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Helping Out

A teenager finds himself the center of attention among his step-mom's horny friends.

Life can be a challenge for a teenage boy, especially after his mom ran off with a man she met on the Internet. Mark's mom was replaced several years later by a caring step mom by the name of Kay.

Mark was unremarkable with the exception of one very impressive physical trait. He was to learn it served him well with the ladies.

Mark lived with his dad and Kay, who valiantly tried to fill the void left by his absentee mother and became overly protective. She insisted on being called "mom" and would do anything to be accepted by him.

Kay was thirty-three, in the prime of life, astonishingly beautiful, sexy, and as it turned out, as horny as her stepson.

Although Mark found his new mom to be desirable in a non-maternal way, he was not alone. A variety of men had occasionally stopped by their home when his dad was on a business trip. Kay called them "friends," like friends on Facebook, she said. He knew their interest was more than a neighborly visit.

At times, he fantasized about having a closer relationship with his step mom. Her girlfriends interested him as well. They were Kay's age, and they seemed so out of his league, he never gave them a second thought. So, Mark resorted to pleasuring himself with the time honored method that men and boys have used for eons. He kept a large box of Kleenex on the bedside table for cleanup. His step mom knew it wasn't a bad head cold that filled the wastebasket with wads of tissue. She was aware of what he was doing in private, but tried not to embarrass him and mention it.

What Mark didn't know was that "mom" was fantasizing about him as well. Kay enjoyed the sight of the bulge in Mark's pajamas at breakfast. For some reason, he couldn't keep it down in the morning. It didn't take much to get him hard and in the morning, he was almost always erect. She pretended not to notice but liked to imagine what was hidden between his legs.

Mark resented it when Kay invaded his privacy. There were times, too many times, she would arrive unannounced in his bedroom. She intruded on his privacy when it wasn't necessary or wanted. She claimed it was just part of being a mom, making sure he was okay. One morning when he had a firm grip on his pulsing erection, she barged in to say breakfast was ready. "Oh, Mark, I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were busy. Take your time. When you're finished, come out to the kitchen for breakfast."

At breakfast that morning, she counseled him about the incident and said, "You shouldn't be embarrassed, Mark. What you are doing is just a normal outlet for a young man. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No Mom. I've only dated a couple of girls. I've never even kissed a girl. I get so nervous talking to girls."

"You shouldn't underestimate yourself, Mark. Even my girlfriends think you're hot. Don't be so self-conscious and find a girlfriend to help you with your urges."

The thing is, his step mom already had someone in mind to help him with his urges.

After that morning when she caught him jacking off, she began teasing him by wearing a tiny string bikini around the pool or surprise him with a sheer nightgown in the kitchen. She loved to watch his total lack of self-control as he began to stiffen, leaving a revealing lump in his shorts. The truth is, he had turned seventeen that month and was coming of age, a very appealing male to women in their middle thirties.

Mark liked being around her friends, especially at their pool parties when he took mental notes of the women prancing around in skimpy bikinis. He actually felt more comfortable around them than the girls at school. Apparently the women took note of Mark, and the large bump in his swim trunks.

Only once did one of the women come up to him from behind, wrapping their arms around his waist, then accidentally touching his package. She cooed in his ear, "Oh Mark, you are such a handsome guy." What she meant was, "Oh Mark, I'd love to get you inside me."

Well, things develop in ways not always anticipated. On a Sunday morning after one of his step mother's Saturday pool parties, Mark was visualizing the sexist woman at the pool with her mini bikini hardly able to secure her boobs. His hand busily stroked himself, hard, harder than he could remember, and it seemed his cock had grown longer and thicker almost overnight. It was not a boy's cock any longer. He had a powerful adult weapon, the kind that the ladies crave.

Mark was too dizzy with desire to notice when his step mom walked into his bedroom. She had been quiet about it. Kay was bewitched by his size as she stood at the door watching. Mark reminded her of what she liked best about his dad. They both had beautiful eight inch thick tools with huge knobs on the end to satisfy a women's g-spot. She stared with desire until Mark finished with a powerful eruption.

"Do you always cum that hard, dear?" she asked.

He looked up, startled to see her in the doorway, and tried to cover himself with a pillow. It was too late.

"Don't be embarrassed, Mark." Again she reminded him, "What you were doing is just natural. Who were you imagining while you jerked off?"

