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Long Dong John

I was horny and in need of sex. He had a big cock and a reputation on knowing how to use it.

I was bored and frustrated from not getting enough adventure in my life. What I really needed was sex. I wasn’t getting any at the time of this story and I was feeling way overdue. I had been day-dreaming about this 27 year old co-worker at the office who was tall, single and desirably handsome. Girl-talk was spreading around the office that he had hit on several of them and a couple of girls that went out with him said he had the biggest cock they ever had and that he was really great in bed. Having nothing to lose and everything to gain, I decided to lure him into my direction. 

During one of my breaks I spotted John in the employee lounge. We were the only ones there. I knew I had to speak up quickly, so I just blurted out. “John, I hear that you are a hit with the girls around here.”

“Is that right?” he smiled.

“Yeah. So, why have you never asked me to go out with you?”

He looked a bit shocked in light of my sudden forwardness, and then he said with a luring smile, “Well Sara, you are the prettiest and sexiest woman working here, and I was thinking of saving the best for last.”

He must have been joking and I laughed thinking it was a pretty good line. Then I said, “I’m serious, John. I’d really like to go out with you.”

“Like on a real date?”

“That’s what I’m saying, so don’t make me stand here and beg,” I sassed. 

He stepped back, allowing his eyes to give me the once-over. “Okay Sara, how about Friday night? We can meet at the Regency Lounge and start off with a couple of drinks. Around seven.”

“Seven sounds good to me,” I replied and we parted. 

This was not just a date to me. I was planning on having sex with this guy and when Friday night finally came around I felt both nervous and excited about it. I wanted to be perfect for him. In preparing for the evening ahead I took a long hot shower, shaving my underarms, my legs and the nubs from my pussy. I took extra time and care doing my nails, hair and makeup. I pulled on a pair of black lace panties to match my black lace bra. I wore a red dress with a high hem and matching four-inch strapped heels. When the minutes to our meet drew closer, I grabbed my custom handbag and drove to the Regency Lounge. 

The traffic was heavy. It seemed like everyone was out on a Friday night. The delays cost me precious time and I got there a quarter after seven. It seemed he got caught up in traffic as well and by chance we pulled into the parking lot at the same time. He smiled at me from his car and I followed him down a line of parked cars until we found two empty spaces that allowed me to park next to him. 

We walked into the lounge together and found a dark corner with a cozy booth. We spent an hour or more talking, drinking and dancing to a few slow songs. It felt good to be in his arms whenever we danced. He held me close to rub up against him. I am of average height and even standing in my four-inch heels, he was a head taller than me. As we were finishing our third round of cocktails he asked me if I wanted to get a bite to eat.

I didn’t have food on my mind. All I wanted was him. I swallowed the last of my martini and said, “If it’s okay with you John, I’d rather we just go to your place.”

He smiled at my obvious suggestion and smoothly replied, “That’s fine with me, if you’re sure that’s what you want.”

My smiling response assured him that was what I wanted. 

“Okay then, my place it is,” he said and paid the tab. 

We decided to leave my car parked in the lot and take his. The traffic cleared up some and we only hit a few red lights along the way. As he drove he placed his right hand on my left knee. The short length of my dress allowed his hand to touch nothing but my bare skin. Feeling brave and relaxed, I reached down and put my hand over his. Without running his hand any higher, his fingers twiddled and caressed my knee for a while. Then his hand slowly started to slide up the top of my thigh. I leaned back further in the seat while sliding my foot back towards the seat to heighten the thigh he was caressing. 

Neither of us spoke a word as the silent advance of his hand continued its journey at a snail’s pace until his fingers were nearly touching the fabric of my lace panties. When he looked over at me he caught me smiling at him. Then looking back to the road, he moved his hand from my leg and placed it back on the wheel as he slowed and turned the car into his drive. After he shut off the engine, he said, “We’re here.”

He opened his door to get out and I opened mine as well and followed him into the house. Once we got inside his house I asked, “Where’s your bathroom?”

He walked me down the hall and showed me where it was. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked as I started to walk inside.

“I’m feeling thirsty for a beer,” I replied.

“I can do that,” he said and left me to my privacy. 

After I closed the door behind me, I took a deep breath and removed my dress. Looking at myself in the mirror, I reached behind my back and undid the clasp of my bra, then slid the straps off my shoulders and let the lacy bra fall away. I looked at myself in the mirror once again and faced my sexy reflection standing there in nothing but a black pair of panties and red strappy heels. My nipples turned hard from the excitement of my nudity and appeared larger than normal, a sure indication of just how horny I was feeling. Taking a deep breath of courage, I left the dress and bra in the bathroom and headed back down the hall. There was no turning back now, even if I wanted to. 

