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Extra Credit (Part 1)

Aubrey needs some extra credit in gym and she knows exactly how to get it without lifting a pencil.
Every single day seemed to be one more day of torture. I mean, how could someone so perfect, someone so handsome, someone so…sexy, be my teacher?

“People, this is gym class, the easiest class to pass! Why are some of you nearly failing?” Mr. Parker’s deep voice rang throughout the gymnasium, though no one responded. “Alright,” the man sighed, “if you know that you have a bad grade, come up to me sometime after class to talk to me about extra credit. You guys can do a paper or something, I don’t know.” Mr. Parker ran a hand through his luscious brown hair as everyone stayed silent.

“Alright, since none of you want to talk today, you all can leave five minutes early to pack up. Class dismissed.” Everyone ran to the locker room to change out of their grubby gym clothes. I, however, stayed behind. I was too busy fantasizing about Mr. Parker and I, to hear a word that he had said, clearly.

“Aubrey, I said that the class was dismissed. You are free to leave!” Mr. Parker laughed and I snapped out of my trance.

“I’m sorry, what?” I looked up at Mr. Parker who was, by then, standing in front of me.

“Are you feeling alright?” I stood up so that I was closer to his height.

“Yeah, just fine. Why?” I raised an eyebrow as I observed Mr. Joseph Parker.

“You barely heard a word that I said all class, and you were mostly staring at the ground or the walls. Is something on your mind?” Mr. Parker rested a hand on my shoulder, which sent sparks all throughout my body.

Now you may be thinking that I am the usual preppy bitch, but that is not true at all! I am the book smart, nerdy girl who is only halfway cute. So obviously, I wouldn’t want to just come out and say that I was daydreaming about my teacher! Being the smart girl that I am though, I come up with a plan in under a second!

“Actually, yes.” Mr. Parker raised an eyebrow. “I am kind of concerned about my grade. You see, this is the one class that I am failing.”

“Well maybe I can give you a paper or something. That might bring your grade up a little bit, but you would actually have to participate to bring-” I cut him off.

“That’s the thing, I am kind of lazy, and I already have a shit load of work to do for all of my other classes.” I smiled my way through that sentence.

“Well there isn’t any other way that I could give you extra credit unless you actually do the work.” He backed away and began to walk to his office which was conveniently placed in the gym. “I’m sorry Aubrey, but that’s the way it is.”

I quickly followed Mr. Parker into his office and watched as he sat down at his desk, most likely thinking that I had left. He took out his cell phone and began to fumble with it. “What if, I had an idea that could earns us both a little extra credit?” I asked as I shut the large door behind me.

“Aubrey, what are you doing?” Mr. Parker looked up at me, confused.

“Oh come on Mr. P, don’t act like you haven’t thought about it too.” I bit my lip as I slowly walked closer to his desk.

“Thought about what?” Mr. Parker stood up.

“You know…fucking a student.” I said in a quiet but seductive voice.

“Aubrey I-”

“Oh come on Mr. P, I earn my extra credit and we both get to have a little bit of fun.” I smiled a devilish grin. “Besides, who has to know?”

“Aubrey, I could lose my job for having sex with a student. No, just…no.” He sighed and turned from me.

“Mr. Parker, I graduate in a few months, and I turned 18 last week. There is nothing illegal about it so long as no one finds out.” I reached up to my tank top and began to pull down one of the straps.

“No one will know?” Mr. Parker asked, looking down and sounding suddenly amused.

“Not a soul.” I pulled the other strap to my tank top down a bit, and walked over to Mr. Parker, of whom had sat back down after letting everything sink in. “So do tell, will you allow me to earn a bit of extra credit?”

Mr. Parker seemed hesitant to answer, but finally nodded his head just enough for me to know that I could continue. I slowly slid my hands down my side and let me thumb linger on the hem of the skorts that I was wearing. After all, I was in gym class.