"I don't know. No one, I guess."

"Oh come on Mark. You don't get that hard and ejaculate like Old Faithful unless you are dreaming of someone."

"I guess I was thinking about yesterday's party at the pool. Your friends are really sexy. One of them, I think her name is Gwen, touched me down here. She said it was an accident but it wasn't."

"Well, Mark, Gwen Pierce is really a great friend. She was telling me her husband has lost interest in her and even abusive at times, so that is probably why she hugged you that way."

"It wasn't a hug, Mom."

"Okay, I'll take your word for it. Do you ever think of me that way?"

"What way?"

"Like you do about my friends."

"I suppose. Once in a while," but it was more than once in a while.

"Do me a favor and clean up that puddle before you get dressed."

The next pool party got interesting. His step mom must have leaked the news to her friends about his anatomy. She might have even bragged about his size. The women couldn't stop teasing him by giving him erotic poses and hugs and more hugs.

Finally he had enough and went to his room. He wondered, Could it be that all women are horny at that age? Were there girls his age horny too, but weren't as obvious as his mom's friends?

The next morning his balls were bursting with lust as he jerked off, cumming twice. The first time he made sure his mom wasn't in the room. The second time he was careless. She walked in just as he was finishing.

"Which of my friends were you dreaming about this time, Mark?"

"A few of them. They all came onto me yesterday. It was fun for awhile, then it wasn't."

"Oh come on, Mark. They were just having a little fun flirting with you. Okay, I'll get them to tone it down next time."

"Mom, did you tell them what I was doing when you came in my room on Sunday."

"No dear. I just said that boys will be boys, and there is a time when they become men. I mentioned that you were now a man and should be treated that way."

"They must have understood it differently than what you meant."

"No, I think that they understood perfectly."

They did understand, perfectly. On a morning not too different from other mornings, Kay walked into his bedroom with one of her friends. She was pretty, a little younger than Kay with blonde hair and a pleasant smile. In fact both of them were wearing pleasant smiles like they had some secret to share.

"Hey son."

"Hey, Mom."

"Sorry to wake you, but Mrs. Pierce stayed with us last night. Her husband was drunk and got a little violent. She needed a safe place to stay."

"Yes. Hello, Mrs. Pierce. I hope you are okay."

The woman, the same Gwen Pierce who had embraced him at the pool said, "I'm fine. How's it going, Mark?"

"I'm good. It's ugh, six in the morning."

Mark's mom gave him a peck on the cheek and said, "I know this is your best time, son. You're always so is super hard early in the morning."

"What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Mrs. Pierce and I need to borrow you for just a little bit. Please. It's okay."

"Mom, are you pimping me out?"

"No, I don't think you'll mind. Look, Mrs. Pierce has a lazy husband just like many of my friends, even your dad sometimes."

"Oh my god. Is this some kind of a joke?" was all he could say.

"It's okay son. You know what this is about. Just enjoy it. Gwen needs someone to comfort her, and you seem to be available."

Mrs. Pierce sat on the bed facing him with a broad smile. Her cheeks had a touch of blush as she began rubbing his upper thigh. "Can you get it nice and hard for me? You don't mind, do you?"

Mrs. Pierce pealed down her top showing him her firm breasts. "Do you like these, Mark?" and she cupped her breasts and lifted them so he could fully appreciate the view. He didn't answer. Then she reached down pulling out his growing cock from his pajama bottoms. His step mom, hardly a disinterested bystander, watched like the overprotective mom she had become.

Mrs. Pierce began stroking his stiff cock cooing, "You like that? Doesn't that feel good, Mark?" It sounded like a sales pitch, but he didn't care. He had never had anyone touch him like that.

"Yes, Mrs. Pierce, it feels awesome," he croaked.

His step mom said in the background, "Tell her how good it feels, son."

"Better than with my own hand, Mom."

Kay decided her stepson needed more coaching." Take off your PJ's so we both can appreciate your body." As he removed his pajamas, Mrs. Pierce took the opportunity to remove her nightgown. It only took an instant. They were both nude, and Mark felt as if he was in a porn video.

