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Amy's Indecent Proposal - Part V

Eric's hall pass takes an unexpected turn

Eric helped Alexis up from the floor of the suite before steering her back to the bed and flopping down to recover from the sexual madness they had fueled for over an hour.

Lying on her back with her chest heaving, Alexis wondered aloud, "What in the world do you have planned for me next?"

A good question, Eric thought to himself prior to the perfect answer popping into his head. 

"Take a shower and get dressed." he replied.  

"Get dressed? Why, I don't understand." Alexis countered. "Didn't I please you?"

Eric smiled, realizing that his comment sounded like he was asking her to leave. 

"Of course you did!" he answered in a reassuring tone. 

Still not understanding, Alexis pressed further. "Then why am I getting dressed?"

"You're getting dressed because in your own words earlier this evening you said that you charge $1,000 for twelve hours of exclusive driving and personal services, correct?  Well, we are taking that Mercedes of yours out on the town."

Alexis resisted further. "Out on the town? Why? We have this fantastic room here. Why would we want to leave?"

"Because we have six hours until dawn, and nine until we part ways. As my personal assistant and driver, it is my expressed desire to have you chauffeur me to as many locations of your choosing as possible tonight, each of which I will fuck you at before moving on. No small talk. The only sounds I want to hear from you tonight are moaning, screaming or begging. Think of it as your own silent sexual scavenger hunt."

Alexis smiled, rose from the bed and walked seductively into the bathroom. 

"I like it," she said. "After all, you're the boss."

"Yes I am," Eric answered with a tipped head, watching Alexis slip from view. 

"Oh, and boss," Alexis replied with a raised voice to be heard above the sound of the shower starting, "Since I'm no longer allowed to talk in your servitude tonight, I just want to say one last thing."

"What's that Alexis?" Eric replied curiously. 

"Please fuck me senseless at every stop." 

"Absolutely." he answered to the sound the shower door sliding shut to officially signal the start of their adventure. 

Not a word was spoken between them as the valet pulled up with the car and they climbed in.  Upon barely pulling away from the front of the hotel, Alexis slid her hand up her right thigh to push her short dress higher, revealing that she was sans panties. They both knew she wouldn't be needing any. 

Turning northward out of the drive up The Strip, Alexis drove just past the bright lights of the major hotels until she passed a rather tired looking old retail center and hung a right into the alley next to it.  Cutting the headlights, she left the car running and climbed out. Eric followed, meeting her in front of the vehicle where she wasted no time in unclasping his belt and lowering his fly.

Backing herself against the bumper, Alexis reclined onto the hood and spread her legs, holding them up with her palms behind her knees. Eric stepped between them, simultaneously drawing his ready erection out of his pants and entering her in a single, forceful stroke.  

Alexis groaned but did not utter a word. Eric's pace increased, accompanied by the sound of the metal hood buckling up and down, partially obscuring the voices of people walking down the nearby sidewalk.  Alexis withdrew a hand from behind one knee and clutched Eric's cock with it on his outward stroke before nudging him back and lowering her feet to the ground again. Sliding down the hood and standing up, she spun around. Eric watched and waited, anticipating that she would now place her hands on the car. To his dismay, she instead pulled her skirt down, walked back to the drivers door and climbed in.  Twisting the headlight knob, Alexis smiled as the halogens illuminated him and his rock hard cock for no one to see. 

Eric chuckled while he tucked himself back into his pants and returned to his shotgun position, admiring the brazenness of the initial test he had just endured. Alexis whipped a quick u turn and pulled back out onto The Strip. 

Resuming her northbound course, Alexis tuned the stereo before reaching over and grabbing Eric's swollen cock through the pup tented fabric of his slacks. She tugged longingly at it, letting him know the barrier was not to her liking. Eric obliged her, holding his waistband to allow her more easily pull the zipper down. Now accessible, she forced her hand inside and tugged aggressively at him until he popped free of his cramped quarters. 

