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At The Pool

They met by chance, and it was a meeting neither would forget
It’s another hot sunny day, as you lay by the side of the pool in nothing but your hot little pink bikini. Your eyes closed and covered by sunglasses, relaxing, the warm summer breeze blowing against your firm hot body keeping you warm yet cool.

Everyone must be out for the day, as you seem to be the only person there. Slowly sliding onto your stomach, you reach back to undo your bikini top to make sure you do not get tan lines. You slide your bikini off from under you to free your firm breasts, resting your head down onto the lounger, letting out a soft sigh of relief.

You slowly close your eyes, enjoying the peaceful silence, the only sound being that of the water in the pool, which only seems to relax you even more as you drift off slowly into a world of your own. Just then a gate creaks open and slams shut, you lift your head up to see me standing there, clad in nothing but a pair of tight fitting shorts.

I look up to see you lying there looking at me, I give you a polite smile and a little wave before walking over to a sun lounger a few feet away from you. Dropping my towel and such onto the lounger, I slide my feet from the sandals on my feet and make my way over to the pool, before quickly diving in.

My body hits the water, the cool feeling now covering my body feels soothing after being in the heat all morning, the image of you lying there completely topless causes the all too familiar feeling in my shorts as I swim to the other side of the pool. I make sure to stay underwater, until I reach my destination.

You squeal slightly, as a splash of cool water from the pool splashes down against your bare back from me jumping in, you laugh slightly as you turn around just enough to see me appear on the opposite side of the pool, my back resting against the cool hard wall as our eyes suddenly meet. But then you turn back round, resting your head back down as you know I am watching you, your tight little ass shown perfectly by your tight little bikini bottoms.

A thought pops into my head and I smile as I slowly walk back across the pool, trying not to make any noise as I get closer and closer. I finally reach the side and climb out, water dripping off my muscular body, I walk over to your lounger and stand above you, my shadow covering your back, causing you to quickly turn, forgetting you are topless for a second as you look up at me.

I get a quick glimpse of your firm bare breast, your nipples already hard, as you look up at me.

“Hi, I'm Tony. I couldn't help but notice you missed your back with the lotion and just thought I would offer to do it for you. Don’t want such a good looking lady to get sunburn now do we?” I said, with a slight smile on my face as I reach over for the lotion.

You think for a moment, your eyes wandering down my body, until finally reaching the obvious bulge in my shorts. “Um, yeah OK. Thank you, just don’t try anything.” You laugh, turning your head to the side and resting your head on your arms.

With the bottle in one hand, I squirt a generous amount into the other, as my eyes wander down your back to that tight firm ass. Once I put the bottle back down, I rub my hands together before reaching down and cupping your warm soft shoulders and slowly but surely massage the lotion into your skin.

A soft moan escapes your lips, unsure if it was due to the cold lotion on your warm skin, or from feeling my hands almost expertly work your shoulders applying just the right amount of pressure as I rub it into you. As you open your eyes and look aside, you notice the thick bulge seems to have grown even more.

My hands slowly begin to rub up and down your back, using the palm of my hands to apply some pressure, helping to not only rub the lotion in but also to massage and help you relax which seems to be working. Once again my eyes working their way up and down your body, noticing your legs seem to have opened slightly.

I finally reach the top of your bikini bottom clad ass, as I smile and slide my fingers under them to rub the lotion into your firm, tight little ass cheeks, squeezing slightly expecting you to jump up and try and stop me. But instead you groan and moan quietly, which edges me on as I begin to squeeze your ass a little more, I lean down and softly press my lips against your soft neck, as you use one hand to brush your hair out of the way.

Your mind now racing, the feeling of a strangers hands squeezing and cupping your bare ass under your bikini, as he now kisses your neck sending a mixture of feelings overcome you. A mixture of surprise, shock and wonder as well as pleasure, relaxation and what could only be described as want.

Almost as if reading your mind, I quickly undo the sides of your bikini and slide it down between your parted legs. I then softly slide my hand between your firm thighs, feeling the heat emanating from your hot, tight, exposed pussy lips. Using my fingers to softly brush against your lips, I continue to kiss your neck, gently grinding the tips of my teeth against your skin.

Softly running my teeth against your neck, kissing and sucking simultaneously as my fingers continue to caress your hot tight pussy lips, as my other hand stops squeezing and spanking your tight, firm, bare ass, and softly begins to caress up and down your oiled back. Finally reaching around and cupping one of your big firm bare breasts as the palm grinds against your hard nipple.