I stepped into the living room at the same time John was entering from the kitchen with my beer in one hand and his in the other. Upon seeing me in only my panties and heels he stopped in his tracks.

“Holy hell!” he exclaimed while looking a bit stunned. “This is quite a surprise.”

Confidently I replied, “Don’t look so surprised John. We both know why I’m here, so let’s not pretend otherwise.”

“Then why are we standing in here?” he said and led me down the hall. Upon entering the bedroom, he took a swig of his beer and sat it along with mine on the night stand next to the bed. Then he proceeded to take off his clothes. I stood silently and watched him remove every piece of clothing except his boxers. And then he reached his hand out for mine. When our hands joined he led me over to the bed, and said, “Sit down.”

I wasn’t sure of what he was going to do, but I was ready for anything. I answered his demand, slowly lowering my ass to the edge of the bed as my heart throbbed inside my chest. Standing squarely in front of me, his tented boxers were level with my face. 

“I thought you might want to finish disrobing me,” he said looking down at my face. 

Reaching timidly with the hint of a blush to my face, I hooked my thumbs inside the waist band of his boxers with one hand at each hip. I remembered what the other girls at the office were saying about the size of John’s dick. They even had a nick-name for him, Long Dong John, and curiosity led my hands to pull his boxers downward. I obviously gasped when I had my first look at his cock. The girls were so right. My eyes widened as I watched his massive member jump out at me, brushing the side of my cheek as it sprung into the air. I had never seen a man so well-endowed, so long and thick it looked freaky. 

“How…how big is…”

I didn’t get a chance to finish what I was asking when John proudly announced, “Ten and a half inches long and seven inches around. I get that question a lot,” he said in a joking manner. But I knew he wasn’t joking, not by the number of office girls he’s had before me. I was the last on his food chain, but he did tell me that he was saving the best for last. 

He stepped free of his boxers, he then stepped closer to me. He didn’t have to tell me what to do next. I reached up both hands and wrapped them around his long white snake. While I stroked him gently, I stretched my jaws and took the head of his huge cock in my mouth while sliding my tongue beneath it. He sighed and said, “Yes baby, you’re off to a good start.”

Encouraged by his words, I sucked harder and it grew thicker, and stiffer. I held to his shaft with one hand and played with his balls with the other, while my head bobbed sensuously back and forth. My lipstick didn’t last very long as it wore from my lips. John began to thrust his hips in rhythm with my movements. And then he grabbed my head and literally fucked my mouth. 

I was enjoying it of course, and challenged myself to take as much of it as I could. I made several attempts to take him into my throat but his girth was too large and I gagged trying. He laughed and pulled his cock from my mouth. “Don’t worry baby, no one has been able to succeed at that.”

Then reaching under my arms he pulled me to my feet. He looked down into my eyes and kissed my mouth, and as our tongues entwined, his hands went for my tits, running his hands around the rounded bottoms, measuring the weight of my jugs in his large palms, then trailed his fingers around the edges and over the tops, teasing his way towards my hardened nipples. I could feel my body heating up for him. I leaned my head back and arched my chest for his hands. I ran my fingers across his chest, then pushed him away enough for him to watch me step out of my heels and slide my panties down my legs and kick them free.

Our lips meshed again and his hand went straight down to my pussy. I moaned lightly as I felt him slide his finger inside my tight canal. He fingered me with his middle finger while rubbing my clit with his thumb. Higher up, his mouth was busy tasting my nipples; nibbling them, sucking and biting. The excitement ran through my body like electricity and I was soon on the verge of orgasm. Sensing how close I was by the sound of my moans and the grinding of my pelvis, he stopped. Then he pushed me gently back against the edge of the bed and I went down back to where my ass sat before. I gave him one of my sexy ‘come and get it’ looks inviting him to join me as I stretched on my back in the center of the bed. 

We started to kiss again when he joined me on the bed. Our kisses were hot, intense, and fueled with passion. Our hands explored each other’s bodies. He fondled my tits while I fondled his cock. Then one of his hands made its way down between my legs again. I could feel him dipping his fingers into heated pussy and spreading my lubricant all over my folds. He rubbed my clit then slid his finger insides of me again. It felt good. Everything felt good with the pleasure of his touch spreading throughout my body to the very ends of my toes. 