A red street light caused Alexis to stop their journey momentarily. A large delivery truck stopped in the adjacent lane, the driver looking over and downward to unexpectedly see her holding Eric's cock.  Without hesitation, Alexis dropped her head and consumed it entirely. She teased the driver with a single long, slow motion that ended at the base before withdrawing just as slowly back to the tip and licking her lips. Stunned, the driver gazed speechlessly at Alexis before she punched the gas on cue from the green light, leaving him at the starting line.  

Eric reached over and explored Alexis's bare pussy, slowly sliding a finger up her tight crease to feel the sopping wetness he knew was there. He taunted her as she drove, leaving her wondering when it would press inside her. With her hand gripped firmly on his shaft, her grip tightening with anticipation, she was rewarded with the shortest of waits. 

With two fingers curled inside her, Alexis attempted to focus on the road while partaking in their mutual masturbation. Opening her legs wider, she signaled that she regretted not taking a few extra strokes on the hood earlier. Unable to think or drive any further, Alexis made a quick right turn across two lanes of traffic, placing them into the well lit parking lot of an all night wedding chapel.  Stopping only a few parking spots from the street, and only a few more from the front door, she killed the engine. 

Climbing across the center console as nimbly as a crazed teenager, Alexis positioned herself above Eric's lap while he slid her skirt up around her waist.  With her head smashed against both the visor and windshield, Alexis lowered herself. Eric cupped her ass to control her descent, the engorged head of his tortured manhood standing upright, needing her. 

Remembering Alexis's wishes, Eric realized that the teasing was now over. Fuck her senseless at every stop.  Those were her final words.  Yanking her downward, Eric penetrated her deep and aggressively. Sliding his hands to the top of her shoulders, he thrust himself upward repeatedly, countering Alexis slamming herself back down in reciprocal fashion. 

Rapid, small strokes dribbled Alexis's head against the visor, her hands bracing her against the dashboard.  Eric released a hand from one of her shoulders and reached around to strum her pebble hard clit, bringing a tiny whimper.  Alexis ground hard against his cock, fucking him back and feeling how damp his pants were growing from her. Eric sensed she was close, right on the edge of exploding. Lowering his other hand, he slid four fingers up the small of her back under her dress, his thumb pointing downward rebelliously. Slowly he slid it lower until the tip pressured her tiny rosebud while her clit was circled on the other side of her body. 

Alexis's body quivered, her pussy gripping the cock that was no longer thrusting, its operator quietly relishing the fact that she was totally immersed in the moment. If she wasn't, she would have noticed the newly married couple who had been watching them through the passenger window ever since they had exited the chapel. Eric's orgasm would need to wait. 

Alexis climbed back into the driver's seat and tugged her dress down again.  Starting the car, she pulled back onto The Strip while picking up her cell phone to send a text. 

Eric's phone pinged. 

"Texting isn't talking." it read.

Alexis quickly sent another message, but Eric's phone lay silent.  Impressed by the cleverness of the rule adaption, Eric tucked his glistening cock back into his pants again, wondering where the Mercedes would stop next. 

Continuing to text as she drove, Alexis let the right shoulder of her dress slip down her arm which allowed Eric to view her magnificent breast, its nipple erect and hard.  Loosening his slacks again, Eric stroked himself as he watched her drive. Having barely begun to do so, he was forced to quickly hide himself again when Alexis made an abrupt right turn into of all places, the parking lot of her club. Swinging around to the rear door, she sent another text. A few moments later, a long haired brunette emerged into the low lighting in a tight fitting sequined dress and climbed into the back seat. 

Eric immediately recognized the new passenger as the lovely Michelle, who had danced for both he and Amy when they had first arrived at the club hours earlier. Michelle was possibly even hotter in a dress than she was naked.  

Alexis glanced over her shoulder and smiled before putting the car in drive once more. 

"I hope you don't mind Alexis swinging back for me," Michelle said. "I could have caught a cab home but she insisted that I just had to see who she had in her car with her."

"Oh really," Eric answered, "And who is that?"

"The guy I told her that I'd fuck for free when I came off stage after your dance." Michelle purred. "But I assumed you were off limits since you came in with a girlfriend."

Eric was stunned.

"Actually she's my wife," he clarified. 

"And she's off fucking another guy right now, right?" Michelle teased. "Well, don't worry about it, my partner has been off fucking someone all night too."

