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Lonely twenties: Round two

An accomplished man's second run at college.

College is referred by some as being the "best four years of your life" because of the freedoms associated with being on your own right after high school. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most people who go through things like community college or just don't go to your typical party school. For a great number of people out there, the undergraduate years are full of stress and are actually some of the loneliest times of life. Such was the reality for Saidanar, better known as Sai, who had the most miserable time in his undergraduate years and graduated a virgin. A stressful major along with overbearing parents that micromanaged his life in college led to a man who was toying with the idea of suicide at the time.

Now in his late-twenties, Sai had turned his life a big deal and broke free. Naturally having a lot of genetic gifts going for him, Sai capitalized on them and the money rolled in due to his good career. Sai lived quite a great life in a major city, one that most men dream of. One night stands with a different woman every week, some great friends to have drinks with, invites to the nicest parties and a fat bank account. Standing at around six feet tall, Sai looked exactly like Rohit Khandewal and had more women in his life than he could hande. In many ways, Sai's lifestyle in a major city would make a fraternity brother at a top house in a party school jealous.

Given the nature of his career, Sai had to go back for more schooling in the form of an MBA. After going through the application process, Sai was accepted to a well-respected program at a major university in a nice warm state which was loaded with great athletics and beautiful women. For Sai, this was a time to do college right and it was something he always wanted some redemption for. 

Time flew by and just like that, Sai was now starting classes in the fall semester. Given that he had the money, Sai lived in a nice upscale apartment near campus which housed the rich kids and the athletes. Sai already had his eyes on a few targets, first one being a tennis player that looked exactly like Bella Hadid. 

Sai would see the tennis player every other day late in the afternoon, coming to the apartment covered in sweat after practice just like he was covered in sweat after a workout. Things were now different, Sai was a lot more confident and aggressive when going after women which led to him taking more risks. A late Thursday afternoon presented Sai the opportunity to make a move as the tennis player got on the elevator with him, wearing short shorts and a tanktop while being covered in sweat. Seductive eye contact happened as she smiled and now Sai had to get a bit creative so he decided to get close to her.

"Did you run back home after tennis practice?" asked Sai.

"Oh no, it was like so exhausting and you know," she replied.

"Don't know, never played tennis," said Sai.

"Well you won't get it but its intense," she said.

"I am Sai by the way" he said.

"Anna," she replied.

"Oh nice to meet you, so are we like neighbors?" he asked.

"Not sure, I think you're like a floor below," she said.

"So you're the crazy party animals, you and your roomate," said Sai.

"Not always easy," she replied.

"Partying? Ya sometimes its tough," replied Sai.

"Stop!" she said, laughing as she hit him.

"Oh careful now, I am trained," replied Sai.

"What are you gonna do? Take me down?" asked Anna, giving him the seductive look.

"No, just lift you up, take you to my place and show you life for a grad student without any roomates," he replied as the elevator arrived on his floor. Sai grabbed her hand and attempted to lead her only to meet a little resistance.

"Whatever happened to lifting me up? Lose the muscle tone?" she said, provoking him.

"Okay then," he said, lifting her up.

"Oh wow, I can't believe this is happening," she replied, laughing loudly whie being covered in sweat along with him.

Sai took Anna to his apartment and she was amazed by the views. The apartment was clean and there was a bedroom with everything smelling so nice. As soon as they arrived, Sai turned the temperature up in a subtle way without her noticing, it was a move he learned as a high temperature made people more aroused. Walking over to the couch with Anna over his shoulder, the aroused grad student on a mission put the sexy brunette down.

"That's it? Gentleman huh," said Anna, trying to provoke him yet again.

"You want the other side of me?" asked Sai.

"Yes tough guy, lets see what you are made of," said Anna.

"Okay, give me your best athlete," replied Sai, standing in an empty area of the living room and daring Anna to wrestle with him.

"Like you could handle my best," said Anna, rushing at him but being picked up and gently slammed down.

