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Czech the Mileage

Anna needs a new car but can she afford it?
Recently, Our BMW failed it's MoT test. It was nothing serious but it made us realise that old cars don't run forever. It was over fifteen years old and starting to show it's age.

We had bought it whilst my husband was still able to work and had more money and now we couldn't afford to replace it with a new one. I still earn a good wage but not that much so we decided it was time to find something that would fit our budget. We had the little hatchback for everyday running around but I wanted something a little more comfortable for our main car. My Husband isn't particularly interested in cars but I have always liked them. He has his Stag which keeps him happy but I like many things so, when I saw an article about a large, affordable, car with a v6 engine which was both comfortable and powerful, I decided to find out more. I contacted my local dealer to arrange a test drive for the following Monday as I had the day off.

I asked Philip if he wanted to come but he said he didn't and that he trusted my judgement and it was my money anyway so I went on my own.

I took the BMW and had a mini valet done on the way so it looked at it's best. Black and shiny.

The dealership was about ten miles from where we lived and after about half an hour I pulled onto the forecourt and parked in one of the bays marked 'customer parking'.

The weather was quite warm so I left my jacket in the car and walked into the showroom and straight away, spotted the car I had come to see.

It was just what I had hoped it was. About the same size as the BMW but so much nicer inside, it was fifteen years younger after all, with leather seats and all the comforts I was used to and more. The best thing was, it was half the price of a new BMW and still made from German parts!

I had decided already that I wanted one of these and whilst I was lost in my admiration a voice behind me made me jump:

"Do you need any help?"

I turned and was surprised to see a smart young woman standing there.

"Sorry," she continued, "I didn't mean to startle you."

I smiled and said, "That's ok, I was just admiring this car. I am looking for something to replace my old BMW." and pointed through the glass to my car outside.

"I can certainly help you with that. I'm Chrissie." She offered her hand and I took it whilst I studied her.

About six feet tall in her heels which were about four inches she was not a classic beauty but pretty nonetheless and her long blonde hair was tied up in a bun. Her make up was immaculate, accentuating her striking blue eyes and she wore red lipstick applied perfectly to her sensuous, full lips.

She wore a smart black business suit, the jacket of which buttoned below her full breasts and over the smart red satin blouse which gaped, ever so slightly, between the buttons where I caught a glimpse of her red bra. She was dressed so neatly that I could only imagine that beneath her tightly fitted black, knee length, pencil skirt she probably wore matching red pants.

I gripped her hand maybe a little too long as she let go first and smiled

"Oh, I'm sorry," I blurted out, "I didn't expect a saleswoman. I'm Anna."

"That's ok....Anna, It's still a man's world in the motor trade but there are a few of us women now. So, is this the car you are interested in?"

"I think so," I paused. "Is this the v6?"

"I am afraid not. This is the diesel. The car is the same otherwise but the v6 has to be made to order as they don't sell enough of them to keep in stock due to the engine size. It takes about 15 weeks to get one. Would that be a problem?" She appeared a little concerned.

I put her at her ease by saying, "No, of course not. That's nothing compared to the fifteen years we have had the old one!"

She laughed with me.

"No, I suppose not." She showed me some of the gadgets and features as we sat inside then asked, "Would you like a test drive?"

"Yes please," I answered her, "When can you do it?"

To my surprise she said, "Right now if you want to. Monday is our quietest day and we have another one available."

"Okay, that would be great."

She got out and said she would meet me outside in a few minutes and went off to get the keys.

I stayed in the show car while I waited. I really liked it but it was right at the top of my budget. It was not going to be easy now that the sales person was a woman. I had planned a little flirting to try to get the price down but that idea was no use now.

As I pondered my strategy, Chrissie pulled up on the forecourt and beckoned me over.

I got in the passenger side and she told me she would take the car out first so I could have a good look around as she drove, then we could swap over and I could drive.

That sounded ok to me so, selecting 'drive' Chrissie eased the big car out onto the main road and accelerated into the traffic.

