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An interrupted journey home from the club

She gets more than a reprimand from the police.

She locked the club and made her way to the car following her final shift of the week. It had been hectic uptown and she was looking forward to the drive home. There was nothing better than taking her sports car for a spin on the empty motorway at three in the morning, then a full throttle journey along the country roads to her apartment.

She loved driving fast, using rally manoeuvres along winding roads with the music turned up a bit too loud to clear away the sleazy stench of the punters touting for some play with the hottest hostess in the only sex club for fifty miles. It didn't really bother her, being an object of the gentleman's desire, and she was in good shape at forty-five, so it was understandable that the guys would assume she was there to get some herself.  

She didn't play at the club. She never took anyone back from the club. She had her partners when she needed them but on working days she just wanted to get home, shower and sink into her sumptuous king size bed and sleep.  

The throb of the engine in her new Ford Mustang made her impatient to get on her way, so she threw her kit in the boot, removed her jacket and she was hitting eighty down the slip road within minutes of leaving the car park. Hip hop tracks rallied out of the stereo and she rode her driver's seat like a true professional. After a swift gear change, she made a 90 degree turn onto the B road and she sped off into the darkness leaving the hum of the motorway behind her.

One mile, two miles; she would be home around 4 am and had a good bottle of gin and ginger ale in to chill with before she would slip into a deep sleep, hopefully till at least 2 pm the following day.  Looking in her rear view mirror she saw lights approaching her. It was unusual to see anyone on these roads at this time.  

Still, they continued to catch up with her and she slowed up to see what they were going to do and maybe watch their taillights pull away from her on this clear night. But as she slowed, the car pulled up behind her. There was a flash of blue lights and she felt her heart sink and in her head, she started to think of the story she would tell them as to where she had been tonight. Not to mention how she would explain the kit in the boot of the car which she was always careful to keep out of sight. There was also the attire she was still wearing because she didn't think a black, skin tight, PVC dress would be an issue at that time in the morning when she was just making her way unassumingly home from work. 

She pulled over into the lay by and sat still, having turned the music to a low growl, waiting for the officer to approach her window. Sure enough, a tall, uniformed policeman leant down over the car, tapping on the window and suggesting she open it to converse with him. She still got nervous around the police.

Years of conditioning from a young age had taught her that the police would arrest you if you were a bad person. She knew it was ridiculous but it still didn't stop her feel the panic rise in her stomach. Flashing his ID at her he signalled for her to wind down the window. 

'Good morning ma’am,' he addressed her, 'would you mind stepping out of the car for me a moment please.’

She flashed him her warm, open smile and pulled on the door handle, using the swing of the over-sized door to pull herself up out of her seat and onto her slender stiletto heels. The black patent leather was interjected with red lacing giving the 'just a bit kinky' feel to her footwear.  

As the officer saw her for the first time he couldn't help being struck by her blend of beauty and filth. She was probably a good ten years older than him, a hot middle aged woman, yet she was not quite comfortable with his presence and displayed a vulnerability behind those smoky, big eyes.

Standing next to him now, she towered around six feet but was clearly only around five-foot-five or five-foot-six in her bare feet and had proportions that any woman would die for.  

Omg, he thought, she's hot.

His cock actually stirred at the PVC clad woman in front of him. Her bust was pushed together under the tight material and he couldn't help imagine releasing them from their restrictive dress to see them free in his hands, for him to bury his face between them and feel the hardening of her nipples as he flicked his tongue over them, pink and protruding. Her waist was small and looking as much as he could, without making it obvious of his interest, he saw her butt was perfectly curvaceous, protruding obstinately against the obscenely short dress.

Her toned and tanned her legs were shapely, possibly a suggestion of the fact this lady, well possibly not a lady, liked to keep fit and look after herself. To push him over the edge, she was looking up at him, auburn, brown hair free over her shoulders, red lips slightly apart, her green eyes flicking over his face and resting up into his, as if anticipating their first kiss. 

He didn't know how, but he was going to make sure he got off on this image tonight. Every reason why he shouldn't just cuff her and bend her over the bonnet of the police car had flown his thoughts some minutes ago. Damn these older, sexy women with their fuller figure, slight insolence and inert apprehension about the police.  

'Morning officer, what have I done to get your attention this morning?' she asked. 

She was actually flirting with him but he could still tell she was nervous beneath the confident exterior and he, in that instant, knew he was going to break every rule in his police book because there was no way a mere mortal could resist the soft, Welsh accent that tumbled from the woman's mouth. He wanted to cover it with his but not stop her from speaking so the words could whip him up into even more of an aroused state. 

'I think you'll find the road ahead is closed. There was an accident around 2:30 hours, which is being cleared right now. I thought I would stop you before you got much further and had to go back on yourself to get around to Barrington. I'm just about to put a diversion in place,’ he explained.

