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Jayla's Bad Boy

Jayla pursues her penchant for bad boys

It was May 15. Two days previous Jayla had graduated Magna Cum Laude after her four years in college. Now she had three months to enjoy life until she started law school towards the end of August. Tomorrow was Friday, the weekend was starting. After the killer last few months of study and final paper writing, she was in the mood for some major fun.

During her last two years of college she had developed a stronger and stronger attraction to “bad boys.” Rationally she knew this was not a good thing, long-term anyway, but the guys she had been involved with had allowed her to totally forget school during their time together and provided outstanding sexual satisfaction. That satisfaction had become very important to her; she planned to make the most of her three months free time pursuing that goal.

Her college was in a big city. The school itself had 40,000 students, give or take. The city contained all kinds of entertainment possibilities and the school population provided many people to mingle with and date. Friday she planned to go solo and venture to a club she had never been to but heard much about, the Four Aces.

The club straddled the tracks, so to speak, between the “good” part of the city and the “bad” part of the city. As a result it attracted people from all socioeconomic levels, brownish, blackish and white, all there for one basic reason, to hook up. They danced to a combination of rock, hip-hop, and oldies music. Women dressed to show off their assets and men dressed in everything from Armani to Levis.

Jayla had assets to show off. She had chosen a black spandex, skin-tight club dress. Parts were sheer and parts more opaque. Her choice of no lingerie accented her c-cup boobs and their eye-catching nipples. The dress started just above those nipples and ended about two inches below her nether region, so she had to keep it down if she did not want her bareness to be easily seen. Dancing or other stretching moves would put it on display, which was just what she wanted.

This was all complemented by her red, four-inch heeled sandals and a small gold purse on a long gold chain that hung to her waist, cross-shoulder. She only carried her driver’s license, a credit card, about fifty in cash and her phone. Her curly long dark hair flowed down her back, moving with every turn of her head.

She left about nine and made her way to the club in her Mini. By the time she found a parking spot in the crowded lot and walked to the door, it was a few minutes before ten. The bouncer smiled as he held the door open for her, motioning for her to enter, admiring her assets as she passed by.

She paused just inside the entrance to take in the scene. The driving beat of the music was loud, the lights dim with strobe and laser lights dancing on the walls and ceiling. The bar was a large horseshoe occupying the middle of the large room, people were dancing all around it while some sat in booths along the walls. Seeing a woman getting up, leaving vacant stool, she headed for it to have her first drink and watch the action.

As she sat and conspicuously crossed her legs, a man dressed in an expensive suit stepped up beside her, offering to buy her a drink, which she readily accepted. “Grey Goose Gibson on the rocks,” she told the bartender.

They made small talk, exchanging names and other banal conversation. He was okay to pass some time with but definitely not what she was looking for. He eventually realized that and politely moved on, only to be quickly replaced by another guy of similar type. He bought her second drink and tried his best to move her off the stool, but he again was not her type.

Then another guy stepped into the now vacant space.  He wore motorcycle boots and old, faded blue jeans. His dark hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail that hung down about six inches. An obviously muscular upper body was covered in tattoos somewhat hidden by a black leather vest. It was adorned on the back with symbols and letters that held no meaning for her. She glanced at him and smiled, this could be the guy for her. He seemed to ignore her as he ordered a Bud and drank from the bottle when it arrived.

He continued to drink, seeming to pay her no attention. She wondered if her being black made a difference to him. Was he a racist or bigot of some sort; she hoped not.

Just then he turned to her. “My name’s Luca, what’s yours?”

Not turning away from the bar, she replied, “Jayla.”

“So, college girl huh?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“It is to me. I get around the city. You radiate more savoir faire than the average city girl your age. What are you, about twenty two?”

“On the nose. You radiate more worldliness than one might guess based on your sartorial accoutrement.”

“So College, now that we’ve established both of us can speak fancy. What’re you doin’ here tonight?” he asked as he moved closer to her. “I think your lookin’ to get laid.”

“That’s a pretty presumptuous, conceited thing for a guy like you to say to a young woman like me!” she said with a smirk.

He reached up to her neck, putting his thumb and forefinger on either side of her spine, and ran them down till they hit the stool. She responded by arching her back and sighing as his fingers slid down. Her nipples sprung to full hardness as her arched back put her boobs on full display. He did not miss a moment of this display.

“I think that is exactly how you want to be talked to. Get down off that stool and face me.”

She slowly turned toward him and uncrossed her legs, making sure he had a view as she repositioned them to slide off and stand. That was a view he could not miss if he was blind. The moisture on her smooth and hot coochie was obvious.

