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Just a Drink

When Julie meets a stranger on the subway one drink leads to another...
The dark tunnel flashed by through the subway's windows. Julie gazed out them without really seeing. It was just a way to avoid looking at the other passengers also commuting home.

“Looks like you're really thinking hard.” A man settled down next to her. She glanced at him, giving him the once over. Strong chin, fit man, obviously a player. She turned her attention back to the black windows.

“Sorry you're not my type,” she shot him down coldly.

“Well now, aren't you miss high and mighty,” he laughed. “but I wasn't hitting on you. Just being polite.”

She turned and stared at him. He was sprawled across the plastic seat next to her, a rakish grin fixed on his face. Her brain screamed he was trouble, but his incorrigible behaviour made her smile.

“Henry,” he said, offering her his hand.

“Julie,” she replied. He shook her hand, then leaned in to kiss it before she could pull away. He threw her that dashing smile again and she had to laugh.

“This is my stop,” he said, as the train screeched to a halt. “Why not join me for a drink.”

He rose and stepped to the door; then glanced back and beckoned for her to join him.

“Fine,” she said. “But just one drink.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her through the crowds and up onto the street. Just a block over was a classy little pub. He kept a hold of her hand until they were inside. The pub was still quiet, there was only a few patrons clustered around the bar cheering on a football team.

They settled into a private little booth in the back of a pub, and a waitress quickly took their order and departed again.

“I'm glad you decided to join me. It gets lonely drinking alone,” he leaned in across the table. The door opened again and a large group poured in, babbling loudly and ruining the moment. “I forgot it was Thursday, all the local sports fans will be pouring in for the game, this is a little forward of me, but would you like to retire somewhere quieter? I live just upstairs?”

Once again she knew she was getting into trouble, but she agreed to go up to his apartment. His cavalier attitude was rubbing off on her, and she was beginning to wonder just how far she was going to let this evening go.

One drink led to another, as they laughed and talked together on his couch. He was the proper gentlemen, never touching her inappropriately, or making unwanted advances, and she began to feel a little let down. She'd expected him to try and seduce her.

Hours flew by and without realizing it the evening slipped into true night.

“I suppose I should head out,” she said reluctantly. She rose, and moved off towards his front door.

“Come on Jules, stay a bit longer, I was hoping we could have some fun.”

“No, its getting late, I really should get heading home.” the alcohol made everything a little fuzzy. Had he really just suggested what she thought he had?

“I'd really like it if you stayed,” he ran his hand gently down her arm and grasped her hand.

His second hand came up to cup her cheek. She tilted her head upwards and he kissed her deeply. He wrapped himself around her, and pressed his tongue into her mouth, she could feel his hard cock throbbing against her hip.

She pulled back. “Henry, I really should go.”

“You really should stay.” He caressed her collar bone and she bit her lip to stop the soft moan of pleasure from escaping. She'd wanted this, all night long. He was handsome, single, and so was she. Where was the harm in exploring what he had to offer? His hand dipped lower, and traced the curve of her breasts. He slipped his hand down, then up under her shirt. His warm hand on her soft skin made her shiver in delight. He ran his hand up her flat stomach, and grasped her just below her breasts. His thumb played with the bottom of her bra.

“Do you still want to go?” he whispered seductively in her ear.

“Ummm. No,” she said

“Good girl.”

He kissed her again, his arm slid down her back and he slipped it into the back of her pants, caressing the edge of her butt.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and let his tongue explore her mouth. He shifted and kissed the base of her ear, then trailed his kisses downwards to her collarbone. His hand on her side shifted to the back and deftly unclasped her bra. His thumb slipped up under the undergarment and drew gentle circles over her nipple.

She gasped in delight and clung to him to stay upright. His hands tugged at her shirt, and pulled it up over her head, and her bra came away with it. He leaned back to stare at her, and gave her that rakish smile again. His head dropped to her breast and he licked and sucked deftly on her nipple.

“Oh god Henry,” she moaned.

“Fucking gorgeous Jules. I want to fuck you so fucking hard.”

