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Her Ghost

He appeared in the room like a ghost and she had to have him.
She saw him across the room. His white shirt was open at the neck and she could see his tan skin beneath. His smile was one that could melt a woman's heart. His eyes were pools of blue ladened with something mysterious and unknown. His dark hair was thick and unruly.

She ordered herself a strong drink and went and sat at a table on the outskirts of the dance floor. She searched the crowed to find him and gasped when she did. There was a blonde headed young woman with her arms around him. They were kissing while dancing. She chided herself for thinking he didn't have a girlfriend. She finished her drink and headed towards the hotel to go to her room. 

She was walking on the beach back to the hotel when she heard footsteps behind her. She didn't look up because she knew people would be walking on the beach just as she was. A hand slipped around her waist and stopped her in her tracks. She felt a warm breath on her neck. 

"I saw you tonight and knew I had to have you," a husky, deep voice whispered in her ear. 

She felt lips press against the sensitive part of her neck. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. The man's hands moved slowly up her body and caressed her breasts gently. He moved his hands down to her waist and spun her around to face him. She gasped. 

"It's you," she whispered. 

He smiled and she felt her knees weaken. He pulled her close and kissed her. His hands made their way to her ass, gently squeezing it. 

"I'm Jesse," he said when their lips parted. 

"I'm Grey," she whispered breathlessly. 

"Will you join me for a drink in my room then, Grey?"


They walked to the hotel and headed to his room. He held open the door and let her in. She gazed out his window. He had a full view of the ocean, the most gorgeous view she'd seen. He had the suite so the room was huge. He walked back in and handed her a drink. They sat on the sofa. 

"You look beautiful," he said to her.

"Thank you," she responded shyly. 

He moved closer to her and placed his hand on her knee. She moved her eyes to search his face. His eyes were filled with mystery and lust. She leaned closer to him and their lips met. Their tongues slowly met and then it became a lust filled kiss. They broke apart and Jesse moved their glasses to the table. 

He came back to the sofa and laid Grey down. He sat beside her and kissed the sensitive part of her neck. She let out a soft moan. He moved down, gently biting and kissing, to her chest. He removed the straps of her dress and pulled it down over her tits. He gently squeezed them, watching Grey's reaction.

She moaned and pushed his head down to her tits. He bit her nipples and sucked on them. Grey had never felt so wet. She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. As he sucked and bit harder, she felt herself coming close.

"Fuck baby I'm going to cum," she moaned. 

He kept going, wanting her to cum. She began to cum and let out a moan. As she finished and she began to relax, he gently bit her ear and whispered, "Let's go to the bedroom." 
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