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Lesson: Soft and Slow

A great tease, please...
I heard my mother and Kit clamber through the front door. They were laughing and shhh'ing each other. The office that they had both worked at had closed and they had been out on the last who-rah with their ex-coworkers.

"I'm home, Paulie honey! Goodnight." My mother lovingly slurred. I then heard the door to her room shut. My mother and Kits talking eventually slowed and lowered until I did not hear them anymore.

I went back to watching my homerun highlights. I was camped out on the family room floor, as I would do most weekends. I didn't have a tv in my room and since I could stay up late on the weekends I got the most out of my time. I had my heavy winter sleeping bag for a matress, pillow, blanket and pistachios, I was set.

There had been nothing but silence from my moms room for quite awhile when Kit (whose name was Christina but I had only ever heard her called Kit) came into the family room and flopped down a pillow and blanket on the floor next to me.

"Your mother is sawing some big logs in there. Looks like I'm your bunk buddy tonight, Paul." My mom and Kit met at work and became fast friends. Between Kit's funny high energy personality and her good looks, it was hard not to find something to like about Kit.

"How was the party, Kit?" I asked, as she got down on all fours to straighten out her blanket. I could see Kit's breasts swaying freely underneath her nightgown. I stared unblinkingly for a chance glimpse but, no luck.

"Like most. People pretending to be more important than they are, or people trapping you into topics you don't care about and the ugliest men there thinking that their lewd comments will lure you into the backseat of their car." Kit laughed and shook her head. Kit was always laughing, making others laugh making me laugh and she made herself laugh a lot also. She had fine lines in the corners of her eyes from smiling so much. I would hear her complain to my mother about them, but I thought Kit was very pretty. Kit was in her early forties, but was in great shape. I always heard her telling my mom she was heading to the gym.

"Paul, don't be an idiot like most guys when you grow up. Treat a woman like a woman."

"I shouldn't be telling you this," she lowered her voice slightly and talked a little slower. "All men are too fast in bed. They're all grabby and gropy. They start pounding away and it's over quick."

I couldn't believe my ears. I ask a simple question about Kit's evening and now I'm getting the S-E-X talk from her. Only, coming from Kit it didn't feel like a burden.

"What should I do, Kit?" I eagerly awaited to hear her answer.

"Make sure you take your time with a woman, Paul." Kit started petting my arm slowly with the back of her hand."Like this, Paul." She seemed to wake up a little, some excitement flashed in her eyes. "Men like it fast and rough. Every guy I've been with... well... I probably shouldn't be saying this, but you're sixteen, I'm sure you're already well aware... Ya just pull, push, bounce or suck tight and fast and POP there it is."

Case and point, her sentence and her hands pantomime had me hard and throbbing instantly.

Kit continued, "You should be patient with a woman."

I was hard and my heart was racing, "What do you mean, Kit?" I had a fair idea, but I wanted this to continue longer and with as much detail as I could extract. I was like a young, horny Bob Costas.

"Just soft and slow touches, Paul." Again, she petted me with the back of her hand. But this time she slid a little closer with her left elbow on the floor, as she rested her head into the palm of her hand. Kit seemed much more awake now. She ran her hand up and down my arm, back over my shoulder across the top of my chest. She slid her hand down the middle of my chest towards my stomach. When she felt my heart pounding her eyes looked up to meet mine. If she hadn't already known how her tease was effecting me, she knew then. When the back of her hand slid to my lower stomach she rolled it over and rubbed her palm from one side of me to the other. Just low enough that she was brushing the top of my hip bones. I wanted nothing more than to feel her hand graze the tip of my erection, but I did not get my wish.

Kit finished her massage by sliding the tip of her index finger up my center, tapping me on the chin and with a giggle saying, "Like that, Paul! Didn't that feel nice?"

Kit rolled over on to her side with her back facing me. Her blanket rolled with her and I could see half of her cheek and Kit's panties peeking out from under her nighty.

"Good night, Paulie." Kit exhaled, as she wiggled herself into place.

I wanted to reach out and feel her bottom. I wanted to slide my finger under the elastic of her white panties and discover what a woman felt like. But I didn't know what response that action would get me. Some part of me felt like Kit wanted me to grab her. She had to know how she was teasing me. "Was it just a tease, or an invitation?" I contemplated.

I waited for her to say something more. My anxiety grew with every passing second thinking that she'd fall asleep and that sort of moment would never manifest itself again. I wanted to say something to keep the conversation alive...

"So..." I had to stop and clear my throat. It was so dry it didn't work. "So, what else?" I said sounding petrified.

"What else, what?" she asked without moving. Her bottom still on display in the flashing light of the tv.

"Girls like soft touches. And, what else should I do?"

"You'll figure it out, Paul," Kit yawned back.

This evening was taking a huge turn for the worse, I was losing her. But I wasn't throwing in the towel yet.