“Like what you see? Your eyes went right between my legs as I slid off the stool.”

Faster than she could process, his right hand, middle finger raised straight up, moved like lightening. It shot between her legs and up to her wetness, fully entering her. She gasped, her legs suddenly becoming weak from the shock of his quick penetration. Her left hand clutched the bar for support as she partially sank down, further ensuring his complete access. Wasting no time, his finger began to move and curl, searching for her “G” spot.

“What the... No, not in... Oh god!” she managed to utter as her legs grew even weaker.

“That’s it College, cum for me. I found your special spot. You have no choice now, so let it happen.”

“You fucker,” she whispered as her right hand grabbed his vest, “Jesus Christ if you keep that up I’m gonna cum. Oh no, no, no, no,” escaped her lips.

She tried to fight the feelings, but he knew exactly what he was doing to her. Shortly she gasped out, “Oh god!”

He felt her muscles seize his finger as warm fluid began to run out and over his hand. Her legs had fully relaxed; she was only supported by his right arm, his finger still curling inside her. Using his left hand, he grabbed her hair and twisted her face up to him, kissing her deeply. She fully reciprocated, their tongues intertwined.

Once they parted, she gazed into his eyes as he withdrew his finger, giving it to her to lick off; she gladly accepted. Then she looked around, as she could finally deal with the embarrassment that had been lurking in the back of her mind, previously overridden by her sexual desires. No one had seemed to notice except for a couple of guys who quickly looked away in their own embarrassment at having been caught out as voyeurs.

“So like I said, I think you came here to get laid. Ready to go to my place?”

“You are one wicked dude Luca,” she replied, the hint of a grin on her face. “Lets go.”

She pulled her dress down and then headed to the door. He was close behind, playing games with her by pulling her dress up and patting her ass. Each time she swiped behind her and pulled the dress back down.

Once they got outside she turned to him. “I’m parked way in the back. Let’s meet here and I’ll follow you.”

“Ride with me. I’ll get you back to your car when your ready. You’ll enjoy it.”

She hesitated, not wanting to be without her wheels, especially not knowing where he lived. “I think I’d better drive myself. Where’re you parked?”

“Right here,” he said, as he gestured to a Harley parked near the club’s door. “I know the club’s owner. I always park here.”

A bit taken aback by the clearly custom red and black bike, she said, “Come here often do you?”

“Not that often. Only when I am interested in meeting someone like you.”

“ ‘Someone like me’ huh.” Her hand now on her cocked hip, her hackles a bit raised. “Exactly what’s ‘someone like me?’ “

“A beautiful, sexy, confident and decisive woman who is not afraid to go for what she wants in life. It can be a rarity, no offense meant.”

She thought about his answer. He was right, she was all those things, and she wanted everything he seemed more than able to give her. Also that bike did look like fun... She had nowhere to be for three months so why not? What is the worst that could happen? She might have to Uber back to her car, big deal.

“All right. You promise to get me back here when I say I want to go?”

“Absolutely. My word is my bond. Let me get this started and then hop on behind me. Pull up real close to me and wrap your arms around me tight. You might get some pleasure from the ride; the bike tends to vibrate and your seat has a slight upwards tilt.”

The bike roared to life. She mounted as instructed, looking forward to a raucous ride through the night. It turned out to be that and more; he was right about the vibrations. Holding him tight brought her exposed clit in tight contact with the leather seat; her arousal was immediate.

It could not be avoided, not that she wanted to. The stimulation was relentless. Her body reacted in its natural way. She felt the orgasm building and just held him tighter as the feelings got stronger and stronger. She stayed on the edge for quite awhile and finally tipped over, her body quivering from the thrill, her cooch discharging its usual flow out and over the leather.

No words were exchanged, but he knew when it happened; her hold on him had increased exponentially.

The thrills kept running through her as they rode through parts of the city she had never seen. Finally he pulled into a warehouse area, stopping at one to wait for the large overhead door to open. He drove in and turned off the engine as the door began to close and they began to ascend.

She dismounted and once again pulled her dress down to cover her privates. It was a habit she would probably never break even though she could have just as well pulled the dress off and been totally comfortable. “Damn Luca, that was quite the ride. You live here?”

He laughed as she tugged on her dress. “I knew you would enjoy it. I felt you grab me extra hard and knew what happened. Maybe we’ll go for more rides,” he said, laughing again. “And yes, I do live here. I use the warehouse below and this upper floor makes for a nice living area.”