She had a nice set of tits, rounded like pears, and her nipples were a pinkish brown, yearning for his lips. Mrs. Pierce gently placed his head down to her nipples where he sucked until they were erect. It was what he had seen them do in Internet porn videos

"You do that so well, Mark," Mrs. Pierce said complimenting him. "Now use that luscious tongue down here," opening her legs to reveal her shaved pussy.

He wasn't quite sure what to do, just deciding to play it by ear. "Ugh," she sighed while he licked up and down her slit. "Put your tongue all the way in, loverboy."

He struggled to move around to get it in deeper. She raised her hips and spread her legs further apart to help. He was tasting her moisture as it continued to build. The taste was new and not entirely unappetizing. He was learning to eat pussy and even began to like it.

"Your mom was right, Mark. You are incredibly well hung. Can I taste it?"

She gently pushed him back onto the bed taking him between her lips and down her throat.

"Oh my, you are already leaking here. We better get you inside me before you cum, Mark," Mrs. Pierce announced it as if he had no choice. "I'm ready, Mark. I'm ready for that big fat sausage of yours." She quickly turned and mounted him.

His heart rate raced as he felt the first sensations of his cock slipping into a woman's hot wet vagina.

"Oh yeah, I want your hard cock. Mmmm, oh, oh. It feels so good," Mrs. Pierce kept repeating.

"You have to cum inside of her, son," his mom urged from a distance.

"Come on, Mark, give it to me," Mrs. Pierce squealed. "Oh yeah, ooh, this is so nice. Fuck me good. Oh yes." she said as her breathing quickened. She was out of her mind with desire.

As Mrs. Pierce began feeling wave after wave of orgasms, she breathlessly cried out, "Does that feel good for you? It feels so good for me. Please don't cum yet baby. I need it more. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ahh, oh yeah, harder."

"Try to hold on for a few minutes more, son," his mom instructed, almost demanded. "She's so ready. She's gonna cum."

He was ready too. More than ready.

Panting, Mrs. Pierce yelled as she was at the peak of her climax, "Ahhh, give it to me. Give me that big sticky load. Cum in my pussy. I want your big load filling my pussy."

"Don't pull out, Mark. Make sure you get it all in there," his mom echoed. Only later did he find out the reason.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming," Mark yelled.

"Oh yeah. Let me feel that hot cum squirting inside me."

Mark pumped into Mrs. Pierce an almost endless supply of youthful exuberance.

Unlike his older counterparts, Mark stayed hard for a long time before he softened and pulled out.

Gwen Pierce gave him a firm hug and said, "Nice going, Mark. You made me so happy this morning. I wish my husband could make me cum like you did."

Feeling a little guilty and still trying to catch his breath he asked, "Are you fixed? I mean you're not going to get pregnant, are you?"

"Of course not. I've stayed on the pill even though my husband ignores my needs. I was just hoping to have some really good sex this morning, even if it wasn't with my husband. I haven't had it like this in a long time. Thanks Mark, you were just what I needed. Older men just can't do it with the same energy as a younger guy like you. Thank you. Now go back to sleep and have a good nap. See you later and sweet dreams. Bye."

"Okay, see ya."

He barely heard Kay say, "Come into my bedroom, Gwen," as they left his room, "and I'll help you clean up. Oh Gwen, I got so turned on just now. I can't wait to get a taste."

It seemed to him, she was about to get a share of his massive exuberance.

The morning was really incredible, he thought as he dozed off to sleep, and something he was unlikely to forget.

That could have ended it, but it didn't. News travels fast in a small town, population 1254. In addition, Gwen Pierce might have mentioned something in a confidential way to her very best friend whom she trusted. That best friend was sworn to secrecy but of course, it was passed on in a confidential way to her friend. Each confidential conversation lead to another one. All the ladies soon knew about Mark's special gifts.

After returning from his spring baseball practice, his step mother said, "Honey, my friend Mrs. Pulaski called and asked if you would mow her lawn. Her other boy quit. You could earn a little spending money, and maybe even fill up the car once in awhile now that you are driving to school."

"I know Mrs. Pulaski. She's our school nurse with the big." He stopped short before saying, with the big tits. "When does she want it done?"

"Yes Mark, I know what you're thinking. She does have a nice body. Call her and ask when she needs you." Giving him a Post-it-Note she added, "Here is her phone number." 

He called that evening and Mrs. Pulaski said any time on Saturday.

