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I Let My Mother Do My Husband

A Daughter's Fantasy
My name is Naomi and I have a unique story to tell. I've been married for about seven years now and our love life is fantastic. But, I have the urge to see my husband fuck someone else. We have talked about this over and over again. Yet, I don't trust any of our friends, so my fantasy goes unfulfilled.

This is where the story goes a little weird; you see my mother and I are like sisters. I confided in her about my fantasy and I was surprised by her response. She told me that she and my father did something like that before. It was many years ago, when they were still together.

I wrapped my mind around what she was saying and I became so very wet. The details she told me about her experience had my clit throbbing. She told me it was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. She told me, she fingered her pussy as my father did her best friend.

I asked her how she dealt with the jealousy. She admitted she was a little jealous, but the thrill and the eroticism outweighed her jealousy. She told me she was so turned on, that she fucked my father for two days. It was some of the best sex she had ever had.

I was so relieved to know that I wasn't the only woman who fantasized about her husband fucking another woman. My pussy was on fire with thoughts of my husband doing another woman. That's when it hit me. My mother would be the perfect choice to fuck my husband.

It would be perfect because my mom's is still hot. She's only sixteen years older than me with a body that still turns men's heads. When my husband Jeff thinks I'm not looking I see him peaking at my mother’s ass. It shouldn't be too hard to get a husband to fuck my MILF mother. All I have to do is just set the mood and find a good vantage point to watch.

“Mom, I got a favor to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"Would you help make my fantasy come true?"

"What are you asking of me?"

"Would you fuck my husband so I could watch?”

There was a long pause and I could see her processing the information I just gave her.

“Mom, I really want this. It would be perfect. I could never be jealous of you and I know it's been a while since you had some good dick. You would love my husband cock; it's long big and thick,” trying really hard to convince her.

She looked to be in shock, but after a few minutes, she agreed to fuck my husband. My clit throbbed and my mind went into planning mode. I asked my mother if she had anything really sexy to wear. Still in semi-shock, she shook her head yes.

We made all the arrangements and I made up the story to have my husband and mother alone. I told my husband my mother would be over because we would be going out Friday nite after I got off work. I got a spy cam set up. I placed one in my bedroom and the other in the living room facing the couch. I put the monitor recorder in the garage where I would be waiting to see everything. I made sure to have my husband's favorite drink ready and plenty of it.

It took forever for Friday to get here. I was so nervous that I thought I was going to pass out. My mom looked gorgeous in her little skimpy black dress. The hem on her dress was high on her thigh. She showed a lot of cleavage, my mother was sexy as hell when she arrived.

I could just imagine the look on my husband's face when he opened the door. I couldn't see them, but I heard my husband say, “Wow, Natalie, you look good!"

"Thank you,” she told him as she sat on the couch. She tried to pull the hem of her skirt down some, but the material just wouldn't go down any further.

“Would you like a drink?" my husband offered.

"Yes, yes,” my mother said nervously. They drank and things loosened up quick. Next thing I knew my mother was flirting with my husband. I could see him looking at her breasts. As they drank, she slowly turned towards him and slightly opened her legs.

At the time, I didn't know my mother didn't have on any panties.

The small talk continued as my mom slowly opened and closed her legs. I noticed a bulge in my husband's pants as they continue to drink. Things were going good and it was time for me to make my phone call.

I pulled out my cell phone dialed my husband's number. The phone rang and it took a moment to pick up. “Hey babe, I'm still stuck here at work."

"Really, your mother's hear dressed up and ready to go."

"I know, can you tell her to give me another hour, and I will be on my way."

"Do you want to talk to her?" he asked.

"No, no just assure her I will be there,” I said and we hung up.

They quickly went back to small talk and my pussy began to moisten. The anticipation was driving me wild, as I watched my mother show my husband her pussy. What was taking my husband so long? I knew he wanted to fuck her.

I knew my mother was getting frustrated seeing that big bulge in his pants. I knew it was making her horny, because it was making my clit throb.