Just then the elevator jerked to a stop and the doors opened to reveal a beautiful living area. She thought he must have had it professionally done. It was stunning enough to be in Architectural Digest.

“You are just one surprise after another aren’t you? I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s incredible.”

“One of life’s little surprises, just like you,” he said as he held her in his arms and kissed her. She melted into him.

Slowly pulling away, he turned her around, pulling her dress off as he did, and began caressing her breasts, whispering as he did, “I love these, just like two honeydews with the stems attached. Lets take this slow. We have nowhere to be. I want to savor your charms to the utmost.”  With that he squeezed and rolled her nipples as he stretched them out.

Moaning, she leaned back into him, replying, “God, I love that. Take all the time you want. You’re going to do quite nicely.” Her hands had fallen to his crotch, beginning to explore it, craving the large endowment she found.

They lingered in that position as he roughly pulled, squeezed and twisted her nips. Rough and tumble was his way with women; rough and tumble was what she loved.

His treatment had so inflamed her that try as she might, she could not free his cock. Sensing her rising combination of excitement and desire, plus his own lust, he released her tits and turned her back around into yet one more passionate kiss.

It did not last long. They broke apart and he pushed on her shoulders. “Get on your knees and worship my cock!”

Quickly sinking down, she finally released what her mind and body were crying out for, his manhood.

“Damn Luca, I’ve never known a white guy with a dick this big. I love it!”

“Then get to work on it! Maybe this’ll make you a white cock only girl,” he quipped with a smug look.

“Anything’s possible,” she shot back as she began teasing him by just licking and kissing up and down his magnificent shaft. Although intensely wanting him deep in her, she was determined to stretch out her oral treatment to his limit.

Resisting taking him in her mouth, she just kept licking and kissing it, up and down, as she fondled his sizable balls. He was groaning and she was moaning when he finally reached down, roughly grabbing her hair with both hands. “God damn it, suck my cock! Right fuckin’ now!”

Ecstatic that she had brought him to this, her mouth flew open as he pulled her forward. She took him in, her tongue twirling around his rock hard shaft. His deep rumbling sounds of pleasure filled her with ever increasing desire. A small puddle had already begun to form on his beautiful hardwood floor, as her essence gradually fell, drop by drop, below her. She knew she had chosen right, he was just what she needed.

Holding her hair tight, he controlled her movement, using her mouth like he later planned to use her pussy. In and out she was moved. Each time bringing her closer and closer to him, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, ever closer to her throat. Soon he was at that point and yanked her lips to the base of his shaft. She took it with no apparent problem, other than gripping his thighs so tight her nails dug into him. He backed her off; she gasped a bit for breath; he pulled her tight again. He kept repeating this and she kept her nails dug into him, enough so that drops of blood began to appear. Neither of them cared—not him for the pain and blood, not her for the choking and gasping; they were both in each other’s thrall.

Stopping before going over the edge, he pulled her up. “You’ve been taught very well College.”

“I know it. You’re lucky to have me. Now the question is, am I lucky to have you?”

“You’re about to find out.”

“ ‘Hope for the best, expect the worst,’ my daddy always told me. I have very high hopes,” she said in a seductive voice.

Quickly finishing what she started, his clothes were soon in a pile along with her dress. Taking her hand, they walked towards a dim corner of his haven. A large four poster bed began to appear. As it came into full view she could see it was a bedroom without walls, invisible in the darkness until you were within its bounds. There were ropes hanging from various places from the wooden rafters. Tie-down points set into the continuous hardwood floor. She wondered just what she was in for...

“Like my little retreat? I designed this whole place myself. This area has invisible sonic walls. You could scream your head off and anyone outside the perimeter we just crossed would not hear a thing.”

She had tried to take it all in as he talked. What he had created was beautiful. Everywhere she looked there was incredible detail and clever design.

“It is unique and exquisite. I’ve never seen anything like it, not even in design magazines. The ropes are both interesting and a bit intimidating.”

“I very much doubt we will be using those tonight, however another time they may prove interesting.”

“It all depends on your definition of ‘interesting’ and who is being restrained. Let’s hope for a future where we might explore that. Right now it’s all about me. My coochie is screaming for attention!”

With that she jumped to the middle of the bed, legs spread wide, and flashing an enticing grin. Crooking a finger at him, her other hand began caressing her clit. In a matter of seconds he was between her legs, his hard manhood pointing directly at her face.

“So the cooch needs some attention,” he said as his cock smacked down on her clit.

”Damn!” she blurted just before another strike.

As she tried to move, he pinned her legs with his knees and struck again.

