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Lonely Twenties: Recruiting Happiness (Finished)

Changing minds in changing times.

"Yes, uh huh, of course!" said Liz.

"Yes and I was also the top performer on my rowing team on top of it all!" replied a voice on the phone.

"Oh, that is amazing," replied Liz.

"Well, if you think that is great, I have the background and skills to be the top performer on your team," said the voice.

"Oh, I am sure you do," replied Liz, rolling her eyes as she smiled.

"So what are the next steps?" asked the voice.

"Well, you are certainly talented. Let me run this across to the hiring team and get back to you before the end of this week!" said Liz.

"Great!" replied the voice, as the two hung up.

"And in the trash this resume goes," replied Liz, smiling.

Yet another call and another rejection to an unfortunate candidate by Liz. Liz Fabre-Moreau worked at a company in New York City that was one of the most sought after employers and she had a reputation of being a tough cookie to crack, both inside and outside of work.

The company itself was loaded with people in their twenties, they were close to ninety-percent of the population and there were thousands of them. For the team Liz recruited for, there were a total of seventy people, all in their mid to late twenties, some in their early twenties. 

In her mid-twenties and a daughter of a French artist and Czech supermodel, Liz graduated from a top university where she mostly partied around but somehow landed a job as a recruiter.

Liz could be picky thanks in part to her good looks, she had brown hair, tanned skin and looked exactly like Emily Ratajkowski. Unfortunately, after college so much of her friend circle had split and she was becoming more miserable every year, especially as her friends started to get married.

Upon sitting in the office, Liz noticed a handsome young guy walk in wearing a black suit and tie, waiting outside for a manager. One of the secretaries went in to open the door for him and he went in for the interview with the hiring manager.

The guy caught Liz's eye, he had dark hair, darker skin and looked ethnically exotic, maybe somewhere from India or South America. Upon a closer look, the guy looked exactly like famous male model Rohit Khandewal. Getting up from her chair, Liz went to confront the secretary who let him in.

After asking the secretary about what was going on, Liz found out that it was one of the candidates she had rejected but somehow he made a call to Brad and went behind her back. After finding out, she was livid and it got even worse after finding out that Brad loved him, making him the offer. For Liz, this meant war, plain and simple but she had to type up the offer letter.

Liz had no choice, she had to do what Brad said. Brad was an office favorite, he looked like Matthew McConaughey and was loved throughout the entire office for his charm. If Brad wanted something, it was happening, plain and simple. In the game of office politics, Liz would lose so she typed up the letter with scorn. Time flew by not soon after that and before she knew it, Manosh was in the office and officially starting.

"Love the persistence," said Liz with an icy look on her face, after meeting Manosh.

"Need it to succeed in life," said Manosh.

"Ya well, cute rhetoric, rookie," replied Liz, walking away.

"Ya dude, she is kind of a bitch," said one of the coworkers, quietly.

"What was that, Hawthrone?" said Liz, looking back.

"Nothing, Liz," replied the coworker.

"Should learn to speak up, might get better numbers," replied Liz. Yet again, it was Liz at work, ruthless and far from friendly.

As the months flew by, Manosh had grown into a top performer on the team and Brad's favorite. While Manosh was under Brad, there was a lot of bromance going on and before he knew it, he was team lead. Now, there was a new event on the horizon.

For a company wide event, the team would have to travel to Las Vegas for a major conference. The conference would gather everyone from the company's offices to present and be a part of the conference, which was the biggest in the industry. Guest speakers included famous actors, politicians and even billionaires. Everything was good with the team except one thing, Liz had a hotel room right next to Manosh.

"Are you fucking serious?" asked Liz, baffled.

"Oh man, this is shitty," replied Brad.

"I mean I have to be on the same floor as her here and I am still alive," replied Manosh, laughing as Brad laughed with him.

"You just think you're all that don't you" said Liz, looking at Manosh.

"I am flattered Liz, you're having second thoughts about me!" replied Manosh, as Brad laughed. Liz was embarrassed yet the dominant ordeal made her feel a bit different, she couldn't put a finger on the feeling.