Mrs. Pulaski was a little older than his mom, forty-ish, but looked ten years younger. She had been married a short time and never married again which seemed odd since she was pretty with a great body. It was her great tits that motivated Mark to take the job. The boys' locker room buzz was unanimous. All of them talked about wishing they could fuck Mrs. Pulaski. Some faked injury or sickness just to get into the nurse's office. One guy said Mrs. Pulaski had given him a blowjob, but no one really believed it.

On a hot Saturday morning, Mark drove to Mrs. Pulaski's house. He wanted to impress her so he wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with cutoff sleeves showing off his well developed biceps. The lawn didn't look that bad but hey, a few dollars never hurt when you just got your driver's license.

The lawn wasn't large, and although he was finished in half an hour, Mark was soaked with perspiration. Mrs. Pulaski invited him in for a lemonade. She still wore a robe from her morning shower.

As a nurse sometimes can be, she was a little more assertive, even demanding than he liked. Mrs. Pulaski was the kind of lady to which you didn't say no.

She handed him the drink and said, "The ladies say you have a wonderful physique. I see they are right, but don't you think you are hiding some of it."

"Hiding? What do you mean?"

"Well, like when a woman wears something sexy that shows her curves. You wouldn't be the first boy at school to stare at my boobs. By the bulge in your shorts, I'd say you'd like to see them too, wouldn't you?"

Mark tried to play it cool, but he was young and nervous. It showed when he said in a high pitched voice, "Maybe. I guess so."

"I'll show you if you like, Mark, as long as it remains between the two of us."

He squeaked, "Okay," still trying to control himself.

She slowly and seductively opened her robe exposing two large beautiful breasts. "Do you like what I was hiding, Mark?"

"You're beautiful, Mrs. Pulaski."

"Thank you, Mark, but you are hiding something too. Do you mind showing it to me?" and she touched him below the belt.

"I don't think so Mrs. Pulaski. You asked me here to mow the lawn."

"Yes, but there is something else I need help with."

"What's that, Mrs. Pulaski?" a question that already had an answer.

"Let me show you what needs your attention, then maybe you can help me out."

She pulled off her robe fully unveiling her entire body and said in a firm voice, "This should help you understand." Her pendulous breasts stared at him as she sat on the couch with her legs splayed out, her feet on the sofa, and knees bent for him to fully appreciate her feminine charms. Her moisture began to glisten on her fingertips with Mark wondering, Is this for real or am I hallucinating?

"I don't think this is right, Mrs. Pulaski."

"I see. You would rather be mowing my lawn."

"I didn't say that Mrs. Pulaski."

Mark's heart was pounding out of his chest watching Mrs. Pulaski rub her clit saying to him, "I feel so helpless here alone. Take down your pants so I can see if you are the man my friend said you are."

"I don't know your friends, Mrs. Pulaski," he objected.

"Does Gwen Pierce come to mind? She said you two have become, should I say, well acquainted."

"That was my mom's idea. It hardly counts."

"I think we can do something that will count," and she went to her knees, yanking down his shorts and taking him in her mouth. "My oh my. Good Lord, Mark. You are everything the Gwen said, so big and thick. This knob is incredible!" and she sucked him in her mouth again.

Mark was as hard as a baseball bat. Mrs. Pulaski was as experienced as a whore. She gave him deep throat, then flicked his protruding knob with her tongue until drops of precum moistened her lips. Somehow he kept from exploding although his balls ached, and his lust was at a youthful peak.

After she had tasted him for a long minute, she pulled him down to the living room rug with herself on top. She hung her boobs over his face letting him gorge on them while she took hold of his inflated cock and eased it past her slit.

Mark's inexperience didn't slow him from pushing in balls deep once past her pussy lips. With his shorts around his ankles, and still wearing his tennis shoes and t-shirt. he didn't miss a beat fucking her with unrestrained teenage energy.

Mrs. Pulaski must have been anticipating him as she watched him mow the yard because she was sopping wet. She leaned back, and rode him faster and faster. Her boobs bounced. His massive size hit her g-spot and every nerve ending. Each orgasm was accompanied by shouts and hollers like a cowboy at a rodeo. Mrs. Pulaski ground and rotated her hips pushing up against him forcing him in deeper.