“You’re going to cum and beg to be fucked before this goes in you College.” A fourth blow landed.

“Holy shit!” she cried out as she tried and failed to twist away. “I don’t beg for anything!” she exclaimed as the blows began coming faster and faster.

Those were her last words until... “Oh my god. I going to... FUCK! FUCK!” Her gasping, convulsing body prevented any further words.

He relented to give her time to recover—then the strikes began anew.

“NO! No more. No, no, no. Please fuck me.”

“That’s close College. Now say it.”

“Damn you Luca.” Another blow landed. “Okay, okay. I’m begging you to fuck me. Just please, please do it!”

His cock was already dripping from her juices that had splattered on him so he slipped in easily. With no pause he plunged in fully and began thrusting back and forth.

“Oh god Luca. Yes, yes, yes! Fuck I need this. Do it. Do me deep and hard!”

He leaned forward to kiss her, bringing her legs with him as he held them under his arms. She greedily returned his kisses as her pleasure built and built. He drove her to orgasm after orgasm with her shaking and shouting her delight at each one.

Eventually he could hold off no longer. With his last stroke he buried himself as deep as he could, his cock pulsing out his hot seed to her innermost reaches. This feeling brought on her last, overwhelming orgasm. When he had emptied, he stayed in her as she slowly recovered from her ordeal of lustful passion.

“God Luca, I guess my hopes were more than fulfilled,” she said laughing. “But you know you were one mean mother at first. I thought I was gonna die.” Her laughing continued.

“We’re not done you know. I hope you noticed I’m still hard.”

“I did indeed. I was hoping it was not just a false feeling. That is rather amazing. Not many guys can do that.”

“As soon as you feel up to it I want you on your knees. Me thinks that coochie needs a further work out. Then there is always that virgin ass, well virgin to me anyway.”

“Oh god Luca, you’re going to turn me inside out. So you think you’re going to put that in my ass?”

“Yeah, I do, my sweet college girl. It deserves attention too. I’m sure I will not be the first.”

“Well... no, not the first. Just be gentle, at least at first,” she said, grinning.

“You know you loved it. Admit it.”

“Okay, okay, but I’m not accustomed to begging. It’s usually the other way around,” she said with a laugh.

They bantered back and forth a bit more then he began to pull out. She clamped down, insisting he keep her full just a bit longer. He laughed, letting himself sink back down the few inches had gotten out. Eventually she released him. He went to a small, hidden refrigerator, bringing them both water bottles. They drank and teased each other about what was about to happen. She loved being on her knees. He loved ass slapping and the sex opportunities the position offered.

Soon they had both recovered. Jayla happily turned onto her knees, presenting her still needful coochie to him, and snuggling her head into his wonderful silk sheets. Luca grabbed a tube of lube as he positioned himself behind her; a place he was used to occupying, but, he thought, never with a view quite so enchanting.

He started the spanking she knew were coming with restrained smacks. She was anticipating the exciting thrills the stinging blows would provide.

So it went. He slowly picked up the pace and strength of his blows, determined again to get her to cry out or beg him to stop. Her ass was getting redder and redder as she just moaned, seeming to enjoy it, moving her ass in provocative ways that just egged him on. Usually not one to care much what his particular partner thought, he was beginning to get a bit apprehensive about his blows. Her ass was quite red and his hand outline was beginning to show. As uncaring as he could be, he knew he did not need to cause actual injury and invite a possible law enforcement inquiry.

He had no way of knowing her history. When she was still quite young, Jalya’s father had decided that spanking was the best way to discipline his girl. For each perceived infraction he would spank her until she cried or begged him to stop, always promising never to do “it” again. This went on through high school. He realized that something was different during her last two years in school but never realized what.

After more than ten years of the spankings Jayla turned sixteen and became sexually active. Her new found pleasure suddenly became accentuated by her father’s spankings. She concealed it well, but no longer cried or begged him to stop. This particular fetish, ingrained by an unsuspecting father, was to be life long. So she moaned and sighed with each blow, waiting Luca out and enjoying the thrills that ran through her with each strike.

Luca saw her juice dripping to the bed after he had begun his offensive. It aroused him to think he was causing it. He actually maneuvered his body so that he could occasionally catch the drops on his cock as he continued to spank. Finally, the lurking worry, plus his hunger to be in her again, caused him to stop. Quickly rubbing himself back and forth between her lips, he plunged his glistening, slick cock deep in her.

“Yes Luca, yes!” she exclaimed as his sudden thrust burst into her brain. “Fuck me baby, fuck me just like before, deep and hard! Oh god yes!”