Liz was caught off guard with nothing more to say, that day flew by and before she knew it, time had flown by. After a couple of weeks, she was in Vegas and settling down right next door to Manosh. Many events happened, it was tiresome but there were many Happy Hours as well.

A few days in, Liz showed up to her hotel room and after trying to go to sleep, heard loud moans and pounding sounds. The sounds were coming from the room next door and Liz smiled, she got him.

The schedule was so stable that Liz knew she was going to see him again. That morning she showered to get dressed and then stood outside of Manosh's room as the two had the same schedule. Liz stood saw a woman walk out who looked exactly like actress Victoria Justice, it was Chloe and she was one of Liz's favorites on the team.

"Chloe, how could you" said Liz, a cold icy look in her eyes.

"Liz, what the fuck!" said Chloe.

"Preying on my friends now huh, preying on my friends now!" shouted Liz, wanting to get his attention.

"Liz, just chill out," replied Chloe.

"You look here bitch, you are here because of me and you sleep with that thing?" shouted Liz, livid.

"Liz," said Chloe, about to cry.

"I mean what is it huh? What is it about him? You were moaning like a fucking pornstar, does everyone have foreign fever now?" shouted Liz.

"Liz, he is from Texas," said Chloe, on the verge of crying before walking away embarrassed. Manosh walked out soon after, having heard the whole ordeal.

"Wait until I tell the leadership about this little workplace fun, got you, bitch," said Liz.

"You know Liz, you did, you got me, you win. Just leave Chloe alone, I'll take the fall," said Manosh.

"As if you ever cared about anyone except for yourself, save me this nonsense," said Liz.

"Ya, well even us crazy ones have a heart, go and tell Brad and everyone, take the proper action hall monitor," replied Manosh.

"I will!" said Liz.

"Go for it," replied Manosh.

"You're about to lose your fucking job," replied Liz.

"I know, it sucks," replied Manosh, unamused.

"Fuck you I will!" replied Liz.

"Who's stopping you?" replied Manosh, laughing.

"You're reckless, you know that?" replied Liz.

"Ya, so go tell the leadership you have your case now, hall monitor," replied Manosh.

"Fucking psycho," replied Liz, walking away but he was growing on her.

The day flew by full of meetings and exhausting speeches that the team had to sit through. Liz knew that she had nothing to stand on, going after Manosh meant Brad would be angry and eventually, she wold lose her status.

All the while, Liz could not help but wonder what had Chloe moaning so loudly that night. The boring meetings and speeches had Liz conjuring up weird fantasies that aroused her, they involved Manosh. As night came, the team was given a couple hours to be back in their rooms before showing up for a major dinner. Covered in sweat and tired, Liz decided to knock on Manosh's room, he opened.

"Oh no I am fired," replied Manosh, sarcastically. He was shirtless and built like a male model.

"Let me come in prick, whoa!" said Liz.

"Way to be a guest," replied Manosh, as Liz walked in.

"Prick," said Liz, legs shaking as her eyes opened wide but this time she was stuttering.

"So let me guess, more threats?" asked Manosh.

"Shirtless huh?" asked Liz.

"I am getting fired, might as well go out with a bang," replied Manosh.

"A bang," repeated Liz, a seductive look on her face.

"Ya, a bang," replied Manosh.

"Ya, wait, what?" replied Liz, shaking her head, wondering what just happened.

"So let's hear it," replied Manosh.

"I am not telling," replied Liz.

"Wait, but you can get rid of me, this is your shot, champ!" said Manosh, smiling.

"It is for Chloe, I want to keep her. It has nothing to do with you," replied Liz.

"Well, why didn't you just keep it to yourself then? The suspense would have killed me," replied Manosh.

"For someone wanting to go out with a bang, huh?" said Liz.

"Oh wow, you are good, there you go, got me," said Manosh, laughing, as Liz laughed back.

"Now what's that? You smiling?" said Manosh.

"Look, these stockings and this professional dress has me worn out, so allow me real quick to wind down," said Liz, taking off her skirt, dress, and shirt.

Liz was now in her lingerie as the shirtless man looked at her, she was very aroused as her heart raced. For Liz, this could be a brutal rejection but she knew the comeback if needed. As tired as she was, she stretched and looked at Manosh.