"Are ya gonna cum? Are you gonna cum?" she kept repeating. "I want to taste your cum. Give it to me in my mouth."

Mark was so far gone he was nearly comatose and never heard what she had said. Nurse Pulaski felt his urgency and went down on him inhaling his cock the moment before he released a prodigious load down her throat. He came so hard it felt like it was turning him inside out. Her mouth sucked him dry, licking off the last few drops leaving nothing behind.

"My god, Mark, you have what it takes to pleasure a woman. I've overheard your teachers say you've been a disappointment in their classroom, but you're an A-plus student here in my class."

That was the end of their conversation and his extra curricular job for the day, but he mowed her lawn again later that summer. Mark never got the chance to drink his lemonade.

When he got home that first time, his mom asked, "So how did it go?"

"Mom, she's a very generous lady," and he turned to walk into his room, thinking that lawn service might be a great summer job.

The following week, Mark was busy with baseball. He was the team's catcher in a long extra inning game, and arrived home drenched with sweat. He jumped into the shower before dinner and was soon followed by his step mom. He just stood there speechless with the shower head spilling water over both of them, staring at her luscious body. She said nothing but began playing with the appendages dangling between his legs. He knew what this was about, and wanted it as much as her.

He soon was as erect as a stone pillar when she went down on him. Water dripped off of her hair and cheeks as she fucked him deep in her throat. It didn't take long before he exploded. She licked her lips and smiled. "Thank you Mark," and went to her bedroom to dry off.

Not long after the shower incident, his step mom was cooking breakfast wearing peek-a-boo lingerie that left nothing to his imagination. Mark simply was overcome with desire and lost all control when he lovingly bent his step mom over the counter and slammed into her from the rear.

Surprised she yelled, "Mark, the bacon is burning!" but she wasn't objecting.

"It'll only take a minute, Mom," he replied in a hoarse, frenzied voice. And it didn't, before he erupted like a geyser, unloading a healthy morning wad deep into her steamy snatch. When he was through, the overflow gushed out, down her thighs, dripping in a pool on the kitchen floor.

"My god, Mark, you outdid yourself. That was a great way to start the day!"

It was indeed a start, then it became routine. When Kay needed her stepson, she invited him into the master bedroom. This was during the summer months in the afternoon when his dad was at the office. She called it an afternoon pick-me-up. He was being home schooled, and his education progressed rapidly. She showed him the way to please a woman that included variations on the basic theme of pleasure, especially sucking clit. He was a avid learner and anxious to please.

Lynne Warden wanted her car washed. He was happy to take the job. Lynne was tall and thin with long gorgeous legs. She wore a halter top and the tightest yoga pants he had ever seen, revealing every feminine curve, especially her round tight ass. She took Mark's hand and led him into the bedroom to show him a picture of her husband.

"I'm showing you this, Mark, because I want you to realize my husband is a handsome and kind man, but he became impotent after our daughter, Joyce, was born. The doctors said after he tried Viagra and had several tests, there is nothing medically wrong with him. Nothing could be done for him short of seeing a psychiatrist. My husband won't do that, so that leaves me with only one choice. You came to mind with the highest recommendations. Apparently you have a very healthy appliance," and she approached him gently touching him between the legs.

After being with Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Pulaski, and his step mom, Mark understood better about mowing lawns and washing cars. The car could be brought to the car wash. What Mrs. Warden needed, couldn't.

She helped him undress, then pulled off her top and peeled off her tight pants. He adored every sensuous contour of her lithe body, her firm tits, and especially her groomed pussy. She adored his youth and his super sized cock. Mrs. Warden was so tight and wet and totally anxious to have him inside her. He loved the way she talked dirty to him.

"Come on baby. Don't be bashful, give it to me. Make me cum. Aaahhhhh, fffuuucccckkk mmeeee. Don't stop! Harder, harder. Get your big fat cock deeper. Give me every drop of your thick creamy load inside my cunt."

She couldn't get enough of his youthful joystick plunging into her over and over again. Mrs. Warden was delirious with continuous orgasms and finished with a powerful climax as she felt his multiple spasms. He was drained and exhausted. At the same time, Mark felt that washing cars was a great way to spend the summer. Mrs. Warden only said he was welcome to detail her car anytime, whether it needed it or not. He said he would be available whenever she needed him.