I felt his hands leave my body for a moment as he moved between my legs. Oh, this is it, I thought, eager to spread my legs. All the while I held onto his huge cock with my hand. My mind was racing as fast as the blood was rushing through my veins while I tried to pull him towards my wanton pussy. My hand pulled at his cock, squeezing it hard as I heard my voice begging. “Put it in, please, put it in!”

“Not so fast baby,” he calmly said. 

Maybe I was getting ahead of myself. Letting go of his cock I stretched my arms out from my sides and said, “Have it your way.”

“Just lay there and enjoy,” he said and maneuvered his cock closer to my pussy. He slid his fingers back inside my pussy and talked to me while he probed. “You’re nice and tight Sara. I’m gonna like this, and you are going to love it.” 

I could feel my pussy heating up all the more as he fingered me and spoke those promising words. He added a second finger, and then a third, stretching my pussy and getting me well prepared for what he had between his legs. My juices were flowing heavily now, making slushy sounds as he fucked me with three fingers. When I began my climb towards orgasm, he abruptly stopped. 

“I think you’re ready,” he said as he removed his fingers.

“I’ve been ready,” I shot back, and he laughed. 

Settling in between my legs, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy and leaned into me. My heart was beating hard for it when he pressed the plum-sized head of his cock between my folds and started to enter me. Although his cock was humongous in size, it felt much larger than it looked when it began to penetrate. I’ve always loved that first blissful moment of coming together, but this time I grimaced and groaned to take it. Drawing my legs back made it easier for him to penetrate and for me to take it. 

“Oh God! This is much bigger than I thought,” I cried out

“Relax Sara, I’m only half way in,” he laughed. 

I looked down between my legs with a sigh of disbelief. He wasn’t lying to me. 

“Oh, it’s so huge!”

“Yes it is, and you are very tight.”

He moved in and out, sinking a little bit more cock into me with each stroke. The weight of his body kept the pressure on his cock. He went deeper and deeper, starting with long slow strokes, causing me to whimper “Oh God” with each stroke that bottom out in me. He pulled all the way out after a few rotations and made me beg him to put it back. After rubbing the head of his cock around my sopping gash he sank just the head back in. 

“Oh, Ohhhhh, shove it in, please give me more,” I whined impatiently. “Fill my pussy. Do it!”

He pushed in, but not all the way. “How’s it feel?” he asked, giving me a cocky smile as he braced up on his arms and hovered above me. 

“Oh John, you feel wonderful. Keep going,” I demanded. 

He finally gave me what I asked for when he knelt straight up, grabbed one of my ankles and held my leg up high while my other leg lay flat on the bed. With my legs wide open I laid flat on my back with my hands grasping my tits to keep them from bouncing off my chin when he started giving me the fucking of my life. He used all ten-plus inches on me, ravaging my pussy like a wild beast. I felt pleasure and pain communing with my pussy during each and every thrust, each thrust taking me higher, making me louder and more passionate. 

I grabbed my sexy aggressor and pulled him down on me with all my might, crushing my tits up against his chest while grinding my body against his. I raked his back with my fingernails and wrapped my legs around his hips as not to let him get away. The feelings within me began to soar, every inch of my body was tingling, the vibrant sensations of my orgasm began to build and build until I screamed. My eyes closed shut but I saw white as my body convulsed and my cunt clenched to my lover’s cock. When that one ended, another began, six times over before my body finally settled down.

But John only let me rest for a short moment before he started fucking me again. This time he fucked me for his pleasure, and I encouraged him, begging him to cum inside me. When he was ready to give me what I was begging for, he buried his cock inside me, right up against my cervix and released his warm semen inside me. I felt each powerful squirt that gushed from the end of his cock and being on the receiving end of his orgasm was magnificent.  

“Whew, that was fucking amazing!” I exclaimed. I don’t have words for it!”

“I’m just getting started baby,” he said and moved to stand facing me at the foot of the bed. 

“Mmm, you look good for a freshly fucked woman,” he said to me and grabbed me by the ankles and used his powerful arms to pull me down towards him, turning me over at the same time. His powerful pull on my ankles made me gasp and I gasped again as he flipped me over on my stomach as easily as flipping a pancake. Having me face down on the bed, he pushed my legs apart and moved in between them, then grabbed my hips and pulled me to my knees. 

With my ass in the air the way it was I knew what was coming when he closed in behind me. And again he teased me by rubbing his cock along my pussy before he slid it in. It felt about as tight as it did before as he filled me to the max. He started out slow like he did before but spent little time doing that slow drilling before he went to hammering my cunt from behind. His thrusts were hard and firm. I got up on my hands so I could buck my ass back against his hard thrust. 