"You should be used to it by now," said Liz, smiling.

"Fancy lingerie," said Manosh, getting up and walking towards Liz who saw the bulge in his pants, smiling and biting her bottom lip as he approached.

Liz smiled as her eyes looked into his and as soon as his hands grabbed her waist, she closed her eyes and locked lips with him. She had never felt this way before, arousing feelings running through her body.

Looking up, she continued to lock lips with the same man she hated and then jumped on him, her legs wrapped around his waist. He walked towards the bed with the skinny brunette over him and gently laid down as she was on top. As soon as they stopped locking lips, she felt as if a lifeline had been cut from her.

"Uh shit, uh!" said Liz, violently stripping off her bra as she threw it away, her heart raced as adrenaline consumed her body. She immediately looked down, grabbed his face and started making out with him again, french kissing.

Her lower body vibrated and started to grind on his shredded abs but she could not contain the arousal, the rest of the clothing was in the way. She wanted to feel free, to break from the constraints the clothes had on her. It had to go, the rest of the clothing had to go, she immediately got off of him.

"Get off! Fucking get off!" she shouted, getting the rest of her lingerie off before looking him in the eyes, a seductive predatory look on her face, as she jumped on him naked. "Yes, oh yes, baby, yes!" shouted Liz, it felt great to her, the arousal from her pussy grinding against his shredded abs. "Ah!" she shouted, high pitched voice.

"Whoa," he said, taking a deep breath and smiling as the strong odor of her nude body consumed him.

She was like a belly dancer grinding on his muscular body, just that alone was enough to give her the most arousal she has had in years. He looked up at her, his hands grabbing her waist as she started to grind on him. At one point, her pussy crashed right against his face as her eyes rolled and breaths became deeper. He grabbed her buttocks and pulled her closer to his face, licking her pussy.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, fuck!" she said, her legs shaking from the arousal.

"Muah!" he said, kissing the labia before sucking on her pussy.

"Ah! Fuck!" she shouted, now squatting down over his face while grabbing the head of the bed to keep her body stable.

Her skinny body squatted over his face but her legs continued to vibrate, putting a lot of pressure on her balance. As he romantically ate her pussy, her heart started to beat out of control, she could hear those loud beats. Not only did her heart beat, she felt that her body temperature was raised by an additional twenty degrees and started to sweat even more.

She could no longer hold her balance and collapsed, her pussy now shoved against his face but he violently shook his head and ate it. Her upper body almost curved backward but his muscular arms caught it, making her feel safe and secure. First, he licked her pussy, then her ass, and alternated, depending on which one he felt like eating.

"Make me feel safe in your arms, love," she said, as if she was drunk. "I want you, please make me yours, please, this pussy is your property, here," she said, struggling for breaths and gasping for air as her heart rate continued to get faster.

The arousal made her lower body thrust upwards with pleasure, she was gone for sure, drunk with lust. It was as if her body moved like she was riding cock when really, her pussy was still being munched on. She violently slapped her own pussy many times and at a fast pace, adrenaline racing through her body. 

"Muah," he said, kissing the pussy and letting her go as she crawled backward.

She could help but get on the cock and ride it cowgirl style, that is the first thing she did. As the cock entered her wet pussy, she took relaxing breaths. She did the work for him, grinding on his cock while putting her hands down on his muscular abs. 

"Come on, cowgirl, ride it!" he said.

"Fuck, ya," she shouted.

"Come on girl!" he said, hands on her waist.

Using all of her energy and letting her aroused body do the work, she rode him while occasionally letting out loud moans. This is what Chloe must have felt the night before when she rode this beast, now she was under that spell.

She closed her eyes and even smiled for a few seconds, the arousal was such a great release from job stress. After an intense burst of energy riding him, she collapsed and was now in a collapsed cowgirl position.

"Those puffy nipples, ya, baby," he said, putting one of them in his mouth while closing his eyes.