"And you are cool with that?" Eric asked. 

"Absolutely," Michelle gushed. "Especially since she brought him back here to share with me!"  

Eric was as speechless as Alexis, but Michelle was not. 

"Take us home lover," she instructed. "I've got a lot of catching up to do."

Michelle carried the conversation as they drove, petting herself as Eric tipped the mirror to watch her. Alexis had given Michelle some brief details about their evening, but not all of them. This elevated Michelle's curiosity and her arousal as well. Pulling the plunging neckline of her dress wide open with both hands, she stopped just short of the point which would allow her nipples to be fully viewed.  Eric's mind raced as the full realization of what was soon to come settled in. 

The Mercedes bumped slightly as it pulled into the driveway of a beautiful suburban home, coming to a halt with the doors already opening.  Each woman grabbed one of his arms as they hurried Eric up the walk and through the unlocked front door. 

"I'll fix us some drinks," Michelle said in a soothing voice. "Take him in and get him settled Lex."

Michelle slipped off into another room while Alexis escorted Eric in the other direction. Turning a corner, it was quickly apparent that this was not your typical suburban abode. I the middle of the hardwood floored family room, empty except for two velvet chairs, stood a solitary dance pole. 

"It's for practice," Michelle chirped on her return, handing Eric his drink. "Lucky you."

Alexis pushed Eric down into the chair as Michelle returned to get the other two drinks and turned on music from some other area of the home. 

Creeping back into the room like a cat, Michelle watched Alexis grasp the pole and take an effortless turn. 

"Have you let him cum yet tonight?" she asked,

Alexis nodded affirmatively. 

"Since the hotel?" she continued.

Alexis shook her head no. 

"Good girl Lex," Michelle whispered softly. "Very, very good girl."

Alexis and Michelle danced as one, moving from each other to the pole and back again. They seemed almost oblivious to Eric as they focused on each other. Gentle touching and aggressive holds flowed seamlessly together while their clothing fell away. Eric sipped from his glass faster as he watched.  Fully nude, the women now drifted farther from their pole to attend to their audience. 

Alexis unbuttoned Eric's shirt one button at a time while Michelle slid his belt from the loops and unfastened his pants. Eric raised his arms, allowing Alexis to pull his shirt free while her partner worked harder to remove the lower garments. Now fully nude, Eric sat back in his chair, his erection hard and long, readied for the challenge of pleasing two women. 

Michelle knelt before him, her eyes locked on his, and ran her tongue up the entire length of his shaft before circling the head. With a sly smile she rose and walked away, allowing him to gaze upon her perfect ass. 

Alexis now circled Eric's chair before stopping behind him and running her tongue up his neck to his ear lobe and biting. Tipping his head back, he spread his knees slightly to allow Alexis better access as she began stroking him from behind. 

"How long have we been dancing?" Michelle asked with a devilish grin. 

"About twenty minutes." Eric responded. 

"Perfect, that should do the trick." Michelle laughed. 

"What should do the trick?" Eric answered curiously.  

Calmly, Michelle whispered in his ear,  "The drink you just had love. It should be taking affect quite well by now.  But don't worry, you'll love it."

"What did you give me?" Eric countered in a concerned tone.  

"Just a little brew of some time proven favorites that when combined properly, result in one hell of an outcome."  

"What, what result?" Eric questioned even louder. 

"As soon as you stop talking and start fucking one of us, you'll find out." Michelle challenged. 

Eric seized Michelle's arm and dragged her forcefully from the room in search of a bedroom with Alexis following close behind. He was quickly rewarded with the site of the main floor master and its ornate four post bed. Offering little resistance, Michelle was thrown onto her back before being immediately yanked back to the edge of the mattress by both ankles. Raising them high and pressing them back, Eric gazed down upon her, surveying her stunning assets which he was prepared to claim. 

Michelle's chest rose and fell, her heart visibly pounding behind the surface. Adrenaline rushed through her body in anticipation of what would happen to her. 