Anna was really horny from the ordeal already and the heated temperature made her more aggressive. On the ground, she immediately tried to wrestle and roll around with Sai. Having her pinned down, Sai showed the brunette with kisses to the face, locking lips with the aroused woman a few times as she laughed and smiled.

Using all of her power, Anna managed to get up. A few deep breaths were taken as Anna was still being kissed, the arousal being mixe in with fatigure. Looking up and seeing her nicely built butt, Sai immediately put his arms around her waist and drove her against the wall. On the way to being driven, Anna fell down and was feeling the arousal heighten which made her lose her tanktop. Sai aggressively grabbed on to the short shorts which she willingly lost being so aroused.

Sai stared down the brunette who was in her bra and panties, her camel-toe just ready to bust out. An intense yet arousing look in her eyes, Anna immediately tried to wrestle with Sai but was taken down again and with ease. To stop the emabrassment, Sai stripped down to his underwear and she saw the massive bulge which made her open her eyes wide. 

"Whoa, hi there!" she said, as Sai stripped down nude.

"Oh wow, okay, wow really? Are you going to kill me with that?" she said, laughing. In her life she had not seen a penis that was so thick while being longer than average

"I mean, okay, fuck it," she said, taking off her bra and then her panties which were wet with sweat.

Anna kept the panties in her hand, she knew the strong smell might arouse the horny man even more. As he rushed towards her to make some sweet love, she shoved the panties which were now inside out in his face. The powerful odor caught him by surprise, he was almost possessed by the smell of sex and took long whiffs while holding on to her. Anna felt the massive dark penis rubbing against her pale thighs, a really warm arousing sensation as she tried to maintain her balance.

Sai picked Anna up and once again wrestled her down. On the ground he playfully wrestled with the tired woman, kissing her over her sweaty face while occasionally giving her tongue. Sai picked the tired co-ed up a few more times and wrestled her down again, catching the confused yet aroused girl by surprise. In his years of sleeping around, this was a trick Sai learned, to wear her out slowly. 

Once Anna was exhausted, he put her over his shoulder and carried the nude co-ed to his bed. On the way, she looked down at his muscular back and buttocks, smacking and squeezing them in the hopes that it would make a difference. Once near the bed, Sai violently slammed the tired co-ed down and got into a fun little game with her.

Under the covers, she moved around nervously but within seconds felt his arms around her waist as his mouth and face leaned against her pussy. Given that she had been exhausted from the wrestling and kissing while having high arousal, the tongue inside of her pussy was much more arousing than she was used to.

Sai had not experienced fucking a sweaty athlete for a long time, it was an amazing sensation as the odor from her crotch and the high temperature drove him wild. Anna was calm and cool, taking in the arousal and some deep breaths while being eaten out as she had never been in her young life. The muscular arms from the aggressive man kept her in place and she could move around but with every passing second, she became more and more aroused. Using her soft hands, she massaged his temple and ran them through his dark hair as he continued to eat her. Every time he would sucked on Anna's pussy, she moaned and took deeper longer breaths.

Now her eyes were starting to go dizzy as she would occasionally throw her head back, for entertainment she rolled around only to find that the horny man was stuck to her crotch like glue. After a slight mixup, his face was against her anus and for the first time in her life she was having her ass eaten. Putting his arms around her crotch, he worked his tongue over her anus and caught her by surprise.

"Oh what, really! Wow! Oh my god! Yes!" she said, shaking her head around in pleasure.

"Eat that ass baby, eat it, yes you disgusting fuck," she said, as quick flicks of the tongue eventually turned into his face being stuffed and long tongue strokes.

Effortlessly, he grabbed her and stood her up with no resistance as her face was all smiles. In an aggressive way, with his arms around her slim waist, he kissed her neck and sniffed the area behind her ear as she gave all of herself to him. Even after having eaten her ass and pussy, she locked lips with him.