Moans, gasps, cries, and other sounds of pleasure were escaping my lips. My tits bounced and swayed under me as his hips thrusted back and forth. My hair was all over the place. Every so often he would let go of my hips and smack the cheeks of my ass and the backs of my thighs just to let me know he was in charge. My fingers clenched the sheets and my toes curled as he picked up the pace.  

“Oh…God! Oh God… Yes! Yes! Fuck me Johnny! Fuck me!!” My screams echoed loudly in the room and more than once as his big cock stretching my pussy with each deep pleasurable stroke. He continued for several minutes at a furious pace and I found myself making more noise than I ever made in my life. He was driving me mad with lust. Just as I was nearing orgasm, John pulled out and flipped me over, then re-entering me while I stretched out on my back. Three hard thrusts and I went over the edge in another hard hitting orgasm. 

“You’ve never been fucked this good before, have you?” he asked as we looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes baby, I’m loving it.”

“Tell me how much you love it Sara. Tell me how much you love my big cock,” he said with an evil smile upon his lips. He was starting to crow knowing he had me where he wanted me and I responded like a cackling hen. 

“I love big cocks and you have the biggest of them all. I love your big cock John. Fuck me with it… Fuck me hard!” 

So Long Dong John fucked me hard and deep at a furious pace. I had orgasm after orgasm. My pussy was in a constant state of spasm. When he finally went off inside of me, I was totally exhausted, gasping for air. It felt like every bone in my body had turned to jello. 

Now spent, John rolled off of me. I nuzzled against him and drifted off to sleep. I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up he was sleeping beside me. My eyes were drawn to the limber beast between his legs. My brain replayed the pleasure that this cock had giving me and I reached down and gently stroked it. It began to grow and John woke up when he felt it stir. 

“What are you doing?” he asked as he lied on his back and rested his hands behind his head, propping up a bit as he looked down at my hand stroking his cock. 

“Making it hard again,” I answered leaning over to bring my face over his. “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

His eyes answered me with arched brows and I made my way down his chest, kissing and nibbling my way down his torso to his massive cock. My lips slowly encircled the head of his cock, tasting the remnants of our sex that gathered on my tongue while my fingers massaged his enlarged scrotum. He gave me a sexy manly groan of approval as I slowly slid his shaft into my mouth and massaged the underside with my tongue. 

He soon became fully erected and as much as I wanted to continue pleasuring him with my mouth, I wanted it back in my pussy even more. 

“Just lay right there like that for me,” I said after I pulled his cock from my mouth. 

I moved up and straddled his hips, positioning my pussy directly above his cock, then reached beneath me and guided the head of his member to my hole and lowered my hips, taking his magnificent cock back home where it belonged. “Oh yes,” I cried with newfound joy as his cock possessed my pussy once again. Placing my hands upon his chest I leaned forward and rode him with a rhythmic pace, up and down, up and down, feeling my passion rising more and more. 

His eyes went from mine and he watched my tits bouncing as my ass slapped against his thighs. His eyes reddened with lust and he grabbed me and threw me off of him. No sooner had I landing on my back, he was moving between my legs. He felt the heat rising from my pussy as the tip of his cock touched my opening and he wasted no time burying his big ten-incher back inside the hot juicy depths of my cunt. 

I was just beginning to realize just how sore his big cock was making my pussy, but driven by lust and ignoring the pain and soreness, I told him to give me more and fuck me harder. He did as I begged him to do and I clawed at his back, panting harder as our sex became more intense. My entire body shook uncontrollably. Gripping his hips I screamed, “Damn! You’re so huge! You’re splitting me in two baby!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Just for a second, long enough for me to catch my breath.”

John held his magnificent length inside my pussy that tightly molded around his dick. I felt my nipples burning against his chest as he pressed his weight down on me, holding me tightly, kissing my mouth and nibbling on my neck.

“It feels like you are inside my womb. Oh, I feel you throbbing inside me,” I whispered against his ear.

I hissed softly as he slowly slid out until just the bulbous head of his cock remained inside, and just as easily as he slid out, he slid back in, bringing a purring moan from my lips. He looked down at my face which was flushed with desire when he started fucking me again. He moved slowly, smoothly, letting me enjoy every inch of his dick from his long easy strokes. We kissed as we fucked, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. My moans once again pitched higher and louder as I made the quick climb to a gut wrenching orgasm. My hips bucked to meet his thrusts. My legs wrapped around him as I didn’t want to let him go.