As she drove I looked around and decided that this was definitely going to be mine. The leather smell was so intoxicating and there was so much room to stretch out.

Chrissie was talking as she drove, pointing out various things she thought would attract me to buy the car but I wasn't really listening. It had been a long time since I had been in a new car that I was beginning to get a little excited and my mind was starting to wander.

I looked at Chrissie and thought how she looked so sexy driving 'my' car in her smart business suit, the skirt of which had ridden up her very sexy legs a little.

We were away from the main roads now and driving along country lanes. The car rode just as well along them as on the bigger roads and after a few minutes, Chrissie slowed and puled into a deserted car park and stopped in a bay near the edge.

"Ok," she said, "Your turn."

I hesitated before turning to her, saying, "Before we head back I want you to know that there is another dealership just as near to me as yours is and they have promised me a really good deal." I was playing a game now in an effort to get a good result. The reply surprised me a little as I didn't expect her to be quite so honest.

"I understand that," she looked a little worried. "I would like you to know something. I really need this sale. My figures are down and I face being sacked. I am no worse than the men at selling cars but people seem to want to talk to them about cars. maybe they think I don't know enough but I do. You can see that can't you?"

I understood her perfectly. I love cars but whenever we have been to a show or to a showroom people always talked to Philip as if I am just tagging along.

"Yes," I answered her, "I really do but how can I help?"

She looked at me directly.

"The car you want is the best car we do. We sell very few as they are so big and powerful. If I can get you to buy from me my job would be safe, for now at least."

"I see that," I tried to be reasonable, "But I am not rich. I have to get the best price I can."

"Anna, I will do anything to secure your business, get you the best deal that is possible. You won't even have to haggle."

"Anything?" I challenged her.

"Anything," she replied, "Whatever is in my power to do."

I decided to test her.

"Kiss me."

"Kiss you!?" She looked at me, aghast.

"Kiss me," I repeated the demand.

"But I....well, I haven't........"

I waited and then she leaned across and gave me a peck on the cheek.

She sat looking at me horrified and scared.

" I meant a real kiss, Chrissie, like you would your boyfriend," I paused, then added for effect, "You do want me to buy this car don't you?"

"Well, yes, Anna, of course I do but I've never kissed a woman before. At least, not in that way."

I smiled at her.

"It's ok, Chrissie, I was just just testing you. You don't really have to kiss me. I just wondered how far you would go."

I opened the door to get out.

"Wait, Anna." Chrissie looked really confused as I looked at her, "Do you really want to kiss me?"

"I would love to kiss you, Chrissie, you are beautiful but it's ok, I was only joking."

She sat for a moment, as if deep in thought, looking, no, staring, into my eyes as if trying to read my mind.

"If I kiss you, will you order the car when we get back?"

I studied her face for a minute, she looked so vulnerable and I felt genuinely sorry for her.

"Do you still promise to get me the best deal you can?"

"Yes, of course."

"Then, yes, I will."

Chrissie smiled then opened the door.

"Where are you going?"

She didn't answer but got out of the car and got into the back seat. Taking her cue I did the same. There was so much room in the back it was possible to stretch out in comfort.

Looking at me she said:

"If I am doing this I may as well be comfortable."

I looked again at her beautiful blue eyes.

"Are you sure, Chrissie?"

"Yes," she whispered, "I am sure." She leaned forward and offered her mouth to me.

The smell of the car mixed with her perfume was making my head spin and the feel of the leather of the seats was making me feel so hot. I couldn't stop now if I wanted to and I leaned towards her putting my hand at the back of her head as our lips met and gently pressed together.

My tongue began to probe against her smooth white teeth which opened slowly to allow me access to her mouth, which was moist and warm and she kissed me so passionately as our tongues entwined that I wondered whether she was imagining kissing her boyfriend.

I decided to see how far she would go and allowed my hand to stray to her breast and began to massage it through her jacket for a moment before moving inside and undoing the top button of her blouse, which gave me room to touch the firm flesh beneath encased in the red fabric of her bra which had drawn me in the showroom.