'If you'd like to come and sit in the police car, I can get the signs in place then help you look on the sat nav where you need to go?' he asked her, although it didn't sound much like a question to her, more an instruction that she had no choice over. 

‘Of course officer,’ she smiled, 'that would be very helpful.’

She felt vulnerable sat in the police car.  She felt wrong, as if she had done something illegal or a bit naughty at least.  Oh God, how she would love to be very naughty with the hot officer that had pulled her over tonight. She contemplated whether to be confident and suggestive when he got back in the car but she couldn't get over the fact that he was the authority here and she had been brought up to obey authority.  

He climbed back into the driver's seat and she could sense he was unsettled. In his moment of weakness she took the initiative and put her hand on his thigh. She placed it just a little too near the bulge in his trousers, so he knew she needed to be taken by him.

He leant over and kissed her full and hard on her red lips. It was incredible. He felt her lean in deeper and press her breasts up against his strong chest. He ran his hand firmly over the curve of her arse, his cock hardening further as he felt the definition of her cheeks under his fingers. Then he backed away and stepped out of the car.

'Ma’am, I think you should step out of the car. Come around to the bonnet and put your hands behind your back,’ he instructed. While she co-operated with his instructions he took the opportunity to gain his composure. Now he was somewhat calmer he could take charge again. 

She felt wet. No, that was an understatement because she was dripping in anticipation and nothing she did right now could hide her excitement. He cuffed her wrists tightly, making it difficult for her to move at all. She could feel his fingers sliding between her thighs, pushing her already indecent dress up over the small of her back. He had revealed the most perfect arse and neatly groomed, moist pussy he had ever witnessed.

How could he possibly resist it when she was positively opening herself up to him? She was pushing her arse up and her legs apart. She wanted it. And without further thought he dropped to his knees and placed his lips over her clit making her moan out loud and rock against his mouth. 

‘Omg yes,' she cried. 

She could feel his fingers caressing the edge of her vagina, teasing at her entrance until she pushed back onto him. Her orgasm rippled through her body, hard and unrelenting, her mind taken over by the intensity of the pleasure he reigned down on her. 

Then she was bent over the car but there was no officer playing or teasing her. He was over at her car and a panic started to rise in her stomach. Maybe he just wanted to search her car but had lulled her into a false sense of comfort with his over familiarity? She decided her best chance was to look hot and vulnerable as he approached her from behind. She was shocked when the next moment she felt her face covered with a hood, her ankles restrained and legs spread wide with her spreader bar.

She tried to reason why he thought to search her car at that moment but her head was not functioning as it normally did. Her mind was racing, trying to second guess what he was going to do next. She was not accustomed to being on the receiving end of this type of behaviour but this man was taking her way past her boundaries and OMG it felt incredible.  

She submitted to the restraint and insolently lifted her chin as he turned her round to apply nipple clamps and a collar. 
‘I think you'll enjoy being my bitch,' he said, 'but if you want me to stop you have to say now. I won't take you any further unless you want me to.’

She just nodded and put her head down in submission.  

In the middle of her route home, in the pitch darkness, she gave herself up to him and his filthy games. She was full of her rabbit, her clit throbbing and another orgasm building but then it was gone. Next hard thrashes across her arse with the crop but pacified by oil dribbled over her cheeks and massaged slowly over her arse. His hands were getting closer to her butt with each stroke of his hands. And then she felt the vibration against her clit again whilst her pussy was filled with the rabbit once more. She sensed taking something small slowly into her arse but the orgasm was building and she couldn't tell what was where. All at once she was cumming and she was screaming with pleasure. 

Then he pressed up against her arse. 

‘No, please not like this,' she begged. 

But she knew she was helpless and any protest was futile. With the rabbit in her pussy, stimulating her clit and g spot and his cock slowly opening her arse as he slid gently inside her, he took her for the first time anally. It wasn't what she expected and she was moaning and pushing into him to take him fully. And then she felt it. Hot, wet, uncontrollable. She lost control and released a stream of sweet juice, squirting over his cock and balls and her knees giving way so he had to grab her. He pressed her harder against the bonnet of the police car keeping his cock inside her arse as his hot cum shot uncontrollably out of his throbbing cock.

'Baby, you are just so incredibly hot. I'm not done with you yet but I think we should get you somewhere more comfortable. Give me your keys,’ he whispered in her ear.

He released her from her restraints, then picked her up and placed her back into the passenger seat. He manoeuvred her car over onto the verge, ensuring it was safe and off the road so he could drive her back to it in the morning.  

He tidied his trousers, albeit they were definitely going through the wash, being covered in her ejaculation. Once he confirmed her address with her he knew where they were going. He let her recover as they sped along country roads to her apartment, a whole night ahead of them.


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