She tried to burrow into the bed as he held her hips and began his new assault on her.

It went much as before, Luca driving her to that special orgasmic world her brain created. She responded to each of his plunges with a counter press back into him. They developed a rhythm that resulted in quick, deep penetration as well as a slap on her coochie, right to her clit, from his swinging balls—she was once again panting, shouting and convulsing from her euphoric delight.

He wasted no time putting lube on her beautiful star opening, using a glob to coat both it and his thumb. With little effort, his thumb slid in, engendering a noticeably loud moan from her. Working his thumb in and out seemed to just increase the force of her responding thrusts. So it continued until Luca could no longer wait to be in the elegant opening his thumb now occupied. Having practiced this motion a number of times in the past, it was like a choreographed dance. Thumb and cock pulling out, and with gentleness being no concern, his cock plunged into her partially expanded star.

“Oh my fucking god!” she screamed as he went fully deep, her body in a paroxysm of animated passion.

Her uncontrolled movement was almost more than he could control. They would later find bruises on each of her hips where he had dug in to hold and control her. This was the pinnacle of her ecstasy. Her special world was now filled with such intense, feverous sensation as to be beyond normal understanding. She lost all control and sank to the bed with Luca never missing a stroke.

He had also lost his control and began the pulsating beat of discharging his spunk. The end of his thrusting coupled with the new throbbing registered in her brain—he was finishing, it was ending. Part of her wanted to scream NO, but she was also sated like never before.

On his knees and elbows, they remained together as they recovered.

Eventually he did begin to move upwards. Now she did shout, ”NO, please stay still. I want this fully seared in my mind. God Luca, you are the most evil and wicked man I have ever known. I think  you might be the actual Prince of Darkness incarnate.”

“College, I thought this was making you happy?”

“I AM! I’m happy, ecstatic, delirious... you name it, I’m it! Now don’t you move!” she demanded as he began to once again try to pull out.    

Again he sank back down. Carefully, he said, “I thought we were just having a bit of fun... It sure seemed like that is what you wanted... I know I had fun... if that makes any difference...” The Bad Boy actually displayed a tiny bit of feeling.

Letting out a big sigh, she said softly, “Bad Boys are just one night stands. I’ve always just disappeared, never the twain to meet again. Do you want that now? Am I just another notch for you?”

Luca tried to stifle it but couldn’t, his laughter burst out. That caused Jayla to start thrashing and bucking, no longer desiring Mr. Bad Boy in her. She twisted out from under him and scooted up to lean back against the headboard, glaring at him laughing. “So I’m that funny!? Did you have good sport with the college black girl? Fuck. You!”

“Jayla... Sweetie, honey, darlin’! Do you really think I am gonna let you out of my sight for very long? I don’t know where this is gonna go, but the sex was incredible. You’re the best lookin’ woman I’ve ever known. You’re obviously very intelligent and just all around fun to be with. If I have anything to say about it, you and me have a lot of gettin’ to know each other to do.”

She just sat there glaring at him, not saying a word. Her coal black eyes stared him in the face—hard. He stared right back. Finally the crack of a smile crossed her face, and she held out her arms to him. He pulled her down on the bed and embraced her almost as tight as he could. They both knew no words were really necessary.

More exhausted than they realized, they quietly relaxed thinking their private thoughts about future possibilities, only to soon fall asleep holding each other.

It seemed only minutes had passed when light shining in her eyes woke her. Opening them, she realized it was the sun; a glance at the clock it showed it was just after noon. Looking to her right she saw Luca on his back breathing deeply, his morning wood raising the sheet like a tent pole. She knew this was going to be a wonderful morning as she began to slowly pull the sheet down...

Their morning escapades began with her going down on his wood and continued until they were both exhausted. After they had both recovered, Jayla told him that she really needed to get home.

“I want you back here. Spend a few days. Let’s see what happens. Anything that you have to do or places you have to be?”

Taken aback but also pleased by his offer, she replied, “Well I start law school at the end of August. There are things I have to take care of between now and then but nothing pressing.” Pausing to think about this surprise proposition, she ultimately said, “What the heck, I survived this night, I think I can survive a few more. I can can’t I?”

“I plan on introducing you to places and things you probably have not experienced before. Things that will widen your world and hopefully bring you pleasure but nothing too dangerous.” All said in both a teasing and enticing manner.

“Ummm... Okay, I’m in! Let’s get my car, then I’ll get some of my things and meet you back here. Sound good?”

“Sounds great! Bring skimpy, sexy things. That body needs to be shown off, not hidden away.”