“Uhuh,” she said, as his lips returned to her chest. “As long as it feels like this I'll let you do what ever you want.”

He reached down and undid his pants, his cock sprung to attention, like and obedient little soldier.

“Touch it please,” he asked her.

She let her hands slip down over his sculpted chest and down to his hard member. She cupped it in her hand while he continued playing with her breasts, and she couldn't stop her moaning. His cock felt huge in her hand. She wrapped both hands around it and began tugging gently.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good,” he whispered in her ear. Then he nibbled on her earlobe. “I want more though. I can just imagine how you will feel.”

She felt a thrill of anticipation race through her. He grabbed her ass and lifted her into the air, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and could feel his cock pressed against her slit through her pants. He carried her across the living room and fumbled with the door to the bedroom.

She grabbed his face and kissed him, and he pressed her against the door. Once her weight was braced he pulled a hand free, and began working on the zipper of her pants. He set her down long enough to pull her pants off, and slip off his own shirt, then pulled her back up and shoved her against the door again. His lips attacked her breasts, until she was moaning and panting. Then he slipped a hand over her thigh and caressed her smooth pussy.

“Oh Godddd,” she moaned. “Oh baby yeah.” She stretched her arms up and grabbed the trim of the door, revelling in his attention. His fingers traced her slit, slowly moving from top to bottom, and she bounced impatiently in his arms. Her whole body trembled in anticipation. His hot cock was pressed against her thigh, just inches from her opening, and she knew without a doubt that it was going to feel heavenly inside of her.

“I want to feel inside of you, I want to do naughty, naughty things to you,” he told her.

“I want that.”


His hand dropped to the doorknob and with a twist and a shove they entered his dark bedroom. He dropped her on the king sized bed, and she lay spread eagle, waiting for him to make his move. He pulled her hips forward to the edge of the bed, and knelt so that his lips were buried in her pussy. He probed her with his fingers, while his tongue flicked at her clit. She shoved his head down further with her hand, in moments she came, grinding her pussy against his face. He dropped his lips to her pussy and began lapping up her juices.

Her orgasm slowed, and finally ended. She sighed and lay back, enjoying the feeling of his tongue licking at her slit. When he was done he rose from his knees, looming over her, he was just an outline that she could barely make out in the dim light filtering in from the living room.

Henry pushed her father onto the bed and knelt between her legs. He rubbed his rock hard cock against her thigh, and she felt her sexual appetite stirring again.

“Your breasts are so perfect,” he said, he leaned over her and began massaging them again. He kneaded them softly with his fingers and she moaned again. She could feel his dick resting against her slit, and he was torturing her by not filling her with his meaty length. His head pressed against her slit a little harder, and slowly just the tip slipped inside.

“Oh god you're tight, and it feels amazing.” He let his length slip into her a centimetre at a time.

She moaned and wiggled beneath him as he took his time. Finally she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his chest, then pulled herself upwards, forcing his dick to penetrate her deeply.

They gasped in delight together as his cock hit her cervix. He settled her down on the sheets and began pulling his hard cock in and out of her wet, willing slit, then shoving it in hard again. He twisted his hips once his shaft was buried, rubbing his pubic bone against her clit, before he would pull it out and start again.

Suddenly he pulled out all the way and settled back on his heels. She propped herself up on her elbows and stared at him.

“Why did you stop? I was enjoying that,” she said.

“I was too, but we're both going to come too fast if we keep that up, roll over, I want to take you from behind.”

She obediently rolled onto her stomach, then pulled herself onto her hands and knees. She glanced back at him over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at him.



He gripped her hips and pressed his cock back inside her pussy. His balls smacked against her butt and he grunted. His hands slid up her back, then curved around her sides to cradle her swinging breasts. His fingers flicked her nipples gently, and she moaned and ground her pussy on his cock. He increased the speed of his thrusting, giving her pussy a proper pounding. She braced herself on her elbows and angled her hips up, giving him a better angle to thrust. Each time he shoved his length into her she would gasp, her mouth forming into a little O. Her breasts heaved as she exhaled. Their bodies grew slick with sweat as they continued to take pleasure from each other with their carnal games.