Eric studied Michelle even closer.  Her breasts were perfect. Round and firm with tiny nipples that begged for attention. Every piece of her was incredible. Lean triceps and biceps, delicate collar bones, a a tiny waist with the flattest of stomachs. Her pussy was small and compact, its tiny gap allowing the slightest hint of the pink softness within. Pinned helplessly below him, Eric prepared to take her.  

Michelle's eyes shifted downward upon perhaps the hardest and most engorged penis she had ever seen. She was momentarily distracted as Alexis's hands slid over her shoulders from above her, climbing her breasts and coasting across her belly before stopping at her inner thighs. Alexis's tits hung heavy over Michelle's face, obscuring any view. Michelle moaned quietly at the feeling of Alexis's thumbs gently spreading her open, leaving her exposed and ready.  On cue, Eric entered her with the softest stroke she would receive the rest of the night, before withdrawing equally slow, his veinous cock glistening with approval before returning for seconds. 

Eric's pace increased quickly, Michelle's cries keeping time with his thrusts and her perfect breasts bouncing in rhythm as well.  Eric worked her relentlessly for what seemed like an eternity, a jealous Alexis binding her wrists above her head for him while he did. 

Michelle's moans deepened, hinting at the rising explosion building within her.  Alexis covered her mouth with her own, feeling her shiver as she was brought to orgasm. Alexis removed her mouth in sync with Eric removing his glistening cock, then watched as he  discarded Michelle's spent body, looking for more. 

With Michelle still gasping beside them, Eric rolled Alexis onto her knees and secured her hips. Turning her head and smiling, she silently signaled him that she was ready for her wish to be granted. A single thrust immediately confirmed it soon would be. 

The slapping of their bodies told the tale of the pounding her little body was taking as Eric tried to knock words from her mouth.  Try as he might, he only could drive moans, screams, and whimpers for his efforts. 

He was fucking her relentlessly and they both loved it.  

Michelle lay chest down next to Alexis now, quietly whispering into her ear. Curious to see what this was all about, Eric set Alexis free only watch her move onto Michelle's back, their legs spread identically in stacked fashion. Eric again pulled Michelle closer to the beside by her ankles, only with slightly more effort required this time for her bareback rider. 

Moving between their thighs, Eric stroked himself up and down across the two of them teasingly before plunging into Michelle and withdrawing again. Thus began a random game of penetration as each woman was either chosen and pleasured or ignored temporarily, left to feel the other being fucked either above or below them. Eventually feeling exhausted, Eric stepped back and allowed them each to turn over before flopping down on his back between them. Rolling onto their sides, each woman grasped his cock with one hand before joining lips with each other around the head. 

Eric lay back and relished the feeling of two women working in unison to pleasure him. The moisture of their mouths, the willingness of their throats, and the flicking of their tongues teamed perfectly with their tightening grips as they alternated in pumping him.  He wanted so badly to come to orgasm and cover their gorgeous faces with his payload. His cock strained under the tension of its unbelievable hardness and he needed relief. Alexis sucked his cock as hard as she could while Michelle's palm cradled his aching testicles. 

"He's ready." Michelle announced to the silent Alexis. 

"Yes! I'm ready!" Eric pleaded. 

Pulling off his cock, the two women eased themselves off of the bed and onto their feet before leaving the room to retrieve their clothes. 

"Where are you going?" Eric yelled to them.  "I thought you were going to finish me!"

"Not yet," Michelle called back.  "You have one more stop to go on this adventure. Get dressed."

It was 4:00 am. 

As the threesome climbed into the Mercedes and pulled back out of the drive, Alexis and Eric seated themselves in the back while Michelle assumed the driving responsibilities. Making eye contact with them in the rear view mirror she told them to make themselves comfortable for this next leg of the journey, which would be quite a bit longer.  

Michelle then added, "From this point forward, you are to treat me the same as Lex. You are to fuck me relentlessly as well and I will not speak either until we all part ways. I expect you to meet the challenge ahead. Now please attend to Lex. I will catch up once we reach our destination."

The Mercedes drove on with the city lights growing distant behind them. Exiting the pavement outside of town, the vehicle continued down now dirt roads of decreasing quality.

Michelle tilted the mirror downward to observe her passengers while she navigated.  Alexis's knees were willingly open allowing Eric to finger her.  His cock rose vertically through her clenched fist that slid slowly up and down, his head tipped back in relaxation.  They were quiet like a couple of teenagers experimenting.  