“Your plans already sound intriguing. Let’s hit it!”

On the back of his Harley in her club dress, she was both excited by the bike’s feel and self-conscious due to wearing the barely there dress in the daylight. She blanked out who might be seeing her and held him tight. The result was the same as her nighttime ride, a fabulous orgasm as they were closing in on the club and her car.      

She hopped off, kissed him, got in her Mini and headed to her apartment. After arriving she changed into a pair of denim short shorts and a tight, cropped red tank top that was cut low on the sides, showing hints of her boobs. Then after packing what she thought would be enough to stay for a few days, including the sexy, skimpy clothes he had requested, it all went in her Mini and she headed back to his warehouse. Its location was locked in the map on her phone so she could find it again.

She hadn’t paid much attention when she was on the back of the cycle, but following the map’s directions to drive back to his warehouse in the day made it abundantly clear that he was definitely in the “bad” part of town. Arriving, she parked to the side of the overhead door. After gathering her things she pressed the code to call his place. Soon the garage door began to open. In she went and pressed the button for “2", his living floor.

He was there when the door opened, wearing his boots, jeans and leather vest. “Damn College, you are so friggin’ sexy! Your bod is perfect; that top and shorts show it off to perfection. You are going to be a hit tonight.”

“ ‘A hit tonight?’ What exactly do you have planned?”

“I’ll let that be a surprise, but suffice it to say that we’re going out. I don’t want to ruin it by telling you too much in advance.”

“Well with me dressed like this I can assume we aren’t going to some fancy place...”

“That would be a safe assumption. Now go put your stuff away and meet me in the kitchen. We’re gonna have a few drinks and snacks before we head out on what promises to be a wonderful Saturday night!”  

Luca had her Grey Goose Gibson waiting for her by the time she walked into the kitchen area. She sat on the bar stool opposite him at the kitchen’s island and sipped her drink as she reached for the cold shrimp he had on ice.

They relived parts of last night. He was exploring her desires and experiences as she was trying to explore his life. Her revelations told him that she had had quite a few lovers since her first time six years ago as a sixteen year old high school girl and that those experiences had given her a robust sexual appetite. For his part, he was very circumspect in what he revealed about his current life. He did tell her that he went into the Marines out of high school, was in Marine Recon and did three tours in Afghanistan. Then he became fuzzy when she tried to pin him down on what he did after his enlistment was up and he returned to civilian life. It was obvious to her that he was not in what many would consider a “normal” occupation. All the tats and his vest spoke to that, she just did not fully understand their meaning.

He clearly fit the worst of the bad boy image, and that was fine with her—in fact it was just what she wanted. She felt no danger. Her feelings were that he would take her to physical and mental places she had never been—places she desired to go.

After they finished their second drink Luca said, “Lets hit the road and see what kind of trouble we can get you in tonight. I love you in the red heels, by the way. You are a stunner!”

Executing a pirouette, she said, “I’m glad you appreciate me.”

“Before we go, take this, it will enhance your sensations, making anything that happens better and increasing your desire for it.” He handed her a white pill.

Looking dubious she asked, “What’s this? I don’t do drugs, at least not hard drugs.”

“It’s X, pure and unadulterated.”

“It’s illegal and not made anymore. There are many stories about bad reactions from people taking what they think is ecstasy when it was really just made in somebodies’ basement out of who knows what. That is too scary for me.”

“This is pure. It is made by a drug company in Amsterdam. I have been there and seen the factory. I would never give you something I had not used myself. I guarantee it.”

“Are you going to take it?”

“No, not tonight. I’m driving and need to keep a clear head. If you like it, I’ll do it with you when we are staying in.”

She just stared at him, thinking. He was definitely dangerous but had done nothing to harm her in any way. She trusted him and was in a risk-taking mood. The pill went down with her last swallow of the Goose.

He grabbed her and ran his hands up her top, exposing her boobs. After tweaking her nips for a few seconds he pulled away. “I better not get started or we will never leave. The X will kick in thirty to forty-five minutes from now. That is about how long our drive will be.”

It was a warm, moonlit night, perfect for their ride. She held him tight and just took in the sights and smells of the city. The buildings merged into houses and they eventually fell away. They were in a much less populated area when he pulled into a parking lot full of cycles. A neon sign proclaimed Snake & Jakes Saloon.

“Gee, let me guess. A biker bar?”

Laughing, he replied, “Many of my friends hang out here on weekends. You don’t know how to play pool by an chance?”

“As a matter of fact I do. There is a club with four tables near campus that is a hang-out. They serve drinks and music is always playing but it is not a dance place, just a club with a different take on entertainment.”