"Baby, I am too tired to ride cock, I just want you to fucking wreck me and put me away for the night, please baby," she said.

With his powerful arms around her slim body, Sai collapsed on top of her and had her face down. Anna had just given up now, she wanted to be taken away and wrecked. The reality was that Anna had been exhausted and dominated a great deal with the wrestling and oral sex that the cock was just there for the finish. Sai put his arms around her as she laid face down on the bed, coiled his arms around her arms and went to work by plowing her pussy. As he plowed, she tried to moan but barely had enough energy to do that.

Anna was not used to men lasting more than a few minutes and Sai could go forever meaning she was in a rough spot with no energy at all. As the pounding piled on, she tapped to beg for mercy. Sai ignored her for a few seconds until the taps on the bed became a lot more apparent.

"Come on baby, here, have some cock for dinner," said Sai, stuffing his cock in her mouth.

Willingly, she opened her mouth and let the cock drive into it, violently shaking her head. Anna was a bit angry at how easily she had been dominated so she took her anger out on his cock, aggressively sucking it and occasionally biting. After a few minutes, the man who had not had sex for months shot a large load into her mouth. Anna came back for seconds and sucked him dry, licking the penis while swallowing the cum which had now covered her sweaty face.

"Hell of a protein shake!" said Anna, swallowing the cum before laying down tired.

"You nasty girl," he said, cuddling up with her before going to sleep.

The next morning the sweaty lovers had some quick sex, Sai fucking her doggystyle, and then took a shower together. Anna put her clothes on to go to class and then started telling some of her friends about the amazing experience. A month had passed and word had spread, Sai was a freak in the shack.

Due to his reputation, Sai was getting around a great deal and sleeping with quite a few co-eds. One night he taken an Allison Stokke lookalike home and fucked her doggystyle all night. Due to the punishment that the young co-ed had taken from Sai, she had to spend the entire next day at his place recovering while laying naked in his bed.

On top of a great time having sex, Sai had made new friends that enjoyed drinking and partying like he did. At one point, Sai's social calendar was loaded with fun activities and alcohol fueled events. Now this was the college experience that Sai should have had. 

After that day, word was spreading fast and a friend of Anna had caught wind of it, a girl by the name of Lisa. Standing at five-foot-eight, Lisa looked exactly like Aly Raisman and was a gymnast with a sexy body. Compared to Anna, Lisa was aggressive but also a strong personality that prided herself as being dominant in the bedroom. Lisa was known for having dark hair she wore in a ponytail, a look that fit her well.

"So he ate your pussy so what," said Lisa.

"That's not what did it, it is like when he ate it, I was already going to squirt and was exhausted, like the way he ate it is not how most guys eat pussy. Lisa, he worked his tongue in there really good and sucked on it, I was kicking my legs around to break free but his muscular arms were all around me," said Anna.

"And? Did you try to turn around?" asked Lisa.

"Now this is where it gets intense, I did but he ate my ass. I have never had my ass eaten before but he was flicking the tongue hard against it and got to giving me long strokes. After a while, its like I was possesed by a sex demon and he had not even started to pound my pussy," replied Anna.

"You're a rookie, you'll learn," said Lisa.

A week later, after hearing of his whereabouts, Lisa tracked down the famous fuck artist. Wearing a tanktop and short shorts that hugged her nice ass, she was on her way. Covered in sweat after practice herself, Lisa found the sweaty man and stalked him to the elevator. Sai was checking her out and when the door closed, Lisa was all business.

"So heard about that nice meal you had," said Lisa.

"Huh?" asked Sai.

"Word gets around campus fast and I keep my ear to the ground," said Lisa.

"Oh boy, I am in trouble," replied Sai.

"You are going to know what trouble is when you deal with a real woman," replied Lisa.

"Oh a real woman huh," said Sai, having ran through more than a few experienced women in recent years.

"Ya a real woman," said Lisa, as the door opened.

"Real woman," he replied.