I held eye contact with Mr.. Parker the whole time that I loosened the material enough to let it fall to my ankles. “Spin around,” he said. I bit my lip as I stepped out of the dull skorts and spun around in a small circle so that he could get a good view of my ass that peeped out of the black lace thong I wore.

“Beautiful,” he mumbled as I continued to spin slowly. I finally stopped and began to peel off the tank top that I had on, pulling it over my head and throwing it to the side so that Mr. Parker could gawk at my large breasts hidden behind a lace bra that matched my underwear.

“You are a work of art.” I bit my lip and giggled. “How did I never notice you before?”

“Maybe because I had to wear that gross uniform.”

Mr. Parker laughed. “Maybe I should consider ordering different uniforms for next year.”

“And leave me in this ugly thing while girls next year get to dance around in skimpy skirts? I don’t think so.” I said as I straddled his lap. He quickly sat up straight and brought his hands to my back where he unclasped my bra with a snap of his fingers.

“How many girls have you practiced that on?" I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Girls? None. Women? Too many to count.” I shook my head, breasts shaking in his face as I giggled. Without a second word, Mr. Parker pushed himself forward so that his lips could crash-land on mine.

Taken back by his action, my eyes doubled in size. When he finally pulled away, no words were spoken as he silently began to kiss down my jaw and to my breasts where he let his tongue linger a bit longer than usual as he circled my nipple with his soft lips and tongue of licorice.

I let my head fall back and my body arch away from my very sexy teacher. Mr. Parker’s head ducked down as he began to kiss my belly which sent an electric shock all throughout my body. His lips on my pale skin was enough to turn me on.

After a few more gently placed kisses, Mr. Parker trailed his tongue along the edge of my thong, making me grip his shoulders with my nails. “Please, don’t toy with me like this.” I growled.

The gym teacher slowly lifted his head, a smirk lucidly shining on his gruff face. “So my barely-legal baby doll gets turned on easily.” I gripped his shoulders tighter which only made him smirk more.

“Apparently so,” I retorted.

“Well then let’s not let you have all the fun. I need some pleasing too.” Lightly yet still somewhat forcefully Mr. Parker pushed me off of him causing me to stumble back on my feet.

With needy hands, the wild man pulled his red exercise shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. He then unzipped his beige khakis and let his raging boner come into view. “So did you plan on having sex with someone and avoid wearing boxers today, or is it just a guy thing?”

Mr. Parker let a deep chuckle roll past his lips. “It’s a guy thing.” He then let his dominant look reappear as he gazed into my soul through my eyes. “Now please this guy.”

His prevailing demeanor made me bite my lip as I dropped to my knees. Mr. Parker stood up and dropped his pants to his ankles so that I could have a better chance at taking all of him into my watering mouth.

Without a second thought as to what I was about to do, I shut my eyes and wrapped my mouth around the huge dick in front of me. I thought that I could handle the almost 7 inch dick and swallow every bit of it, but it was harder than I thought.

My head bobbed up and down, taking a gulp of air each time my lips grazed the head. With each breath, my heart told me to strive for more and more of the yummy dessert that was my teacher’s penis.

After a few minutes of blowing Mr. Parker on my own, I felt a hand on the top of my head. It gripped my hair and began to force my head up and down. The only sound in the office was Mr. Parker’s moans and my gags as I pleasured my teacher.

A few moments later, Mr. Parker yanked my head away from his dick and looked down at me. By now I was a hot mess; mascara running down my face and saliva was dripping from the corners of my mouth. “I’m going to cum and I want you to drink every last drop of it, do you hear me?” I nodded my head as Mr. Parker forced my mouth to envelope his mass once more. I felt it jab at the back of my throat and all at once his hot liquid trailed down to my stomach.

Being my first time blowing anyone, I thought that cum would taste worse, so when he began to spill his salty juice into my mouth, I was more than surprised to discover that it didn’t taste all that bad.

The sound of the large door being thrown open caused Mr. Parker to pull my head away from him with a force that I hadn’t known was in him. He let his grip on my hair go limp and I turned my head to see who was standing in the doorway.

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