Glancing back later, Michelle's view was obscured by the back of Alexis's head, her hair draped across Eric's lap with him gently controlling her pace.  Subtle sucking sounds were interrupted by occasional rapid breathing, then punctuated by renewed sucking. 

Stopping on a high hill overlooking the lights of Las Vegas to the west and the barren mountains to the east, Michelle turned the car off, but left the headlights on.  Looking in the mirror a final time she found Alexis sitting in Eric's lap, facing forward with her knees spread and her dress pushed up over her hips. With the underbelly of his cock visible as he moved in and out of her and his hands cupping her breasts, she ground on him while cupping his balls. 

Michelle climbed out and closed the car door. Inhaling the fresh night air deeply while spinning to take in the stars, she faced the windshield and dropped her dress. Standing only in her heels, she motioned with a finger for the riders to join her outside, which they did. 

Michelle silently began disrobing Eric while he in turn did the same for Alexis.  The air was perfect, still warm compared to the brutal daytime temperatures but waiting to climb again in only a few short hours. 

Michelle dropped to her knees and stared upward at Eric, pressing her breasts together before releasing them and pinching her nipples. Grasping his unrelieved member, she painted each nipple with it, allowing him enjoy her arousal before taking him into her mouth. Deeper and deeper he glided, feeling her gag for just an instant before passing that point to stop in her throat.  

Withdrawing slowly, Eric's lower shaft was joined by Michelle's hand to work as one with increasing speed. Accelerating past her mouths ability, Michelle's hand pumped rapidly.  Eric was now aware that ever since his mystery drink, he had become increasingly desensitized. His arousal remained high but his cock was nearly numb, able to maintain an erection without stimulation. He felt like he was on the edge of ejaculating constantly, yet was unable to do so. Torture and bliss at the same time.

Alexis climbed onto the hood and placed her feet on the bumper, spreading her knees to signal she needed attention. He moved between them and stepped closer with Michelle reaching around from behind to assist with Alexis's penetration. Eric pushed forward until she was forced to relinquish her grip. 

Eric reached down and grasped Alexis's neck with both hands in a grip tight enough to make her struggle yet relaxed enough to let her breathe. Michelle stood behind him and held her ankles high.  Eric's hips moved forward and backward, his ass bouncing off Michelle and his groin off of Alexis.  With her arms flailing wildly trying to grasp the sides of the hood, Alexis's open mouth uttered silent words to let him know she was coming as her body shook. 

Eric stopped and stood motionless, watching as Alexis thrashed on the buckling hood, clenching his cock tightly until collapsing with her chest heaving. The hint of the coming dawn now revealed itself over the mountains as Michelle placed her hands on the hood next to him and smiled. Lowering her head, she held her ass high and widened her stance. 

Eric shifted into position behind her and guided himself to her with his left hand while wrapping the scruff of her neck with his right.  A loud groan echoed across the barren landscape. He would not be gentle with her and both of them knew it. 

The sky grew brighter and the lights of the city dimmer during the extended time that Eric worked. Michelle was not as adept at silence as her partner, who stood beside them now and cupped Eric's testicles from behind while watching her friend be helplessly punished. Stroking Michelle's sweating spine softly, Alexis offered little comfort. 

Eric fucked angrily now, illuminated by the sun that had climbed above the horizon and frustrated that he lingered continually on the edge of an ecstasy denied.  Michelle's body tensed as she groaned loudly, only to fall limp upon the hood with exhaustion. 

Eric withdrew from her and stepped back, his cock numb yet still throbbing mindlessly up and down. Michelle lay gasping loudly, Alexis still caressing her back awaiting her recovery.  

Picking up their dusty clothes and dressing themselves in the heat of the full desert sun, the threesome said not a word.  Eric rode in back alone, barely noticing the road as the Mercedes retraced its steps that were last taken in utter darkness. 

It was 8:00 am and Vegas looked less sexy by the light of day.  

Breaking the silence, Eric had only one thing left on his mind.  "Drop me at the Peppermill, please."

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