"So you going to keep chatting or what? I mean so much for the hype," she replied, provoking him.

"Get over here," said Sai, picking her up as she held in her emotions and had an intense look on her face. Sai opened the door to his apartment and took her inside, turning the temperature up and dragging her to the couch. 

"Come on, lets see that cock of yours, lets see what you're about!" said Lisa, shouting.

Unlike the young guys Lisa was used to, Sai played the game on his terms and was having none of it. Immediately, Sai picked Lisa up and wrestled the dominant woman down. While being on top of Lisa, Sai locked lips with the sweaty brunette which cooled her down. Whenever it came to dealing with dominant women, Sai liked to cool them down by locking lips with them and tightly holding them in place. Lisa and Sai made out while being covered in sweat, a sensation that aroused the initially aggressive woman.

Just like he had done with Anna, Sai picked Lisa up and wrestled her down after dragging her across the room. For a woman with a dominant personality, being outclassed by a powerful man who wrestled her down at will was arousing yet defeating at the same time. Sai had managed to take a fiery Lisa and just cool her attitude down by grabbing her tightly, wrestling her down a few times, having his powerful arms around her and then showering the sweaty co-ed with kisses. Lisa was taking deep breaths and felt that heightened arousal consume her body.

"Lets see your goods," said Sai, taking off her tanktop with no resistance and then immediately going for her shorts. Lisa felt the arousal as her shorts were coming off, something she was not used to.

Usually Lisa would have put up more resistance but she was calm and aroused now, just any touch below her waist around her. As soon as her shorts came off, a powerful smell hit the air which aroused Sai with Lisa's panties even exposing most of her pussy. An aroused Sai rested his head against her crotch as his arms coiled around her lower waist with his hands grabbing her massive buttocks.

"Oh baby," said Sai, rubbing his face against her crotch while sucking on her wet sweaty panties that hugged her pussy.

"Ah," said Lisa, taking deep breaths from arousal as her eyes closed and her body stretched.

Lisa's legs went soft as they rested on his shoulders and she was in a spot she was not familiar with, aroused yet rested. Somehow all of the kissing and wrestling had taken a feisty co-ed and softened her up, making her submissive. Lisa's lower body vibrated as Sai's tongue ran through and over her pussy, with the occasional sucking by him, and her heart rate sped up by a lot. At one point, Lisa point her arm over her racing heart while attemtping to control her breathing. So far the ordeal had taught an inexperienced co-ed that Sai was leagues above her.

"Oh fuck, fuck fuck," said Lisa, in a soft tone while taking deep breaths.

As an act of defense from the arousal which was going to almost make her unconscious, Lisa turned over. The sweat had the lovers slippery so instead of sticking to her, Sai had his face in-between the buttocks of the face-down co-ed. A strong whiff of the ass with his face in-between her massive buttocks gave him a raging erection as he became more aroused than ever.

"Oh fuck yes baby yes" said Sai, securing the co-ed by tightly coiling his arms around her as he sniffed her ass and took long tongue strokes in-between those buttocks.

Massive buttocks left for an anus that was surrounded with sweat and smellef of a female athlete that had finished a workout while not showering afterwards. Somehow, the whole ordeal had a horny grad student enjoying a trip in-between those massive buttocks as he sniffed and licked his way to pleasuring the aroused co-ed.

Lisa started to vibrate and shake her lower body from the pleasure, almost as if she was dancing to a hip rap song. To heighten the arousal, the slick Sai had stuffed one hand inside of her panties and was fingering Lisa while eating her ass. Now Lisa understood the hype, penetration had not even started and already she was having feelings of an orgasm.

"Fucking digusting, all that booty, just eating it like a fancy steak dinner you perv," said Lisa, shouting as she took deep breaths and used her arms to try and get up.