It felt great for her, having a nipple sucked and the cock was still inside. Instead of moaning, she smiled to let out deep breaths, breathing in and breathing out. Her breaths were deep as her body was still filled with adrenaline and consumed with arousal. This was sex, a beautiful thing, she had it a decent amount but it never felt like this. Her personality seemed to change the longer his cock was inside of her. 

Then she felt it, her lower body, something was going on as her legs vibrated. It was as if her body was telling her something her mind wasn't catching, it vibrated and there it was, rapid movements against the cock until she rode her way off of it. His mouth left her nipple as her body was violently moving around. She violently slapped her pussy and fingered it until it happened, an orgasm.

"So beautiful, yea," he said, fingering her pussy too as she tried to take his hand off but it didn't work. She crawled around on the bed but was now in a doggy-style position.

He wasted no time mounting her as his massive cock went right in stretching her anus, his body upright as he continued to pound her. Every thrust to her felt like a bell being rung, as if his cock had penetrated all the way to her heart. She was not used to this sort of a state, the eat out session alone had her beaten while the cowgirl had worn her down.

The doggystyle fuck was more of an aftermath at this point, she was mentally out of it the second she stripped down nude for the very man she hated. As the thrusts became faster and more aggressive, her knees failed her and she was faced down body flat on the bed.

"Uh, fuck uh," she said, covered in sweat as saliva dripped from her mouth. 

She noticed his arms coiling around from under her armpits as his body was on her back. In a last-ditch effort, she attempted to move around but it was useless, he was having his way and managed to get a nice hold on her. All the while, his body laid on top of hers and had her still, she couldn't move. She felt the cock slip smoothly right in her anus as she let out a loud moan.

Now it was just a test of how long she could last, her pussy had given out on her while her anus had taken some punishment. She was losing consciousness at this point as he fucked her. As if this was a brawl, she started to violently tap the mattress with one of her loose hands.

"Mercy!" she shouted, covered in sweat but gasping for air.

In a state of excitement, he sped up the pace and started to pound her. Her moans and groans were now turning into slurred voices as the cock punished the body which was beaten and down for the count.

The vision she had became blurred as every time the cock pounded her, it was as if she was hearing a loud gong. He came and collapsed on top of her, letting go of the grip he had on her arms which fell dead to the mattress. 

Something had happened in that hour, it was as if he fucked the evil right out of her. She laid in bed exhausted and aroused with him on top but he was a gentleman.

As she was out, he moved to the head of the bed and took her with him. Her head rested on his broad shoulders as the two nude lovers took a short nap. In that short amount of time, she woke up and looked to see his handsome face, giving him a kiss.

"Muah," she said.

"Muah," he replied, kissing her back on the cheeks.

"Muah," she said, laughing as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Muah," he replied, kissing her on the neck.

"Muah," she said, trying to lock lips with him and doing so.

It was as if her vagina which had been wrecked mercilessly came back to life as her body went to a heightened state of arousal, locking lips with the man she used to want dead. She put her soft arms around his head, touching his jet black hair, and kept her lips locked with his. Her heart sped up and she was relaxed, eyes closed while locking lips with him.

"Dinner is in about thirty minutes," he said.

"I mean, we don't have to go," she replied, smiling.

"Oh, I think we do," he said.

"We can at least skip desert, these are just as sweet," she said, rubbing her nipples while looking into his eyes and smiling.

"Some sugar here," he said, kissing her on the lips again before releasing, she didn't want to. He grabbed her hand and put her over his shoulder.

"Whoa!" she said, laughing being carried by him.

The two showered together, he had mercy on her, realizing that the pussy had taken so much punishment that it could not handle being violently fingered. She stroked his cock and made out with him while showering, it was still love in the air for her.

Making out with him as the hot water poured down on the two who used soap to clean each other up, she hoped it was for real. The two got out of the shower and used the towels to dry off, she finally asked a question while drying herself off.

"This isn't the only time is it?" she asked.

"Only time I am late to dinner because of you? Oh yes, it is," he replied, as her heart dropped.

"Dude relax, I mean it is not a big deal," she said.

"Whoa, Liz Moreau thinking shit is not a big deal!" he replied, laughing.

"You know what I asked!" she shouted.

"You know you have a cute temper right?" he replied, making her blush and smile.