My husband got up and poured them another drink. As he did my mother hiked up her dress around her waist.

"Way to go mom," I thought to myself. He has no choice now, but to react. My husband almost dropped the drinks when he got a view of my mother’s wet fat pussy.

He calmly sat the drinks down and dove face first into her luscious wet pussy, mother squealed as the pleasure overcame her. My pussy throbbed as I watched my husband suck my mother's pussy. Her moans were erotic as his tongue caressed her clit. I could hear the sounds all the way in the garage.

The camera was positioned just right as I watched my husband’s tongue lick up and down my mother's fat pussy lips. She slipped off the top of her dress and began to stroke her long erect nipples. My mother was enjoying herself as my husband sucked her fat pussy.

His mouth and chin became so wet as my mother creamed his face. Her legs were pulled back allowing him all the access he needed to get at her hungry pussy. I could see him, looking up at her like he does when he sucks my pussy. That's such a turn on, I thought, as I slid my hand into my panties.

With my husband's freehand he took his large cock out. It was hard and ready, just the way I like. But, he just wanted to free it because he wanted my mother to come before he shoved his cock into her wet, hot pussy. He was such a man like that. Another turn on.

My panties were so, wet as I played with my pussy, watching my husband lick my mother's pussy. I knew I would enjoy this, but not this much. I was close to my first orgasm. This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen as I stroked my swollen clit.

My mother got a glimpse of my husband's cock and the sight of it made her squeal in anticipation. Her breath became short as my husband’s tongue swirled around her clit. Then without warning, using the cream that settled in my mother's ass hole my husband shoved his thumb in.

That sent my mother over the edge and she came very, very hard. She grabbed my husband's cock and pulled it into her pussy as she came all on his face. The climax must have last a few moments as she ground her hips onto his face.

Witnessing this I shoved two fingers deep into my pussy. I worked them in and out, in and out. I could feel my climax building as the pleasure took hold of me. The eroticism was all I desired and all I couldn't stand as my thumb caressed my throbbing clit. When my mother shoved my husband’s head into her fat pussy, I lost all control and came all over my fingers.

It took me a minute to return to normal and to focus again. They had moved to the bedroom. My mother was naked on the bed as my husband was having second thoughts about doing his mother in law. But, mother quickly changed his mind when she fingered her pussy and licked her fingers clean. That is such a turn on for my husband.

He quickly got into position between her inviting thighs as his cock stood proud. I could barely contain myself as he aimed that monster cock at my mother’s hot wet pussy. I became even more excited as he wet the head of his cock in her nectar.

Mother had her thighs spread wide open waiting to receive my husband’s big cock. She begged him to go slow because it has been awhile since she had some dick and even longer since she had a cock as large as his.

But, that’s not my husband’s style; he rammed that cock long and deep. With his huge cock buried in my mother she was trapped and at his mercy. He gave her a moment to adjust to his size as she squealed from pain and pleasure. I know his cock was throbbing in that tight pussy just as it does in mine. I love that feeling and I could tell by the way my mother was working her hips. She loved that big cock throbbing in her wet pussy as well.

When the motion of my mother’s hips got too much, my husband began to pound that big cock in and out of her hot pussy. My pussy double clutched my two fingers that were shoved deep in my hot wet pussy. When I witnessed my husband balls slapping against the cheeks of my mother’s ass I came again.

His balls looked so good slapping those soft cheeks. My ass cheeks knew that sensation so well. The sight was awesome to me as I came all over my fingers again. This was such a treat. I owed my mother big time for fulfilling my fantasy.

My mother wanted to give me a good view of my husband’s cock going in and out of her pussy. She got him to stop for a minute as she got into the reverse cowgirl position. She grabbed hold of my husband’s big cock and slid down on it ever so slowly.

Every inch of my husband’s cock looked so wonderful as my mother’s fat pussy gobbled it up. That cock needs to be preserved, I thought to myself. This is what that big dick looks like when he fucks my pussy. I tingled all over and my clit throbbed as that thought filled my mind. I came all over my fingers once again.

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