Sai's hold around her waist as well as all of his weight on her lower body made it tough for Lisa to get up but she grabbed a nearby table and used it to pull herself up. While on her feet, Lisa was barely able to stand. Sai pulled the panties which hugged her massive ass down and proceeded to lick both her ass and pussy, using his arms to still hold on to her lower body. The confusion and arousal from Sai alternating between her ass and pussy made Lisa jump and attempt to move only to fall down again.

Lisa fell on her back because she did not want the horny man eating her ass anymore, the area in-between her buttocks covered with his saliva. Unfortunately for Lisa, Sai was just as good at eating pussy and had made women have an orgasm from doing so. Lisa took deep breaths and was breathing through her mouth while occassionally moaning as his tongue ran all over her wet sweaty pussy. Using her wits, Lisa crawled backwards against the wall and used it to stand up. Along the way, the co-ed's legs vibrated from the pleasure and an orgasm was inching closer. 

With her back now literally against the wall, Lisa used her upper body strength that was left to stand up slowly. The co-ed was slowly realizing just how weak her legs had become as well as why Anna was so easily dominated by this man. For a few seconds while on her feet, Lisa pressed her hands against his dark sexy hair as her eyes occasionally closed from the pleasure with her head rocking backwards. 

The saliva was still in-between her sweaty massive buttocks as his tongue ravaged her pussy, the high temperature of the room making her aroused to almost being unconscious. Lisa's head rocked side to side with her eyes almost closed while Sai was at his full energy. Surprising the co-ed, Sai picked her up and carried her to the nearby bedroom without any resistance at all.

"Lets fucking see what you're made of feisty," said Sai, slamming her hard on the bed.

"Open that fucking mouth now," said Sai, shoving his massive cock against her lips as Lisa opened, not even being able to get a word out.

An arousing feeling now consumed Sai who was violently thrusting his cock inside of her mouth, his heart starting to beat faster as his breaths became deeper. The experienced man grabbed Lisa's head and continued to plow his cock inside of her, occasionally hitting her tonsils. Whenever his cock got deeper in her mouth, he felt it hit a new part inside as the moist wetness along with her tongue massive it on its way. Lisa was in full panic mode, unlike her pussy, the cock had not seen much action and it was fresh.

Out of desperation, Lisa nervously started to swing her body around to find some free space for her head to move back. Using her powerful arms, she grabbed his hand that was holding her head and attempted to push it away. Even with both of her arms, Lisa found it to be tough to even get him to move. Out of mercy, Sai let go of her head and pulled his cock out as the co-ed took deep breaths with groans coming from her mouth. 

"Eh! Uh eh!" said Lisa, gagging as Sai crawled over her.

"Turn the fuck around," said Sai, moving the exhausted woman into a doggystyle position.

Lisa's entire upper body had collapsed as she could barely be on her knees, her arms going dead. Sai put both of his hands on the massive buttocks and stuffed his cock in there, thrusing his lower body in as the muscles of her ass massaged his massive cock. Now Sai let loose but this was way too much for Lisa to handle. Lisa's upper body had gone so dead that it was almost as if there was absolutely no movement there. Moans and groans that came from Lisa had turned into low slurs, as if she had given up.

"Oh that ass!" shouted Sai, contuining to mercilessly pound her doggystyle.

Now Lisa's ass and legs vibrated and her entire body collapsed face down. Sai took the brunette's back and coiled his arms around hers, slowly shoving his cock in that massive ass while kissing her behind the ears. The arousing smell of musk still turned Sai on while Lisa was barely conscious from the sex, knowing that as soon as she woke up, it was going to be a world of hurt. After a few more long strokes, Sai came inside of the massive booty which felt like a cooling sensation for Lisa. 

After he came, Sai turned Lisa around and sucked on her soft nipples which he had ignored. Lisa let him do it all and as time passed, the two went to sleep nude and covered in sweat. For Lisa, this was the first time in her life that sex had become so intense she was literally knocked out after it. 