"Well, you could save me many embarrassing moments with some good advice, Kit. I really like the soft touching idea. What else?" I felt myself becoming more brazen. The fear of being busted by my moms friend for being a deviant was driving me less than the throbbing in my pants. 

"Every girl is different, Paul, there's no one answer."

"Then, tell me what you like, Kit." Line crossed.

There was a pause, a moment of oops and then she rolled over to face me.

"Paul, this really isn't an appropriate conversation for me to have with a sixteen year old boy. Besides, your mother would kill me."

"I have to learn from someone! And my mom will never know." I tried to sell the idea of her tutoring me. "What am I going to tell her, Mom you don't have to tell me how to touch a girl, Kit already did?"

"I can't believe we're having this talk!" Kit sounded slightly annoyed. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything." At sixteen I had seen since Kelly Sabo's boobs in our fort that my friends and I built near the creek at the park. That moment made all the labor that was put into the fort worth it. Also, Tracy had touched my boner through my pants while we made out in her moms bathroom one night. But tonight was crushing those two experiences. I was so hard that it literally was beginning to hurt.

"Everything?!? Oh, no! I'll give you the basics," Kit flashed her signature smile.

"Okay. We'll start with kissing. Same as I told you before, go soft and slow. don't attack a girl with your tongue. Soft and slow, like this..."

She took my hand, like a gentleman would kiss a ladies hand in an old black and white film.

"You have to promise your mother never hears about this!" Kit exhaled as she rolled her eyes and softly kissed the back of my hand. Kit slid her tongue over and between my knuckles then lightly sucked and rubbed her lips across them. I was transfixed on the opening of her mouth and watching her tongue present itself and then disappear. My heart raced, I felt dizzy, she stopped.

"Okay, thats kissing 101, practice that. Pretty much every girl likes that, The ones that don't will be aggressive enough to tell you." Kit set my hand down.

"What about touching?" I hurriedly asked.

"I covered that already; Light and Slow, Paulie."

"But, what about her boobs? How do I specifically touch them?" I was pleading.

Kit slyly grinned, like she knew I was baiting her, but she was beginning not to mind. She stood up and disappeared down the hall. After a short time Kit returned with a glass of wine. "If youre going to keep me up I may as well have another glass." Kit took a sip, set her glass on the coffee table behind my head and sat Indian style next to me. "Lie flat, Paul, arms at your side." Kit instructed me and I obeyed. "It's not rocket science, Paul. Pretty much anything that feels good to you will feel good to a girl."

She began rubbing my chest again, lightly with the back of her hand. She let her hand follow the curves of my chest. "See, Paul, don't think you just grab a girls breast and start honking." Kit grabbed my nipple. "No, you lightly play with it, Paul." She swirled the pad of her finger in circles around my nipple. "It's not like in pornos you boys watch, Paul. Women dont' have screaming orgasms because a man grabs their breast." Kit licked the pad of her finger and wet my nipple with her circular technique. "It's all the little things that add up to an orgasm for a woman." Kit leaned in and blew a soft steady breath onto my wet nipple. "See, your nipple's hard. That feels good doesn't it?"

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath, "Yes." 

The massage stopped.

"That's what I'm telling you, it's not rocket science." Kit had stopped massaging me, but she left her hand resting on my stomach while she finished her point. "Just take your time with girls, Paul."

I knew she could feel my heart banging inside my chest. "Oh, one more thing, Paul." She leaned for her glass of wine and I got just a glimpse under her nightgown at her panties again.

"Paul, put your arms over your head." She returned to her sitting position at my side and slid her finger along my side, across my armpit and up the under side of my arm, "Here's a tip; They say the areas of your body that are ticklish are also erogenous." She slid her fingernails back, under my arm, through my armpit, down my side to my hip, across my belly just above my waistband and along the same tract up the other side.

"Do you think their right, Paul?" I shivered from the cool air, the light tickling and the dizzying effect of the experience. Kit stopped again. I laid still with my eyes closed listening to Kit talk lightheartedly. I didn't care to try and hide my pleasure anymore. I didn't try to mask my breathing, or play it cool. I wasn't concerned that my erection would be found out. I wanted her to know I wanted this. I wanted her to see how hard I was. 

"What about legs, Kit? Should I do that? Thighs are ticklish."

Kit finished her drink and set the wine glass on the table and brought her face in close to mine, "Yeah legs are real good. But if your keeping me up I'm at least watching something I want to." She leaned across my body, posted on one arm and reached for the remote. Kit held this pose while she hemmed and hawed about what to watch. All the while I took in the view of her legs, panties and belly fully exposed.

When she landed on the channel of choice she sat back on her feet, "Legs."

Kit rolled the covers down my legs, they momentarily snag on my erection. I lay there in front of Kit with nothing but light blue boxers and an erection so hard you literally could see it throbbing. My boxers, at the tip of my erection were damp from the cum that had been slowly forced out by the building pressure inside.

