.

The two women slipped into the water with her, each took one of her hands and gently pulled her out into the middle of the pond. One moved behind and she felt small strong hands start to caress her shoulders; fingers digging skillfully into tight muscles. The other girl meanwhile, took hold of her feet and began a firm probing exploration that gradually moved higher and higher up the long muscles of her calves and thighs. She felt herself slipping into liquid warmth at the caressing touches and allowed her head to fall back against the woman behind her.

The hands that had been gently caressing her shoulders and spine now slipped under her arms and began to circle her breasts, fingertips just grazing the soft skin as they stroked slowly in towards her nipples, each time coming closer but not quite touching. The touch of hands on her thighs became more urgent as they slid higher, closer to her core. She let her legs fall apart and surrendered to the sensations as a small hand closed over her vagina and stopped, palm flat against her. She could actually feel the energy rising from the hand and penetrating deep into her pussy, releasing a flood of moisture. She moaned loudly as the other girls hands finally slid over her stiff nipples and began to roll them slowly, teasing them out to their full length. Almost involuntarily, her hips began to move against the hand pressed to her vulva as the girl in front applied pressure. She felt lips caressing the nape of her neck… hard nipples brushing against her back and that hand, pressing... pressing on her cunt.

“Come.” The soft voice in her ear broke through her sexual trance.

She opened her eyes as the girls each took one of her hands and began to lead her out of the pool. The room was so hot that there was no chill to the air as they padded hand in hand to a large mat. Alice was gently pushed onto her back as the girls knelt beside her. She looked up through hooded eyes at the small firm breasts and thick nipples, the delicate necks and full lips and felt a sexual anticipation she’d never felt before. As she watched, the girls reached up to release their hair which came tumbling down in a thick black wave. Then one on each side of her, they bent forward and began to caress her body from head to toe with their hair, one starting at the top the other at her feet. The sensations were indescribable, she could feel every nerve ending in her skin come alive, could feel her pussy dripping moisture onto the pad, and her vaginal lips swelling with blood and heat.

She felt hands grasp her knees and spread her as a warm mouth closed over her right nipple and began to suck hungrily, small teeth grazing along it, making it feel longer than it ever had. Small strong hands slid under her buttocks and lifted her to a waiting tongue. She felt lips close over her pussy and begin to kiss it as though it was her mouth, nibbling her outer lips then slipping between them for an instant, playing, toying with her. Her legs fell open as she felt fingers grasp her inner labia and pull them wide apart as the tongue pushed deeper, mouth pressed to her, tongue thrusting deep now. Then an electric jolt as a wet finger pressed lightly on her anus.

She felt herself firmly, but gently rolled over onto her stomach, one pair of hands continuing to stroke the cheeks of her ass as the other girl knelt before her and reached for a small mother of pearl box. She watched Alice’s eyes as she took out a vial of oil and what looked like a short string of beads, each bead about one inch in diameter and joined to the next with a flexible link.

She felt the girl behind grasp her hips and lift them so her hips and ass were in the air, her head and shoulders on the mat. With her peripheral vision she saw a cupped hand reach out for a palmful of the warm oil. She closed her eyes in bliss as she felt the oil being dripped over her ass and into the slit of her swollen vagina. Then fingers opening her, two or three, she couldn’t be sure, anointing her inside with the warm oil. The fingers moved relentlessly and she felt herself becoming more and more open as the pressure increased and her vagina was filled like never before… like she’d always wished that Dave could fill her.

Her hips began to move with the same rhythm, pushing back to meet each thrust as she realized what was about to happen. With one last hard push the Asian girl’s small hand slid all the way into her pussy. Alice’s eyes opened wide as she felt the fist open and close deep inside her, the fingers stroking her cervix, fluttering over her vaginal walls, the wrist distending her opening as she was fist fucked with slow hard thrusts.

She could feel the pressure building, the need to orgasm becoming acute, her body began to tremble, but then the thrusting slowed, stopped and she realized that they weren’t going to allow her to cum yet. Her breathing returned somewhat to normal until she felt a quick hot tongue slide into the cleft of her buttocks then lower to flick over her tight ass and begin to lick it with light fast strokes. Her hips began to move again as she moaned deep in her throat, the hand renewed its slow movement inside her as the tongue pushed slowly into her ass.

She was trembling on the brink of orgasm as she felt the other woman slide under to press her tongue on Alice’s distended clitoris. She began to grind her hips as the hand continued to fuck her, tongues moving light and fast on her ass and clit, the pressure becoming unbearable. So intense was it that she almost felt outside her own body; moaning, screaming, barely able to catch a breath, hips pumping, grinding then stiffening as she felt the beads thrust deep into her ass with one long stroke. Her cunt began to contract, then explode, letting loose a flood of hot liquid. Her senses swan in and out of focus as the beads were slowly withdrawn from her ass in time with her vaginal contractions. She felt her whole body turn to jelly, supported only by the hand still deep inside her. She slowly slumped onto her side into a beautiful velvet darkness.

End of Part 1.

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