Another soft groan escapes your lips, as this total stranger fondles your breasts and pussy almost expertly. You open your eyes, you look toward me, only to see the big thick growing bulge pushing against my tight shorts. You reach out your hand, and softly run the tips of your soft fingers against the thick bulge, as you run them up and down you feel it twitch slightly and a groan from my throat.

With a smile on your face, you slide your hand up to the waistband of my shorts, slowly sliding your fingers in and pulling down slowly until the head of my cock pops out of the top. You giggle with delight as you see the thick purple head of my cock, slowly pulling my shorts lower and lower exposing more and more, until finally it flops out and slaps against your warm soft hand. I return the favor, by pushing the tip of my middle finger between your hot tight pussy lips, slowly rubbing up and down and with each stroke pushing more and more.
"Oh, yes!" you respond, surprised at your verbal reaction as my finger invades your most sensitive private area deeper and deeper.

By now it is obvious you are excited, as your juices run down my finger and drip onto the sponge of the wooden lounger. Your warm soft hand slowly wraps around my thick, rock hard shaft as you're slightly surprised at how thick it is, as you hear another throaty groan escape from my mouth. As you slowly begin stroking your hand up and down my shaft, my finger finally pushes all the way up to my knuckle, almost lifting your hips off the lounger as you groan loudly. As my other hand still cupping your firm breast, squeezing and massaging your soft firm flesh, as your nipple flicks between my fingers sending jolt after jolt of pleasure through your entire body, each ending up in your pussy and clit.

"God, you're so tight and wet. I love it," I said, smiling and slowly circling my finger around inside your hot tight velvety pussy with each inward push as I slowly pick up the pace.

I feel your hand slowly squeezing and pulling me forward. After a few steps, I groan as the tip of your tongue flicks out against the throbbing head of my cock. Looking down to see you staring up at me, a mix of lust and pleasure showing in your eyes and the smile on your lips, without a word your head lunges forward and engulfs the tip of my dick. You almost immediately clamp your warm, soft and tender lips around my cock as your tongue continues to assault and taste its head. As you flick the tip, you smile slightly as you taste the pre-cum drip from the little hole.

I feel you slowly begin to swallow my thick hard shaft deeper and deeper, while your tongue continues to caress every vein, every inch of it while my fingers work your deliciously wet and tight love canal. Our bodies building up a slow thrusting rhythm, your hips thrusting up to meet my fingers, forcing them deeper still inside you, as I thrust my hips back and forth feeding you more of my cock.

Once you reach the hilt of my cock, my balls resting against your chin and the head of my dick firmly resting in your throat. You do something I have never felt before, you begin to use your throat muscles to massage and practically milk my cock head, causing me to throw my head back and groan loudly enough to hear it echo around the pool. You seem to take this as a sign, slowly moving your head back enough so that the tip rest against your hot, talented tongue, before thrusting back forward and swallowing it once again.

Just as you begin working up a speed, I throw my leg over the other side over your head and standing above you, you realize what I am doing as I am now standing directly above your head, moving my hand momentarily from your breast just long enough to adjust the back of the lounger down as flat as it can go. All the while my fingers continue to drill your pussy, feeling your tunnel squeeze and convulse around them, knowing you are close to the first climax of the day, and the way you suck and milk my cock bringing mine closer as well.

With a smile on my face, I bend over low enough so you can feel my hot breath against your sensitive throbbing clit, teasingly planting a single kiss with my lips onto it, which seems to cause your entire body to shudder. Then with a slight chuckle, I quickly clamp my lips around your sensitive clit, softly sucking it as my lips create as much of an air tight seal as they can, my tongue softly circling the tip around your clit. Each flick and rub of my lips and tongue causing you to shudder in pure ecstasy, as you begin to wildly devour my cock, not even slowing down as it penetrates your throat, seeming all too eager to get this stranger off as much as he seems to be to making you climax.

I seem to be succeeding, as your climax suddenly begins to take over your body, rushing like a never ending burning fire through every nerve in your body. Every inch of you alight with pleasure until finally, you throw your head back, arching your back, as you groan around my thick hard cock sending vibrations through my shaft, as you feel yourself cum so hard it feels like you’re actually squirting into my hungry mouth as I continue my oral assault on your pussy.

Just as your climax reaches its very peak, you choke surprisingly as I push my thick hard cock deep into your throat, before the first thick jet of creamy cum shoots and coats your throat, forcing you to swallow it. Hearing grunt after grunt with each jet, feeling my cock pulse and seemingly grow even thicker as I shoot load upon never-ending load right down into your willing throat. You place your hands on my thighs, and slowly push me upward as you feel my cock slip from your throat, you groan feeling it continue to spurt cum into your wide open mouth as you continue to suck as much as you can, occasionally stopping to swallow.

