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Jenny, Chapter 2

Jenny, Chapter 2

Their lusty liason continues...
After Phillip and Tom said good night and went on their way. Jenny and I were left standing there not knowing what to say to each other. I opened the car door for her and helped her in. Then I went around and climbed in on the driver's side and started the engine.

As I looked over at her I asked, "Where to?" Jenny looked back at me uneasily as she gave me her address. I pulled out of the bar's parking lot and began heading in the general direction of her house.

As we drove we talked and got to know each other a little bit. Then she suddenly stammered, as if trying to explain herself, "P-Phillip and I have only recently divorced. We are still friends, but I can't help feeling like a failure because now I am alone again. I hate being alone, and being alone and divorced is even worse! And now at my age, it's even harder to find a good guy.

My brother told me Phil was a bum, and he was only marrying me for my money. But I thought I could change him. He always was a 'ladies man' though, and couldn't stop flirting and fooling around with the women. Anything in a skirt was fair game for him. Then one day while I was getting ready to go out with my best friend Amy, I caught the two of them making out on the couch as I came around to corner.

Well that was the last straw. That's when I finally decided to divorce him, and I did. But it still hurt."

She paused briefly like she was thinking, then she went on to say, "My brother told me I needed to get over my ex."

Jenny sighed as she admitted, "My brother also told me I needed to go and have some fun, and get laid!"

She sucked in her breath deeply. As she exhaled she said with a slight quiver in her voice, "Can I tell you something honestly? I've always had this fantasy about having sex with a man that would use me like some common slut. But I never had the nerve to do it. I want someone who won't treat me like I am some China doll that is going to break, but will just take me and use me as he wants. I like it rough, but all the guys I've known always thought of me as delicate and fragile. So that's why I'm dressed like this. And why I acted the way I did towards you. I thought maybe if I acted like a slut...

Phillip and Tom agreed to come with me tonight to give me some moral support while I searched for my fantasy lover. And to protect me in case I got in over my head. But as soon as you walked in, I knew you were the one because my hands started to shake, my heart began to flutter, and I could feel my pussy beginning to get wet. That's why I came on to you the way I did. I was hoping that you caught my more than subtle clues and that we could get together. I'm glad we did."

I was completely astounded by her sudden change of character, and her unexpected self-disclosures. I sat there open-mouthed while I listened. I didn't know what to say to her! Finally I just pulled over and shut off the engine. As I turned sideways in my seat facing her, I blurted out, "I just recently broke up with my girl too. Well she left me, but I still feel like a fucking failure, because I couldn't make my things work out."

Then I said, "I'm not in the habit of picking up women in bars. To be honest, I've never been real good at the dating scene."

I thought for a moment, then I admitted honestly, "But when I saw you sitting there at the bar, I started getting a boner the instant I laid eyes on you."

Well I guess confession is good for the soul and honesty really is the best policy. Because after I told her that, Jenny took off her seat belt and crawled on the center console facing me. She put her hands on my shoulders and asked timidly, "Would you hold me Mike? Please?"

As I put my arms around her, she kissed my cheek and rested her head on my shoulder. Then she began weeping as she pleaded softly, "Please, don't think badly of me. I'm not really a slut. I'm just lonely... so lonely."

As she started to cry, I tried to kiss away her salty tears and began rubbing her back to comfort her. Despite my good intentions though, as I held Jenny's warm trembling body in my arms, my cock started getting bigger and harder by the second. The next thing I knew she was kissing my cheek. The feel of her warm sobbing breath gently blowing in my ear, was giving me goose bumps and sending erotic chills up and down my spine.

Jenny's breathing was getting heavier and she had shivers going up and down her spine as she cried. Her tender sweet warm wet kisses were getting closer and closer to my lips, and my cock was getting harder and harder as my good intentions went flying out the window.

I brushed my lips across hers as I raked my fingertips up and down her spine, causing her to shudder. Our parted lips gently brushed against each others and then finally met.

She darted her tongue into my mouth and I nipped it, holding it place with my teeth while I flicked the tip of mine back and forth across hers. Then I began swirling my tongue around hers as she swirled hers back around mine.

My body felt like it was on fire. My pulse was racing, my heart was pounding, and my cock was throbbing. As our tongues intertwined and played in each others mouths, I could feel her hips slowly beginning to rock back and forth.

I didn't want to take advantage of her. I'm not that kind of guy. But she felt so good in my arms with her firm, full breasts pressed tightly against my chest. And I was hurting as well. It had been a long, long time since I felt needed for more than just a fucking paycheck. I couldn't help myself and moved my hand around her and over her ribcage, until I had my hand covering her soft full tits. As soon as I had my hand on her breast, I began caressing it.

When she felt me squeezing her tit, she shuttered and jerked as a jolt of pure erotic pleasure surged through her slender trembling body.