Mrs. MacAndrew was originally from Scotland. Mark was there to fix her computer. There was no misunderstanding this time. It wasn't about a computer.

In a very straightforward way she said with a slight British accent, "I've heard you're quite the stud, Mark."

"Really? Who told you that, Mrs. MacAndrew?"

She gave him a grin that said everyone knows. "Let's not get too concerned about 'he said, she said' and just enjoy ourselves."

Mrs. Mac was petite and stood only five feet three. Combined with fair skin and short red hair, she looked more like a teenager than a wife of thirty-two. She wore a light summer dress that was easily removed, revealing nothing underneath.

She wasn't shy when saying in a no nonsense way, "Put your clothes on the chair, Mark, and please hurry," as she rolled on the bed.

He was already as rigid as a steel pipe when he joined her. "Mark, you are so big and that knob is so huge, I'm not sure we can get it in."

Despite her reservations, she was more than eager to give it a go. Foreplay was kept to a minimum. She was tight but once he was past her pussy lips, he fit without a problem. Mrs. MacAndrew might have been slight in stature, but she was overflowing with enthusiasm.

Not long after he had finished filling her passion hole with a half dozen explosive cum shots, she wanted to do it anally. He knew what it meant, but the idea made him nervous, not having tried it.

"I'm not sure, Mrs. MacAndrew. I've never done it before."

"I'll show you, love. Here, take this tube and make sure my ass is really slippery. Then use it on your dick."

She was on her hands and knees saying, "Put it in slowly so I can get used to your size. Once you get all the way in, do what feels good to you." He made sure they were both well lubricated and slipped himself in between her ass cheeks.

It took some time but finally he managed to penetrate her all the way. Eventually he was rocking and rolling, thrusting in perfect rhythm with Mrs. MacAndrew swaying back and forth to meet each stroke. She moaned, then cried out with a voice that was frightening. It wasn't a sound of pain but of extreme salacious pleasure that he had never heard before.

Her small frame belied her explosive passion for sex. He had plenty of lust to match, bursting out with a steady stream of cum deep into her bowels. They fucked until Mr. MacAndrew's car turned into the driveway.

Mark dressed quickly, greeted the husband, and defused an embarrassing situation by explaining their computer was okay now. Her husband would have to settle for sloppy seconds.

The summer jobs were piling up. Mrs. Dodge was a special case. She wanted to become pregnant. She and her husband had been trying since they got married five years ago. Mrs. Dodge wanted Mark to be the donor without telling her husband. He would inseminate her, no questions asked. He said, no, but told her how beautiful she was, and he would still like to have sex with her.

Mrs. Dodge sat nude on the bed crying. "Mark, I want a baby so badly. I thought you would understand and help."

"I do understand, Mrs. Dodge, but I have a feeling Mom wouldn't if she found out."

"Well, you could be right, Mark. Your step mom and I have been dear friends ever since we moved here. I wouldn't do anything to upset her or lose her as a friend. I guess, neither would my husband."

"Come over here, Mark. This little pussy needs petting." He anxiously complied, and had become quite adept at eating out a women thanks to his step mom's lessons. "Oh Mark, that feels so good. Don't stop." In fact, he couldn't stop as she held the back of his head impaling him between her legs.

Eventually, Mrs. Dodge understood his needs as well, and swung around to give him head while he continued to fuck her with his tongue.

They continued in the classic sixty-nine position until Mrs. Dodge urgently pleaded, "Oh Mark, I need you. Let's get your magnificent manhood where nature intended it to be used."

She reached in the bedside table to pull out a foil packet and said, "Mark, I'm so sorry we have to do it this way, but I'm ovulating this week. If you cum in me, like I had hoped, you'd be the father. That's really what I wanted, but a person can't have everything. At least we can feel the joy of pretending we are making a baby. Be a good boy and put this on." It only covered two-thirds of his long hard shaft.

"Oh my god, Mark. I should have bought the larger size! My girlfriends said you were huge, but I guess I thought they were exaggerating."

The coupling lasted for most of the afternoon when Mrs. Dodge dismissed him with tears saying, "Thank you so much, Mark. You better go now. I have to get dinner started soon."