With my head spinning, I moaned, “John, I could stay this way forever! Oh baby, your big fat cock feels so good inside me, touching places no man has ever been. I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before.” 

Upon hearing my words he fucked me harder, faster, and my legs wound tightly around his thrusting hips. Again, my body began to climb. He knew that I was closing in on another orgasm, so he took my hands in his as he lay on top of my panting body, lacing his fingers with mine and pulled my arms up underneath the pillows, stretching my quivering body taut beneath him. His thrusts came harder still, making me grunt and groan as I was getting pounded. I pulled my hands from his and wrapped my arms around his back, clinging to him as tightly as I could. 

Once again that beautiful bliss of orgasmic pleasure rushed through my body. I squealed loudly when my spasms hit, and frantically thrashed my body up against his. My nails dug into the sweaty flesh of his back, raking down his back and over his ass, grabbing the bottoms of his ass cheeks and pulling him to me. His face took on a sense of pride as he looked down at me, knowing he just added another woman to his list of conquests. I was the last holdout of the women in our office, and he was determined to make me his grand finale. 

His cock remained hard and throbbing inside my burning cunt when he moved up onto his knees and pushed my legs up and spread wide, then bending them back to where my knees were up against my chest. He looked down, watching his glistening cock moving in and out of my pussy. After a few more strokes, he pulled completely out of me. My once tight pink hole was now a glistening red yawning cavern. I suddenly felt so empty, I reached down and aimed his love tool back to where it belonged, and begged him to put it back. 

He knew at that moment that he owned every part of me. I was his fuck toy to use for the entire weekend if he so choose. He slammed back into me with a hard single thrust, taking my breath away. I grunted loudly as his cock slammed against my cervix. 

“Oh God!” I screamed loudly as I gripped his arms, “Fuck me hard! Don’t stop!” 

I was out of my mind with lust, begging like a whore. He put his hands on my bent knees and started pounding full bore. My knuckles turned white from gripping the sheets at my sides. He fucked me like an animal before he slowed to a stop with his throbbing shaft fully embedded inside me, pausing to catch his breath. Then he pulled my feet over his shoulders, reached down and squeezed my tits, trapping my swollen distended nipples between his fingers. As he did this, my body shuddered with another orgasm. 

I reached up and put my soft hands over his. After my orgasm subsided he let go of my tits and told me to roll over and get on my hands and knees. I gladly complied, raising on my hands and knees. The rapid pace of my heart increased all the more in knowing what was in store for me. 

He knelt in position behind me and placed the head of his cock into the wet slit of my pussy, and then he pushed, filling the hollow space inside me once again. I screamed with delight as his big cock once again slammed against my cervix and rocked me forward into the headboard. He grabbed hold of my hips and fucked me in a relentless manner. From the way he was grunting and groaning I knew he could not hold back much longer. But he was determined to get the most out of this and pulled out, rolling me onto my back and remounting me. I moaned loudly as his cock re-entered me and began thrusting between my legs like a wild man. 

I was panting, he was grunting. Our mingling sweat made our bodies slippery and hard to hold onto to. I felt his cock beginning to twitch before he gave a deep guttural groan and his cock finally erupted. Surges of warm cum streamed against my cervix.

“Oh yes baby, come inside me! Feel me up!” I screamed like a crazy bitch as I held onto him tightly and squeezed my pussy around his pumping cock. 

After it ended we both collapsed into a warm mass of sweaty flesh, panting and gasping for air. My pussy quivered around his slowly deflating cock. Once I had regained my breath enough to speak, I sighed, “Oh John, I’ve never been fucked like that in my life! You are amazing!”

He groaned in reply and left his cock inside me. We fell to sleep in that way. I woke up with the sticky feeling of sex drying between my thighs and realized the man that put it there was lying next to me in bed. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 3:00 in the morning. John woke when he felt me stirring. He asked me if I wanted him to take me back to my car. I told him, “No,” and snuggled up to him and quickly fell back to sleep. 

The sound of the shower running the next morning woke me up. Reeking of stale sex I got out of bed and joined him in the shower. He washed me down and then I washed him. With the water still raining down on us, I went to my knees and thanked him for a wonderful night of sex with a mouth-watering blowjob until he dazzled me with a mouth full of cum that I was more than eager to swallow. 

We got dressed and he drove me back to my car that was thankfully not towed away. We kissed once last time before I exited his car. Without making any promises on when, we agreed on meeting again.



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