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Jeanine - Part One

Jeanine's days of quickie sex and getting herself off are over

I had moved into my new apartment, just on the edge of the campus.

I had no job. There were no graduate school papers due. I was free to spend my days and nights however I wanted. My only immediate need was furniture, as all I had were some chairs, a desk and a bed.

I spent the first few weeks of my “summer off”, exploring the back woods of New England, working out, buying furniture, watching the Red Sox on TV, visiting a local bar or two, and writing notes to Sarah.

By mid-July, I had bought a new couch and chairs, a dining area table and chairs, a bureau for the bedroom, kitchen supplies, pictures, and other items one needs to make an apartment a home.

I had worked out and jogged enough that I was in reasonably good shape, explored most of the area around the University, and, had written enough notes and done enough research to get a head start on the writing that would take up most of my time during the next two years.

Boredom was setting in.

A friend who managed one of the dormitory areas on campus, and was responsible for a new co-ed living experiment, asked for some help. He could pay me a $1,000.00 for two weeks work. It sounded both interesting and a good way to meet some faculty and staff, and students.

I was paired with two others, both of whom were faculty members. As a team we acted as a “sounding board” for ideas being considered as part of a new living and learning concept.

Students, staff and faculty presented their ideas, thoughts and plans, and we would question them, push them to think through the idea, and play “devil’s advocate”.

As jobs go, it was easy money with no heavy lifting.

In late July, there was a combined birthday party for two of the students, a staff member, and a faculty member. The party was held outside in the late afternoon-early evening, in an area between two of the dormitories.

I was invited to attend, along with my two co-workers.

After the party had started, but before any food had been delivered, a young lady drove into the parking lot next to one of the dorms.

She was conspicuous for two reasons:

She arrived in a dark blue Porsche 911 Targa. It was an expensive car at anyone’s salary.

She was cute, with freckles, full red lips, light brown hair, a long pony tail and a great body.

She was wearing faded jeans, sandals and a light, pale green golf shirt which dramatically displayed two large breasts.

I point this out because her breasts appeared to be too big for her body.

She was slim, with a flat stomach and a nice ass. Her breasts, however, were three or four times bigger than one would expect on her body type.

I watched as she and others carried trays of food to the party area.

The fabric between her boobs was stretched tight. Her breasts moved back and forth and up and down naturally, with each movement of her body. Her nipples were hard and very noticeable.

The fellow standing next to me noticed me staring at the lady.

“Don’t even go there, my friend.”

I had been caught ogling an attractive lady.

“But she has such a nice car.” I told him, trying to deflect my slight embarrassment with a little humor.

He told me her name was Jeanine. She was married. Her husband of two years worked construction somewhere in the mid-west. And for the last two years she had been the secretary to the guy responsible for implementing this new concept in dorm living.

I looked closer and saw the wedding ring.

I assumed that the guy next to me had sought to dissuade me from anything beyond just looking because Jeanine was married.

I was wrong.

“That woman has slept with just about every guy at this party, faculty, staff and students, married or not.” I was informed by my new friend.

I looked at him and then the ring on his finger.

“And?“ I asked.

“I’m married. She flirted with me. It was there if I wanted. But I walked away. She is an attractive lady. It’s hard to say no to someone like her.”

I waited until all the food and cakes were placed on tables before I approached her.

“Hi. I’m Mike.” I said, holding out my hand.

“Hi Mike. My name’s Jeanine.”

As we shook hands, I held her hand for just an extra second or two, just to let her know that I was interested.

We talked as we moved around the tables and filled our plates with food.

I mentioned the car. She told me that she had always wanted a Porsche and that her husband had bought it in Vermont.

I put my hand on the small of her back and held it there as she bent over the table to reach for some bread.

She turned and gave me a warm smile.

It was difficult not to stare at her breasts.

And then there were those freckles. I see an attractive lady with freckle and I just melt.

“Nice to have met you, Mike.” she said with a big smile as she completed filling her plate with food and walked away to join her boss.

We had done our little dance, and now it was time to step back and see if anything would come of it.

I left the party, making sure that I said goodbye to the people who had invited me as well as the birthday people.

I looked at Jeanine as I left, raising my hand in a slight wave.

She acknowledged my wave with a smile and a little wave of her own.

Was our little tango enough?

My two weeks or work went by and I had not seen Jeanine at or around any of our meetings.

I had spent a rainy Saturday afternoon watching baseball on the TV.

Having errands to do, I put on my jacket and hat, slid the curtain back on the sliding glass door, opened the door and stepped out onto the grassy yard expecting to walk a few feet to my car.

There, next to my car, sat a dark blue Porsche.

There can’t be two of these cars in the same town.

Who in my apartment building was she seeing?

The doorbell rang on my front door.

I threw off my jacket and hat, walked to the door, looked through the peep hole and it was her.