“That’s great, it is a major pass time here, besides drinking and other things. So how do you feel?” he asked as he brushed his palms across her now rock hard nipples.

“Oh my god, that was almost like electric. Jesus you were right about the effects.”

“And down here?” He pulled his fingers from back to front across her pussy.

“Fuck! I’m so horny. My mind is swirling with desire. Jesus! Lucifer you’ve done it to me again.” She started to loosen her shorts as she said, “Fuck me right here. I’ll bend over the saddle.”

He stopped her saying, “Keep ‘em on. You’ll get taken care of soon enough.”

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Promise?”

Grinning, he said, “Promise. Now c’mon, I want you to see the place and get introduced to my friends.” She pouted a bit as he held her hand and walked her into the joint.

She saw a pretty typical “saloon.” There was a bar the length of one wall, booths and tables, a small dance floor, a juke box playing country music and three pool tables in a side room. It was fairly crowded, probably twenty or so guys, all with many tats and in typical biker clothing, and about ten to fifteen women, most, but not all, in some type of biker-type clothes, clothes that were definitely on the skimpy side. One woman was even topless and seemed to be enjoying the attention she was getting. Even though she was the only black person in the bar and it was a scene she had never experienced before, it did not make her feel self-conscious or out of place.

“Hey Luca!” several guys shouted. “Who’s the chick?”

“This is Jayla,” he announced to the room, “my sweetie. Pretty hot huh? Now treat her with respect.”

She stayed close to him, smiled and gave the room a little wave as Luca said, “Hey Billy, get us a couple longnecks and meet us at the tables. We’re gonna play some pool.”

They walked to an available table, picked cues and racked the balls. By then Billy had arrived. Luca introduced him as one of his best friends and a sometime business partner.

She was instantly attracted to him. He was much like Luca in size and dress. To her, he radiated a wild sexuality.

“You were totally right when you said she is hot,” Billy said. “Sure has a set on her and that ass is killer!”

“You mean these?” Luca said as he walked up behind her, pulled her top off and began tweaking her nips.

“Oh god Luca, you’re drivin’ me crazy. They’re so friggin’ sensitive!”

“C’mere Billy and check them out. She’ll let you. Won’t you baby?”

“Yeah. I so damn horny I’d fuck a... well about anything.”

Billy’s hands replaced Luca’s from the front. He squeezed, rubbed and pulled her nips as he fondled her boobs. He looked up at Luca with a giant grin. “Man, they are perfect! Look at her, she’s zoning.”

“She took a X tab. It has hit her. Wanna fuck her?”

“You’re shitting me man! She’s your chick. You serious?”

“Hey Jay. You wanna fuck Billy? Every girl in here will tell you he is great. Not as great as me of course, but great.”

“If you’re not going to do me then hell yeah!”

“Take her in the back and have fun. I’ll go hang with some of my other friends and join you in a bit. Maybe bring a couple with me, we’ll see. Go for it baby, you’re totally safe with Billy.” Laughing he continued, “I guess we probably won’t have time for pool.”

“Come get me soon Lucifer. Okay Billy, let’s see if Lucifer’s right about you!”

“Lucifer?” Billy said in an inquisitive, puzzled way. Luca just smiled and pointed to the back.

Billy shrugged and took her hand, leading the way to the back room they used when they wanted to be with one, or more, of the girls. Some of the girls were attached to guys and some were just groupies hoping to be picked for the night. Even the attached ones were available if her guy said okay, just like Luca had done.

They got to the room in no time. It was dimly lit by a single small bulb hanging from the ceiling on a wire. It only contained a couch, coffee table, a couple chairs, a small table with a bowl of condoms on it and three mattresses on the floor. Billy grabbed a condom but was still a bit hesitant; after all she was Luca’s girl. Jayla, on the other hand, was not at all hesitant. She was working her shorts off as he was closing the door.

“Are you going to fuck me or what?” she demanded as she lay, spread-eagled, on a mattress. That sight was all he needed. In a few seconds his clothes were off, the condom was on and he was going for her. She was like a bitch in heat and he provided what she needed. Her first orgasm came quick and did not stop. He pounded her from every position they could imagine. She was lost in a frenzied world where the sensations just kept coming, storming her brain like a F-5 tornado. Billy proved to be everything Luca had said, everything she sensed when she met him.

Just a couple minutes after Billy finally finished pumping his jizz into the condom, when they had both recovered from their “togetherness”, Luca walked in with two other guys and a bucket filled with longnecks.  
Propped up on her elbow she exclaimed, “Luca baby! About time! Billy took real good care of me. I see you’ve brought friends. Are they for me too or are you just showing me off?”