After helping four ladies during the summer, Mrs. Pierce for a second time after another overnight with his mom, Mrs. Pulaski's lawn, Mrs. Warden for a car wash, Mrs. MacAndrew's computer, and Mrs. Dodge with her fertility crises, he was back in school for his junior year.

One of his classes was advanced biology. The current topic was STD's and birth control. The nurse, Mrs. Pulaski, spent a day in the classroom talking about birth control methods.

She said taking birth control pills was a family decision, but she recommended it to the girls that were sexually active. The girls in the class squirmed, probably because most of them already were sexually active.

Joyce Warden was in the class. She was Lynne Warden's daughter, and a first semester senior. Because of advanced classes, Mark was in the class along with a lot of seniors. Joyce was a year older than him, but they had never been lab partners until later in the semester.

"I know about you, Mark," she said with a tone of sarcasm. He tried to ignore her comment. Toward the end of class she said, "We need to talk."

All week he tried to avoid her. She caught up to him on Friday as classes were letting out. "I have to talk with you, Mark. You can't avoid me forever."

"Okay, what's the deal?"

I'm going to the library after dinner. You can meet me there at seven thirty tonight.

Mark wasn't hungry at dinner wondering what Joyce had in store for him. He played with his food, and his mom wanted to know why.

"I have to go to the library tonight and finish a report. I hate that on a weekend."

"That's what happens with a student like you that has become so intense about schoolwork. Sometimes I think you're too dedicated. You need to learn how to relax."

"You're right, Mom, I'll try, but I've got to get this done."

Joyce was at the library waiting. "Mark, we need to have a heart to heart."

"What about?"

"You and my mom."

"What about your mom?"

"You've been fucking her, haven't you?"

"I think you got it backward, Joyce. She's been fucking me."

"Look, I don't care how you spin it. The thing is, you've had an affair with my mother."

"Yes, and so?"

"I don't care what she does as long as it isn't an issue with my dad. What I care about is my dad. I don't want him hurt. He's a great dad and doesn't deserve this."

"I see. What do you want me to do?"

"Stop seeing her. Get a girl your own age."

"Do you have anyone in mind?"

"No, that's not what this is about, Mark. It's about protecting my dad."

"I see." He looked into her azure blue eyes and said, "Now let me ask you a question. I mean, your mom isn't getting what she needs at home, so she came to me. I just tried to help. Are you getting what you need? I mean do you need that kind of help too?"

"What are you talking about? Are you asking me to have sex with you?"

"That's right. I kind of think you are like your mom, and we are having this conversation for your ulterior motive."

"What would be my motive?"

"To have sex with me, like your mom. Maybe you're jealous of your mom."

"You're crazy. That's such an insult."

"Really? Are you a virgin, Joyce?"

"It's none of your business."

Since we are on the subject, I think it is my business."

"Well, I don't think so but since you asked, the answer is, no, well, kind of a no."

"What is that supposed to mean, 'kind of a no'?"

"I've sort of fooled around with a few guys."

"So you've done it with a guy."

"Does giving blowjobs count?"

"Definitely not. What counts is a dick in your pussy."

"This has gone too far. I'm leaving, Mark."

But Mark could tell she wasn't really angry. Joyce had body language that said she was interested to take it a step or two further.

It wasn't until two months later they were lab partners again. By then he had heard rumors that she had been sleeping with several guys on his baseball team, so he decided to ask her out. She said, no, then said, I know what you want and you're not getting it with me. Go fuck Cynthia MacAndrew's mom if you want someone to screw." Cynthia was her best friend. Goodness, what did Cynthia know about me and her mom and when did she know it? Does the whole school know? he wondered. 

Mark asked her for a date twice more before Joyce finally agreed to meet him at McDonalds' for a Coke and fries. They got along better this time discovering they had a lot in common. They both were looking at colleges, and they loved the same books and music. Finally, she agreed to go to a party with him. Joyce figured it was safer that way.

Like most teen parties, the parents weren't home, the music was loud and everyone was drinking including Joyce and Mark. On the way home, he parked, had her blouse unbuttoned and her bra pulled down. He helped himself to her tits, a smaller version of her mom's, full but perkier. Sucking them hard had the desired effect because she parted her legs as a subtle invitation. Mark pushed her panties aside and penetrated her with his fingers. It was no surprise she was wet, enjoying the attention he was giving to her pussy. With her hand on his, she helped him get the motion she wanted, in and out, slower, then faster. Her face was flushed and her eyes rolled back with each thrust of his fingers. Joyce didn't seem to get him in deep enough. She moaned loudly pushing his hand down hard so his fingers disappeared in her slippery slimy cunt, coming with a violent climax.