“Happy new apartment.” she cried out as I opened the door. She held up a bottle of wine with a big ribbon around its neck.

I invited her in, took her jacket, and hung it up in the coat closet.

She had on shorts, sandals and a dark blue T shirt, with the same long pony tail that I had seen before.

The “look”, a combination of the pony tail, cute smile, freckles and the T shirt material stretched between her breasts, was a killer.

Jeanine pushed the wine bottle towards me and suggested we toast the new apartment.

Fortunately, I had what passed for a wine bottle opener, but only plastic cups for drinking.

I poured the wine into two plastic cups, handed one to her, raised my cup and toasted my new digs.

Jeanine stared directly into my eyes as we each took our first sip of wine.

She used her left hand to hold her cup to her lips, showing me that she was not wearing a wedding ring.

She moved closer, touched my arm with her hand, and with a coy look, thanked me for attending the birthday party and introducing myself to her

I could feel the tingling in my cock as the blood rushed to my shaft and as my manhood began to stir and grow.

We talked for a while; at least long enough to finish the first cup of wine.

I poured each of us another glass and invited her into the living room. She sat on a chair; I sat on the couch.

There was the usual small talk and conversation about her car.

We finished our second cup of wine and started on our third. The bottle was almost empty.

“Are you going to show me around?” she asked.

The game had begun.

A tour of the first floor wasn’t necessary.

We walked up the stairs to the second floor, ladies first.

She stepped slowly, knowing that I was looking at her ass.

At the landing at the top of the stairs, she went to the right and walked into a bedroom that I was using as an office; a place to write.

As she realized that this was not the room that she wanted to see, she turned, walked past the bathroom, and entered my bedroom.

“Is this where you do your best work?” she asked with a coy, little smile.

I pointed out that the king size bed and mattress were new, and that other than sleeping on it for a few weeks, I had yet to really test it out.

She sat down on the bed.

“Comfortable.” she remarked. “I like it.”

Jeanine got up off the bed and walked over to the window. On the way, she finished her wine and put her cup on the bureau as she passed it.

I drank my remaining wine, put my cup on the table next to the bed, and walked up behind her.

I put my hand on her hip and told her that there wasn’t much of a view, just a large cornfield on the other side of the parking area.

“Do you like girls, Mike?” she asked as she turned towards me.

“Absolutely. I like everything about them.”

I slid my hand from her hip to her back and eased her towards me.

If she had not seen the bulge in my pants already, she would now feel it.

We stayed frozen in that position for a second or two, and then Jeanine broke away and walked back to the bed.

“It’s a shame that you haven’t had a chance to really test the bed out.”

It was time to find out if this was a game or for real.

I walked over to her, put my hands on her hips, pulled her close, and kissed her.

She kissed me back. It was a long, tongue battling, soulful, sloppy kiss that I could feel down to my toes.

I knew she could feel my erection.

She pushed her breasts and nipples into my chest.

“That was nice.” she said, as our lips separated.

Jeanine backed away a little, took my arm in her hand and sat me down on the bed.

She turned away and walked toward the door to the bedroom. As she did, she pulled her T shirt up over her head and off and let it drop to the floor.

She turned back towards me, reached around her back, and undid her bra. Two large breasts fell out of their cups.

They were stunning.

Her breasts stood high and firm. Her nipples were perfectly round, light brown, and each stood straight out, about a half inch, if not more. It was like looking at two new pencil erasers, each a half inch long.

She stood with her hands clasped behind her, like she was waiting for me to make some move. Her breasts jiggled as she anticipated what was to come.

I stood, stepped toward her, and ran my fingers lightly along the underside of her breasts. I know it tickled. I know it was like a shock of electricity when I touched her.

She moaned and arched her head back.

I moved my hands up and made little circles around the areola on each breast with my fingers. Her mouth opened, she moaned some more, and her eyes closed.

I did not touch her nipples, as I knew that what I was doing was driving her crazy.

After a minute or so of tickling and teasing, I pinched each nipple and softly rolled them between my thumb and index finger.

Her knees buckled a little. Her eyes remained closed. She moaned a long, low moan of pleasure.

I reached behind her, held her hands behind her back, and pulled her to me again. We fought with our tongues in a passionate, sloppy, wet kiss.

Even as we kissed, I was able to run my fingers down into the uppermost part of her jeans, which were tight to her ass, but loose around the top.

As we parted from our kiss, I ran my fingers along the front part of her jeans, between her jeans and her stomach, letting her know that I wanted to see the rest of her.

She got the message.

She sat down on the bed, lay back and undid the button on the top of her jeans.

I pulled the zipper down, grabbed the top of her jeans as she lifted her ass off the bed, and slid her jeans down off.

All the remained were a skimpy pair of black panties.

She was eager to get her panties off and started to do it herself.

I stopped her and after hooking a finger on each side of her panties, I slid them off.

Jeanine spread her legs.

I was staring at my first shaved pussy.

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