Kit continued on as if she hadn't noticed... She knew. "Same thing, Paul, light strokes." Kit had positioned herself to straddle my lower leg. I could feel the soft material of her panties on my shin. I deliberately kept my foot flexed, so I could feel her bottom with the top of my foot.

Kit used both hands, kneading my thigh, one hand on the inside and one on the outside of my thigh. Slowly rising from my knee, up my leg and then starting over. The motion created more pressure in my cock as her hands made their way up my thighs, causing my erection to pound to the point of pain. Kit mentioned something about the tv show that was on, still trying to play off like she didn't know what she was doing.

Kit switched up her technique. She was now running one hand up the top of each of my thighs, her palms flat on the top of my thighs, her thumbs pressed into my inner thighs. Kit would stop her repetition when her thumbs were nearly brushing against the bottom of my scrotum and her fingers would, "inadvertently", slide into the leg openings of my boxers, leaving her open hands at the sides of my screaming erection. The pressure was fantastic!

Then it stopped.

Kit crawled toward her wine glass on the table behind my head, she didn't take the long way. Kit moved directly over me. She was posted on her knees and one arm, stretching for her glass. When she retrieved it Kit sat straight down onto my erection.

"Hands." Kit motioned with her hand to, "Give. Let me have your hand, Paulie."

I lowered my right hand from behind my head and held it out for her. Kit turned my hand palm side up and began brushing her fingernails softly across my palm. She drug her nails from my wrist to the tips of my fingers and back. It felt nice, but the sensation I was most pleased with was her weight pressing down on my erection. I looked up at Kit, her head rested on her shoulder as she watched her hand work, not acknowledging the obvious erection grinding into her panties. Kit took a drink of her wine then looked back at the tv again. She switched her massage from a fingernail drag to squeezing and massaging one finger at a time. Since she wouldn't actually stroke me off, I guessed she was going to show me how she would've.

I began to slightly lift my hips into Kit to add to the pressure that had already been there from her weight and the reflex of my erection. Kit took another drink of wine, clumsily. Wine dripped over the rim of the glass and wet her cheeks.

"Oh, shoot!" She set her glass on the floor next to her and released my hand. Kit took her nightgown by the hem and began drying her face, soft and slow.

I immediately looked down where our bodies converged. Her soft white panties resting on my aching erection. My boxers were so damp that you could clearly see the bulb of my erection through the light, wet material.

"I'm such a klutz..." Kit said, sounding Marilyn Monroe-ish. She gathered more of the material into her hands, revealing more of her body. I could see her flat stomach, which looked as soft as the material of her panties. She continued to gather material until her breasts were there for my eyes. She had full breasts with large nipples, large pink coins with firm thick nipples. Kit held her gown tight above her breasts and started sliding back and forth, soft and slow, so slow she almost wasn't moving at all.

She looked back at the tv again. I watched the outline of her womanliness trace my erection. I watched as it slowly approached from the base of my erection and finished it's tract when her hidden flower folded over my damp tip, always slightly snagging the tip on her way back down. Kit's massage had begun to work my boxer down. For the first time tonight she was watching her work and not the TV. Kit was biting her lip with concentration as she used her panties to inch my boxers off of me with each of her repetitions.

Now we both watched.

I was watching Kit's face as she stared down at my erection. I was enjoying knowing that Kit liked this. Kit wasn't talking anymore. Her panties were wet also. I did not know if they were wet from her or from the cum she had been sliding on. She started making short, quicker strokes just under the tip of my erection. The reflex in my erection, that was pushing back with each of Kit's thrusts, was now a permanent flex. It felt like my dick was going to snap itself in half. My hips started to jerk and I instinctively grab the tops of Kits' thighs to give myself more leverage so I could press against her harder. Kit held her position and kept her gown up for me. It was like when people say time slowed in an accident, I could see and feel everything simultaneously.

Three blasts of cum, one immediately after the other exploded out of me, leaving warm white lines from my swollen tip, up my body and landing somewhere past my head. I pulled at Kit's panties as more contractions built and released. I could see Kit's soft dark pubic hair and the strap of her panties broke as I pulled harder. Kit held her position, as I exploded beneath her. I stared at the hair between her legs as I continued to cum. I must have squirted eleven times.

As I lay there winding down, my last few squirts just poured out, expanding the puddle that my bulb lay in with every beat of my heart. The violent ropes were done, my violent contractions were done. I was out of breath, exhausted and covered in cum.

Kit leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, soft, and licked my lips, "Soft and slow is good, Paulie." A broad smile crossed her face. She stood up, let her torn panties fall off her to the floor. She picked them up and headed out of the room. I got one last look at her bottom, before her night gown fell off the small of her back and shut the door on our night...

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