She came again while he fucked her doggy style. And her trembling arms and legs couldn't hold herself up any more when she was done. She fell flat on her face, but he refused to let up. He spread her legs apart, and shoved a pillow under her hips and began teasing her swollen pussy again with his dick. He moved gently in and out, and he fingered her ass crack as he slowly increased his pace.

“God, you have so much stamina,” Julie moaned.

“Fuck I'm so close, roll over.”

He pulled out and she rolled over. He knelt over her chest and placed his dick between her breasts. She pushed them together and he slid his huge dick back and forth between the valley of her breasts. Her slick lube rubbed off his cock and coated her and in moments he began to come. White cum shot over her chest, and she grabbed his cock and popped the tip into her mouth, catching the last of it. She licked his dick clean while he watched.

“You are so damn sexy,” he said, staring down at her while she sucked his cock clean. Her chest was covered in a mix of their juices, and her hair was a tangled mass on the sheets beneath her.

Once his dick was clean she lay quietly on the sheets, trying to catch her breath. He laid down beside her and watched as her chest rose and fell.

“Any regrets?” he asked.

“Only if we don't do it again.” she told him. “how about a shower?”

He smiled in delight and helped her off the bed. His bathroom was right off the bedroom and he flicked on a light inside. She was delighted to see it was one of those glass monstrosities, more than big enough for two people, and with a convenient bench. He turned on the water, then stepped out of the shower and grasped her around the waist, pulling her in close for a kiss. He ran his fingers through her tangled hair. She ran her hands over his sculpted chest and sighed in delight. They pulled apart and stepped into the hot shower water.

“Why don't I clean you up a bit?” he suggested.

He reached down and grabbed a bar of soap. He began lathering up his hands then reached for her breasts. She sat down on the bench and leaned back, then lost herself in his soft touch. The slick feeling of the soap on her breasts felt wonderful.

“Good, I'm getting hard again,” he said after a few minutes. “Now how to take you.”

He grabbed her hands, and pulled her to her feet. She turned and bent over, leaning on the bench for support.

“Oh god, that ass is heavenly,” he said, his hand parted her legs, and she could feel his cock pressing into her. She moaned as the water poured down over her. His soapy hands kept at her breasts as his dick thrust into her.

He pulled her upright and pressed her against the glass. She gasped as her boobs pressed against the cold glass. His hand slipped around her waist, and began pressing her clit. His other hand wrapped around her chest and held her in place while he fucked her.

In moments she reached the edge, and he held her there, trembling for release.

“You're about to cum aren't you.” he said.

“Uhhuh,” she replied, barely able to form words.

“Beg me for it.”

“Oh god Henry, please. You feel so good.”

He pressed his fingers harder against her clit, and grabbed her breast with his other hand. He pulled her away from the glass and directly under the water. He pulled out for a moment and turned her around, she jumped into his waiting arms, and used her hand to slip his dick back inside of her. His lips closed around her nipple, and she pumped herself up and down on his cock.

Her free hand dropped to her clit and she pushed herself to an orgasm. She screamed in delight as he lowered her to the bench, she perched there with her butt barely on the edge, and he continued to thrust his penis into her. His tongue traced circles on her nipples and she moaned loudly.

“Oh fuck,” he said, pulling his lips away. “I'm coming again baby.”

“I want it,” she said.

He pulled out and they quickly swapped places. She kissed his tip, then swallowed as much of his dick as she could, letting it rub the back of her throat. It was his turn to moan in delight. She sucked on him hard, and he began spurting a second good sized load into her mouth. She swallowed it all.

“Nothing is sexier than a woman that likes cum.” he said as he stared at the look of pleasure on her face. She cleaned his dick with her tongue again and settled back under the water with a sigh.

“Its been a long time since I found a guy that tastes so good.”

“Glad to oblige,” he said. He'd leaned back against the wall, and looked well and truly spent.

“You know,” she said, stroking his lip dick provocatively. “Any time you see me on the train, feel free to invite me over for another drink of cum!”

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