"Test me again!' she looked at him, smiling and then almost breaking into a laugh.

"Hard to make a threat while laughing," he replied.

The two exchanged laughs but then put on some clothes, arriving at the restaurant for dinner about ten minutes late. Brad looked at Manosh and then smiled, he knew it, he knew exactly what happened. Liz walked with her head down, blushing and the frown was gone. Finally, the two sat down at the table, now everyone was starting to figure out what happened. 

"You son of a bitch," said Brad, slapping him on the shoulder, as Manosh smiled.

The night ended as the two headed back to the hotel, she immediately grabbed his hand and led him to her room instead. As soon as they entered, she stripped down nude while he sat on one of the chairs. She smiled, looked him in the eyes, danced, crouched on him and started making out.

The night ended with the two one the chair nude, her riding his cock but just as before, he was too magnetic for her to have any control. After cumming inside of her, he carried her over to the bed and the two went to sleep naked, locking lips.

As morning came, they woke up again, trip nearing its end. She woke up first, a victory in her eyes. Her exploratory nature led her searching around the room to find a massage chair which she assembled, nude the whole time. She smiled as he laid on the bed sleeping, getting an idea. Grabbing her panties which were on the ground, she took aim and threw them at his face as he woke up, laughing as she did it.

"Morning," he said.

"Morning, panty sniffer," she replied, as he threw her panties away.

"Set that up all yourself?" he asked as she nodded, smiling.

"Come on, lay down on here," she said, as he walked towards it with his hard cock dangling around.

He laid down on the massage chair as she found a bottle of lotion laying around. Standing over him naked, she bent her upper body over and closed her eyes to give him a kiss on his lips. The way he moved his tongue in her mouth aroused her and made her head shoot up, releasing the kiss and smiling. She shook her head and bent down again, locking lips with him, the arousing feeling consuming her vagina making her legs shake. 

"Woo!" she shouted, her head shooting up in the air again as his saliva dripped from her mouth.

She crawled on the massage chair and got into a sixty-nine position with him, grabbing his cock as her pussy rested right above his face. Grabbing the massive schlong, she shoved it against her mouth as he ate her pussy. For the two, this was one uniting experience, it meant it was serious.

She was going to do it all with him and he was going to do it all with her, protection and condoms were not even in the dictionary. While she was impressive moving her tongue around on the cock and sucking it, he got the better of her. Within minutes, her lower body vibrated and she took the cock out of her mouth, still furiously stroking it.

"Ah!" she shouted, high pitched noise as he kept eating her out, her legs vibrating even more violently. Then, it happened, she had another orgasm.

"Got ourselves a squirter!" he said, smacking her buttocks as she continued to stroke his cock, her hands getting tired. "Come on girl, work for it," he said, smacking her buttocks again.

"Ah!" she shouted, now putting her mouth over the cock as she violently shook her head to try and make him cum.

It took forever but finally, she started to breathe a sigh of relief once the cum shot into her mouth. After the ordeal, she collapsed over him, once again being put over his shoulder to take a shower with him.

"Don't even give a lady a fighting chance," she said, laughing while leaning against his muscular body as the hot water poured down over the two.

The two packed their things and got ready to head back home from a trip that changed the entire office atmosphere. She knew it, things were never going to be the same now, she was different. Just looking around, it seemed as if she was on some sort of ecstasy. She felt as if every moment of her life was now her just waking up from the best sleep of her life, rarely was she mad.

Months flew by and what was a fling turned into an undercover relationship until summer neared. Fortunately for the two, most of the office was taking Paid Time Off so they decided to do the same at around that time. What others did not know was that the two lovers had picked an island in Greece for their trip and would be there for a week, together.

On one summer afternoon on the island, the two went to a secluded beach and laid there nude. They observed the sights until she came up with a fun idea for him. Noticing that no one was around and the sun was beating down hard, they stripped down naked.

"Say what, we play a game. You close your eyes, count to ten and then try to find me and chase me. If you catch me, well, I am all yours!" she said, smiling as she blushed.

"One," he said, putting his hand over his eyes as she laughed and ran, trying to find somewhere to hide, finding refuge in-between some rocks.