While I was massaging her breast, I pressed down on the tip of her hardening nipple through her dress with the end of my thumb and rubbed it back and forth causing it to stiffen, and sending ripples of pleasure up and down her spine. I had noticed in the parking lot that she had not wore a bra that night, and the cool evening air and the sexual tension of the moment had made her nipples hard as pencil erasers. Now my caresses were doing the same thing here in the car.

As Jenny felt her nipple becoming erect, she sucked in her breath and muttered between our lips, "Oh God, that feels so fucking good."

Then Jenny pulled her mouth off mine and whispered between our lips as she exhaled, "Mike, I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I really am just a whore! But I want you so fucking bad, I can't stand it. But please, not like this, I'd feel like a common street corner hooker, turning a trick in the front seat of a car, with some unknown John."

She was just sitting there straddling my lap and staring into my eyes. Slowly her face changed and a strange look crept across her face, like she was thinking. Then she started grinning mischieviously.

"Is there anyone around here?" she asked in a deep slutty sounding voice

"No," I said, and then I added, "There's never anyone around here."

"Good," she replied. She mashed her soft pink lips roughly against mine and forced her tongue deep into my mouth, like she was trying to rape it. Then she began moving her head around in small tight circles against my lips, as she searched for my tongue with hers.

While we were kissing deeply and feverishly, I could feel her instinctively pumping her hips back and forth like she was fucking. She suddenly pulled her lips off mine and said, "Mike, tell what you're going to do to me. When we get to my place?"

I'll admit, her sudden change in behavior threw me and it took me a couple of seconds to catch on to what she wanted. But once I saw the game she wanted to play I said, "First thing I'm gonna do is get you out of this dress. I'm going to strip you naked so I can see what you have under all this. Then once my eyes have seen everything, I'm gonna lick and suck on every inch of your perfect body, making you crazy with desire."

I guess my words were turning her on because she started going wild, even wilder than she was in the parking lot. She was moving her head around brushing her lips against mine, panting and gasping for breath as she stammered passionately between our lips, "What, what else are you going to do to me?"

"I'm gonna tease and torture you with my mouth, kissing you in all your sexiest places and getting you hotter and hotter until you beg me to stop," I answered in my deep lust-filled voice.

It was fun, knowing that I was turning her on with my words, so I started talking really dirty to her hoping that it would excite her even more. "I'm gonna tongue-fuck you until I make you cum like you've never came before. You want to act and dress like a slut, well bitch you're my slut tonight!

But I'm not gonna stop licking you after you get off. I'm gonna keep eating your cunt and fucking you with the tip of my tongue, until I have made you cum over and over!"

I could feel her body trembling and hear her gasping for breath as she asked, "Oh God Mike, are you really going to lick my pussy and tongue-fuck me?"

"Damn right I am, slut. I want to taste that juicy pussy and lap up all that sweet pussy cream.You'd better be ready for it too - I want it all!"

Then she placed her hand over mine on her tit and held it there tightly as she brushed her lips across mine and whispered into my mouth, "Oh, Mike! Oh, pinch my nipple... pinch it hard, make it hurt a little."

As I pinched pulled and twisted her nipple, she groaned loudly, "Mike, are you really sure there's no one around here?"

Instead of answering her, I slid my hand between the side of the seat and the car door and lifted the little lever causing my seat to flop backwards.

As my seat fell backwards she groaned, "Oh good god Mike, I can't wait anymore. I need to feel you inside me, now!" Then she reached down and unbuckled my pants. While she was still pulling down my zipper she demanded, "Lift up your hips, baby."

I did as she asked. As I lifted my hips up off the seat, she slipped her fingers under the waist bands of my jeans and boxers and yanked them halfway down my thighs for the second time that night, causing my hard swollen cock to spring straight up.

She was already pulling the crotch of her panties to the side, as she climbed over and straddled me.

Jenny had the wild look of lust in her eyes and a sex-crazed expression on her face as she said, "Oh, God Mike, you gotta believe me, I never did anything like this before. But I want you so freaking bad, I just can't stand it any longer."

"Okay," was all I could manage to say. I was now concentrating on the two delighful orbs staring me in the face!

As I gave her my one word answer, she grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her pussy until the swollen head of my manhood slipped between the moist inner lips of womanhood and was nudged firmly against the snug opening of her dripping pussy.

While Jenny was teasing her slit with my steel-hard cock, I was busy mauling and pawing at her tits, squeezing them and sinking my fingers into the soft mounds through her dress material. She moaned as my fingers worked her tits and pinched and pulled at her hard nipples.

"Ohhh Mike, oh I love it when you play with my tits, darling!" she groaned.