Joyce seemed at ease when she unzipped his fly and sucking his ramrod stiff cock. It was true what she had said in the library. She knew how to give blowjobs. He blew his wad with jets of fluid streaming in her salivating mouth. She did not complain. She accepted it, almost welcomed it, and let his cum slide down her throat like a spoonful of ice cream. Any left on her lips, she scooped back into her mouth. Joyce had become a slut. Mark was reminded of the old adage that a apple never falls far from the tree.

They continued to fool around exploring each other's bodies until he climbed between her legs with his magnificent cock pointing directly at her pussy. He was only seconds away from making sure she could no longer claim to be a virgin, although he had heard otherwise. "Stop Mark! Stop. I can't do it. I'm not ready. Take me home." He really didn't understand what she meant by, "not ready."

It was really about Joyce playing the part of a innocent young virgin, Although it was a game she was playing, Mark figured that it would be played out differently in the future.

Mark dropped her off at her house shortly after one in the morning. He was short of being satisfied in the same way her mom had satisfied him. However, he had made good progress, and now Joyce had seen what all the mothers were talking about. He had the size women, even Joyce, drool over.

At school, she whispered in his ear. "I think I made a big mistake Saturday night."

"Oh, what mistake?" Mark thought she was going to pretend she had regrets about giving him a blowjob or letting him finger her.

"We should have done it. You know, we should have done it."

"What are you saying, Joyce?"

"I thought about it. If you and I have sex, you won't need to fuck my mom. If you don't fuck my mom, that's my way of protecting my dad."

Her logic was impeccable. He couldn't disagree with it. "I think you have a point there, Joyce. Anyway, it's a win-win situation for both of us. You no longer will be a virgin. I won't need your mom, and we can be friends with benefits."

"I'm glad you see it my way, this time, Mark, but I lied to you. I'm not a virgin."

"Oh?" acting surprised.

"Yeah, well, after Mrs. Pulaski talked to us about birth control, I went to her office to tell her how I couldn't talk with my parents about being put on the pill. Mrs. Pulaski said she would help, and she called my mom to explain how important it is to protect girls at my age. So I went to the doctor and now I'm safe."

More than that, Mark knew she used her new freedom like a blank check. Once he and Joyce consummated their mutual understanding on the following Friday night, he was enchanted by her young tight pussy, and didn't go back to the mothers until she left for college.

The first time he came in her, he prolonged it as long as possible, then came all at once. It was an eruption that Joyce said she never had from any of the other guys. She wanted more.

She loved having sex with him, especially the feeling of him pulsing and shooting inside her. Joyce was making up for lost time and never seemed have sex with him often enough. Mark found it amazing how horny a girl gets once she is confident, and in touch with her sexual needs. They fucked all summer until college.

They promised to keep in touch. It didn't happen. She left for college in the fall and found other boyfriends. He finished his senior year helping Mrs. Pierce with her needs, as well as Joyce's mother, and the others.

Joyce returned home after her freshman year pregnant. She said it was Mark's. Yes, he had been with her during spring break, but Joyce hadn't told anyone she was already six weeks along. The truth was, Joyce didn't know who the father was. Mark became an easy and convenient target.

In addition to his well known reputation in the town, the women with which he had become intimate stirred the pot and the community was thick with gossip. Of course, they said, Mark had taken advantage of poor little Joyce, the cute little daughter of their friend. They reasoned that she had heavily dated Mark her senior year, so he must be the one. Even Mark's step mom was convinced he was the father.

Mark was defenseless surrounded by a brood of hens clucking rumors at every opportunity. His only escape was leaving for college in the fall, then hoping the baby would have a DNA test after it was born. Joyce and her parents refused to have the baby tested. The results might prove embarrassing, that their little innocent Joyce had been sleeping around with the college boys just as she had done with the baseball team in high school.

So college became Mark's sanctuary, rarely visiting his hometown where he was mostly unwelcome. Unwelcome by many but not by all. There were still those who secretly wished for his return because there were always lawns to mow and cars to wash.

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