Once both our climaxes have died down, you feel me retract my tongue and cock from your body, as you lay there gasping for breath with your hands resting on your heaving breasts. You look up at me and then down, shocked to see my cock is still rock hard and ready for more, as I wrap my hand around my shaft you see a wicked smile on my face as I walk to the foot of the lounger. I place both hands onto your soft hips, before slowly sliding you down, until your ass is resting against the very bottom of the lounger, you squeal with surprise as you feel me pushing my way between your thighs.

“I have been waiting to do this since I saw you sunbathing naked the other day on your deck,” I said with a slight growl of enjoyment in my voice.

“I thought I saw someone watching me, you naughty boy,” you reply, as you reach down and use two fingers to slowly spread your tight hot throbbing lips.

Your eyes lock onto the thick hard cock which is now inches away from your spread pussy lips. “Now, are we going to talk all day, or are you going to show me what else you can do with that big dick of yours?”

We both smile at one another knowing full well what is about to happen I slide forward, until the tip of my dick is resting between your spread lips. With a groan from your lips as I slowly push the head into you, I lean down and kiss you with a fierce yet loving passion.

A groan escapes both our lips as my cock finally penetrates your hot, tight pussy. I can feel you squeeze and slowly stretch around me, with each thick raw inch pushing deeper and deeper. You grab your legs and slowly lift them into the air, before resting them over my shoulders as you groan.

You know it is wrong to do this in such a place where anyone could see us, but the feeling of being filled slowly deeper, and stretched more than ever before drives your body wild with lust for more. As you dig your nails into my shoulders, you feel me leaning down, and wrapping my lips around your nipple, forcing your leg against your heaving breasts.

“Fuck, you’re so damn tight baby. I fucking love it,” I grunt, as I finally push myself balls deep inside you and holding it there.

With the final deep thrust your head is thrown back, a loud almost screaming groan emitting from your mouth as you feel the tip of my dick pushing against your cervix. Your pussy now so full and stretched, a feeling never felt with any other man, and yet you still feel the need for more, to feel this young man’s balls empty deep inside you.

“Oh, God yes please, fuck me. I need to feel you fuck me right now,” you groan, as I slowly begin pushing back and forth, each time pulling out to the tip and back up against your cervix.

Feeling your pussy filled to the hilt with this strangers thick, raw cock as you grind your hips up and down. You can already feel a climax building more and more, like an out of control fire as you groan, your body writhing all over the lounger as you dig your nails roughly into my shoulders.

I smile, feeling your pussy slowly convulse more and more around my shaft as I push deeper and faster, loving the fact I am fucking a woman whose name I do not even know. The simple fact you are begging me to fuck you only spurs me on more, and I slide my arms under your shoulders and grip them from behind, as I feel my balls begin to tingle with that tell-tale feeling.

We push into one another, our bodies entwine like long time lovers, neither one of us wanting this to ever end, but knowing it must. Our orgasms building as your legs squeeze hard around my waist as you tell me you are about to cum.

“Oh, fuck! Please cum with me, I want to feel you cum at the same time. Please!” you scream.

Your entire body suddenly tenses, your tits bouncing rapidly as your pussy constricts around my cock like a tight, hot, wet, velvet vice. I can feel your juices squirt around my shaft as I push myself into you, and with a final thrust you feel the first thick, hot creamy load shoot deep into your pussy and right against your womb.

Pushing my face between your heaving breasts as I slowly grind my hips around, unleashing what feels like never ending torrents of thick cum deep into your pussy. It feels like our climaxes will never end our bodies a tingle with lust and pleasure as we simply lay there, my arms wrapped around you as your legs and arms stay wrapped tightly around my body.

“Oh fuck, that was amazing. How about we go somewhere more private and get to know each other,” I said, slightly muffled as I look up from your sweat glistening breasts with a devilish grin on my face.

After a slight pause of silence, you think and then reply, “Sure, I doubt my husband will miss me for a few hours.”
You hold up your wedding ringed finger, I softly clasp your hand into mine as I stand you up, pulling your body close to me, both of us still naked.

“Well then, come with me,” I said, as if from a movie and quickly lifting you into my arms.

A slight squeal of surprise comes from you as a response, you quickly grab a towel and drape it over your naked body in such a way it covers my half erect cock, which as I walk toward the steps nearby, you can feel slap against your firm bare ass.

‘How the hell did this even happen? Fuck he sure pumped a lot of cum into me,’ you realize. You slide a hand against your cum dripping pussy, before feeling me push us into an empty apartment room and I kick the door closed as I kiss your soft tender lips.

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