“I thought you just might be in the mood for more so I brought Frank and Joe to provide you with their services, if you so desire. Anyone want a beer by the way? They’re on ice.”

Billy and Jayla both jumped at the offer. Luca brought two over to them on the mattress.

After a long pull Jayla said, “Thanks baby, I really need this. So introduce me to your two friends.”

Motioning to each one, he said, ”Frank and Joe, meet my special woman, Jayla. Looks like she might possibly be up for a threesome...”

“Damn right I am! I’ve never been this turned-on. Two for one sounds like an awesome experience. C’mon boys lets see what ya got,” she said as the last of her beer flowed down her throat.

Looking at Billy, Luca patted the couch next to him. “We’re going to sit her and watch the action. She’s a tigress boys so give her everything you’ve got. I think some DP is called for before this is finished. Here’s some lube,” he said as he tossed a tube to Joe. “I think that should be the big finish. Just my humble opinion.”

Not much more was said. It started with Jay sucking Frank as Joe went down on her swollen pussy. As soon as she came from the oral attention they got her on her knees. Joe was in her quickly as she kept Frank in her mouth. From then on it was Jayla’s moans and cries of joy from her almost continuous orgasms. Positions kept changing as they pretty much kept her in a constant state of enthralled passion, always expressing the thrill of her debauchery.

Ultimately they launched into the DP action. Their two cocks brought forth screams as her body went into the strongest electrifying, trembling body movements she had yet shown. Her arms were pounding the mattress as she shrieked from the obvious ongoing orgasms. Both guys finished almost simultaneously. After a few moments to regain their breath, they extricated themselves from her, leaving her laying spent and breathless. With a few words, Luca made it clear it was time for everyone to clear out—they did quickly.

He went to her with a damp sponge and towel he had brought with him. She lay still as he tended to her, always keeping her eyes on him. As he was finishing she said, “C’mere baby.”

As they embraced she whispered, “Luca, this was incredible. I’ve never experienced this much...”

“I know baby. I knew something would happen when I brought you here, but I was not sure exactly what. Are you totally spent?”

“God knows I should be, but I’m not. I’m sore, but it’s a good sore. I want you; I want you to make love to me right here and now. Please take me and make real, sweet love to me. Can you do that or am I just a slut you used? A slutty notch on your belt. I don’t know what to think. I know I’m still high.” Her eyes started to water, a few drops running down her cheek.

He wiped away the few tears and rolled on top of her, staying on his elbows and knees above her so he could look in her eyes and talk. The head of his hard cock was barely touching her wet, puffy lips—he made no attempt to enter her.

“Okay, here’s the truth. Friday night I was just looking to pick up a girl and fuck—it happened to be you. Obviously you pretty much wanted the same thing.”


“No, no, don’t say anything ‘til I’m done. As I look back, I know that I started to develop feelings for you at breakfast Saturday morning, but didn’t admit it to myself. My emotions and general nature would not let me consider that. As the day progressed and you returned with your things, I began to acknowledge my suppressed feelings.

“You know we are from different worlds. I did not want to allow for anything serious because I knew you would not want me, at least in a serious way.”

“Luca I—“

“Nope, wait. So as I was about to say, I thought I would just enjoy it while it lasted, thinking that in a day or two you would be back home. Now I find myself wanting you in... let’s just say an expanded length of time—to see how things go. Oh, by the way, your not a slut! It was the X and I feel bad about it. Okay, your turn.”

She reached for his butt and began pulling him into her as she said, “Luca, I love you. I’m not anymore sure than you are about exactly what that means right now, but at this moment I want to be with you. Now make love to me while I am still high so I can get the maximum benefit from the X you gave me, you devil man! Oh, by the way, don’t feel bad about the ecstasy, the feeling is pretty cool... or hot, depending on how I think about it.”

Sporting a big grin, she gave one last pull to fully relish his manhood. With her arms and legs locked around him, they began enjoying a deliberate, affectionate togetherness. This lasted until just afer her first orgasm when she whispered, “Do me doggy Luca.”

“You know I will spank your ass red if I do.”

“I’m counting on it baby, I’m counting on it. Do me like you did last night. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment and your big, wonderful cock pounding me!”

He saw the smile spread across her face, heard the slight giggle. She wondered what, if anything, she would find at the end of the rabbit hole she was going down, then his first smack hit as his dick slid into her; her mind began to go to the special location reserved for the places only he could take her.


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