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An Erotic Online Encounter

An online chat turns into erotic video play.
One late evening I could not fall asleep for the life of me. I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, thinking about the woman I met online the other day. She was in her mid thirties, and since I was in my mid twenties and preferred older women, she was absolutely perfect. She was a free spirit like I was and enjoyed talking to people online. Our chats quickly became flirty and even turned into role-playing, fantasizing about meeting up at her place and having our way on her couch.

I couldn't stop thinking about her as I lay in bed, my hands moving up and down my thighs, wishing she was there with me. Finally I gave up and walked into my living room where I realized I had left my computer on. I sat down on my chair, but instead of turning it off, I thought I might try and see if she was online again.

I entered the chatroom where we had met and after a bit of searching, I finally found her. Nervous at first, I approached her with small talk, seeing how she was doing and why she was up so late. To my surprise, she was actually hoping to see me online, as well.

Before long she asked what I was wearing, I told her I was in my pajamas and a robe. She then told me she was in a long shirt and panties. I told her I would love to pretend to come over again and take advantage of her. But she hesitated this time and asked if she could see me in instead through my webcam. Even though it made me nervous, I could not say no, I wanted to see her so bad. We connected on yahoo messenger and video called each other right away.

As soon as I saw her I told her how beautiful she was, so voluptuous, great body, and a wonderful smile. My eyes glanced up and down her figure and met her eyes. She said she wanted to see what I was wearing so I stood up for her and starting wiggling my hips. Don't know what came over me, but I started stripping of the robe. She laughed a little then told me to keep going.

As I slid it off slowly, gyrating my hips, she started rubbing her breasts, firmly grabbing them and massaging. I then slid off my white tank top, revealing my chest, flexing for her a little, making her grab herself even harder.

"Mmmm, yeah, I love it," she said, "show me more, baby." I smiled and turned around first, then slowly started sliding off my pajama pants, exposing my butt. Gently sliding it off completely, then turning back around, holding it in my hand. She was rubbing her thighs now, biting her lower lip, looking deep into my eyes.

Finally I let my hands slip away, showing it nice and erect. I pulled back my skin and let the tip drip on my fingers I was already so wet. I then grabbed my computer and put on my coffee table and I sat on the couch. Then I told her I would love to see more of her too. She smiled and slipped off her shirt. Her breasts were amazing; she made me bulge even harder.

I watched her hands glide up and down her body, pinching her nipples, and then massaging them firmly. My hands were sliding up and down my thighs. I wrapped them around my cock and gently started stroking. "Mmmm yeah right there, baby," she said with a whisper as her finger slid down onto her panties.

Seeing that made me precum like crazy, my hands were soaked in my own juices. I told her how wet I was and she said the same about herself, and then slid her hands inside her panties. We were both stroking now, gently, gazing into each other's eyes, but also glancing at each other's bodies. We started breathing harder and finally moaning softly at the same time. Sweat was glistening off our bodies, we could hear each other's juices slurping as our stroking got more intense. I thrust into my hand faster, harder, her hand moved faster and faster in her panties. I loved seeing the pleasure in her face; biting her lower lip, the eyes squinting, eye brows arching, so beautiful to see.

I lay back on my couch and she did the same on hers as our moaning got louder and louder. She had her fingers sliding in and out of her wet vagina, and another hand firmly massaging her breast, making her nipples so hard. I humped into the air, my hips rising up into my hand, thrusting faster and faster. I was holding my cock so tight but my hand slid all over it from my wetness.

She was almost yelling, moaning my name so loud and I moaned hers. She said it felt so amazing, imagining me inside her, filling her up, pounding her on the couch. I told her I was getting so close; I could feel it rising up in my shaft. She wouldn't take her eyes off of me and moaned she was about to cum. I sat up and stroked it even harder, long up and down my dripping shaft, looking deep into her eyes. She was arching her back on the couch, fingering so fast and loud, yelling my name. Finally she came hard, moaning so loud and holding her breast as she orgasmed. I came right after, lay back on the couch and released all over my chest. Our bodies were quivering from the intense pleasure. My cock squirting all over my body, her vagina pulsing as she gently massaged it to full release.

We gazed at each other, panting, smiling, our hands touching our bodies. I told her that it was amazing and even thanked her. She said it was her pleasure and that now she'd definitely be able to sleep better. I agreed and told her I should get cleaned up. She laughed and said her panties were soaked so she should do the same. She did leave me with saying maybe next time she might even bring out her toy. I told her I would definitely want to see that, but on the cliffhanger, she wished me a good night. I waved good-bye and we turned off the cams. I was still panting as I cleaned myself up and slept soundly on the couch that night.

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