The night passed and morning came, Sai was up and energized while Lisa was barely waking up. A lot of the cum around her month had turned dry and flakey while her ass and crotch were still wet with sweat and cum. Lisa woke up with a headache, sore throat and weak legs from the action that happened the past night. The co-ed's voice was now hoarse as her body burned to high temperatures, wanting to still lay in bed to cool down.

"Huh, what the fuck," said Lisa, in a very hoarse voice.

"Wow damn I really fucked that throat up," said Sai, laughing.

"Cut it out, what the fuck," said Lisa, her voice hoarse from the pounding.

"Oh man, not so feisty now," replied Sai.

Lisa wanted to hit the cocky man but she had to admit defeat, it was done in such a beautiful way. Sai had taken the aggressive feisty woman, wrestled her down, showered her with kisses and intimacy to cool her down before pummeling her entire body. Lisa was not used to the kind of arousal and domination she had gone thorugh, realizing she had stepped way out of her league. 

"Let me get more of this," said Sai, closing his eyes as he licked and sucked on the nipples which Lisa let him do, showing her sportsmanship.

Sai was merciful, realizing Lisa was in no shape for morning sex and he had really roughed her up. The kind grad student let the nude Lisa sleep on his bed the whole day as she had to take time to recover. As night came, he showered with her and cleaned her up before helping her get dressed. Lisa's energy was still depleted from the pounding and she had to take some time to recover.

"Tell Anna I need to see her now," said Sai, nude with Lisa after the shower.

"Oh no, do to her what you did to me you fucking bully," said Lisa, upset and almost crying.

"Hey champ, relax, you're a good sport," said Sai as Lisa's head was down, upset from being so dominated.

"Bully," whispered Lisa, almost wanting to cry from the embarassment of having to eat her words.

"No, lover," said Sai, putting his hand on her chin and lifting it up.

"Come on," said Sai, kissing Lisa on the face as the two locked lips for almost a minute, Lisa being aroused yet again,

"Lover," said Lisa, in a sarcastic tone while smiling.

"Champ, recover and relax," said Sai, gently rubbing his hands over her massive buttocks.

"Okay lover," said Lisa, smiling while occasionally making eye contact but not keeping it due to being shy. Sai kissed her over the face a few more times as Lisa smiled. 

"After a workout, both of you come over and have some fun, we can shower together and you can teach me a lesson okay champ," said Sai, kissing her.

"Lover," said Lisa, smiling.

Lisa left the apartment in a good mood despite having a hoarse voice, legs which were kind of wobbly and a sore body. The experience had really tested her but she knew that now, if need be, she could take any guy in sex. After this whole ordeal, Lisa realized she was wrong but she was happy she was wrong. A day later she sat down with Anna at dining hall to discuss what had happened.

"Yeah, so he's an animal," said Lisa, in a hoarse voice.

"What happened to your voice?" asked Anna.

"Don't ask," said Lisa, smiling.

"Oh what the fuck!" said Anna, laughing as Lisa rolled her eyes smiling.

"How about after a week I'll check how good I am and we pay him a visit, he'd love that," said Lisa.

A week had passed and Lisa made full recovery, she was back to her feisty old personality. After a nice practice which ended up in them being so sweaty that their clothes were wet, the two co-eds went to visit Sai at his apartment. Lisa wore tight short shorts and a tanktop while Anna wore loose short shorts and a tanktop. Anna knocked on the door but heard no answer as the two waited.

"Hold on now," said Sai, coming up behind them.

"Oh look at you," said Lisa, smiling.

"Lets make him close his eyes and smell our panties, whatever smell he likes best that's who he has to eat," said Anna.

As soon as the three entered the apartment, Lisa shut the door. Anna and Lisa both took off their tops but kept their short shorts on. Sai was surprised at how excited the girls were at the idea of already getting down to some action. 

"Okay Sai, quick game, close your eyes and we are going to have you whiff two panties to see whose smells better," said Anna.