I was losing it and said, "When we get you home, I'm gonna suck and nibble on your nipples, while I finger fuck you, making you beg me to stick my cock in you."

I paused for a moment to catch my breath then I said lasciviously," I'm gonna shove my cock in you, and fuck you like you've never been fucked before, bitch!"

"Oh God, baby, you're driving me crazy. Nobody's ever talked to me like this before," she moaned as she rubbed her slobbering pussy all over my aching cock.

While she was saying that she was pressing herself down on the head of my dick, forcing it into the snug moist warm opening of her love canal. As she felt my manhood entering her, she groaned, "Ooh Mike, Ohh, it feels so good."

I teased, "Tell me what feels so good."

She gasped as she replied, "Your dick."

"You mean my cock?" I asked.

"Yess..." she hissed.

"Say it." I demanded.

Your cock feels so good..." she moaned. Making her say the words was causing her to lose her mind.

I teased her some more and asked, "Where do you like my cock, baby?"

"In... my cunt," she groaned.

Jenny's head was tilted back, and she was breathing heavily through her partially opened mouth, as slowly pushed herself further down on my manhood, filling herself up with my dick.

Then she sighed passionately, "Oh, God Mike, your cock feels so fucking good in me."

Then she demanded in her slutty passion filled voice, "Tell me more about what you're going to do to me." As she pleaded with me she was slowly lifting and lowering herself up and down on my meatpole.

My cock felt so fucking good inside her snug warm wet hole. I could hardly breathe or speak.

"I'm gonna lay you across the bed... with your head hanging over the edge... and fuck your face until I shoot my jizz down your throat... just like they do in the porn videos," I panted.

She was gasping sputtering and stammering breathlessly repeating her words as she pleaded, "Oh God yes! Yes I want to taste your sweet cum. I want to feel it as it shoots down my throat. Oh God, Mike, you are making me soo fucking hot! Keep telling me all those filthy things you're going to do to me."

I tried to sound manly as I spoke, but I had such a quiver in my voice that all I could do was sputter, "After that, I'm going to fuck your sweet, tight ass."

She gasped, "Oh God no Mike, you're so big, it will hurt!" She paused, then she said softly with a scared quiver in her voice," O-okay, you can do it, but you have to promise to be gentle with me. "

Before I could say anything else, she leaned over putting her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck. Then she began frantically pumping herself up and down on my cock, like a wild woman.

My cock felt so good inside her tight wet cunt. I just couldn't control myself, any longer. So I put my hands on her waist and pulled her further down on my stiff cock as I lifted my hips, driving myself hard into the deepest recesses of her steamy cunt.

As I felt myself getting close to cumming, I announced my impending climax, "Oh Jenny, I'm cumming baby, I'm gonna shoot my cum deep into your hot cunt." Then I leaned my head forward and bit her soft shoulder, claiming her as my own.

"Yes, oh God Mike, please fill my cunt with your sweet cum! Oh God I love it when you bite me! Oh fuck!" she cried loudly as she ground her hips hard onto my cock.

As I held her down tight on my thighs, I closed my eyes and gave her those last few short hard strokes. Then I began erupting deep inside her, splattering my sperm against her cervix. As she felt me squirting my warm creamy cum inside in her, Jenny's gasped," Aah... oh fuck, I'm cumming... I'm cumming honey," then I felt her pussy muscles suddenly contract tightly around my sperm spurting cock, as she went over the edge and came in yet another violent body shaking orgasm.

After the waves of her intense orgasm finally finished passing through her quivering body, Jenny went limp for a few minutes. Then she stated, "Mike, honey, that was absolutely incredible. But I want more, I need more. So pull up your pants and let's go to my place."

As she lifted herself off my cock, I watched a trickle of our combined juices leak out of her and drip on my groin.

I was grinning nastily at her as I said, "Hold on a minute, slut. Not so fucking fast."

"What's the matter? What's wrong?" she asked nervously.

I smiled and answered playfully, "First you got a mess to clean up here." Then I pointed at my cock and balls as I spread my legs.

"Of course baby," she said, smiling brightly. Then she leaned over and began greedily licking up the gooey mess, making sure she got every drop and cleaned my cock and balls completely. After she was through, Jenny sucked the last few remaining drop of semen out of my slowly shrinking cock.

When she was finished, she laid her head down on my lap for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow. I stroked her soft hair as she purred contentedly like a small kitten. Then she suddenly sat up, crawled back into my lap straddling and facing me. Putting her arms around my neck, she looked into my eyes and said, "Mike, please promise me you won't hurt me. I really like you and I don't think I could handle being hurt again."

I gently pulled her to me and kissed her on the forehead then on the lips as I said, "Jenny, sweetheart, I promise you. I won't hurt you. I like you too." Then we went to her apartment and we continued our sexual adventures.

The End ???

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