She thought she was safe but all of a sudden, a thought consumed her head, wondering what had happened in the past year alone. Somehow, in the most unlikely way, she found a fix for the loneliness which was consuming her life after college but it was better.

What she now noticed was that she felt more loved now than she ever did in her college days, it was as if she had nothing to really prove so she was calmer. It was hitting her, she wanted it, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, she had to. 

"There she is," he said, finding her as she immediately dashed away from the rocks and to the beach.

She ran, happy and excited but adrenaline consumed her, he was going to have to work for the pussy. Unfortunately for her, he was a fast one and gaining on her. As he got closer to her, she attempted to evade and juke him, temporarily getting away.

Then she attempted to run away again but he gained on her, she stared him and tried to find an escape. As she attempted to get around him, he reached his arm out and grabbed her, the hold was strong and she could not immediately get away.

To her surprise, he got on his knees and grabbed her buttocks, shoving his face against her pussy and eating it. She did not try to break loose, she gave in and ran her hands over his dark hair and the two sweaty bodies made love in the extremely hot weather.

Looking off into the ocean while standing up and having her pussy eaten, she opened her mouth in pleasure, as if this was some oasis. Then, the arousal got the better of her as her legs shook from the tongue piercing through her pussy and she fell down, laying on the sand as he continued to eat her out.

"Oh fuck, again!" she shouted, excitedly kicking her legs around and there it was, an orgasm.

"So beautiful," he said, sucking on her wet pussy.

"How do you do it?" she said, her eyes getting dizzy from the pleasure.

"Its called being handsome," he said.

"Cocky," she said, laughing as she playfully kicked him in the face.

He carried her to where their towels were as the two sat naked on the beach, nice sunset and beautiful waves. She felt the cock resting against her leg and looked back at him, kissing him a few times. The extremely hot weather and humidity meant nothing as their hearts sped and arousal continued to consume their nude bodies. For a moment, they stopped kissing and locked lips.

"What now? We go back to the office and keep this hidden," she said.

"Ya," he said.

"So casual, take something seriously for once," she said, looking at him and laughing.

"I mean you stop by every day at my place for a nice bang, plus they know we fuck," he said, as she looked away a bit sad, a depressed look coming over her face. "Think you are ready?" he asked, as she started to smile and turned around.

"We're ready," she said, smiling, as she locked lips with him.

The two playfully wrestled nude on the beach, her soft body grinding against his muscular build as sweat dripped around everywhere. Both of the lovers were covered in sand but they didn't care at all, it was love.

A few times she attempted to get away, feeling overpowered, but it was futile because he had a nice hold on her. Kissing, punches thrown by her, rolling around in the hot sand and fucking some more, not giving a care about what happened.

After they finished, they walked back to the hotel very late at night, nude. A maid looked at them and laughed, they had left their swim wear and towels at the beach, they didn't care. Getting back, they showered each other and cleaned up.

It was official, the two started dating since that day and dating turned into something more serious. As a couple years passed, both moved on from the company but moved in together, working prestigious roles. The camaraderie they built with former coworkers stuck, often hanging out with them on weekends. After all, everyone was in their twenties, which were slowly passing.

On one warm night at a rooftop social gathering in Manhattan full of well to do young socialites, there was a moment in the air. It seemed like everyone knew something Liz didn't, she had picked up on this sort of intuition about people in her time as a recruiter. Even Brad and a lot of familiar faces were there, something was going on. Then, as the night started to wind down, she saw him and he was on his knees.

"Oh my god," she said, laughing but about to cry from the happiness.

"Liz Moreau, will you marry me?" he asked, she turned away about to cry as her friends watched, her heart beating fast. Then she turned around and ran towards him, hugging him and locking lips.

Many years ago, she said no to happiness and happiness found its way to her. She was happy but sad, crying thinking how this is the same man she rejected but somehow won her over. This was going to be the one, it was the best feeling either of them had ever felt, they wanted to be with each other forever. Never in their lives had either of them been so overcome by emotions, her crying in tears of joy, she was a former shell of herself, By letting her guard down in these recent years, she recruited happiness into her life.

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