She put her hand on top of mine, as if to resist but she didn't stop me, she just squeezed my hand gently as she continued to return my affectionate kisses.

I noticed her breathing was getting heavier now and her breast beneath my hand was rising and falling as I played with her erect nipple through the thick material of her push up bra.

I removed my hand from her breast and withdrew it from her blouse. She broke away from kissing me for a moment.

"Don't stop, Anna, please," she breathed and immediately returned to kissing me, taking my hand in hers and returning it to her breast.

That was all I needed to know. She was enjoying it and I no longer had to worry about taking advantage of her.

I began to fondle her breast inside her bra, squeezing her now erect nipple between my fingers and as I did so she pulled me tighter against her mouth, kissing me eagerly and breathing very heavily through her nose, her tongue pushing into my mouth and exploring every part of it.

All resistance was gone as I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh until I could feel the heat of her moist vagina through the gusset of her nylon tights.

She began to give little wavering moans and whimpers as I rubbed her through the layers and pressed against that soft sweet junction with my fingers.

I could almost hear her heart pounding with adrenalin and I pushed up her skirt a little higher as she lifted her bottom off the seat and slipped my hand inside the waistband of her tights and then panties and seeking out the perfectly smooth flesh beneath. She gasped and took a deep breath as my finger found it's target. Her clitoris seemed to grow under my fingertip and expand from it's sheath.

Whilst I manipulated her and ran my finger up and down the length of her sex, I nipped and sucked her bottom lip.

When, finally, my inquisitive finger entered the hot wet recesses of her vagina she groaned out loud, her breaths becoming laboured and her whole body quivering as I found the centre of her desire, pressing firmly against the ribbed front wall and moving gently back and forth, all the time drawing her very breath from her lungs as I continued to kiss her.

As my hand moved gently back and forth, my finger making love to her, I pressed my palm against her labia, massaging her clitoris and feeling the moisture spreading out over my fingers and hand, soaking into her panties and lubricating my insistent movements.

Her muscles began to tense and a long, low wail began to escape from her throat, starting quietly then getting louder as her body responded to my assault until until she screamed her release and I pressed harder onto and into her and my lips closed tightly around hers, restricting the airflow and increasing the intensity of her orgasm until, finally she stopped breathing altogether for a moment as the tension in her muscles seized her and then slowly breathed out as she relaxed back into the sensual leather of the seat.

I let her relax for a moment, to get her breath back and compose herself before slowly withdrawing my hand from her panties and letting my finger draw across her clitoris as it left. She gasped and moaned as I released her then sat back, taking shallow breaths, as if afraid to move and finish it.

I sat back and looked at her. her blouse was still open and her nipple still showing above the cup of her bra. her skirt still pushed up and her underwear, whilst in place, was a little dishevelled. She looked so sexy and contented I wanted to make love properly to her but, sadly, this was neither the time nor the place.

"My goodness, Anna," she said at last, "Is that what you call a kiss?"

I smiled at her, thinking how happy and incredulous she looked.

"Are you ok?" I asked her, wondering how she felt about her first experience of being touched by a woman.

"Ok?," she said, "I am more than ok. That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced." She began to laugh, "It was fantastic. You, Madam, are going to get the very best deal I can possibly get for you!" and threw her arms around me so tightly I thought she was going to strangle me.

It was time to get back and Chrissie adjusted her clothing and touched up her make-up before getting into the front passenger seat to let me drive the rest of the way.

By the time we arrived, to a casual observer, we had been for a test drive and all was normal.

Chrissie was true to her word and secured me an excellent deal and I ordered the car in metallic black, with the v6 engine that suits this fast lady down to the ground.

Before I left Chrissie walked me to the showroom door and once out of earshot said:

"Anna, I will never forget this day. You showed me something so wonderful it will stay with me for the rest of my life."

I took her hand as if to shake it in a businesslike manner but gently squeezed it as I told her:

"I am glad you are happy, Chrissie. Maybe we will meet again someday."

"I hope so, Anna," she smiled, wistfully, "I truly do."

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