First, Sai himself stripped nude as the two women stood amazed at his cock and muscular body, rubbing their legs together in arousal. Sai happily obeyed and closed his eyes as the two stripped down. Anna was to hold the panties in front of Sai's face as his eyes remained closed while Lisa watched. 

"Okay, here is panties one," said Anna, holding white panties turned inside out to his face. 

Sai whiffed them and brought them closer to his face. The smell was great and aroused him, his cock getting erect from the whiff. Lisa looked on and smiled as she stood nude watching. 

"Now here are panties two," said Anna, holding brown panties turned inside out to his face.

Sai whiffed the pair and it brought out the aggression in him. After whiffing them, he shoved them closer to his face and grabbed them out of Anna's hands. The panties were used to stroke his cock which was extremely hard.

"This one," said Sai, as Lisa opened her mouth wide smiling.

The panties belonged to Lisa but Sai did not know yet. As he opened his eyes, he saw Anna a bit disappointed yet smiling while Lisa was excited. Sai knew it, he had picked Lisa's panties as the better smelling ones.

"Okay Sai so you have to eat Lisa," said Anna, smiling.

"I will but Anna, come here," said Sai, putting his arms around her pale waist.

"Whoa," said Anna.

"Kiss kiss, love you cat," said Sai, getting a whiff of Anna's pussy and giving it a few kisses and licks. The arousal alone made Anna's legs vibrate as she fell down.

After that, Sai went right for the nude Lisa who was excited yet shy which was rare. Immediately, Sai grabbed Lisa and picked her up to swing her around. Lisa smiled as Sai placed her over his head, her legs now resting on his shoulder as she was up high sitting on the standing man. Sai started to eat Lisa out while Anna sucked his cock, massaging his testicles with her pale hands. 

The arousing feeling made Sai take deep breaths as he ate Lisa out while Lisa was in a state of nirvana already. Unlike the last time, there was a lot more intimacy between Lisa and Sai. Anna continued to suck the cock and massage the testicles while her friends maintained her balance on top of the man, making sure to not fall down. Now the verdict was clear, Sai loved both girls but Lisa was his strongest bond.

After five or so minutes, Lisa was started to moan loudly as she took deep breaths, in danger of falling down. Luckily, Sai kept a nice hold on her massive buttocks to keep her in place as the aroused Lisa smiled. Lisa ran her hands through his dark hair while her eyes now started to roll back, deep breaths consuming her. Anna's mouth started to tire, now having to use her hands to stroke the wet cock she had sucked.  Finally, Anna tapped and quit, realizing what was happening.

"Anna," whispered an aroused Lisa.

"Lisa, its okay, its love, its okay," said Anna, cleaning her mouth up and going to the shower to leave Lisa alone with Sai.

Anna was right, it was not lust anymore, it was love. Lisa's entire upper body collapsed backwards as she was upside down with Sai eating her out. Grabbing the hanging cock that was wet with her friend's saliva, Lisa sucked it and closed her eyes. The energetic Lisa was excited and loved the arousal from having a penis that once destroyed her mouth in her. Now Lisa was no longer having it pummel into her, it was gently being sucked on by her. 

Sai gently put Lisa down and laid on the floor, grabbing his cock as Lisa squatted over it. Lisa welcomed the penis in her, grinding on it and riding it as she closed her eyes and learned back. The arousing sensation led to her having an orgasm, her lower body violently moving around. As she moved around, Sai came in her pussy and the two collapsed together.

Now it was love that was meant to be, a relationship that happened from that moment. Lisa and Sai became a couple as Sai would kiss her a few times on national television as Lisa won trophies for her performance in sports. Sai had graduated from his program an engaged man and the two were a happy couple.

An entire undergraduate experience that was hell was redeemed by a graduate student who had the time of his life. Sai had graduated with an even better paying job and was on his way to getting married. Lisa never needed to sleep with another man after having been with Sai anyways, the sex would have been unfulfilling if that happened. College took round one, giving Sai years which were the equivalent of hell but Sai had came back swinging hard in round two.

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